Centrum ProNutrients CVS Coupon Printing Again!

Centrum ProNutrients CVS Coupon Printing Again!

Woohoo!  The $5 Centrum ProNutrients CVS Coupon is printing again today!  So, even if you printed it yesterday or Sunday at the Coupon Machine, you may get another one today.


Remember, the gift card deals are a limit of 5!

Make sure to check out the rest of the CVS Coupon Match Ups for this week.  And let us know if you received the CVS Coupon from the coupon machine!

Thanks jilmann!

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  • Nicole

    I’ve went to 4 CVS’s and i can’t find them anywhere…i hope they restock soon

    • pk

      same here 🙁

      • Jody

        I haven’t found any either. 2 of the stores didn’t even have the sale signs up 🙁

      • Jenn

        Mine were out too. Got a raincheck.

    • Arkie

      Same here!

      • Shannon

        i called my local cvs to see if they would get more in. they said they get shipments in wednesday in the middle of the night and would be restocked by thursday morning… try calling yours to see

        • Nicole

          thats a really good idea

  • Arkie

    Will they do Rain checks on these?

    • Jody

      You can get a raincheck for the sale price, but not for the gift card.

      • Annabelle

        I have 2 CVS stores within a mile of me. One will give the rain check for the sales price AND for the ECB. The other will not. Another one a few miles away WILL. Unlike grocery stores that have an expiration on their rain checks, my CVS stores have no expiration on theirs. It can be frustrating that these stores can be so different in how they handle things.

  • of course both cvs stores are out of the pro nutrients…..i was able to get a raincheck…but I have a question… I scanned my card yesterday and today. and have (2) 5.oo off coupons from the scanner for the vitamins. Can i use both scanner coupons stacked with manufacturer coupons for the vitamins? and what if my store doesnt get the vitamins before the coupons expire. Also, I witnessed a lady last night accidentally scan a coupon she got from the machine for something she didnt buy and it came off…is that possible

    • Adrienne

      I used 2 $5 cvs coupons today for the pronutrients along with the 3 manufacturers coupons. Hth…

      • Vanessa

        you used (3) $7 mfc coupons AND (2) CVS coupons totalling $31 in coupons? Then that is a $10 MM, right??

        • jen

          i got 2 vitamins and used 2- 7/1 coupons and 1- 5/1 coupon. I tried to use my other 5/1 vitamin coupon and the lady said they cant do it. she said 7=7=5= 19. and they total from them would have been 19.98. said u cant use another 5 dollar coupon for .98 cents even though i had other stuff in my cart to take the overage towards something else. even if i got 3 vitamins and used 3- 7/1 coupons and 2- 5/1 coupons it would go over product price. Should she have let me do it? or was she correct?

          • elaine rhodes

            no she shouldn’t of told you that. your coupons should come off your total before taxes. If your total before taxes is lower than the coupon amount they wont take the coupon or they will adjust it. I always make sure my total before taxes is as low as possible so that i only pay the tax. If you had the right amount of coupons per items in cart you should of been able to use them.

    • Jenn

      I went to CVS today and scanned my card but I didn’t get a $5 coupon for the vitamins. Not that it really matters, they didn’t have any vitamins. :o\

      • Faith

        did you scan it twice? you should always scan your card until it says “no more coupons available for today.” when i scanned mine today, the first scan didn’t spit out the vitamin q. but when i scanned it the second time, it spit out the vitamin q. hth.

  • Dana

    i have not shopped at cvs…how do you get the $5 coupon?

    • Adrienne

      Apply for a card in store and then scan your cvs card at the red scanner in store. Coupons will then print with your name and are attached to your card.

      • Danielle

        I have a question about this.. [newbie here] I applied for a CVS card tonight and went to the red scanner and tried to get coupons but it said none were available. I asked the manager how the machine worked and they said it won’t start printing coupons until I start buying a bunch of things. Is this true? Or should I be able to get the $5 coupon for the ProNutrient vitamins?


        • jen

          no… i just got my first card monday night and walked to machine and i got coupons right away.

        • Tina

          My husband signed up for a card on way home from work on Monday. About 2 hrs later, I scanned his card and the coupon machine said no coupons available, try again tomorrow. The coupon machine did print the coupons on Wednesday and Thursday night, but the coupons actually said “Valued Customer” instead of printing his name.

  • Dana

    thanks 🙂

  • Sandra

    I have enough coupons to do this deal a few time, but I’ m not sure about how many times can you do this deal on one card?

    • Hannah

      Its 5 Gift Cards per week per Card, so if you haven’t done any other Gift Card deals this week you can do the Centrum 5 times.

      • Sandra

        Awesome! thanks Hannah.

  • stacey

    I don’t see any scenarios that involve buying one per day and each day using a CVS coupon and a manufacturer coupon ($5). Isn’t that better? If not someone please let me know.

    • Natasha

      that is what I think and plan on doing

    • Vanessa

      The more I read, the more confused I get.
      Are you planning on getting (1) $9.99 Centrum and using the $5 CVS coupon and the $5 centrum mfc, only to pay tax?
      Then doing this 5 times to get (1) $10 gift card?
      That seems like a $10 Money Maker. WOW!

      • carrie

        It works,and no tax on vitamins.

      • Hannah

        That’s exactly what I’ve been planning to do, but first I have to find a store that has the Centrum in stock…checked couple of stores with no luck.

      • Jenn

        That is what I have been doing this week, printing out the $5 CVS coupon and using either my $7 or $5 mfr coupon each day until they don’t give me anymore $5 CVS coupons. Now just starting to have a problem with stock starting today, hoping they have more later since I saw a CVS truck earlier.

  • stacey

    P.S If you are in charlotte, NC Ballantyne CVS had a good supply of these today.

  • Yessenia

    Hi I JUST got a cvs card & they said I wont get any coupons from the coupon machine until 2 weeks ..any other way of getting that $5 cvs coupon?? :/

    • Anonymous

      Not true, I got my card yesterday and got coupons on the scanner machine today. HTH

  • c

    this is a sweet deal, but there are none of these on the shelves these days!
    hopefully they stock up before the end of the week!

  • Missy

    I’ve already been to 3 CVS’s here in Jersey and the shelves are bare. Grrr. Going to Staten Island tomorrow to check a few there, hopefully I can find these, this is an incredible deal!

  • Tara

    got my 5$ coupon but no stock of vitamins in ny cvs

  • Ana

    Why can’t you do this deal all at once, instead of doing it in single transactions?

    3 Vitamins 29.97
    3 x 5$ mfc (-15)
    3 x 5$ CVS coupon (-15)
    I assume the cashier will have to adjust one of them down?

    Can we not use 3 CVS same coupons per transaction? I remember we had no problem with the Illy coffe a few weeks back. I was even able to use coupons from one account to another easily…

    Or is the problem here that the cashier won’t adjust down the coupons? I just want to know what snags to expect on this transaction as I’ve never done any of the CVS gift card deals.

    • Kate

      I’ve never been able to use coupons printed from one account on another because they need to match the card number. I have a second card I use rarely if something is a really good deal but then I have to use that card to use the ECB or the coupon that prints out. I think it is because the machne only prints one q a day so she was thinking of goingin every day and getting a coupon and then buying one vitamin until she has enough for the GC. I know that the $30 doesn’t have to be in one transaction and will add up until you get the GC. The cashier should be able to adjust the coupon down. if you don’t have anything else to cover the overage. I have never had a cashier question an overage if I had enough in the cart. I paid .02 this week after coupons/overage.