DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas Centerpeices

I love making the holiday table beautiful.  It just makes the meal seem so much more special.  But, I don’t like paying for those expensive centerpieces. I often find myself searching around my house trying to find some items to make something pretty and creative. Check out some of these Christmas Centerpieces that you can do yourself on the cheap.  Shh, no one will know you didn’t spend a dime on them. 😉

Ornament Centerpiece

 No one will notice a few ornaments missing from the tree.  Grab some fresh or artificial berry sprigs and Viola! (for those that don’t appreciate my slang)…a beautiful centerpiece.  And you can splash on a little glitter to add some sparkle if you like.  Put it on a tray or long plate or place it right on the table.  This is a great idea for a longer table.  You can even do 2 smaller ones to leave room for your food.  Check out the details of this Ornament Centerpiece.

Cranberry Centerpiece
These Cranberry Centerpieces are as simple as they look! All you need is some kind of glass or see through container, cranberries and a candle! You can make them all different sizes or the same! Again, it is all up to you and your creativity!

Candy Cane Vase Centerpiece

How adorable is this.  And, this Candy Cane vase is very super easy! You’ll need a hot glue gun, any vase or container, candy canes, some ribbon.  Clue the candy canes to the container, wrap a ribbon and bam, a cute Christmas Vase.  You can get a pot of poinsettia or carnations or any flower will  look beautiful!  I love tulips any time of year.  Make a couple for your table!


Christmas Branch Centerpiece

If you like simple and clean lines well then, this one is for you. This Christmas Tree Branch Centerpiece is simple and elegant. You can use any type of glassware that you have in your home, snip a few pieces of your Christmas tree and drop it in a glass.  That’s it!  I’m thinking designers get paid big bucks to but this together 😉

Pinecone and Candle Centerpiece

Here is a classic pinecone and candle inspired centerpiece.  All you need is some pine cones from your yard, a candle, a jar (mason jars give a rustic feel) and some pieces of your christmas tree and you can make a small display in the middle of your table! This centerpiece will smell smell so pretty and look beautiful too!

Do you have any DIY Christmas Centerpiece ideas?

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