Fashionably Frugal: Holiday Outfits

Fashionably Frugal: Holiday Outfits

By Megan Livesey

Do you look into your closet and think “Wow I have a lot of clothes – but I barely wear any of them!” I know I do and that’s why I am going to challenge you to wear something this Holiday weekend that you already have in your closet! There are a few variations of holiday outfits that I wanted to point out. What’s great about these variations is that you can make them totally your own by dressing them up or down and using what you have in your closet! We can do it!

::Comfortable: Sweater and Scarf


The first option for Christmas is to look comfortable. To me that means some boots, jeans a sweater and maybe a scarf! This is a very casual look, but you can still look dressed up and nice. Also, you may already have this in your closet! Personally, this is the look I go for on Christmas Day because I like to be more casual and relaxed. Kourtney Kardashian is wearing a great version of this outfit with more of a jacket sweater. You can also just wear a crew neck sweater instead of a cardigan sweater or tall boots instead of short boots! Make it your own! Check out my post on scarves to learn how to tie a scarf 25 different ways!

::Dress and Cardigan

You may like to dress up a little more for the holidays and you can do that with out going shopping. See that dress sitting in the corner of your closet that you only wore once! Throw a cardigan over it and some tights and you have a very cute Christmas outfit that was free (kind of :)). You can dress it up or down with flats, boots or heels! Pippa Middleton has a pretty dress with a black cardigan layered over it. Remember this is all about what you have in your closet, so make this look your own! You can also do a cute ponytail to add a little more to this outfit! Check out the different ponytail styles in my ponytail post!

::Surprise Piece of Clothing

So you bought a beautiful tank top, blazer or top a few months ago and you have been dying to wear it! Why not on Christmas?! If you bought a tank top you can put a cardigan over it and put some jewlery on and you have the perfect out fit with out going shopping! This option is more about you looking into your closet and picking something you haven’t worn before or have only worn once and adding accessories to it! Make is casual or dressy, it’s all up to you! Rachel Bilson has on a cute blazer and some boots, if you add some jewelry to this it will really dress it up! Check out my 10 wardrobe basics post to get some inspiration from the items you have in your closet!

I know you guys found something in your closet to wear and now you saved yourself some money! Use these looks as inspiration for your holiday outfits! Let us know what you found in your closet to wear! Also, let us know if there is something you would like to see a Fashionably Frugal Post on!

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