New BOGO Skinny Cow Coupon + CVS & Walgreens Deals

New BOGO Skinny Cow Coupon + CVS & Walgreens Deals

Earlier today I posted a new Skinny Cow Coupon.  The coupon is for Buy One Get One Free Skinny Cow Candy (up to $3.48).

Print: Skinny Cow Candy Coupon (click the Nestle Tab on the top right)

Starting on Sunday, 1/1, there is a sale at CVS and at Walgreens that can score a great deal with this new coupon.


They are on sale BOGO Free.  CVS has them priced, as of right now, at $4.99.  Here is your deal:

Buy 2 Skinny Cow Candy, 6ct $4.99 for both with BOGO Sale
-(1)-$3.48 with BOGO Skinny Cow Coupon
$0.75 each after coupon & BOGO Sale


They will be part of a Nestle Buy $20 Get a $5 RR and are priced at $2.99 each.  Here is your deal:

Buy 8 Skinny Cow Candy, 6 ct $2.99 each
-(4)$BOGO Skinny Cow Candy Coupon
Pay: $11.96
Get a $5 RR
$0.87 each after coupon

There are other items in the Nestle Register Reward deal that you can also combine with the Skinny Cow for a possible better deal.

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  • Barbara

    OMG- if you haven’t tried these, you should. They are amazing! My favorite is the dark chocolate. Thanks!

  • Nikki

    I can hardly bring myself to even think about sweets after the holidays but this is a pretty good deal.. especially during TOM 😉 It’s always good to have in the house. Thanks!

  • Didi

    Is the coupon only good up to a 3.48 value?

    • Didi

      nevermind…just read that part…

  • Carrie

    Our upcoming CVS ad doesn’t show Skinny Cow for BOGO 🙁

    • Kristy

      The coupon is the BOGO.

      • Kristy

        Nevermind. I guess it’s just our CVS’s.

    • Janelle S

      Carrie check on page 5 at the top it shows a picture of snickers and Dove chocolate but when you keep reading it says Skinny Cow candy 6ct……HTH

      • Cheryl

        Our CVS flyer does not have the BOGO sale listed either but I scanned the box and it rang up as BOGO. Make sure you scan the box to check even though it may not be included in your ad. 🙂

  • shita

    in my local ad the picture looks like is ice cream. not candy bar?

    • Cindy

      Are you referring to the Walgreens ad? If so, there are 2 sales. One for the Ice Cream Bars and one for the Candy. The candy is party of the Nestle Deal

  • tiffany

    somethings not working right for me… can someone post the direct link to the coup?? thanks!

    • Cindy

      There is no direct link. When you click the box, it generates a unique code.

      • Beth

        Help! The whole page doesnt come up and I cant get to Nestles tab

  • melissa

    I clicked on your link but could not find the coupon…Anyone else having trouble?

  • Melissa

    Got it…I had to download adobe.

  • Kristy

    Maybe I’m doing something wrong, as it’s early in the morning, but by my math, at CVS you pay $6.50 after coupon for both. $4.99 for the first and $1.51 on the second since it is up to $3.48. That makes them $3.25 each. It looks like the math was done on just the second one’s price and didn’t take into account the first one.

    • Kristy

      Ahh, nevermind. It’s just mine doesn’t have them BOGO. I get it now. It really is TOOO early.

  • Johanna

    My CVS wont allow you to use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO sale….I would have to buy an additional box of the candy so I am thinking that I am going to buy 4 candies and use 1 coupon which would make them $1.63 each….not bad I think

    • KT

      @ Johanna, I called CVS asking them if I can use a BOGO on a BOGO sale and they said yes. I would just have to pay tax (in this case the difference between the max value on the q and the purchase price). Maybe send CVS an email that you can show your store since that is a corporate policy…

  • Kelly

    Skinny Cow Candy is also Part of the Nestle deal at shoprite.

  • Help! I cant get the whole page to come up and can’t get to Nestles tab!

  • Debbie G

    I just used one of these at Target and it took the full $3.99 off .. SCORE!!!

  • Michelle

    Are you only able to use one coupon on the BOGO at CVS on the Skinny Cow candy? Or am I able to use both and get 4 boxes free? Please help!

  • Kate

    It only let me print each coupon 1 time for a total of 2 coupons so not sure how you would do the Walgreens deal.

    • Kate

      So I was able to get 4 boxes at CVS and use the coupons but the cashier said she was going to check with the manager becasue she did not think they were going to be allowed to use them since they are only BOGO. I pointed out that I was still paying something since it had a limit of 3.48 per coupon. So I think it will be up to that store if they take the coupons or not.

  • Shannon

    The coupon is in the Sunday paper for those that got the inserts. Walgreens has them in sale for $2.99 this week. Theres also a B1G1 for the SlimFast shakes also on sale at Walgreens for 4.99 this week. I got them both last night for the sale prices.

  • Gena

    I tried the Skinny Cow bogo coup this morning to no avail. The cash register wouldn’t accept it and the cashier wouldn’t try to put it through! I didn’t push it because I had a line behind me. Next time, I will pursue it!!

  • Shita

    i just got 8 boxes used 4 BOGO coupon. the cashier said no when i ask if they take BOGO on BOGO sale. she tried rang up two with 1 coupon came up to $1.51 for 2 boxes. they will take the coupon as long the total is not negetive.