Pathmark Coupon Matchups 12/30 – 1/5

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 12/30 – 1/5

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Sandra


  • Dessa

    there will also be a $2.15/1 Finish gel pack/powerball on 1/1 in rthe SS-
    Making them .84 each

    Also, there is a freebie until 12/31-
    Fixodent Cleanser is $5.49 shelf price,
    $3/1 Zsaver (x12/31)
    $3/1 P&G 11/27
    = $.51 MM !

    I did it tonight and it worked!

  • V

    Why don’t my zavers ever come off? Arghhhhh

    • Arielle

      This has just recently started happening to me, too–I went to Pathmark last week with the BOGO Fuze coupons on my card and it didn’t come off. I had to return them today (pay full price for something? Are you kidding me!) And then I bought the Swiss Miss hot chocolate today, which has a $.50 Zavers coupon, and that didn’t come off, either.

      I don’t know why it’s happening now–I’ve been using Zavers the entire year and it’s only stopped working within the past two weeks.

    • Christine R

      This happened to me recently with the $3/2 Pantene zavers digital coupon. Fortunately I have a spreadsheet loaded with forumlas for quantity, sale price, total price and coupon amount, plus the zavers coupons. Then it gives me what my running total is minus tax so I have an idea of what my total should be. I caught the zavers issue right in the checkout line and told the cashier. She didn’t even know what zavers was! I tried telling her it was a Pathmark digital coupon that I added to my Pathmark card right from Pathmark’s website but she had no clue and called a manager over. The manager said they don’t upload right sometimes and they have to be put in manually as a store coupon. Arghhhh is right! Twenty minutes in line for a $10 purchase!

      • jowie

        The cashiers have to hit the Total button on registers prior to scanning our printed Q’s.

      • Bonnie

        That happened to me too when I bought the Pantene, did you get conditioner? When I got home I double checked the coupon and it is off of 2 shampoos and I bought 1 shampoo and 1 conditioner so it didn’t work….

    • An

      Contact Zavers. That happened to me once and they sent me a check.

    • Lady J

      me too. never. even got a new card (figuring because mine was old), and they still don’t come off of that one either.

  • Robin W

    Thank you

  • Linda Hughes

    Zavers is not reliable…sometimes it works, sometimes not…I really have to watch. I had a transaction on 11/5 that should have gotten me $9 off in Zavers and NONE of them worked. After 10 minutes with the supervisor at the front end I just reprinted a copy of my receipt and emailed them…3 emails later I got a response on 12/13 that they were sending me a $9 check…I’m still waiting. >:(

    • H

      Same here it only worked ONCE!!!

      • H

        Nothing like waiting to use you CATALINA and then going to the register just to realize they expire yesterday!!!!!!! AWWWWWRRRRRRRRR

      • V

        It worked once or twice for me, then never again. Pathmark needs to find another provider!

  • Christina


  • Erin

    I had a problem with the Pantene Zaver too. I went to CS to sort it out and they told me they get the Zaver info weekly, so only about a dozen are active at a time. Not at all how Coupon Source has it set up for us customers. I figure if that’s the case, the problem won’t be fixed anytime soon since no one at either company seems to think its much of a problem.

  • Mark

    This morning I was able to add the Zavers $2.00 coupon for Scott Tube Free Naturals Bath Tissue. I was also able to use a paper coupon for $1.50 any Natural Toilet paper 12 rolls or more. I’m not sure of the insert of the $1.50 off. Both came off at the register.

    • Pauline

      To my surprise, a $1 deposit was put into my Savings Star account with this deal.

  • Sully

    It has happened to me as well, you need to have your printed list of ezavers on hand and customer service will refund you but you have to do it there and then because if you leave the store they won’t refund you.

  • Jamie

    There is a Zavers e-coupon for $0.30/2 Pillsbury Grands biscuits. I actually got overage from them.

  • Pam

    Links to Nature Made vitamins are all links to Nature Bounty Vitamins. There are a bunch of printables for Nature Made products at their website.

    • Pam

      Also there is a $5 zaver for Nature Made if you buy two. Coupled with one or two coupons (the stores all have different policies.), you can some decent prices on vitamins.

  • Vron

    It’s so weird I live in Hudson Co NJ the pantene deal worked for me.. of course I was at self checkout and one of my other coupons beeped ( the get one free Nabisco snack) and it got the attention of the attendant, who then told me i couldnt use the manufacturer coupon with the zaver, until she called over the manager who told her i could. :Sigh: Wishing everyone the best coupons and the Happiest New !

  • k

    Cindy – Just curious. Are you expecting to see lower prices on lysol somtime int he near future? I was surprised to see that .88 for the lysol products after coupons not a stockup price. Thanks!

  • Pauline

    Chex is free with $0.60/1 coupon:

    • jiggi

      thanks pauline, printed that and few more.

  • Cindy from L.I

    my stores will not let me use and paper coupons printed out from , smartsource etc they say they are the same thing i think the cashiers need to be aware of these cp policies tired of arguing with them managers say the same…anyone else having trouble?

    • Eva

      Which Pathmark? Usually, they are oblivious or they don’t even know what Zavers is.

  • Cindy from L.I

    Blue Bunny just let me print 6 $1..COUPONS..!

  • Christine R

    Anyone see the Fresh Express salad coupon in the LRWC database? It’s for .55/1 and the bags are on sale this week for $1.88. A true double would make them .78 cents a bag.

    However, the coupon prints out really weird. I’ve never seen anything like this! It prints in 2 parts, the top has the picture, brand, amount and manufacturer coupon. The second part prints below it with the small print, the amount again and the bar code! I imagine acceptance of this coupon will be at the manager’s discretion. If anyone tries to use one please let me know if it’s accepted. I’m going to try it tomorrow night I think.

  • Dee

    Was just wondering if anyone was able to find the chex mix that is on sale for 10 for $10? They are not with the chex mix in the chips aisle. No one in Pathmark knew where they were. They said they might not carry it in their store. I also went to A&P and they said the same thing.

    • Cindy

      It’s shown in the supplement circular. It’s the 2 week smaller sized circular. Pathmark calls it the Super Saver book and A&P calls it the Good Deals Book.

      • Dee

        Thanks Cindy. I showed customer service in both stores the circular but they told me that they might not sell it at their stores because in the chip aisle they only have the larger sized bags. I was just wondering if maybe people found the smaller size bags in a different part of their store.

        • Janelle S

          My Pathmark doesn’t sell these….I showed them the circular at my Pathmark also and they said they don’t sell that size…..One of the Customer Service woman told me that only a very select few Pathmarks sell them….She even called the other Pathmark for me on Staten Island and they also don’t sell them…..I am so disappointed….I wish that they wrote something in the circular(such as only available at select locations)….

  • Jamie

    I haven’t stopped by Pathmark yet but Chex is on my shopping because I printed the $0.60 coupon for some free Chex. I’ve seen the smaller bags at Shoprite. We’ll see.

  • Karen

    The Rebate form for Finesse that is noted above is expired. The purchase had to be made by 12/31/11.