ShopRite: Additional Deals

Here are some additional deals available at ShopRite.  Some of these are repeats from last week that were not advertised for this week but are still on sale.  These will be added  to the main ShopRite Coupon Deals for this week.

Note that some of these prices are not advertised sale prices and may vary from store to store.  Please check the shelf price at your store.


These are deals found from comments and emails.  A big thank you to everyone for letting us know what they found!

Let us know if you have found any other great deals.
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  • Andrea

    So AMAZING meat deal at my ShopRite! Whole boneless pork loin for 99cents/lb! It’s a store special andyou can buy up to 4 packages! You do need to spend an additional $10 on something else, but awesome price:) They had a lot of packages in North Brunswick today.

  • Shannon

    Does anyone know what zip the Muir Glen tomato coupons are under?

    • Janelle S

      there are $0.85/1 coupons on the I’m not sure what zipcode their under on though

    • Anonymous

      not finding the muir coupon either

  • Shannon

    I found $1/2 at earthfare. Betty Crocker NLA…thanks though

  • Elaine

    My mothers $3 Panko Bread coupon didnt adjust down. No beep! So MM of $1.01… Yippie!!

    • Lady J

      Mine either. My SR don’t tend to adjust down q’s, but lower value q’s will only double up to the actual cost – no overage there.

  • Lorraine

    I can’t seem to find the Land-O-Lake whipped butter coupon. My husband loves this butter.

  • Karyn S

    My Shoprite would not accept the Kikkoman Bread Crumbs coupon….told me it’s counterfeit cause the breadcrumbs are $1.99 and the coupon is $3 and they feel that that is just too good of a coupon so it must be counterfeit and they refused to honor it.

    • Jody

      I had the same problem with the Earthbound Farm $5 printed coupon. They told me that the value was too high and they can choose which printed coupons to accept. I offered to get the larger package and they said No, it would still be too close to free.

  • Dawn M

    Just got back from Shoprite to pick up my free items and I thought they were going to give me hard time about the Kikkoman $3.00 coupon as well cause it kept beeping for the cashier, the front end manager took and in checked something but in the end they honored the coupon for the price of item only $1.99 no money maker but I got two for Free. 🙂

    • Lady J

      and these bread crumbs are really good.

  • Susan

    Any zip for the Land o Lakes Q?? I can’t find it is it gone??

    • Susan

      Oh wait, I printed them already:)…oh my I’m losing it!

  • Jenn

    Went to Shoprite in Cherry Hill today and they would not accept the $3 Kikkoman coupon. Cashier said that if the coupon doesn’t have a place to write the actual amount in (it was $2.79), they are not allowed to take them. I was really disappointed.