A&P, Pathmark & Waldbaums: List of 14 Stores Closing

A&P, Pathmark & Waldbaums: List of 14 Stores Closing

Some of you may have heard that there will be 14 more store closings for Pathmark, A&P, Superfresh & Waldbaums.  The closings will take place in NJ, NY, PA, & CT.  They are expected to close by the end of May 2012.  Here is a list of the 14 store that will be closing:

  • Pathmark, 300 Montauk Hwy, East Islip, NY
  • Pathmark, 517 Route 72 West, Manahawkin, NJ
  • A&P, 35 Main St., Danbury, CT
  • Pathmark, 145 Passaic Avenue, Kearny, NJ
  • A&P, 59 Outwater Lane, Garfield, NJ
  • Waldbaums, 725 Sunrise Hwy, West Babylon, NY
  • Pathmark, 6718 Black Horse Pike, Egg Harbor Twp, NJ
  • Waldbaums, 399 Ocean Avenue, Rockville Centre, NY
  • Waldbaums, 601 Portion & Cenacle Road, Lake Ronkonkoma, NY
  • Waldbaums, 711 E. Jericho Turnpike, Huntington Station, NY
  • Pathmark, 1 Pathmark Plaza, Mount Vernon, NY
  • Pathmark, 2100 Country Line, Upper Moreland, PA
  • Waldbaums, 40 Vanderbilt Pkwy, Commack, NY
  • A&P, 175 Avenue A, Bayonne, NJ

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  • Diana

    A lot of the Waldbaums closing are right by me in Long Island, NY. Will they be having any special deals?

    • Kristy

      I was wondering the same about deals. I used to work for A&P Tea Co. Sad that they are still doing poorly.

      • Rita

        my grandma lived down the street from an A&P that was closing last year and they had a lot of excellent deals so I’m assuming it will be the same this time…

      • anmys

        You’re lucky you DON’T work for them anymore!!! They are a terrible company to work for, they treat their employees awful!!!

        • Rob


  • Christina Cline

    We still have our A&P in West Paterson, NJ! Hopefully it will be able to stay open! Any good deals coming from the A&P in Garfield, NJ? Thank you!

    • Pattie O

      I was thankful to see the WP store is staying open (at least for now). We always get our Easter leg of lamb there (odd, I know) and would hate to have to start looking elsewhere. I would LOVE to know if they’ll be deals for the closing stores too!

  • Pearl Perez-Crooks

    Can’t wait to stock up on all those final discounts.

  • Alex

    Cindy, did you hear all of the Genaurdi’s are closing? Giant of Carlisle are buying 15 of the Philly area stores… This is a sad week for grocery stores.

  • Jenn

    Very sad to see this… I worked for Pathmark corporate before A&P bought them out.
    Needeless to say it was a messy take over and ALOT of good people went unemployed, myself included. Since them, Many of us have yet to actually get back on our feet.
    It sucks that many more people that I know from these stores will be without a job soon.
    Blessings go out to all of those who are in the cross hairs of the “Great” Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company’s GREED.
    We lost our Pension’s … so they cant expect anything from them.

    As far as the “deals” go… NOT REALLY …
    They will put SOME items on sale. MEAT will be onsale and alot of perishable items that will be going bad in a few days… other than that, they ship to other stores.

  • chris

    I’m surprised that the Pathmark in Upper Moreland, PA has lasted this long. When I was there for their coupon tripler sale last year there wasn’t even that many people there for that. The staff wasn’t very coupon knowledgeable or friendly but, it is a shame that so many will lose jobs.

    • Shrome

      Agreed and Agreed…

      People there are not coupon friendly ever since they used to be Super Fresh… they will not let you do two transactions if there is a limit of four – even if you have other family member with you…

      I know lots of people stopped going there because of the employees who work there.

      I would drive from Horsham to Wyncote to get to the pathmark there and avoid this one – why – reason is obvious – staff was not coupon friendly – I am happy that the store is closing so some other good store can come in it’s place and hopefully we will get lucky but I am sad for the employees who will be losing jobs in this time of the year.

    • c

      omg! the cashiers (except for one that i found) would actually roll their eyes and be visibly annoyed when i’d turn over my coupons.
      i stopped shopping there three months ago and haven’t been back since.
      they used to change the coupon policy on the fly halfway through my transactions and tell me “we’ll let it slide this time, but next time you can’t do that.” and whatever i was doing that they were letting “slide” was part of their coupon policy.
      my last straw was when they told me, again, on the fly, that they didn’t accept more than two i.p. coupons. i have been using four per transaction for a year!

      and the ‘double all manufacturer coupons – including those that read: do not double’ is such a crock!
      mine would never double, so i’d always ask why, and the cashiers would always say that if the computer doesn’t handle it, they don’t override that.
      i cant tell you how many times i walked 15 feet from the register over to customer service to explain the situation and get my money back for all the ‘do not double’ coupons that don’t scan.

      it is sad that some of the very nice people there will be losing jobs, though; i agree.

    • Linda

      Even since that refrigeration fiasco last year at Upper Moreland Pathmark, i won’t buy anything but canned/boxed goods. They sold a ton of meats and a week later closed down the meat section due to refrigeration problems.

      • Linda

        . . . sorry, didnt’ finish. Anyway, i froze the meat i bought (chicken) and every pkg i thawed out stunk – we threw all of it out. i couldn’t even be bothered going back to complain. They’re getting what they deserve – closing. and i agree w/ all – the cashiers and cold and unfriendly.

        • Richard Gerard

          These people think they are getting sales…Sales on What..? stale food and meat..etc. the Manufacturers are beginning to stop shipments because they are not paying..They can’t send outdated back to companies not servicing them anymore, So who’s going to buy it..asshole customers.

          • dd

            Richard, this was 3 years ago…

  • Selena Jimenez

    I’m hoping a lot of sales go on; remember when the Waldbaums in East Patchogue closed? I remember getting a lot of good deals from there.

  • Misally

    As a resident of bayonne, i’ve never been to that A & P, not because i didn’t want to it was just too far but i can’t pass up a good deal….waiting for the markdowns. When Pathmark in North Bergen closed about 2 years ago, i went about a week and a half before the final closing and filled up a cart and a half for under $100……got some really great stuff

  • Lady J

    This company has no idea how to run a business. Atlantic & Pacific! They’re barely on the Atlantic. I went to 2 of their closings last spring. It was very overpriced, but some items were good. I got a great deal on formula (would not take formula checks), baby food and diapers.

  • Lisa

    They never could keep up with Shoprite. My husband found an old Pathmark catalog in his grandmother’s house last week. They weren’t a grocery store. They were like a Walmart, but without food. Anyway, their prices are high… VERY high. Their product is limited. They’re understaffed. Their sales are small. Their store loyalty programs are lagging behind others. Hopefully they regroup and rebound.

    • kristy

      They are doing really well with Food Basics which is where I ended up once they opened. I had been at A&P until then. I helped them open 3 stores, but they weren’t run well (from a management standpoint, not shopper) so I ultimately left.

      Anyway, Food Basics is like Aldi for those of you that don’t have them, except they take coupons!

      • c

        kristy, i loved food basics prices, but couldn’t deal w/ the cashiers @ the northeast phila location.
        the handful of times i was there the cashier(s) didn’t greet me or tell me my total (i had to lean over and read it for myself), and they were playing on their phones the whole transaction.

        call me old school, but i say hello and ask how the teller at the drive through is doing before i order my food.
        a greeting and small-talk is part of the shopping experience!
        this is why i have changed to acme! they are sooo nice!

        • Kristy

          c, that’s awful! i was actually a front end manager/bookkeeper in the paterson, passaic and glen rock, nj stores for a bit and unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to get the point across and only so many people that walk through the door that really should have a job that it leaves you with a handful of people that you sort of have to “deal” with. it’s a shame, really, but not being acknowledged at all is just horrible.

      • Richard Gerard

        Food basics are closing too. Not renewing leases.

  • Shirley Stewart

    Has anybody herd about the A&P in Wayne on Rt 23. They have been closed for awhile since they were flooded for I think the third time in 3 years. Most of the stores have reopend but not the A&P . I saw a few of the workes working in the Valley Road, Wayne stores but the haven’t been told anything formal. I really loved that store and it had great coupon friendly workers !!!

  • MK

    Most of A&Ps in CT were closed in 2011, a couple of them became ShopRite or BigY… some (like the one in cromwell on Rte 66) are still empty.

  • Bree

    Sad, but not surprised to see my local PM closing :/

  • Arielle

    It’s sad to see so many grocery stores closing, especially in smaller towns where the Pathmark/Waldbaums/A&P was the only grocery store in the area; people without car transportation may not have another option to buy healthy food.

    I hate the store closing markdowns on these stores, because while they claim everything will be 30% or more off, or something, they mark up the retail prices way above the regular price. It makes little to no difference in the long run, and it usually is a better bargain to go to a non-closing store and get their sale price and/or use coupons. Closing sales aren’t worth it until the very last week the store’s open–and by then the place has usually been picked clean.

    • Jack

      They don’t mark them up, it just seems that way because nobody ever notices the regular retail prices. Yes a jar of peanut butter is actually almost 4 dollars but its always 1.99 on sale. So no, they do not raise the prices you just don’t notice it… I’ve worked in a store closing before and all these people complaining about raising the prices is just wrong because they have no decency to even care about people losing their jobs. They only care about the 40 cents they’re saving.

  • Robin W

    Very sad indeed. So many good people are going to be hurt. I knew things were bad when they went into bankruptcy protection last January and they were de-listed off the regular stock exchange boards.

  • Susan Montgomery

    Many of the former Super Fresh (A&P) in Maryland are now opening up as Shop Rite’s! Wish one Genuardi’s closing in Lionville would re0-open as a Shop Rite. We only have one in our area. My Super Fresh closed last year and it was very sad, prime rib and ham at Christmas time, made me miss SuperFresh. Overall the prices were not great, but I only bought the sale items and did very well.

  • Donna C

    wow why am i Not shocked they would close more stores.Not even a year later after they closed almost all of them in CT but 1 now that one is closing. such a shame.

  • Donna C

    To MK
    The one in East Haven CT—Foxon Blvd is still empty too

  • Donna C

    Not surprised with them closing more stores. It has been a little more then a year since they closed all but one in CT. such a shame they were cheaper then all the rest. the one in Branford Ct. is now a big y and is so high with there prices.Feel sorry for the people who went too work for the last store in CT now who will be out of work.

  • JerseyCityWoman

    Omg, I will surely miss the Pathmark in Kearny! All my shopping trips there were pleasant. A lot of nice people, never had a problem using coupons there. So many years shopping there, I greet employees by their first names! I did not visit the store in Bayonne much, however, I never had any complaints there, either. Boy am I bummed!

  • Myrah

    I’m not surprised that my Waldbaums in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY is closing. The cashiers and managers there were always so nasty. Everytime I used a coupon, the cashier would sneer at me and mumble how it was customers like me who made them lose money. I only shopped there when they had an extraordinary sale (which was very few). I am sorry that so many other stores are closing and that so many will be unemployed but maybe if the employees were nicer to customers, more people would have shopped there and the stores would have remained open. I’m just saying that I shop at stores where I am treated nicely and I’m sure there are many people around here who feel the same way.

    • Jack

      you probably weren’t very nice to them to begin with…and you’ve probably never worked in retail. you’re shopping for sales for an extra 10% meanwhile these people are losing their jobs and weekly pay…that company has gone down the tubes and closed more stores than you can count…it’s no longer an individual store not meeting their expectations. It’s about the big bosses keeping their jobs and bonuses so they’ll close any store they can to do that. Welcome to Corporate America.

  • Lady J

    There is an A&P that I know of that isn’t on the chopping block, but it should be. Every time I walk in (not often), no matter the time of year, I am greeted by the smell of rotting food – and there’s all the produce. I will only go there to pick up non-perishables I can get for free/very cheap. I don’t know why, with that smell, people would buy food there.

  • It’s a very sad note that Waldbaums on Portion Rd. in Ronkonkoma is closing. I have done my food shopping there for so many years that I have lost count. The cashiers and customer serivce are very professional. I don’t know where I am going to get my prime rib for Christmas. Steve the butcher is just wonderful. You didn’t even need a knife to cut the meat. I’m going to have to find out where he is going.

  • V

    I like Pathmark’s coupon policy, but if they want to compete with a big dog like Shoprite, they should really lower their overall prices. EVERYTHING costs much more there than at other supermarkets in my area.

  • Jes

    I do agree with the price at Pathmark and A&P are overpriced. I usually go to Pathmark once a week to see the manager special, and that’s it. I rarely go to A&P. I went to one before and I found everything was way overpriced since then I never bother with it.

    And yes, even last year’s triple coupon day, there were not that many ppl at Pathmark. I was able to get all of the stuff that I wanted. I was surprised.

    Sadly, the staff at the Pathmark was not too bad. Not as friendly as SR. Some are just plain rude for no reason.

    One time, I was looking at the yogurt shelf and the staff was telling me that their pay were cut after A&P took over Pathmark. And they lost some benefit. I think that it made unhappy staff……

  • Emily

    Just so you know its not pathmark closing in east islip because there isnt one in east islip its a waldbaums

  • Mike

    A&P should have never bought PathMark. Pathmark would have just went under and A&P would not have had to deal with their debt. I don’t know how anybody can say that a store is pricey. The prices come from the maneuver the store has very little say on what the prices are going to be. If you look on a box of drakes the price is on the box. Most breads the have the price on them. Most products come with an invoice with the retail price already on it.

  • Jay

    Started at Pathmark in 1989 and ended in 2004. Really enjoyed the first 5 years and the last 9 were awful as you can see policies change for the worse and the slew of managers were the extreme bottom of the barrel. There were some really good ones who not only knew your name but cared but they were few and far between. I am not surprised that some Pathmark locations are closing. Some are largely due to customers running loose in the store hence they lose profits. Others are just victims of the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Company.

  • Nick

    How Waldbauns stores treated their employees I am not superseded that they are closing. Specially store managers like Kenny Lane and Chuck Klickenburge who worked in Stony Brook Waldbaums. What goes around comes around

  • Nick

    Yes and their policy was ” I am fresh oppressed”.
    Fresh in different meaning..
    I am not blaming you for not shopping there.

    • misterbill

      Something needs to stop people from being able to reply to two year old threads, causing them to show up on the right side of the page and making people think that they are current (and yes, i am just as guilty at this point as Nick, but I only got here because of his reply).

  • Richard Gerard

    Glad they are closing…dirty , outdated products, tough meat, spoiled produce..Special deals….lmfao. Yes on back dated stale food…suppliers are starting to cut them off..not paying there bills..

    • MisterBill

      Why are you responding to an article that is *3 YEARS OLD* ?????