CVS: Revlon Nail Products Money Maker

CVS: Revlon Nail Products Money Maker

Just wanted to update you on the Revlon Extra Care Bucks deal at CVS this week.  In the match ups I had posted the possibility of the lower priced Revlon Beauty Tools working for the deal such as the nail clippers, emery boards etc.  Thanks to some of you for reporting in that they are working!

Plus, there is also a Revlon Lip & Nail Product coupon from the 1/15 Smart Source insert that you can use with it.

Here is the deal:


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  • Cheri

    I also have a $2 off any Revlon Beauty Tool from the CVS coupon machine-printed last week-making this a great deal!

  • Michaela

    be careful, bought the 2 pack nail file yesterday and they rand up on clearance and they did not count for the EBC.

  • Laura D.

    Perfect timing! Was heading out to CVS today at lunch. Thanks for the heads up Michaela!

  • MD

    Is there a limit of how many times you can do this deal?

    • MeganChipp

      Just once 🙁

      • MD

        Thanks for the bad news lol. just kidding. it would have been nice though if there was no limit. I have 15 SS from 1/15! My hubby gets them from work some weeks when they’re ready to throw away the papers. I’ve been hoping there would be a Q/deal using this insert to make for a really great deal that I can do multiple times! 🙂

        • Anonymous

          wow 15!! i’m jealous (in a good way) i only have 1 I’m a neebie to this need to find better ways to get them coupons, my paper cost me 2 bucks on sunsday so yeaa bummer

          • DENISE

            If you find products that print you ECB’s at CVS you can roll some them into separate purchases for additional newspapers on Sunday…just a thought 🙂

            • raj

              prolly buy them cheaper on ebay or any coupon clipping service … look around for buy-it-now, and you should have it within a few days if you hurry

          • mara

            check your local dollar tree. ours carry the paper only on sat and sun

          • Deena

            But $2 for a newspaper gets you tons of coupons. The old business adage is that you have to spend money to make money. I look at my $6 in newspapers as an investment in hundreds of dollars worth of savings!

  • Tina

    Does the nail coupon work for the nail file? I thought it was more for nailpolish. Im waiting to see if the clippers/file worked for anyone before I use my other ECBs to purchase it otherwise its going to be a waste if I dont get the $7 back:(

    • Nancy

      Hi Tina, I did it yesterday purchasing two nail files and using (2) Revlon lip or nail product coupon. No problems.

    • Raquel

      It works, I just did this deal

      • Tina

        Awesome, thanks! Just to be safe, im going to try it without using any ECB — my CVS has been acting real shady, pulling the coupon items off when there is a major sale and then putting them back when the prices go back up. Worst thing, i’ll lose $4.98 that I can always return. Thanks for all your help:)

        • Stu


          If things are out of stock just ask for a raincheck; they don’t expire. Also keep a copy of that weeks circular for safety so you can show them it together with the raincheck if you have any problems.

  • Heather C

    this deal did NOT work for me, however the manager forced my ebs after he reread the signs.

  • Karolina

    The deal worked for me! I used so many coupons for this:
    2 Nail clippers @ $2.99
    (2) $1/1 Revlon Lip or Nail product from SS 1/15
    (1) $2/1 Revlon Beauty Tool from Red Coupon Machine
    (1) 20% off purchase sent to card
    OOP: $0.78
    ECBs: $7
    Totally made my day!! 🙂

    • mara


  • Anonymous

    Is it possible for this deal to vary by area? The only Revlon deal I see listed in my flier says “on items shown below” and there are no nail products at all included. Just Eye, lip, and face.

    • Joanne

      I don’t think the deal is regional. Though, the coupon might be regional and the coupons that come out of the coupon machine is specific to the individual.

    • Pat

      My circular said the same thing but when I got to the store all the nail tools were marked with the signs for the $7 ECB!

      • Anonymous

        My flyer only had Revlon hair color….

        • Rachel

          it def can be. i live in ny- and it all depends on the borough. i think parts of jersey near the city are the same.

      • Anonymous

        My CVS doesn’t seem to believe in signs. The majority of the time I have to hope what I’m holding in my hand is the same item listed in the circular or matched on this site. That’s if they have the items at all, because I have an ever growing suspicion that they pull items they know are freebies or money makers.

        It’s worth a try, all the same though. Like someone else said, it’s easy enough to return it, worst case scenario.

  • Kathy

    Deal worked for me as well. I got 2 packs of emery boards and used 2 $1/2 Revlon Lip or Nail product from SS 1/15. To make it even a better deal, my store had not removed the signs from last week’s sale when Revelon beauty products were buy one get one 50% off, so they honored that as well!

    • Kathy

      Sorry, I used 2 $1/1 coupons!

  • Linda Hughes

    I got 2 nail clippers (which always seem to get lost in this house so I’m happy to have 2 more!)

    2 nail clippers at $3.29 each
    Used (2) $1/1 Revlon coupon
    Used $4 ECB
    Paid .58
    Got $7 ECB!! 🙂

  • jan

    Only got the Revlon $1 off any 1 eye product. Didn’t get the Lip/Nail product coupon in my SS

  • Jenn

    The deal worked here, got 2 packs of emery boards, $3.59 each, and 1- 3pack of Kleenex for $2.99. Used 2-$1/1 Revlon lip or nail product and $.50/1, $5 ECB from St. Ives deal, $2 ECB (emailed from CVS), 10% off Beauty tools(printed from my CVS receipt), total OOP – $.06. Got back $7 ECB for Revlon Deal and $1 ECB for Kleenex.

  • Michelle

    The Revlon deal worked for me.
    The nail clippers were priced at 3.19 each.
    I used (2) revlon nail care 1/1
    and I got 7 ECB back
    pretty good deal!

  • hanna

    My SS didn’t have Revlon coupon but in my e-mail, CVS send me
    $2.00 off for any purchase coupon for ” Snow emergency ”
    Yes, we had snow and CVS send coupon for it was nice!
    I used this coupon replacing Revlon!

  • Jen

    Attempted to buy nail files and one nail clipper (as there was only one pack of nail files left) and the cashier said the $1.00 coupons could not be applied because they are only for MAKE-UP items. Put the items back on the shelf and walked out. Clearly they didn’t need our business today.

  • Anonymous

    Walgreens in feb coupon book has 3 off revlon tool which can be used at walmart for a overage