Extreme Couponing Tip: How To Organize Printable Coupons


Extreme Couponing Tip: How To Organize Printable Coupons

There is nothing worse then knowing you printed a coupon and can not find it.  Or actually there is something worse…finding the coupon AFTER the sale is over!  Yep, I’ve been there.

You know the drill…A coupon pops up for an item that you love but there is no sale.  You print it in the hopes of a sale popping up before the coupon expires. The question is, what do you do with them all so you don’t wind up with a mounds of printable coupons?

Here are some tips to help you keep the coupon clutter under control.

::Printable Coupons

Of course, if you have a coupon binder, you can just print, clip and stick them into your binder.  But, if you are like me and keep your inserts organized whole in a file, well then, where do you put those printable coupons?   Here are some ways to help you organize them.

  • Keep a hanging folder just for printable coupons.  You can even have separate hanging folders for different categories or organized by expiration date.
  • Pick up some  portfolio folders from the Dollar Store.  Get the ones with holes and place them into a 3 ring binder.  Again, you can separate them by category or expiration date.  You could also get plastic photo holders and place them in a binder just for your printables.

  • Use stackable mini draws to clip and store your printable coupons.  This can even be used for all those loose coupons you get from tearpads, blinkies or even the coupons you clipped and wound up not using.

::Preparing your Coupons For Shopping Trips

Believe it or not, getting my coupons together for my shopping trips was my hardest problem.  Since we find out so many deals in advance, I would print coupons knowing that a deal was coming up but, by the time the deal came, I could not find the coupon.  Or, I would be clipping a coupon out of my inserts and see another one that I knew I would use next week on a deal.  Only to find the coupon buried under a pile of paper a week after the sale ended. So hate that!

My solution was so simple.  Since I am a very visual person, I need to be able to see my “piles” of coupons.  Using stackable trays, I set them side by side and labeled them with the stores that I frequent.  In them I place, catalina coupons, ECBs or Register Rewards in the appropriate bin.  And, when I print or clip a coupon that I will be using at that store, I just throw it in the bin.  When it’s time to prepare my shopping trip, more then half of my coupons are already there waiting for me.  No more finding coupons after the sale is over!

Now it’s your turn…How do you organize your printable coupons?

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  • MARY

    I put them in an accordian-style hand held coupon organizer that I found at ShopRite. Some printables, any peelies or product insert, or those mailed from a mfr often do not show up in the match up list so having them organized by category and on hand helps me to make up my own deals as I shop.

    I also put my clipped coupons for the week in the same organizer. I no longer use a binder at all. It took too much of my time.

    • Deanna

      Mary, I am glad to hear I am not the only one that does not like the binder way of couponing. I just take so much time between clipping and then putting them into separate pockets. I just had to give up my binder. I am bummed because of all the money I spent on all the different size pockets for the different size coupons, but I need a faster way of organizing my coupons.

      • i spent a ton of money on my binder too and hate it. now i have a big index card box that works great. i used to use the envelope method and then a small coupon organizer but i needed to get something bigger. its such a shame my binder just sits and sits. but with a baby i dont have time to fold each coupon,ect to fit in the holders

  • I leave them as full sheets until I’m ready to plan my shopping trip. I just hole-punch the pages and put them in the front of my coupon binder. If it is a coupon for yogurt or something that I know I’ll use quickly, I clip it and keep it in an envelope in my purse.

    I love your idea of the trays, though. And the mini drawers would take up less room on my desk. Thank you for the idea. I’ll be rethinking my method shortly 🙂

    • Melissa

      I loved Cindys idea, but yours is great also cause you will always have them on hand.

  • Lauren

    I put my weekly coupons in poly zip envelopes. I have one for each store. I keep them in my purse so if I am out an about, I have all my ECB’s, coupons, RR’s, etc, with me!

    • Anonymous

      I always wanted to get the poly zip envelopes but everytime I go to Staples, they’re already gone. The guy who works there told me that it’s a best seller.Where else can I buy them?

    • hanna

      For ECB, Cat, UPR, I do the same as you, use zip lock bag.
      I also put each store’s card in there.
      As for print out coupons, I use clear none pocket one for each store.
      When I see the deal, I put store name and start date of the sale on print
      but I don’t cut it out till I go to the shopping.

      Rest of the print out, I put them in file folder, but don’t cut them.
      Most of the time I know what in that file folder but I clean it
      time to time.

    • Jenn

      I do the same thing! I have 4 clear poly zip envelopes that I sort my weekly shopping lists / coupons for my favorite stores and if any don’t get used, they go back into the coupon binders. I leave the printed coupon policy in each envelope too, just in case 🙂

      • this is a great idea! i have been making my lists and then paper clipping the coupons to them!

    • Bayonne Coupon Queen

      I love the poly zip envelopes, in fact last time they were on sale at staples, I picked up 8. At a buck each and used rewards to pay for them . I should have picked up a few more, as I have two combined. I do the same thing, carry them in my car so I have them with me.

    • Kate

      This is what I do as well!

    • Lauren

      I got mine very cheap – I think >$2 ea. at Walmart. I used an old zipper binder I had from middle school, bought the pages near the Walmart Checkout, and I keep one of those clear zip pouches in my binder in the front with a pen, highlight, mini calculator, and extra scissors just in case something comes up unexpectedly while I’m in the store. You can definitely find those at the dollar stores as well.. look in the school supplies section!!

  • Misally

    I have a mini file folder box that was given to me by another couponing friend of mine when she upgraded to a binder…….since i already have them organized by food/product type i just seperate them by month in each section that way i know which ones to use first….all my coupons both clipped and printed are placed together

    • Misally

      Also i love the idea of the bins but my 2 year old has a sudden fascination with coupons (not a good one) and he snags all my expired ones and rips them to shreds all over my apt!

      • Beckie

        My 2 1/2yo does EXACTLY the same. I just give her all my expired ones now to put in her purse and she’s happy. It’s my 1yo that rips them to shreds! haha

        I also use the poly-zip envelopes from Staples (that I got for free with Staples Rewards!). One for each store I frequent and two for ‘food’ and ‘non-food’ items. Now I just print out Cindy’s shopping lists for each store and put them in the zipper bags and add coupons as I find them for the deals. That way when I go to each store I’m not fussing with a huge binder.
        When I plan a trip out, I just grab the zipper bag for that store and maybe the ‘non/food’ bags, in case I spot something while I’m shopping. I put the coupon of the item I’m looking for (while in-store) facing out, that way I can read any ‘fine-print’ and double check that i’m getting the correct item. Plus my toddler can ‘help’ and hold the zipper bag and be less tempted to crumple/rip/eat the coupon up and drop it 3 isles back!

    • Anonymous

      I have a currency holders in my binder by section. I had to order mine of Amazon…make a much better system and there is no clipping when I want to use them they already are..no filing….because they already are…and they are already to to use and easy to see. =)

  • Kahyla

    I also have an accordian file that I keep my weekly shopping trip coupons in, seperated by store. I also have specific store coupons in the back of that file divided by store. Its really easy for me because it is small and fits in my purse. However, if I know I am not going to use a printabe for awhile, I put it in my binder with the rest of my coupons.

  • Siri

    I print them and keep them in full sheets, then once a week is ‘coupon day’ – I sit down and clip them all and file them in my coupon box (a small Sterilite container I got at Target). I keep the Smart Source and Red Plum in a binder and only pull them out when Cindy tells me to! 🙂 Thanks for all you do, Cindy!

  • Sarah

    Thank you for these tips! I just started couponing and my dilemma is that I have a lot of printed coupons that have expired: ie, due to there being no sale to match with the coupon or the sale comes right after (recently the next day!) the coupon expires, or when I go to the store the deals are all gone–shelves wiped clean (like clearance items or for regular sale items there’s no more stock and they don’t know when the next shipment comes in), etc. I’ve thrown out numerous printed coupons bc of these scenarios (which I use the back to write the shopping lists on, it’s such a waste of ink and paper). I guess my question would be tips on how to minimize ink and paper waste? When do you print a coupon? What do you do with a printed coupon that’s about to expire but there aren’t any great deals? Ie, the product is useful but isn’t very necessary but you just spent $ printing a bunch of coupons, do you buy the product or throw the coupon out and hope for a better deal in the future? Sorry for this lengthy comment. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂

    • Sebsa

      One suggestion is to minimize your cost of ink and paper. If your OOP for ink and paper is free or close to it, it might not matter to you as much if you end up not using some of your printed coupons (barring the environmental impact, of course : ) There are always paper deals at Staples. Sometimes free, sometimes $1 or $2 per ream (there’s fine print of course but you should still be able to get a nice stockpile of paper going). Use rebates, coupons, and rewards for ink. I’ve also heard some people buying ink from third party websites that is really inexpensive. Playing the coupon game (using coupons on sale items) is a gamble. Sometimes you win…sometimes you have to choose to either forego the coupon or use it on a regularly priced item (eek!). At the end of the day, your overall planning and patience should pay off and your overall savings should minimize your OOP on any item, including ink and paper. Just my .02.

      • Sarah

        Thank you =) Those are some great tips! and I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one throwing out printed coupons. I think I am going to need to sign up for the Staples reward card, ink and paper is expensive. I cringe each time I have to discard an expired printed coupon. It’s also a bit expensive with newspapers, each newspaper in my area is $2.16, if multiplied by 2 copies each week, it’ll be around $240 a year plus the price of ink and paper for printed coupons. Couponing takes time and money! But I know once I get better at it, it’ll save in the long run 🙂

        • Sebsa

          You should absolutely get a Staples Rewards card. It doesn’t cost anything and you can accumulate rewards to use on future purchases (lots of fine print on this). But even without a rewards card, you can participate in Staples Easy Rebates. This is generally how you get the savings on paper. Staples usually has a paper deal going at least once per month. And during August (in preparation for Back to School) you can crazy deals on paper…usually 2 reams per week for free (after submitting the easy rebate). Also, if you have a HP printer, they always have deals on HP ink between rebates and coupons.

          Couponing does take time…and sometimes an upfront investment of money…but the folks who are really good at it, make the ROI better than anything you can get in a savings account or the stock market these days!! ; )

          • Sarah

            Haha thank you so much for all your awesome tips! I’m definitely taking notes. Yes, I do have an HP printer, just paid $25.99+ tax for a black ink cartridge yesterday at Best Buy and hopefully this will last until an awesome deal comes up (crosses fingers and toes!). I’ll keep a watch out for those free reams of paper, that sounds amazing 🙂

            Thank you for the encouragement. I’m more motivated now to keep at it 🙂 Here’s to saving more in 2012!

            • Sebsa

              Also, you may already do this, but I thought I would mention it just in case…I print coupons in draft mode. Haven’t had any problems with the register not recognizing the bar code because it wasn’t dark enough. That saves a lot of ink.

              Do keep an eye out for HP ink at Staples. Between recycling HP ink cartridges there and buying when they have a rebate going on, I think you’ll start to worry less about your OOP for ink.

      • RC

        those are great suggestions, also i tend to only print ones that i know i will use regardless of a sale, like the 85cent ones on glen muir organic tomatoes, im always happy to pay 30 cents for organic tomatoes when they’re not on sale! also, the high value cereal ones that tend to go fast and whatever you think you would still need even if it wasn’t free, like butter, dairy, etc. otherwise i just wait for a sale to print them. i remember my first week, i printed almost every one on coupons.com lol, even the ads and i printed everything twice! in colour! yikes!

        • Sarah

          Haha I can so relate. That’s exactly what I did when I started. I printed everything! I was so excited to see all the deals and scenarios I saw online. & I thought it would be a great opportunity to try something new. However, reality is a lot different. Same stores, but different locations may not sell that item (like the Robitussin To Go at Walmart or the Benefiber sticks at CVS) — coupons expired and I never found them at any of the stores I went to. Then like the Glade deal last month (?) I printed all the Glade coupons on the website (there were 4 or 5 items? so 2 copies of each = 10 coupons! lol) and found all the shelves cleared — coupons also expired before I could find another good deal. And so on. My scrap paper pile grew! lol

          That’s a good tip! Only print what you need or know you’ll buy regardless of a sale. Thank you 🙂 I can also relate with the ads! Why are there ads? Obviously we have the intention of purchasing the items without the need for a printed ad along with the coupon -__- Now before I print and I see someone post it online, I check the comments to see if anyone has problems with the coupon or if there’s an ad before or after it. Saves paper and ink 🙂 Well except for the coupons where the ad comes before the coupon -__- can’t cancel it. There are so many bloopers with this whole printing coupons. I’ve printed over a coupon, I’ve printed behind a coupon, I’ve cut off a coupon (used a half sheet lol), etc — all this were attempts to save paper lol -___-”

      • frankie

        In Clark Howard’s latest book, he says that the “ink getting low” indicator on your printer will sometimes come on even when there is 60% left in them. He said to take the ink cartridge and shake it to get more use out of it. He said you could get the cartridges refilled (which the companies hate) but he did not say where or how you could do this.

        • Sebsa

          Taking out the cartridge and shaking it also works for laser printers that use toner. You can definitely get some more mileage by doing this!

    • Jill

      Using coupons just because it’s printed is the same as using coupons just because it’s in the insert. Some just get tossed. I try to print as I make my shopping lists but I also print for future deals. I grab special facebook coupons, high value coupons, coupons for products regularly on sale, and coupons for items we use daily. You start to recognize which coupons may run out of prints, which products are due to be on sale, and even what value coupons are “good” for specific items. The best way to save money is to find a quality printer that uses inexpensive, generic ink. I have a Brother that I purchased for under $50. It accepts generate ink that costs $8 to $11 total for both black & color ink. My ink lasts for 7 to 8 weeks and I print A LOT! I buy paper from Staples when they have paper rebates and spend about a $1 a ream. This all saves a fortune and I don’t mind very much when a few coupons are discarded.

      • Sarah

        That’s true. I get pretty confused if I should purchase something because I have a printed coupon for it (i.e. the printed nivea lip coupon $1/1 that expired, or the illys coffee 2/2. The 2 Walgreens in my area didn’t sell the Illys and the place that did sell them were 2.49 ea. I really enjoy coffee and I always need lip balm, however, I know there’s better deals. At the same time I paid 25.99+ tax for the ink and $ for the paper lol. It’s a learning process! lol

        I’m definitely going to be on the lookout for sale cycles, which coupons might run out of prints fast, and if budget permits, be on the lookout for a Brother printer 🙂 I’ve read that on another blog as well, that the Brother printer is the best for printing coupons. It has a great price per page. Thank you for your tips! 🙂

        • cmwheeler

          I have an HP printer, and to save some $ on ink and paper, I have a couple of tricks:

          1st. I always print on the economic setting. (No color, and won’t saturate the page, so it comes out kinda gray. Scans just fine at the register, though.)

          2nd. I reuse paper. Drawings by my daughter? Flipped over. School announcements? Flipped over. A page of expired coups? Crossed out and then flipped over! (Yes, they’ll take them.) Memos from the CG Housing office? Flipped over. Random flyers? You guessed it, flipped over. (I do suggest skipping anything with personal info on it, though.)

          3rd. I buy re-manufactured ink cartridges on ebay. Free, fast shipping, and @ $15 for 5 cartridges.

          GL and Happy Saving!

    • Anonymous

      Who is Cindy?

    • Amy

      I bought a fairly cheap (under $100) Samsung black ink laser printer on Amazon a while back and it’s so much cheaper! Toner lasts forever. I also end up throwing out a lot of printed coupons. If you don’t print them they might not be there later! Or they may reset and you will have the chance to reprint a good coupon again.

  • Jennifer

    Just started couponing about a month ago. Happy to hear all the great organizing ideas. So far I’m keeping my RP and SS whole in a binder but these ideas for organizing all the clipped coupons are very helpful. Thanks so much. I’m loving saving all this money!!

  • Laura

    I leave mine on my printer and when it’s time to shop I just grab them and clip them out and put them in my box. I used to use a binder but started to use boxes again. I have 2 envelope boxes now one for food and one for nonfood. I use a thirty one tote bag to lug them around. It also has hanging folders in it so I can print up my shopping list and also have folders for the stores where I have envelopes in there filled with ECB and shopping cards. If I don’t have time to clip them I just put them in my folder and have been known to clip when I’m in the store. I carry a scissor now in my thirty one tote.

  • Clover

    Thanks for all the great ideas. I, too have gotten tired of the binders, so I’ve done something slightly different. I now use the whole sheet plastic sleeve protectors in my binder and file the whole circulars by type and date (RP 1/15, etc) Then I write a list out of every coupon in that along with the value amount and the expiration date. Then, as I use coupons, I will cross them off that list, so I don’t go hunting for that “great” coupon that I forgot I had already used 4 weeks ago. I’m toying with the idea of printing off Cindy’s list of This weekend’s coupons and then just editting that by hand to reflect any Regional changes.

    • Kim

      I still clip my coupons and discard the ones I know I won’t use. I was considering just keeping and filing the inserts by date, however, my big problem wish, what is an easy way to know they are expired? Maybe you have the right idea about printing Cindy’s coupon list to match up with the insert. Any other ideas?

    • Andrea

      Clover, thanks for the tip about keeping the list with the insert! That seems like it would save so much time–especially if you’re printing the list from the website.

    • Bettsy

      Glad to know this works! I wanted to try that, but now i know i should do it! thanks 🙂

    • Beth

      Hip 2 Save lists all of the coupons in the inserts. You could cut & paste ( just adjust for any regional changes) and save some time.

      • Cindy

        Click coupons above then coupon inserts and that is all the coupons available for each insert. I post it every Wednesday for the weekend

  • daria

    I use small flexible photo albums for each store to organize the store and catalinas…..manufacturer print outs I fold in half and store them with newspaper coupons..

  • margaret

    I just started collecting coupons in Nov and really using them this month and this is what works for me.
    I have a binder with the collector card holders, divided into different categories: medicines, make-up/hair, health and beauty, cleaning products, paper products, misc, food (organized by dairy, frozen, box meals, cans, snacks, misc) outside retailers, and restaurants. I then have an index card holder that i use for my trips. I figure out, according to the weeks flyer deals and matching coupons, the coupons i will be using and organize them by store and transaction number. When i go to the store i bring my list and the index holder. I also bring the big binder in case there is a sale i am unaware of or if there is not enough of the product i planned on buying.

  • Before I found Cindy and saw the light, I used an accordion check file with 13 pockets to hold my coupons. Over many years of using it, I came up with 13 categories that could cover any coupon I found. (Not that I was real diligent about using them.) Now that my coupons are kept in 2 re-purposed binders (one for food store item and the other for drug store items), the accordion check file is used as a staging area for clipped coupons that I haven’t been able to get in the binders. In addition to keeping them organized, they get in the binders faster because I can do one or two categories when I have a few minutes.

  • There some ideas here that I may try. I like my cheapo paper (products A-Z) envelope method for now, but to store my uncut printed coupons and inserts I store them in a scrapbook tote with hanging files. I don’t have space for filing cabinets and what not. The top is a separate tray I can put receipts and coupons I haven’t filed away yet. http://www.irisusashop.com/Index.asp?KB=SHOSAI&SID=150670

  • I like to keep mine in a accordion plastic envelope. I print them when Cindy tells us of a good deal. I have my printer set to black and white only. I keep my Sunday circulars in a file with the date of the Sunday paper on the tab, so all I have to do is pull that one file. If I know there is going to be a good deal, I will order extra Q’s from E-bay. Most of the time I will get 20 of them and split with couponing friend. We then split the cost. Once I have bought 2 boxes of an item, I usually make back all my money. I keep my coupon books like Entertainment and Kid Stuff in my car.

  • Linda

    I am new to couponing, just started this month. One friend who got me started uses a binder the other a coupon file box. I decided to use the binder and love it. I have collector card holders and full plastic sleeves. I have my binder divided by my favorite stores for their specific coupons and then by month. I put the weekly add in the plastic sleeve in each store section and the coupons I am planning to use in the card holders. So far it has been working. I trim my printable and inserts then put them in the card holders as I get them. I just need to see them all.

  • Janelle S

    I have yet to figure out a way to store my coupons….as of now I just stack them up into a neat pile and put them into a manilla folder and then half way through the week I clip the coupons that I will be using on Saturday and then friday night I write up exactly what I am going to buy and how much it should cost and double check to make sure that I have all of the coupons….I very rarely forget to use a coupon or find one that is expired

  • RC

    i file all my coupon inserts whole and use a binder to organize all my clipped/snail mail coupons/tear pads/blinkies and printed once they’ve passed a sale i was going to use them on. so when i just print ones i think i’ll need i file them in the binder. when i print ones that were on a matchup list, i either keep them in the front pocket of the binder and then if i dont use them that week clip and file them, or clip those immediately and put them in a little accordion that goes in my purse and has a section for each store i plan to shop at.

  • Rose

    I also have just begun couponing…i have them in a small plastic file..it is so full now..i too need to find a better system…dont have room for a small file cabinet…i sell avon, so that takes up alot of space…find myself always needing that additional coupon that I did not take out…today I stood on the side of an isle until I found the coupon..definitely need a better system…might try the accordian file..picked one up today, thought it was to deep…

  • Lisa

    I use a photo album for my coupons . Each sleeve can hold any size coupon . The whole thing was 6.99. with 50 pages. 4 pockets /sleeves on each page.

  • frankie

    I use a binder also, but I did not see a post about using clear plastic pencil pouches with three holes and a zipper. These are 75 cents at my Walmart. I have three in front of my binder. One permanent one is for ECB’s etc. When I make my weekly shopping trip, I pull coupons from the binder and put them into one of the empty pencil pouches. As I shop, if there are coupon(s) I see I am not going to use (say if they are out of the product I wanted). I pull them and place them into the third pouch to refile later. At the register, I have all the coupons I am using in one pouch to hand to the cashier. The pouches are smaller than the binder sheets and easy to use and I am not dropping coupons all over the store.

  • Evelyn

    Thanks so much for the tips. I also keep my coupon inserts whole but wind up with those coupons that are clipped and haven’t been used yet and my many printable coupons – it can get a little crazy. I also buy some coupons from a clipping service, so I have one binder that has pocket folders to hold my coupon inserts by date and then I have another one for the clipped coupons organized by isle in the store so I can easily find them. I go to the store with my binder of clipped coupons along with the ones I’ve clipped for that trip. There’s also a page for store-specific trips so I can find those easily when I’m ready.

  • Lindsay

    buying all those organizers it not something i am willing to do. when i print coupons i use my paper cutter and cut them out in seconds. I have the notebook, which works well for me, it is a cheap, and doesn’t take up a lot of space. i fold the printable coupons in half and place them in the same categories as the insert coupons in my notebook. Coupon amount on one side and expiration date on the other. Really for me, from the time i push print it takes no more then 5 min to get them put away.

  • When it comes to printed coupons, I have to admit, I haven’t gotten it down to a science. I too, end up with a lot of scrap paper. The kids love it! lol I’m going to try Cindy’s method. You all have posted some good ideas as well. As far as the other coupons go, I have found something that works great for me. I use tab dividers with pockets on each side. Then I label them with the month and week 1+2. Grabbing another tab divider, I label it with the same month, but change it to week 3+4. I then file the whole week’s insert (nothing clipped) into the appropiate side. It has saved me a lot of time and free’d up my Sundays. I go into detail on a post I just added to my baby blog. With a couple pics included. You can find it in the link above if you’re interested. You can still coupon on the fly, while you’re shopping, if you have a coupon database bookmarked on your phone that has internet. Happy couponing!!!

  • Angela

    I am very new to the whole coupon thing, so for now I went real cheap, I have mine in different bank envelopes, with each one labeled as to what is in it, like body wash, toothpaste, razors etc. Needless to say I hope to upgrade to something more permanent soon

  • Meli

    I kinda do all of these. I have a 3 inch binder. in the front i have a section for each of my 4 fav stroes with 2 sheet protectors 1 for ecb, ups, cats the other for the Q’s i will be using this week. The middle of the binder is the reg system divided by setions i put all the other qs printed pilees ect. I file the inserts whole in the sheet protectors in the back of the binder by date. when its time to clip i have everything in one spot. this works for me cause i can just pull out what i need when i get in the store i put the binder in the shopping cart and i have it incase i find any other deals. i like to have everthing with me at all times and can just grab my binder and know everything is in there with a full time job and lil one and activites this works for me. i never know for sure when im stopping in the store.

  • Terri

    I no longer print coupons its a waste of time with a 2 1/2 years old who loves to touch everything! But the envelope system using junk mail free envelope works just put them in folder with RP, SS, etc. with date and you can still find coupons, better than binders any day.

  • Val

    I use the binder; it has a 2 ring, one is 2 inch, the other 3 inch. Perishable side, non-perishable side… Each side is organized by layout of store..separated by tabs.. Then inside each tab it is organized by date…it has all been trial and error.
    I too have been overwhelmed with printable coupons and learning as I go.
    I am having more problems with preparing for shopping trip…matching and coupon changes..
    I feel like I am overwhelmed by the amount if information… Any suggestions would be appreciated

  • cmcree

    I print my coupons in alphabetical(ish) order by brand name, then keep all A’s in 1 folder, all B’s in another, etc. It’s easy for me to look thru my K file when Kellogg’s cereal is on sale. Since I keep them as whole pages, if I don’t use a sheet of coupons before they expire, I reuse the sheet & print more coupons on the other side (and “x” out the expired coupons so no one gets confused).
    I love the small trays to prepare for shopping trips. I am going to start using that tip today!

  • joann

    when I buy a set of sheet i save the plastic cover it come in great for the coupons inserts

    • Rocky

      Good thinking!

  • theresa

    I went to the dollar store and picked up a square insulated lunch bag and 4×6 index cards!!! I labeled in alphabetical order!!! For about $4.00s I have a perfect carry tote to take shopping! I place near expiring coupons first!! This way I know !!!!

    • Rocky

      Nice going, Theresa, sounds like it will be easy to carry around. I might give that a try!

  • Chancey

    I use an accordion file folder. I was going to go the binder route but changed my mind. You can pick up the plastic 13 pocket letter accordion file folder one at Target for $1 each. it even has labels you can write on for each pocket. I do have a bigger one at home as the master file.