Extreme Couponing Tip: Stock Up on Dairy Products!

Extreme Couponing Tip: Stock Up on Dairy Products!

A common misconception is that a couponers stockpile will only consist of canned foods & paper goods.  Well, that can not be further from the truth.  Sure, those items go on sale quite a bit but they are certainly not the only things we can or should be stockpiling.

::Dairy Products You Can Freeze

One category of grocery products, often forgotten about for stockpiling, are dairy products.  There are many deals available for dairy products including cartons of milk for $0.49 (yes it does happen), mozzarella cheese for $0.75 or coffee creamer for free.  If there is a great deal then you should be stocking up and freeze the extra.  Yep, freeze the extra!  Most dairy products freeze great including butter, orange juice, cheese, milk, yogurt and more.

::Cold Storage Chart

Be sure to check out this great Cold Storage Chart.  It gives you the recommended time limits to keep dairy products and more frozen.  Here are some of the common freezer times:

  • Butter 3-6 months
  • Milk 3 months
  • Yogurt 1-2 months
  • Cookie Dough 2 months
  • Liquid Eggs or Egg Substitutes (unopened) 1 year
  • Juice 8-12 months

So next time there is an awesome sale on coffee creamer, don’t be afraid to buy more then you can consume by the expiration date on the package.  Then just stick it in the freezer and grow your dairy stockpile as well.

Be sure to check out how to Freeze Food Safely!

*When freezing milk, be sure to empty out a little from the container so it does not explode.


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  • Donna

    Currently have 16 1/2 gallons of SmartBalance milk in FRIDGE… expire on 3/6…. you don’t even always have to freeze dairy. Some of the treated products will keep a long time unopened in fridge : ) After that ShopRite cereal sale, couldn’t pass up .49 cent 1/2 gallons of milk!

    • Carol

      I am hoping for another smart balance sale. Even a sale at 2.50 a 1/2 gallon would be a nice stockpile milk. I bought kellogs this week and it had a 1.00 dollar off milk, so I got a gallon of milk for 1.99. So what I have 5 smart balances in my fridge, that doesn’t expire until march! LOL

  • Susan LaPooh

    This sale on Smart Balance was my first time trying it and my whole family liked it. I only had 4 coupons, so four cartons and we’re on the last one already. I will be keeping my eye open for a sale on it again!

    I freeze cheese all the time. I just started freezing yogurt (plain – which I use in dinner recipes). I also freeze cream cheese which gets crumbly, but I use it in baking and it doesn’t affect the outcome of the baked goods.

    I didn’t know about the creamer, and since I just did a deal on the International Delights, I will definitely give it a try. The only problem is now finding ROOM in the freezer LOL!

  • Suzanne

    i need a bigger freezer!! 🙂

  • mindy g

    need a bigger freezer!! i always stock up on meat when it is on sale, esp chicken at 1.99 a lb. i got it at henrys yesterday because it was not randall farms, which we call dirty chicken because its not always cleaned the best (n i know it isnt the store as its prepackaged) n i know getting it from henrys it is fresh and great quality!

  • Michelle

    My daughter loves the Go-Gurt tubes. I wait until they are on sale and use my coupons and stock up on them. I keep them in the freezer. She usually only eats 1 per day so the stockpile lasts a while! They are great treats frozen too!

  • maria

    I freeze coffee creamers, cheese (block and shredded), yogurts too. I tried sour cream and NO don’t do it. I had to throw it away. I haven’t tried milk and butter yet. I might just have to.

    • Carol

      Butter freezes fine, I have about 18lbs in my freezer

      • Jessica

        butter and milk freeze perfectly fine.

        • Julie

          I won’t freeze half and half again! The cartons were straight from the store to the freezer, but when I thawed them out, the cream had separated 🙂 . Tastes fine but looks weird in coffee!

  • Katie

    I’ll have to try butter because we go through a lot of it and I buy quite a bit when it’s anwhere under $2/lb. Although right now my freezer is stocked with mini marie callenders pies and ground beef (big Y, $2.48/lb) 🙂
    I wonder how ricotta freezes?

    • Prudence

      Ricotta freezes really well. I always have some in the freezer for last minute zitis!!

  • Michele

    I’ve freezed cheese & butter before. I’m going to try the milk since I got a whole bunch of the Smart Choice.

  • Sharon M

    I’d rather skip the milk entirely, then drink milk past the expiration date. I don’t care what anyone says or how cheap it is. I’m sure freezing it does postpone the aging process, but I’m not a member of the FDA, so I’m not about to guess how long it has from the unfrozen point onward. To me eggs, organic milk, fresh veggies and fruits are necessary weekly purchases. If it came down to it, I’d rather eat canned stuff then old stuff.

    • Anonymous

      the FDA doesn’t put sell by dates or even expiration dates on products, the manufacturer does.

  • Kelli

    Thank you so much for this and good timing too! Just picked up my first chest freezer two days ago and was wondering what I could put in it!!!

  • Diana

    Where can I buy an inexpensive deep freezer! lol My freezer right now is FULL and exploding with the Bird’s eye frozen vegetables from this weeks Stop & Shop deal.

    • Anonymous

      try salvation army, good will, or craigs’s list. I bought a nice stand up freezer at the Salvation army for $50 and it was new with the papers and plasctic covering (manufactured date 2009 according to the label). It had a big dent in the front door, my guess is a store donated it after not being able to sell it.

    • Dee2

      @Diana… keep watching CraigsList.org and if you have FreeCycle in your area. It might take a while to find one. But you will.

  • Diana

    Suggestion not to freeze the coconut milk – when you unfreeze it, it kind of separates.

    • Kristy

      it’s still great for cooking with after being frozen. Or puree it with bananas for yummy, healthy “ice cream”

  • Cristina

    Last year I bought 12 of the small tubs of best life butter because they were free.. I’m close to a yr now and almost done with them & they’ve been great every single tub… I also freeze oj & bread when I find a really good sale!

  • Erin

    I freeze butter all the time, but I don’t usually freeze cheese, although the exception to that is feta – cheese tends to crumble after you thaw it – but we like our feta crumbled, so it works great! I did freeze the creamer this time, but haven’t thawed any yet, and I freeze OJ all the time!

    • Dee2

      I freeze cheese all the time and don’t have a problem with it crumbling.

      • Julie

        I think it has to do with the type of cheese you are freezing. Mozzerella will not crumble when frozen, but some deli cheeses I’ve frozen tend to break and crumble after they are thawed. Not good for sandwiches!

  • lauren

    i’ve never had sucessfully frozen milk. it always “turns” while frozen.

    • caren

      I’ve frozen milk (right in the cardboard carton) for years, especially when the kids were small — learned it from right on the side of the Stew Leonard’s milk cartons! I will say that it takes a while to defrost (IN THE REFRIGERATOR, not out on the counter!), and that you should shake/tumble the carton a bit a few times (whenever you remember to, maybe twice a day). IF you look at the milk while it is still in the midst of this process, it *may* LOOK like it has separated or curdled– I’d suggest simply not looking, haha! But once completely defrosted and well-shaken up, it’s normal.

  • Colleen

    Oj in the plastic bottles too – let a little out before freezing – i had an oops moment with that one too:)

    I just got my 7.0 cub ft chest freezer from Walmart on black friday for $159 and it’s already full thanks to Cindy! Totally paid for itself in less than 2 months!

    • Susan M.

      With the OJ, what kind of oops did you have? I did not know if you could freeze those bottles so, I just froze one without taking any out. I am hoping now that it does not explode when I defrost it.

  • Gretchen

    I do not think milk freezes well. It gets a grainy texture when defrosted. Probably good for cooking with, but not drinking.

  • MamaBates

    Coffee creamer freezes well. Although I end up using it before the expiration date even if I do freeze it…

  • Terri

    i freeze butter, oj and shredded cheese all the time. i always keep some in the freezer! with 2teenagers, i cant keep milk around long enough to freeze it! thanks for the tip on ricotta, i never thought to try it!

    I’ve had my freezer for about 20 years, and it has paid for itself many times over!

  • Pamela

    I need a freezer so bad 🙁


    I have frozen creamers and they do not defrost well. The oils separate from the dairy and they don’t taste too good. No amount of shaking brought it back so I don’t recommend freezing the creamers. However, creamers usually have a very long shelf life so I stock up and also take some to the office.

    • JANICE

      i do freeze brick cheese which is fine. butter sticks and cream cheese for cooking as well.

  • Eileen @QponPrincess

    my “produce drawer” in the fridge is full of creamers…no room in the freezer lol
    I need a whole second fridge…but theres no room for that

  • jill

    I always freeze bread, english muffins, italian bread, coffee creamers, chocolate bars, cookies, shredded mozzarella,OJ (in plastic containers, with no problem), butter tubs and sticks, soups, sauces. All these freeze with no issues or problems when using.