Extreme Couponing Tip: Stock Up on Dairy Products!

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Extreme Couponing Tip: Stock Up on Dairy Products!

A common misconception is that a couponers stockpile will only consist of canned foods & paper goods.  Well, that can not be further from the truth.  Sure, those items go on sale quite a bit but they are certainly not the only things we can or should be stockpiling.

::Dairy Products You Can Freeze

One category of grocery products, often forgotten about for stockpiling, are dairy products.  There are many deals available for dairy products including cartons of milk for $0.49 (yes it does happen), mozzarella cheese for $0.75 or coffee creamer for free.  If there is a great deal then you should be stocking up and freeze the extra.  Yep, freeze the extra!  Most dairy products freeze great including butter, orange juice, cheese, milk, yogurt and more.

::Cold Storage Chart

Be sure to check out this great Cold Storage Chart.  It gives you the recommended time limits to keep dairy products and more frozen.  Here are some of the common freezer times:

  • Butter 3-6 months
  • Milk 3 months
  • Yogurt 1-2 months
  • Cookie Dough 2 months
  • Liquid Eggs or Egg Substitutes (unopened) 1 year
  • Juice 8-12 months

So next time there is an awesome sale on coffee creamer, don’t be afraid to buy more then you can consume by the expiration date on the package.  Then just stick it in the freezer and grow your dairy stockpile as well.

Be sure to check out how to Freeze Food Safely!

*When freezing milk, be sure to empty out a little from the container so it does not explode.