Family Dollar Coupon Match Ups 1/15 – 1/28

Family Dollar Deals for the week of 1/15 – 1/28

Here are your Family Dollar deals for the week.

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  • Alli

    I tried to use the covergirl coupons at Family Dollar and they beeped saying that the coupon didn’t match any of the products I bought even though they were covergirl items (the 1.00 items above). The girl tried it on the make-up and it worked so she wouldn’t use it on the other stuff. Just an FYI I guess it depends on your store.

  • sherrygibson

    Sometimes there are new introductions of a product to that area which also can bring high value coupons through the Printapons or printable coupons

  • Dawn

    At my local family dollar we found the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step toilet cleaning kit on sale for $4. There is a $4/1 coupon in one of the recent smart sources. Only had to pay tax on this one!!! Woo hoo

    • Reeva

      I did too! Inside of the box there are 2 ($3) off the one step toilet cleaning kit..which would make it only $1 plus tax on your next purchase which is a Deal in itself since they are retailing for almost $10 at Wal-Mart. There is also a buy one get on free refill coupon inside also. These new coupons found inside the box don’t expire until 12/31/12..thought I would share.

      • sandra

        Ladies where is this Family Dollar at I went to the one by me and they didn’t have I live in PA thank you for your help.

        • Mark

          Go to their website and enter your zip code. They will give you a list of stores near by.

        • Mary

          Where are you in Pa? Was thinking of running over to mine but not going to waste my time if it’s the same one.

  • Evelyn Johnson

    I had the same problem with my Dollar General store. The coupon says “one covergirl product”. I emailed the Corporate office and they replied telling me that they sent out a mass email to all stores to accept the $1 off one item, AND the $2.50 off two items. The black and pink emery boards are 1.75, so I bought two $1 items and one 1.75 item, used both coupons from the P&G 1/1 to get all three items for .25. I will post the email I received from Corporate along with the mgr’s name and number, so if you have problems, call from the store and she’ll set them straight and accept both coupons. I have a lot of these coupons to use before the end of the month, so a good time to stock up on nail products.

  • Evelyn Johnson

    Here is the reply from Corporate:

    Good Morning,

    This email is in response to your question about coupon use in our stores. After contacting the Marketing Department and having a brief meeting a mass email was sent out to all store managers. Your coupon can and should have been accepted for all Cover Girl items if not specified. Sorry for the confusion and frustration. The cost of the item should not restrict you from purchasing an item. Tax is still applied to the item which you will be responsible for. If you are still having an issue using the coupon or any future coupon please call or email me with the store number.

    Thank you,

    Mara Francois

    Beauty and Hair Care

    Merchandise Assistant

    704-847-6961 Ext 2373

    • Catharine

      Thank you for this! I have had this ongoing battle with the Family Dollars in my area and not one manager in the store says they can take them, even when I take the coupon policy along to show them, which states that you CAN get the items for free! I have called both corporate and covergirl and was told I COULD use them, but tell that to the people at the register…I wish stores taught their employees the coupon policies. Next time they give me a hard time I’m giving them this phone number 🙂

    • Randi

      yes thank you SO much for sharing your email you got! even more so with the person’s name and # so we have someone to get ahold of! i too have probs with family dollar taking the cover girl coupons

      • Randi

        i also just called and spoke with Mara and she said ALL stores should have gotten emails about taking the cover girl coupon, even if the store has not gotten any calls to corp about taking them 🙂

    • Roslyn

      Thank you very much. I made an attempt to use the coupons at my local Family Dollar and the manager told me they recieved a mass email telling them not to accept the coupon unless I was purchasing an item that was $3 or more!

  • Erin S.

    In my Family Dollar circular that I received today, they have Finish Powerball Tabs 12ct. for $2.50. Will the $2.15/1 Finish Coupon work on these?

    • Anonymous

      no cause there is a number restriction on the coupon, it will work but it is coupon fraud..the $1 off coupon work for the 12 ct and the $2.15 coupon works on the higher number think 22 or 24…

    • Reeva

      No, the $2.15 coupon won’t work it is for 25 count (i do believe)..if you were to use it for the 12 count, it would constitute as coupon fraud, but you could use the 1.00 off coupon on the 12 count and the final price would be 1.50..that is what I did last night. Hope that helps!!!

      • Erin S.

        I checked Finish Dishwashing Facebook page and they have actually put out a statement in regards to this coupon. This is what they said, “Finish fans, the $2.15 coupon was an exclusive insert in newspapers nation wide, not an online coupon. This coupon is valid on Quantum packs 25ct. and higher, as well as ANY Powerball or Gelpac.”
        So, no coupon fraud, the wording is just horrible on the coupon. lol
        After reading their statement, I went to Family Dollar and they accepted the coupon without a problem. I bought 7(in different transactions because you can use 2 of the same coupon in 1 transaction) they were each $0.35 each.

        • Mark

          This will be my first time using Family Dollar. Did the coupon beep? Did you have a copy of the facebook page with you? Thanks.

          • Erin S.

            I didn’t bring a copy of their statement, but it wouldn’t hurt if you did. You can even email them for your own personal response, maybe they will give you a number if you do have a problem. One coupon scanned, the rest wouldn’t scan, but she entered them in manual without a problem. She didn’t even ask or question me about anything. It may have just been their system, I never seen one scan and not the others, but she may have been use to something like that happening before.

  • I live in south jersey and the family dollars dont even carry scrubbing bubbles one step kit and the finish was not even on sale. They did scan all my cover girl coupons without a problem.
    ALmost felt like a wasted trip because I really wanted the scrubbing bubbles and finish products.
    Walmart was not price matching and accepting coupons BTW.

  • I would like to reply to the Family Dollar in Dothan, Alabama. Apparently no one that works at the stores know how to handle coupons if they won’t scan and don’t have any interest in finding out how. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE. Manager at first store on S Oates St. refused to take after lecturing me on the fact that she did not have to take them according to company policy but I read their policy and it says they can take them if they have a number on them so she either doesn’t know policy or just was to ignorant to enter the coupons and didn’t want to admit it. Second store employees had no idea how to take coupons either. These were the Werthers and Cover Girl coupons. Very unprofessional. Acted like they had never seen coupons before. Actually took letter from Corporate Office with me and still didn’t help. Called Corporate Office and talked with Mara but obviously carried no weight in Alabama. Bad experience, makes you want to quit couponing.

  • Kristen H.

    I got the Finish gel tabs for .35 each today too! The first one scanned but the others didn’t so she manually entered them!

  • miss terri

    I tried using the Cover girl coupon and it wouldn’t work. They wouldn’t put it in by hand either, they told me they don’t allow free stuff!

  • courtney

    I had the same issue. I had about 6 $1.00 coupons and 6 $2.50 coupons and the store in Neptune City NJ would not expect these coupons. The people in this store were not the nicest or helpful at all.

    • courtney

      Here’s the email response I just got back.

      Hi Miss Williams,

      Thanks for contacting us regarding the coupon policy issue in our store. I sincerely apologize that you had any inconvenience while shopping with us. Please know that our team will touch base with the store and review the current coupon policy with them. We have learned that these CoverGirl coupons have a barcode that will not scan in our registers, so we have been directing the stores to manually override and accept.

      Thank you so much for your time. Again, I apologize for the coupon issue.

  • Hello,
    I had a issue with Family Dollar & the CoverGirl $2.50/2 coupon.. They tried stating that one of the items I purchased had to be at least $2.50 or I couldn’t use the coupon.. I asked them how they can change policies on a coupon because the coupon has no restrictions on a price. They stated I could use it if one of the items bought was the $2.50 or more + another item.. I called the 1-800# at the store but office was closed & again today & they are closed on weekends so this didn’t help me.. Can anyone explain to me how they can make changes to a coupon’s wording to do this.. I showed them that my 2 items = $2.50 I was getting 1 $1.00 item & 1 $1.50 item = the $2.50 – $2.50/2 items coupon.. I was very frustrated with them.. I did however pickup 5 of the Scubbing Bubbles for Free so I was happy with that..

    Since I couldn’t contact corp. I printed the letter given above in hopes it will help when I go back today being this is the last day of the sale on the CoverGirl. I will be contacting Corp. again first thing Monday.