Family Dollar Coupon Match Ups 1/29

Family Dollar Deals for the week of 1/29

Here are your Family Dollar deals for the week.

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  • Vicky

    Family Dollar will not let you use a coupon if it makes it free as their policy states below. BUMMER!
    Family Dollar Stores, Inc. Coupon Policy
    Family Dollar accepts Manufacturer’s and Family Dollar issued coupons
    (including internet coupons) that meet these requirements:
     Coupons must be original (no photocopies)
     Coupons must have a scan-able barcode or valid promotion code
     Coupons must have a printed expiration date
     Coupons can be redeemed only for items sold at Family Dollar, and can
    be redeemed only for the exact same item (package weight, size, etc.)
     Coupons for free items are only accepted if a purchase is required to get
    one free
     Maximum of two coupons per item. One coupon must be a Manufacturer’s
    Coupon and the second coupon must be a Family Dollar Coupon as long
    as neither coupon states that it is not valid with other coupons
    Family Dollar will NOT accept coupons that:
     Are from other retailers
     Are expired
     Are internet coupons without a scan-able barcode and/or promotion code
     Contain the combination of an invalid barcode that won’t scan and
    promotion code that the register will not accept
     Are for “free” items, unless a purchase is required (i.e. Buy one get one
    free is acceptable)
     Do not have a “remit to:” address on the coupon
    In addition:
     “Cash Back” will not be issued if the value of the coupon is greater than
    the purchase price of the item.
    Manufacturer Coupon
    Components of Coupon:
    • Expiration date
    • Consumer use
    (e.g. limit one coupon per purchase)
    • Coupon value (discount)
    • Remit address
    • Qualifying item to receive discount
    • Scan-able bar code
    Coupon Policy : Family Dollar Coupon and Manufacturer Coupon Examples
    Family Dollar Coupon
    Components of Coupon:
    • Expiration date
    • Qualifying item to receive discount
    • Coupon value (discount)
    • Scan-able bar code (also 13 digit promo code)
    • Consumer use
    (e.g. limit one coupon per purchase)

    • TQ

      From the way the policy is written, they will not take coupons that say “free…” unless the coupon also requires a purchase: B1G1 or free with purchase coupons are OK. You are also allowed to match a coupon for a same price item to make it free, like the Cover Girl Queen items. I do it all the time.

  • nick

    I still have some finish 2.15/1

  • Christina

    The “free” part means that they will not accept coupons for a free item ex: when those crave cat treats coupons were for 1free. You didn’t have to buy anything to get them free. They do accept coupons that have all others criteria met. Just lucky us that the coupon deducts $$ to make the cost of an item free. HTH.