How to Shop For Free This Week

How to Shop For Free This Week

Here is your round up of all the freebies available this week.  Remember, if you don’t need the item, consider picking some up for your Couponing for a Cause Donation.



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  • The hatfield sourkraut is only $0.60 at my store and they took off the full $1 – $0.40 overage 🙂 Score!!

  • Elaine

    Come on Shoprite Preview… I know you are coming 🙂

    • I’m anxiously awaiting the preview too! Can’t wait!

  • Mark

    Stop and Shop also has the Ricola Dual Action drops on sale for $1.50. The tag says until 2/23. Use the $0.75/1 from the 1/1 SS and get them free. Have done this deal 2 weeks running now.

  • joanna

    The cvs ecb for the revlon tools doesn’t work on the emory boards, at least not at my cvs. And when I argued with them it was useless.

    • CK

      My mom and I both did the ECB deal using emory boards with no problems.

  • New To Couponing

    Is the note for all the staples products or just the ones that you get rewards back for?

    • Laura D.

      Sorry, see reply below by Laura D.

  • Troy J.

    for $3/3 coupon for Nabisco does it include the snack cups? I am a little confused on what the coupon is for. It says Save $3 off participating brands and then it has pictures of Wheat Thins, Triscuits, Crackerfuls etc

    • Linda

      I used my coupons for all different Nabisco cookies and crackers and didn’t have any problem at all at the register. The cookies I bought from RA weren’t even pictured on the coupon. I think as long as it is Nabisco.

    • Mary

      I used this coupon for the snack cups without problem at target. Used 2 coupons for 3 oreo snack cups and 3 chips ahoy, all for free.

      • Jaye Semanchik

        Where in target where the snack cups located. I live in CT and when I went down the cookie and cracker aisle I did not see them. I tried to buy the snack cups at stop and shop and they said the coupon was not for them and would not let me get them.

        • Sanj

          The snack cups are near the check out lanes at target … I was at Walmart today and spotted them having a special display of their own near all the snacks stuff for the games…

          • Jaye Semanchik

            Thanks for telling me about Walmart got 18 of them for free yesterday one day before the coupon expired !!!!

  • Laura D.

    The note means that if you have already received your “staples rewards printout” from your rewards program account, don’t use them to pay for new rewards purchases. You will not get rewards back on your account, if you use rewards to pay for it. If you use cash to pay for these items, then you will receive 100% back through the rewards program when they are available to print out. Basically, you invest some cash into Staples and you get you cash back in the form of a coupon or better a catalina to be used at Staples in the future. The point here is not to use that coupon for another 100% rewards purchase because it will not “roll” meaning it will not show up again in your account. You need to invest more cash. Personally, I use these rewards for things like ink and flash drives, date books and planners, etc. I save hundreds of dollars every year at Staples. Just remember to keep your receipts and check your account frequently online. Hope this helps. You can find out more at

    • New To Couponing

      Thanks Laura. I wanted to use my rewards on the the stuff that you get the rebates for and not staples rewards. I just wanted to make sure it works on that. Also, just wondering if we can use it with the 25% staples rewards coupon on your entire purchase. Thanks!

      • Laura D.

        Yes! I’ve done that in the past with no problems. Your welcome, have fun!

  • Maggie

    When did the kleenex catalina start? I went to Acme on Sunday (1/11) and bought (7) Kleenex Cool Touch boxes and only got the $3 catalina from Acme. I didn’t get a $2 catalina from Kleenex.

    • jenny

      it started 1/23

  • sanj

    the band aid coupon says it excludes trial size … but the above post mentions use it in target on a trial size pack… any one tried it?

    • Jules

      i have 4 coupons that dont say excludes trial size, and i went to print it here from work today and it did…they must have added it!

    • Sanj

      Target was all out of Band aid 🙁

  • catherine

    My Shop Rite did not have a Kleenex Catalina! 🙁

  • Christina Mathers

    I can’t find the K-Y coupon for $3 on Can anyone please help?

    • Sanj

      Me neither 😐

    • Stephanie

      There was a coupon for $3 off ky in the 1/8 ss.

      • Sanj

        Thnx to u .. I found the coupon… Was excited will get some overage … But darn not one item was left on the shelf .. 😐 … Some shelf clearer maybe ..?? :O

  • lynn

    where is the coupon for barila pasta… i cant find in the ss 1/8… both of them 🙁 (for stop and shop)

  • Jackie

    Family Dollar does not permit the use of coupons to obtain items for free. They only permit the use of BOGO coupons. They wouldn’t let me do the Cover Girl deals.

  • Gretchen

    Where are you guys finding the Nabisco snack cups? I have been looking and I haven’t been able to find them at WalMart, Shoprite or Target. Do they stash them somewhere weird? Thanks!

    • Anonymous

      They are usually found in the the checkout lanes or in a display box near the checkouts! Good luck!! 🙂

  • Ana Lourenco

    I went to Walmart to find the Oral B Floss for .97 but i wasn’t able to find that brand on special.

    • Sanj

      Yea me too … I tired to look for it last week n this week as well … Just found reach on sale for .97 .. Had one last coupon left … Used that … But no luck with oral b

  • Cindy from L.I

    I have Tide coupons burning a hole in my binder. Anyone know where I could put them to good use?

  • Helena

    I went to Family Dollar yesterday and they had the tide for 5.00 so that would make it 3.00. Cvs had for 5.99 so would be 3.99.

    • Cindy from L.I

      Thank you Helena…thats where i am going!

  • Orapin

    I bought Barilla Whole Grain Pasta, 11/$11 at Stop&Shop
    (10) $0.55/1 Barilla Whole Grain Pasta, exp. 3/4/12 (SS 01/08/12)
    OOP -$0

  • Brenda

    I was able to buy the scrubbing bubbles one step toilet cleaner system for free at family dollar using the $4.00 coupons so I guess some do allow you to get items for free.