New $1.50/1 All Laundry Dollar General Coupon + Deal

New All Laundry Dollar General Coupon

There is a new All Laundry Dollar General Coupon available.  The coupon is for $1.50 off any All Product at Dollar General.  You will need to share with 3 people in order to print the coupon.

Print: All Laundry Dollar General Coupon

Dollar General has the All Laundry Detergent, 28 load liquid on sale for $3.50.  Here is the deal you can do to score them for only $1 each.


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Thanks Denise!

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  • Now does Dollar General allow a store

  • coupon and a man. coupon?

  • Maranda

    I always check the stores coupon policy and bookmark it in my phone for easy reference. here is the link to dollar generals coupon policy.

  • Kawana

    I just went to Dollar General to try and snag this deal. It didn’t work for me 🙁 It wouldn’t accept these store coupons for $1.50 off, but only took the manuf ones. Cashier said that it stated that “it has exceeded its limit.” He was nice and tried scanning it a few times, but wasn’t allowed to manually put it in. I may try another Dollar General, but I’d like to know first if anyone has tried buying and if it worked for you. Thanks

    • Danielle

      Yes it works you have to ring One bottle per transaction. Worked for me !

  • zuna

    i have same experience like that .what can i do some one help me

    • Danielle

      Ring each bottle as a separate transaction it worked for me

  • keira

    i had to do seperate transactions.. i had to call corp while in line but it worked once we rand each bottle up sperately 🙂

    • Kawana

      Good to know… I will go back and do a separate transaction. Hmm & I may need to put the corp # in my phone(: Thanks for sharing!

  • Michelle

    I would like to know how everyone is getting the $1.50 coupon, because I sent it to 3 people’s email addresses and nothing happened…..

    • Kawana

      They send it to the personal email address you listed. U may dbl check that if u haven’t already. I hope u get it…

      • Danielle

        Mine took awhile to post

  • Danielle

    It exceeded for me too so I did each bottle as a separate transaction. Their policy is 2 coupons per item ( one manufacturer and one dollar general). I got mine for $1.07 each!!

  • Maranda

    I did my transactions separately and had no problems…so far as the email problem it is there, once you get the email and open it up, there is a green box that pops up that states click here for you reward or offer I forget, if the green box doesn’t pop up there may be an email from dollar general with dots after the sender name ex. ( …) click the dots and the box will appear then you can click the link

  • Jeanna

    I went to my DG and tried to purchase them separately, but they wouldn’t allow me to use both coupons. I stupidly left the CP @ home. I tried to talk to the manager, but he stated that I could not use both coupons. So I left, went home and got the CP. I returned to the store ~10 minutes later, where I was told that the manager had gone home and that I would have to return tomorrow. I was so appalled!! 🙁

    • Jeanna

      I went to another one later and got the deal for 2. I did do separate purchases.