Pathmark and A&P: More Unilever Catalina Deal Ideas

Pathmark and A&P: More Unilever Catalina Deal Ideas

Oh my goodness, this Unilever Catalina Deal at Pathmark and A&P is just awesome this week.  Especially with all the great coupons in the 1/29 RedPlum insert. If you missed it, the deal is for Buy $15 Select Unilever Products and get a $5 Catalina or Buy $30 Select Unilever Products and get a $10 Catalina.

The deal is working on shelf pricing which is what makes this deal so great.  I posted a bunch of deals on the Pathmark Coupon Match Ups as well as the A&P/Superfresh Coupon Match Ups, but I wanted to give you guys some more ideas.

I am heading back myself today but in case you missed my first Pathmark trip this week, you can check out what I already scored.  Gonna just keep rolling these catalinas until I run out of coupons.  🙂

Here are some more deals for you to try.  The bottom 2 are good for rolling your $10 catalina.


Be sure to click on the store match up deal links above to see all the items in the catalina deal.  And watch for anything shopping trip from me later.  I can’t resist these awesome deals this week!
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  • Raquel

    do these need to be done in separate transactions? Can I purchase 4 caress and 4 teas and get $10Cat?

    Thanks Cindy!

    • Cindy

      The deal will work when you hit $15 on shelf price or when you hit $30 on shelf price. So, yes you can do 4 caress and 4 teas and get a $10 catalina

      • Raquel

        Thank you heading out now!!

      • Raquel

        Got my $10!!! So now I can use that towards your last deal with q-tips and tea?

        • Raquel

          I was able to roll it!! Going to get my 8 salad dressings after class tonight!

          Thank you so much Cindy!!

      • Joanna

        The deal didn’t work for me in upstate NY on shelf price but I was wondering if you can contact the Catalina Marketing company and get the Cat that way? Or if your store is not basing it on shelf price does it mean you can’t get the Cat. This is really a bummer bc there are some great deals to be had. Glad others are able to enjoy.

        • liana

          My deals did not work on the shelf price either…so I voided my first transaction and got my coupons back. They told me the catalina is based on after coupon price. Well I paid $17.52 in after coupon price and I got a $10 catalina. My shelf price amounted to $47, even if I only used the store and ecoupon that only amounted to $27. So, they must have based some items on shelf price and others on the after coupon price? I did do something different when I did my do over. I did not scan my customer loyalty card first (I am using the shelf check out). I ended the order to record the total shelf price on the items in the balance, then I went back and it then took all the store coupons, zavers off automatically, then I ended the transaction again and then I scanned my coupons, and paid. Is it possible that the system records the first price? If I scan my loyalty card first it will give the lower price at the front end, not the shelf price….I am going to experiment with this one, because based on what the mgmt. told me I should have only received a $5 catalina on $17 oop….so scan your card at the end and not the beginning and see if anything changes.

  • Kate

    I am thankful I have 3 PM’s in my area to do my 7 planned transactions!

  • Bernell

    If u can get your hands on the .50/1 or the .70/1 wishbone coupon…ur deal will be even sweeter…
    I was very fortunate to grab the ..70/1 coupon from Ebay Sat. Nite before the demand was high….now the prices have all skyrocketed!!!

  • dee

    seems to be problems with the knorr sides…has anyone bought them and gotten the cat? If you have, what varieties have you bought? Thanks!

    • Kit

      I bought two tonight and it worked fine. (Pasta sides chicken flavor). I also bought 3 green teas and 4 salad dressings.

  • Erika

    I purchased 4 Hellmann’s mayo with a shelf price of $21.96 but nothing printed out. I didn’t bother going to customer service i knew they would have told me its not based on shelf price.Can someone give the me the Catalina marketing contact info (preferable email or website). Also has anyone ever had success when contacting them regarding catalina not printing based on shelf price from.

    • lana

      same happened to me today!! when they argued its not on shelf price i asked for a full refund and demanded my coupons back! i did the same deal cindy did, 4 wish bones and 3 caress, no 10$ and not even the 5$ cat!!!!

      this was at path mark of clifton,nj on clifton ave!

      • Anonymous

        It did not work for me either. bought 2-hellmans (shelf $5.49) 1-Qtips (shelf 3.99) 2-Lipton sides (shelf $1.50) Total was $18.97. then gave my PM card and no Cat 🙁

  • Rei

    I went back to roll my $10 CAT 🙂 Picked up 3 ICBINB, 2 Wish-Bone, 1 Caress, 2 Lipton Pyramid Tea plus a few other items for $1.27 & got another $10 CAT!!! Totally loving this deal.

  • Kathie

    I did the cat deal 3 times today.

    First transaction:
    2 Caress Body Washes, 2 ICBINB, 2 Liptop Pyramid Teas & 4 Knorr Side Dishes.

    Paid:$7.44 after coupons, got a $10 Cat.

    Second transaction:
    2 Caress Body Washes, 4 QTips, 4 Liptop Side Dishes
    Rolled my $10 Cat
    Paid: $4.24, got a $10 Cat.

    Third Transaction:
    4 Lipton Cup-O-Noodle Soups, 4 Lipton Soup Secrets, 2 ICBINB, 2 Liptop Pyramid Teas
    Rolled my $10 Cat
    Paid: $0.56, got a $10 Cat.

  • dee

    What variety of the knorr side dishes did you buy?

  • Kathie

    First transaction I bought 2 Bacon & Cheddar Noodles & 2 Creamy Garlic Noodles. Second transaction I bought 2 Mexican Rices & 2 Garlic & Butter Rices.

    • dee

      Thank you for reporting back!

  • Eric

    Did four tea Pyramid teas of various varieties, printed a $5 catalina no problem. I only had two inserts so I used two $0.50 off 1 and one $0.60 off 2. Still is a money maker though.

  • Meg

    I did only one deal, 2 shampoo and body wash, all for $1.02 after catalina, that already with tax, dancing here! I wish I could do more deals but my RP came without a single coupon for those items, so sad.
    Confirming PM in Brooklyn, NY works from shelf price, ezavers for Dove shampoo were in brand, not store section and came off together with regular paper coupons.

  • apryl

    I got all my coupons ready to go and I just want to double check (sorry if this was said a few times already I just really dont want to do this wrong) If i do two of the deals would 2 $5 cats print out?

  • liana

    Catalina’s did not work at Superfresh in Rehoboth DE…they claim its not on shelf price…I voided everything got back my coupons and then combined a different group of products paid $17 dollars and low and behold a got a $10 catalina…w/o spending the $30 in one transaction. I think that the individual stores are responsible for programming the items…so some of them gave me the deal on the shelf price and others on the sale after coupon price. It’s completely unreliable at my local store very unpredictable as to what the catalina will spit out…in the end I still got some deals but I am not seeing the great stuff everyone else is getting…makes me want to go live in NJ. P.S. I didn’t get my zavers back however..bummer

  • Leslie

    Can anyone tell me if the Unilever products at the Pathmarks in Parsipanny or Piscataway are printing shelf price?

    • Rocky

      Parsippany = shelf price. Did 2 deals today. Also, as some others have noted, zavers ‘brands’ coupons (not just the ‘store’ ones) are now working, even with printed/hard copy manufacturer coupons. Seems they’ve ‘fixed’ whatever the problem was – hooray! Only problem I had is that I thought there was still a cat for Kikkoman soy sauce, but, didn’t get one. It must only be the marinades now…

      • Rocky

        Forgot to mention they were out of Caress and 500 ct Q-Tips.

  • Kim

    Rumor has it that the PM’s that are closing are not accepting coupons or honoring the sales in the flyers, because they have the whole store at a percentage off. Anyone confirm this?

  • Karin

    I went tlimo melon pathmark and had no problems with anything. Did the 8 wishbone first since I knew price and coupons(all zsavers worked) Then did 2 other transactions. Overall, paid 15.00, left with 10 cat all for 96.00 of items. Yeah, back tomorrow

    • Karin

      Sorry kinnelon pathmark

  • Anonymous

    Went to Landing Pathmark and it does not work on shelf price. I had over $30 in shelf price and only a $5 CAT came out. It was slim pickings on a lot of the items also. Hardly any Wishbone dressing left. I did find the 500 ct Q tips over in the baby section, not in health and beauty.

    • Rocky

      Thanks for mentioning where you found the Q-tips! My kids are no longer babies, so, I’m never in that aisle anymore! I’ll check it out when I head back to my PM tomorrow, hopefully, they follow the same plan! We always need Q-tips!!!

  • I just want to say thanks to all of you couponers. I am so happy I found this site. I did two transactions last night and is going back today for as many as I can get. Sweet.

  • Cortney

    Can anyone tell me which (if any) Suffolk County, Long Island stores it’s working at based on SHELF price?

    It’s not at Centerreach.

    • Rei

      Sayville is working on shelf price…did the unilever deal 3x and rolled the CATs no problem 🙂

    • Karen

      Shelf price in Port Jeff Station. I’ve done 3 transactions and it worked every time. I haven’t purchased any of the Knorr’s sides simply because I worry that not every variety gets entered in the computer and my luck I would buy one that wasn’t entered and it would screw up my deal.

      • Linda Hughes

        Shirley store is working on shelf price. I did 5 transactions last night. However my 4th transaction which I thought would have given me a $10 CAT only gave me a $5…but someone has left a $5 CAT behind at the self checkout which I snatched up and used on my 5th and final transaction where I bought other items and got for $3.79 after the 2 $5 CATS so it all worked out.

  • H

    Is the catalina going to continued?