ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 1/22/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 1/22/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Jennifer

    If you have the Gather Together book, you can do this deal for P&G Kitchen: Buy $25 Get $5.00:

    Buy (2) Bounty Basic Towels Big Roll 6 pack ($7.49) $5.49 each
    Buy (3) Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ($3.89) – $2.99 each

    Total: ($26.65) $19.95
    -(2)$1/1 Bounty Coupons
    -(3)$1/1 Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (coupons from Gather Together)
    Pay: $14.95
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $1.99 each after coupons & catalina

    • mary ellen

      gather also has buy the swiffer wet jet starter kit and get refill for free.. wonder if that would work – kit $19.99 & refill is $6.19 = $26.18 and with the refill free o/p is $19.99 plus $5.00 back = $14.99 for kit and refill ???

      gather also has $1.00 off swiffer dust and shine making that $1.99 each..

      • Meli

        where do you get these books?

      • Meli

        Where do you get that book?

        • Eva

          Directly from the p&G website… sign up to get one they don’t have this one aymore but they have a new one now…P & G sampler google it then register and it is on its way 😉

  • April S

    Thanks for the matchups Cindy!

  • Tammy

    Went to Shoprite in Millville, NJ tonight and was told that I was only allowed to use 2 like internet coupons by the customer service counter!!!! When I questioned this I was told it was a new policy!?!?!? This will really change the way the deals will work for us

    • Kristen

      my shoprite has been like that for months.

    • Bre

      Whaaaat??? thats crazy thats my main shoprite! I wonder if the cashiers know that though? Because I’ve never had any trouble using more than 4 of the same coupon at that shoprite never mind 2 printables.

    • Stephanie

      That’s been the rule for the past 4 years at my SR. Just means I have to do multiple transactions, it’s a PITA but if the item is free or really cheap it ends up being worth it:)

    • Kabby

      Mine in Bergen County same thing…. only two identical internet printable coupon + 4 identical newspaper ones.

    • Kera

      yeah well I guess that you can go and do multiple shopping trips in a week or a day if you really wanted to stock up?

    • Michaela

      I would say go to the Shop Rite at Lincoln and Landis in Vineland. I’ve found that they are much more friendly to couponers. I live in Millville, but I drive a little bit farther to shop without being hassled about my coupons.

      • Dave

        You guys are crazy!!! All you have to do is price match it at walmart!! Dont even deal with all that ridiculous transacation crap!!! I love it ! especially when shoprite has a “coupon” on the flyer that says, for example, hellman’s mayo .99 a jar (must spend 50 dollars and limit one per family). I priced matched that mayo at walmart…got eight of em! dont even have to spend 50 bucks!! Sweet! never a problem! I only have to deal with shop rite when I absolutely have to!!!!!!

        • Marisa

          But Walmart doesn’t double coupons! So it only works for deals like that

          • Dave

            you just have to be smart with your coupons …like the 1 dollar ones… I just got a bunch of smart balance milk for 49cents. I used the 1.50 coupon. Its worth it !!!!!

        • Joanna V

          I never thought of that, Dave!! Awesome idea!

          • liz v

            as difficult as it is to believe, there are those of us who don’t have Walmart near us! LOL

            • Brooke

              I hate Walmart! Almost everything is cheaper at Shoprite even if the coupon doesn’t double.

              • Dave

                not true! We dont usually shop at walmart…but we do price match! We just had a new sr open next to us…so they had great deals and they ALWAYS run out and its limit 4 blah blah! So i go to walmart and get as many as I want! they have plenty!!!! No limit! Faster, easier!

                • Laura A

                  well that’s true except there has been a lot going around that walmarts are becoming very strict on their coupon policy. strict? not even they are just flat out refusing to scan peoples coupons and I was recently limited to one free item per transaction because management sad they are against ” extreme couponing”. It’s a good thing while it lasts but my impression is that walmart is going to become one of the hardest places to shop with coupons.

              • Dana

                I agree Brooke. I hate Walmart and unless it’s a huge deal on a big ticket item, I’d rather pay a few dollars more than step foot in that place! I’ve always had great service at ShopRite; I can barely understand the employees at Walmart.

                • anonymous

                  i hate walmart too. i have only 2 q’s n they read all the coupons. much better at target.

              • Lisa

                Okay, that’s so far from true, it’s not even funny. Shoprite is RARELY cheaper than Walmart, unless it’s on sale. Regular price at Shoprite is always higher than Walmart. Just as an example, the other day I got an 8-pack of Coast soap at Walmart for $2.99. Went to Shoprite and saw it for $5.99. Almost everything is like that. I’ll agree, though, when Shoprite’s sales are running, then it’s usually cheaper, but when you’re in the unfortunate position of having to shop full price, Walmart is always less. I’m lucky. I have two Walmarts within 10 minutes of my house and both are wonderful places to shop.

              • Liz on LI

                I hate Wal Mart too. Especially all the ones here on LI. Their employees (even managers) are not trained properly when it comes to coupons. We aren’t even given overage. I will never shop there again.

            • Dave

              lol! that stinks….we have one right by us …we r lucky I guess

        • Meli

          i go to walmart also but what about doubleing coupons?

        • Tracy

          Walmart does not double coupons, issue catalinas, participate in Savingstar, or have their own e coupons.

          I find Target to better, as they price match also, issue catalinas, and have their own store coupons which can used with mfg coupons.

        • Anonymous

          How do you price match?

        • Ruth

          I agree with you. Shoprite is not coupon friendly and I basically refuse to give them my business unless it is an awesome deal. I used to spend a lot of money there but after being harassed by the self checkout cashiers, I basically stopped going there. The self checkout cashiers at one particular store focused on me because I can save a lot of money during my transactions. They did everything from checking every single coupon, and one time even locking my cart wheels as I was exiting the store, going through my receipt and my cart questioning whether I paid for everything. Every single time, they were wrong but they kept trying and I know that it comes right from the owner. They want to discourage coupon users which is fine but they should eliminate the use of coupons at their store.
          It is not worth for me to travel 35 minutes, waste money on gas, go into a store, get attitude from the cashiers and only be able to use 4 like coupons per transaction. The money it costs me on gas eliminates the savings that I get by shopping there.
          Their prices have gone up so much that you can get better at Giant and sometimes at Acme.

      • Dee

        I agree! The Shoprite in Vineland is so much easier to deal with. The cashiers are always friendly and always willing to help. At the Millville Shoprite I always get attitude by one of the managers when i use my rain checks. It is not my fault that they NEVER have anything in stock..even after the dales are over, so I dont understand the attitude!

    • Joanna V

      I live in Vineland and it’s the same way there also.. You can only use 4 like coupons and two internet coupons in one transaction, you may only have two transactions per visit, and if you have more than two you must put the groceries you have already purchased in the car and return to the store with an empty cart! This has to be done after every two transactions!! You’re absolutely right, Tammy, this will really change the way the deals work for us. 🙁

      • Ruth

        Wow, they make you put the groceries back? That’s one store I would never patronize. I do think Shoprite days are numbered, you can’t survive in an industry that has a low profit margin when your prices are no longer the cheapest around and you have horrible customer service. I used to go to a Martins store in Rising Sun, MD and spent an average of 600.00 a week there because I shop for a lot of people. One front end manager decided to give me a hard time on two different occasions, I let corporate know about the situation, they wanted to rectify the situation but I told them I was no longer comfortable shopping there. I haven’t returned to that store since then and I take my business to two nearby Giants where I’m treated with respect. The actions of the front end manager who is also a couponer cost their store a lot of money and they are now aware of it. Sometimes we have to let the store know that they need to treat us like any other shopper. We use coupons but they get back every single penny plus .08 cents.

        • Van3

          I think it depends the stroe. My shoprite at Nutley NJ , is really good, they always take my coupons . Sometimes with older cashiers I get a look, but that’s rare . They are very very friendly and take 4 like internet or newspaper coupons , which works great for me. I don’t need 250 of the same stuff, it is ridiculous . I especially love the variety of organic products , even though is a little expensive , it is worth the price. If you don’t like shoprite you should complain directly to them , tell them how their service is !!! Complaining works ! I got several $5 gift cards from different stores when I called telling them how bad their service was !!!

    • Anonymous

      My shoprite only lets me use one internet coupon per product. ARRGGGGG.

      • jl

        All stores have THAT rule

        • Dave

          not mine…i can use as many internet coupons as i want!

          • Lisa

            Mine too. Which Shoprites are yours? I shop in Byram or Succasunna – same owners and they’re great in there.

            • Leighann

              I shop in Byram and Succasunna too and last week I was doing the beech nut deal (which = free baby food) and they stopped me from doing multiple transactions unless I paid once, then got back in line and did it again at a different register!

    • Matt

      Tammy- I look for certain cashiers ….young ones tend to not care and will scan anything you give them. I go to Millville SR as well.

    • Christine

      If anyone lives in the Suffolk County area of Long Island NY, the Shoprite in Commack off exit 53 of the LIE still accepts 4 internet like coupons per item. I drive 10 min to get there cuz the one by me only accepts ONE!!!

      • Sallie

        It is 20 minutes out of my way, but I go to Commack as well! They are SO MUCH MORE coupon friendly than Hauppauge or BayShore! I always tell the managers how wonderful their cashiers are and how coupon friendly the store is overall.

        • Linda Hughes

          Hauppauge and Patchogue SR’s are owned by the same family. They only take 1 internet coupon, not 4 and they now do not double internet coupons. I live in Shirley but I drive to Bayshore, they take all my coupons and put everything through with no problems!

          • Melissa

            I love the Bayshore Shoprite! Right down the block and super coupon friendly. If you ever drive down to Commack their flyers have the super coupons in the front also. At least they did last time I was there.

        • Liz P.

          I agree! I went to ShopRite in Hauppauge only once, and I never went back! BayShore and Hauppauge are both closer to me, but I travel the extra distance to Commack. Their employees are always pleasant, never rush me with my coupons and I always have a great overall experience there. At Patchogue too I have had a problem with my coupons. I wanted to buy Noxzema razors on clearance for $1.79. I had a coupon for $2/1. I was told by the manager I could NOT use the coupon at ALL on this item because it was for more than the item was priced at. I told her she can modify the value of the coupon and told me she could not. If I wanted to use a coupon for $1.79, I should’ve brought one with me that was valued at $1.79 and not $2.
          I felt like it was a joke or something. Really?? I have bought numerous items over the years and they are valued at more than the price of the item. Never a problem. I didn’t get it.
          Last time I went there!!
          Always worth the extra few minutes to drive somewhere that customer service is great.

      • Anna

        What do you mean 4 coupons per PER item? you mean per item type right? Like if i have $1/1 Cereal , i can use 4 coupons if i buy 4 boxes, not 4 coupons on one box right?

        I know Hauppage only lets you use 2 internet coupons no matter how many items you buying and they will not double

        I drive to commack from patchogue. The store is overall substantially nicer and friendlier. It is 100% worth the drive

    • Robyn

      Tammy – wonder if it was the same girl that used to work at the Pathmark across the street. I argued with her on a few occasions over coupon policy. I shop at that store all the time & haven’t had issue w/the internet coupons.

      • Liz on LI

        I go to the West Babylon SR. It’s older, and has less variety, but they rarely hassle me about my coupons.

  • Robin W

    Thank you so very much for the match up and all that you do for us.

  • Keena

    Thanks Cindy!

  • Betty

    Thank you for the match ups Cindy!

  • Amara

    I did 2 purina deals last week. Can I use 2 $5 cats at the same time? Thanks!

    • DENISE

      I haven’t done this deal but I know in the past they have been dated in such a way that you can only use one per week, so you might want to check to see if there is a date on those catalinas.

    • Janelle S

      I don’t think so….the catalinas say something like “Limit one per family, transaction,/purchase I think…..but if you split your orders up I think you can

      • Sarah

        I was just thinking about this the other day. I love how it says one per family on the CATs, but over the 3 week promotion you could do the deal 3 times (once per week by their “rules”). However when the CATS printed out each week the dates on them were all the same. I think we should be allowed to use 3 in one transaction, but I have a feeling there might be some issues if your store is really strict.

      • Shannon

        you should be able to, as the deal went on for a few weeks making it so that you could have 3 $5 cats to use this week. My shoprite will allow you to use all 3 at a time in one transaction. You can always double check by either calling you local shoprite or stop in at costumer service when you first get there! hope this helps!

        • Patty M.

          I have used these deals in the past, and have not had a problem. Once when there was another deal with $5 catalinas, and I had two, the head cashier had to manually take care of it for me. Nothing on the catalina writing limits you, so they have not argued with me.

    • April S

      The last time this came around I was able to use multiple Purina cats in a single transaction.

    • Shari

      me too I got 25 a week in Purina catalina’s
      did the deal 5 times

    • Ronnie

      Amara, they should let you use 2 in same transaction as long as you have =/+ $10 balance after Q’s :). I don’t think they’re linked to a specific card either when used at checkout. Each store has their own policy though. Hint: give the 2 $5 OYNO before the rest of your Q’s because otherwise if your balance is $9.99, you won’t be able to use the 2nd OYNO of $5. Trust me :)!

  • Gio

    Does the P&G deal, laundry, kitchen and living have to be done in one transaction? or is there a running balance on the receipt?

    • Gio

      sorry — just read the above match ups and its one transaction… Thanks Cindy for the match ups!

  • liz v

    the hatfield ham steaks are 2.50 each in my circular. So I get $1.50 ham steaks instead of $1 ham steaks 🙁

  • Kristi

    My 1/8 smart source has a $1 off 2 Pennsylvania Dutch noodles coupon.

  • Jin

    I can’t find a coupon matchup for Loreal kids shampoo?!?!

    • Eva

      That coupon will be in the Sunday paper 😉

  • Valerie

    Hi Cindy,
    I don’t think the Colgate toothpaste coupon will work. You mention it expires 1/21 but the sale starts on 1/22. This is for the 2.8- 40z tubes on sale for .59 cents each. I have the .35 off any 4oz tube and am sad to see I won’t be able to use it for the sale.

  • wendy

    This is what is listed on Shop Rites coupon policy page on thier website about how many like coupons they accept. I would print out the whole policy & bring it with you. I do for all the stores. After multiple headaches when I have the policy with me & show them what is on thier own website it’s no longer an issue.
    When redeeming coupons at ShopRite® stores, please be sure to:

    4. Use manufacturer-issued Internet coupons that are legible with a valid remit address and a bar code that scans. Internet coupons that have been identified as counterfeit do not scan in our system and will not be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any coupon for “free” product, “buy one get one free” offers, and those with a high value in relationship to the item’s price.

    6. We reserve the right to limit coupon redemptions to four (4) of the same coupon per household per day.
    Nowhere does it say only 2 for internet prints but just 4 like coupons in general. Here is the link for the shop rite’s coupon policy.

    • Linda Hughes

      Doesn’t matter, stores are independently owned and they can do what they want. There was a woman at the Patchogue SR last week yelling at the register about calling corporate and they told her that is their policy and they have the right to do it (about not doubling internet coupons and only accepting 1 internet coupon). I have learned if I MUST go into that store I only use MQ’s from the paper to avoid the headaches!

    • Lisa

      Yes, each store sets their own rules. There are some Shoprites that only double to a dollar and not a full amount, which is what I believe Northvale Shoprite does, whereas mine will do a full double up to 99 cents. Each store sets its own coupon policy. If any of you are out in western NJ, we have five stores owned by Ronetco and all are great for coupons: Succasunna, Flanders, Netcong, Byram and Franklin. They fully double, take 4 of each and internet’s included.

    • Laura A

      I guess the shop rite by me is really easy – I usually check with customer service first, but usually the 4 Q limit refers to the doubling, but Qs $1.00 and over are accepted at face value, no limit (Lakewood, NJ) – they also fully double!

  • Rj

    Wouldn’t it be better to buy 12 lean cuisines so u get the 4 skinny cows for free and u get $3 Catalina back…?

    • Kristy

      It would be better to do 6 in one trans and 6 in another, then you get $4 back all together. 🙂

      • Kristy

        Ooops. No, you’re right. 2 more free makes more sense than an extra dollar.

      • Jenilee

        Can you explain this more please? Thanks!

      • Fury

        If you wont eat 4 packs of skinny cow this is your best bet. So depends on the reader 6+1 at a time will get you 12 leans and 2 skinny cow and an extra dollar back. This scenario is also probably less hassle in the store cause 2 free coupons + 2 free promo I could see causing issues at some stores.

    • Cindy

      Yes you are right. I updated the post. Thanks!

  • mark

    I’m not seeing the printable .75 off 1 reynold non stick foil on the website. Just $1 off other products. Anyone find it?

    • it’s in todays paper for $0.75/1 the non stick is 35sq. ft. so the new coupon works 🙂

  • April S

    If you have the coupons that were included in the 24pks of Charmin the last time this deal came around, there were $1/1 on the Ivory Body Wash making that an even better deal.

  • Jena

    Hi Cindy,
    Can you give me the contact information for Catalina. Purchased Poland Spring water from Shop Rite on 1.21.12 and i did not get the Catalina for purchasing 3. Thank you

    • Kierstin

      The info for the Catalina company is right under all the match-ups. It’s listed right after the last deal. Hope this helps! 🙂

      • jena

        Der…..Thank you so much I knew it was around some where……

    • HainekyPaineky

      If I remember correctly the catalina deal did not start until 1/22/12.

    • Lisa

      Good luck with that. I had a Catalina problem once (definitely should have printed) and when I contacted Coupon Network, they said it’s up to the store… even though the store had said to contact Coupon Network (Catalina). Never did get it… but my dogs were happy with the Pupperoni that I bought for it lol

  • Rens

    For the Airborne catalina, if I but let’s say 3, will I get 3 catalinas?

  • so the other day when cindy did preview add there were herrs kettle chips in match ups now i dont see it on just wondering if they are on sale this week or not i was going to stock up on them if anybody knows let me know please thanks

    • Jennifer

      the kettle chips are not included in the herr’s sale. i just checked this morning.

      • Anonymous

        thanks for the heads up

      • Mary

        Bummer! Thanks, Jenn!

    • Laura Ayasse

      Kettle chips are free at Ocean State this week, it was listed on thier FB site.

  • Maria

    Thanks for all the great matchups Cindy!

  • Christina


  • Meghann

    For the P&G deal, in the flyer it states ANY of the brands that follow. Has anyone tested this? I was curious if this is the case or if it just the items listed in the flyer.

    • Brooke

      It is always the case with these deals. I have done these P&G deals before and purchased items that were not the exact ones pictured in the flyer. Ex: You can buy any size Tide or and Swiffer product and it will work.

      • Meghann

        Thanks Brooke!

  • Christina

    Thank you

  • bracha

    the “so delicious” is printing 55 cents off coupons, not $1. My shoprite does NOT double, so for me that isn’t better. but if yours does – enjoy 🙂

  • Lizzy P

    Does anyone know if the .99 coke coupon will double? My shop rite’s policy says it’ll double up to .99. If so, I can get the coke deal for $2 for all four packs of coke (counting the free one)!

    • Kristen

      it doubled for me when I used them a few weeks ago! it was awesome

    • Pam

      I used the 98 cent coupons two weeks ago…..SR had coke on sale 5 cases for $10. I was able to use 5 coke coupons that double to $1.96 off each case. I had to buy 5 but got each one for 4 cents plus deposit totaling to 64 cents a case….

  • MARY

    Is there’s link for the skinny cow cup free wyb 2 sandwiches? I got a diff q buy 3 cups get 1 free which is not as good.

    • Annie

      It’s not a coupon – it’s a store deal.

  • Melissa

    The .99 coke coupon will double. I just used it.
    Also, there is a $1 Shoprite e coupon for Shoprite Greek yogurt. The yogurt is $1,so free yogurt!

    • Lisa

      Awesome, thanks! Even if you do only get the one yogurt for free! I wish Shoprite’s e-coupons were able to be used 4 times too 🙁

  • Kristen

    I did the P&G deal this morning. I for the most part did the deal cindy posted, except that Last time they did this it was based of the sale price, and was incredibly frustrating to me so I just added an few items to make it $25 in each catagory using the sale prices. It worked out good for me, all 4 cats printed. I did that as 1 transaction since all that TP & paper towels filled my cart. loaded that into my car and then did my food shopping and used the $20 in cats from the P&G deal 🙂 I got all my food shopping & all the p&g stuff for $135 oop today. It was like $255 retail for all of it, no too shabby 🙂

    • emma

      Im glad its not just me that has the issue with sale versus original price 🙁

  • Corine

    Not sure if anyone previously posted this but you can get a $2.00 off coupon for Bear Naked Granola on their website – making it $1.99.
    Just scroll to the bottom to find the coupon. Coupon will be emailed to you.

    • Jessica

      Thanks Corine!

    • Patty M.

      Thank you!

  • emma

    The p&g deals arent going to work for me. My shoprite wants me to spend $25 at the price plus price not the original price :(( Is that just me or is anyone else having that problem????

    • Aileen C

      If you talked to customer service and that’s what they told you – keep in mind that they generally don’t know how these deals work.

      • Matthew

        That’s for DAMN sure!!!!! hahahahahahahahaaa One time I went to cust service for a cat deal, they were like “Oh our machines are down…EVERY single one of them”. LMAO!!! hahaha So true. No clue!

  • Heads up when using the Lean Cuisine coupon getting the free Skinny Cow. The checker initially wrote the price of one of the Lean Cuisine’s ($1.77) versus the $3.99 for the Skinny Cow.

  • Elizabeth

    Cindy the Kraft 20 Top Seasonal Recipes For 2012 coupons have dates on the top that have different valid dates. some are not valid now (i.e. $.75/1 Breakstones sour cream) its only valid from 3/1/12 – 5/31/12. The coupons are grouped for different dates. Some are not even valid til 10/10/12.

    • Elizabeth

      Cracker Barrel coupon for $1/1 from the Kraft 20 Top Seasonal Recipes For 2012, is not valid til 5/1/12.

  • Tink

    BTW the purina 5.00 cats- you can use multiple in one transaction. I used 4 today no problem.

    • Aileen C

      Great – thank you!

  • arizia

    Thanks Cindy!

  • christna

    thanks Cindy!

  • Kierstin

    Just wondering if the Kotex deal is rolling? I purchased 2 today & got my Cat. However, like a dummy, I didn’t load the SavingStar rebate to my card. I’d like to go back & try it again…the right way! LoL If anyone tries to roll it, can you let me know? Thanks!

    • Liz

      I did it and it worked.

      • Kierstin

        Woooo! Thank you! 🙂

  • Tink did you buy purina products? If so how much?

    • Vanessa

      Wondering the same…did you have to buy any Purina products to use the cat?

      • JerseyDeviledEgg

        Vanessa January 22, 2012 at 10:58 pm

        Wondering the same…did you have to buy any Purina products to use the cat?


  • Becky

    Hi, I’m wondering if about the Almond Breeze–I’ve been through my (online) circular forward and backward and can’t find it. I don’t get a paper circular. Does anyone know if this is this a regional sale (I’m down here in MD)? It’s a good price, and I wanted to check if there’s a limit. Thanks!

  • Liz

    Thanks for all the matchups. I saved $72 today and took home $17 in catalinas you have made grocery shopping fun!

  • Flora

    Happy to report that the p&g deal worked on shelf prices this am. At SR in TR. Fischer Bay. I did all three categories and also got the Bonus. No problem!

    • Marjie

      Thank you!! I’m going to try the deals Cindy posted and will report back.

      • Marjie

        Did Cindy’s P&G deals and got $20.00 in catalinas at check-out using the shelf prices. I paid $41.66 for $80.56 worth of P&G products. That included $12.00 in catalinas from prior purchases and $2.26 in tax. No problems at the Branchburg NJ ShopRite!

  • PK

    Blue Diamond Almond Nut Thins are on sale for $1.99 and there is a $1.00 off 2 coupon that expires 1/31/12. The coupon fairy left one on the shelf that I was able to use (thank you). They are gluten free and delicious!

  • Melanie

    I find reading the comments so entertaining, I just wish there was a “like” button!! 😉

    • Cindy

      working on that “like” button 🙂

      • Linda Hughes

        LIKE!! 😉

  • No e-coupon for Uncle Bens on my SR account 🙁
    (Checked SavingStar and CellFire too just in case)

    Bummer, ’cause I’m out of rice!

    • Matthew

      Same here… Checked 4 times.

    • Jill e

      🙁 not working for me 2!

    • Sarah

      can you tell me the difference between cellfire and savingstar? where do you find the cellfire coupons? thanks

      • Sarah

        nevermind figured it out

  • Sandra


  • Lady J

    Anyone know if the Beechnut Stage 2 baby food cat deal from the last two weeks is still good?

    • Valerie

      It is no longer listed on the coupon network site.

    • Janelle S

      the beachnut deal ended on Saturday to get them for 12/$3.30 and the Catalina ended Sunday….I went on Saturday and bought 48 jars right before the sale ended

      • I purchased 12 of the Stage 2 1/1 beechnut jars as I had the $1.10 coupons to use on Sunday, 1-22. I DID receive the $2.00 Cat!

  • Michelle

    For the printable International Delight coupon that says it’s for the “PCs any size” and has a picture of the small individual creamers, can that be used on the bottles that are on sale? Thanks! 🙂

    • nick

      use the last international delight printable

  • Shannon

    Anyone heard od this:

    Last week I used the $.85 off 3 Uncle Bens Ready Rice. I bought 3 priced at $1.25 each. I checked my receipt when I got home and the coupon only doubled .40 at a store that fully doubles. When I went to CS they told me it only doubled to the value of one package (1.25)?? I told her that I purchased the 3 as required and they wouldn’t budge. Any thoughts?

    • Matthew

      Tell them you’ll be shopping elsewhere if they don’t comply. Then threaten to call the manufacturer telling them your particular store isn’t assisting moving their products! Bet ya someone will come to bat for you then!!

    • Kabby

      Return the two not applied to the coupon…no receipt…you should get your money back.

    • Lady J

      I think that it only multiplied another .40 because .85 and .40 is $1.25 which is the price of the item. Sometimes $/more than 1 don’t multiply right – as if the q’s are really coded as $/1 and not more than 1.

  • Meli

    Good coupons this time thanks!

  • Heatherlyn

    I tried to print the Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles coupon this morning but the site says there are no coupons currently.

    • Pam

      I printed it tonight around 6 pm and it was fine….maybe try again now

  • kristy

    Is anyone else having problem getting into the ecoupon from shoprite? I tried forever and it says,”Sorry, we are unable to display digital coupons at this time. Please try back later.”

    • Pam

      I’ve been trying all day as well…..says the same thing for me!

      • Sherry

        I had the same problem for two days so I went, instead, to and logged in and clicked on ‘online coupons’ beneath ‘online services’ and accessed the digital coupons that way.

  • Nicole

    I emailed shoprite about tcombining the digital coupons with paper coupons and …….This is what they said 🙂 ……………………..
    unfortunately you cannot combine both. Digital coupons available from our website are manufacturers’ coupons and the ShopRite Coupon Policy only allows one manufacturer coupon per item. For your convenience, the full ShopRite Coupon Policy can be found here:

    If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care team at 1-800 SHOPRITE.

    • Irishsaver

      I personally would not emailed Shoprite about it as it brings attention to something that perhaps has been a glitch. Some of these deals have been too good to be true and their computer IT people were perhaps unaware of it. I love the double dip of coupons too but sometimes it is better left unsaid like when we dont get a catalina. Its part of the game and we have to play along with it…
      I am just glad when it comes off twice and dont question it if it dosent. Well that is just my opinion…

      • idolikesnow

        100% agree…similar situation occurred at Safeway about a year ago, with combining digital coupons with MFR coupons. At one time you could combine the two for great deals on some items…but their registers have since been updated to “cancel” the digital coupon if an additional MFR was scanned. I don’t know what was the reason for the policy change but I think it is better to let those types of opportunities be unspoken just not to give them any ideas that we are “saving too much.”

      • Matthew

        Put perfectly….left unsaid.

    • LK

      Nicole, thank you for asking about that. I have been wondering if it was really OK to combine both coupons.

  • shelly

    Is anyone else having trouble with SR’s ecoupons…the new arent loading for me

    • Anonymous

      Me too 🙁

    • Jenilee

      try going to the main page and clicking COUPONS – that’s the only way i could get in to them!

  • pam

    The “Heluva good product” coupon….says no doubling in the fine print!!!

    • Anonymous

      Mine automatically doubled, used 4 of them yesterday.

      • Kierstin

        Mine doubled also. The bar code starts with a “5” so it will double automatically. If you have a really stickler for a cashier, they will “stop” it from doubling, but most of the time if it doubles automatically, my cashiers don’t seem to care.

  • Nancy L.

    I am surprised no one here is bring up ideas about using the Purina catalinas this week.. Everyone was so excited about doing them at the time… and now we have them to redeem but no ideas on what to do with them??

    • Michele

      I was told by an employee that as long as a Purina pet product is purchased, the cat would scan and take the whole $5 off my order. So, I used a raincheck for the Purina One Beyond and bought 4 bags for $2, the remaining $3 went toward the pork tenderloin. 🙂

    • Shari

      you Do NOT need to buy a purina item !!! I used 5 last week

    • Shari

      you do Not NEED to buy a purins item….. I used 5 coupons last week

  • where are the cool touch tissues coupon from?and did anybody test it and see if its part of the cat deal.thanks so much!

    • Colleen

      They are from the 1/1 SS. I used them today at Shop Rite and got the cat with no problem.

  • Donna

    Does anyone know if the Cat from the Pampers Wipes will print more then once in separate transactions? $3.00 for a 3 pack of 72 is a great deal, right? lol I havent purchased wipes in about 10 years, but I know so many people with babies, I figured I can stock them up!.. Any Advice would help, Thanks!

    • Kathy

      The cat should print with multiple transactions. You might want to look at the Shoprite brand wipes this week. They are regular $4.99 and are on sale for $1.99 for 176 wipes. The pampers wipes price is good, but the Shoprite brand price is better. Good Luck.

  • christna

    Nancy, if you have the 5.00 coupons for the ONE Beyond dog food, you can buy two bags at 7.99 each and use 3 of the Cats in one transaction and it will give you 14.00 overage to use towards the rest of your purchases.

    7.99 x 2 = 15.98
    use (2)one beyond-10.00
    total= 5.98
    and use (3) five dollar cats toward your total order!

  • VA

    Has anyone done the Klenex Catalina deal? Can anyone confirm if they got the 1.50 off next purchase?

  • Michele

    I didn’t see it mentioned that the Carefree Pantiliners (20-22ct) are still $.99, so free after coupon (1/8 SS2). Just wanted to share! 🙂

    • Kristy

      My coupon says it excludes 18-22 ct 🙁

  • Ann-Marie

    I did the Kleenex deal with 4 Cool Touch 69 count and 3 Lotion 120ct. They all ran up on sale for $1.39 and I got the $2 catalina.

    • Elaine

      Thanks for sharing, i order coupons to do the deal at stop and shop, but they didnt arrive today, so hopefully tomorrow they will come so i can do the deal at SR

  • rachael

    im useing my cats from tide scott and colgate tooth paste this week. 9 dollars off.

  • Michelle T.

    Happy to report that the P&G Cat deal worked on shelf prices! Used coupons on everything to bring it down to $54.28 (with tax) and got $20 in Cats to roll into the rest of my groceries 🙂

    • 0246

      great work! 🙂

  • Emily S.

    My question is this… If I do the Pampers deal and get the $8 cat, will I be able to roll that into the Pampers wipes deal? And if I do, will the Pampers wipes cat still print? I just want to know if these cats are like the RR at Walgreens where if you use it on the same product the RR won’t print LOL:/ This is my scenario: Use 2 qs for pampers and then roll the cat onto the wipes using 2 /50 cents on 1 Q which will double making the wipes close to free then rolling that cat onto 2 of the Johson and Johnson deals of 2/5 with 4 1/1Qs making it 4 bottles for $6… Will that work?

  • em

    HI! Just wanted to know if anyone purchased the big box of luvs diapers instead of the jumbo packs and received the catalina? (part of p&g promo) and if yes, how much is a big box? I think purchasing a big box would be more economical and besides I am very near reaching my baby bucks for this cycle….lol! Any info would be appreciated, thank you! And thanks, Cindy!

  • Nancy J.

    I want to buy 4 boxes of Pampers. Can I get the $8 Catalina deal twice? Can I do it in 2 seperate transactions?

    • Laura

      I have done the deal twice so far. Look for the boxes that have $5.00 in coupon inside (2 – $2.50 on box coupins) and use them and your $8 cat on the 2nd transaction. Also, make sure you take note of your baby bucks.

  • antoinette

    FYI…just bought 2 Dole Frozen Fruit Single-Serve Cups and got $1 catalina from Dole so after coupon and cat…only $.50 each.

  • Lisa I.

    Cindy, You are amazing…I have always couponed but never to this extent! I have 6 kids and a hubby and they all love my shopping and stock piles. I saved a total of 13,569 last year just from April til Jan. AMAZING!! I owe you for that! Thank u from Lisa and her whole gang

    • Elaine

      Wow! great job

  • Samantha

    I’m not sure if Cindy listed this or not, but A1 steak sause is on sale this week
    A1 Steak Sauce $2.99
    -(1) 1.00 A1 steak sauce coupon from 1/22/12 SS
    = $1.99 each
    ran out of A1 so this works great for me 🙂 happy find!!!

  • Okay, so I’m pretty picky and there are just a couple of Lean Cuisines I really like so I was thinking of doing this transaction…can anyone think of a reason why it couldn’t work?

    Buy 6 Lean Cuisines (2 Varieties) @ $1.77 ($10.62)
    Buy 2 Skinny Cow Sandwiches @ $3.99 ($7.98)
    Buy 4 Skinny Cow Cups @ $1.25 ($5)
    Total: $23.60

    – $2.50 (ShopRite Deal: Buy 2 Skinny Cow Sandwiches get 2 Skinny Cow Cups for free; no coupon required)
    – $1/5 Lean Cuisine SS 1/1
    – $1/1 Skinny Cow Ice Cream Product
    – $1.25 (Buy 3 Skinny Cow Cups, Get One Free:
    – $3.99 (B6G1 Lean Cuisine and Skinny Cow Frozen Snacks:
    = $13.86 and receive $2 Catalina = $11.86 or $0.99 each

    • Just FYI…just went to the store and this deal mostly worked except that I couldn’t use the $1/5 Lean Cuisine coupon because the B6G1 Free coupon for the Skinny Cow also attached to the Lean Cuisines.

  • trish

    So my shoprite would not accept the pennsylvania dutch coupon! Anybody else have this problem?

    • Anonymous

      Accdg. to the cash register, my coupon didn’t match the item so that’s strange. I asked the cashier to just give me back the coupon if it won’t scan but she was nice and said let’s wait for the manager so you can use it.

    • Jenilee

      I’m not even going to try there honestly. I had a mueller’s pasta coupon that looked exactly the same and they threw a FIT over it.

    • Elaine

      The ones from Pen Dutch website, they told me no because they were photocopied. Granted they allow as many prints as you want. So they only allowed one.

    • Danielle

      I did but my store manager ran it through anyway. not sure why it beeped.

  • Jenilee

    the uncle ben’s SR Ecoupon is NLA

  • Karen

    I take my pdf coupons to front desk and ask if a manager can verify them before I use it. In New london, Ct this has always worked, so when I get to the checkout I let them know that the manager, I always get the name, said they were ok to use. My Norwich, Ct store never has a problem. I don’t even have to verify them first. It cant hurt to try this approach.

  • Chris

    Has anyone redeemed their Purina cats WITHOUT actually buying any Purina products? I was able to do this with the 9lives ones last summer.

  • CHunteratHome

    My SR in West Deptford, NJ wouldn’t accept the printed PA Dutch coupons…said they were counterfit. They even showed me the email from SR Corporation. How in the world can it be counterfit if I printed it from PA Dutch website?

    • Irishsaver

      I hate going to that store they have a problem with almost everything and are a pain.. I actually contacted Shoprite Corporate on them one time and believe it or not they changed their tune. The cashiers are very nice but those front end managers are another thing… Better left unsaid dont get me started!!…
      I didnt use the Noodle coupon missed it. I did use 3 Purina cats along with other food and Purina dog food. Have not been unable to find Purina One and Beyond 3.5 lbs in stock all week. I a have quite a few RC to use up..

      • Ruth

        Contacting Shoprite Corporate does nothing, their stores are independently owned so each store owner can make up their own policies. I just don’t bother with going there unless it is a great deal, it is sad that a store has such a bad reputation. There ought be a reality show about the reality of couponing and not the “fake” savings showed on Extreme Couponing.

    • MARY

      Not a fan of WD, will go out of my way to Brooklawn and their service is GREAT. Customer Service has always corrected any errors, missing cats, forgotten coupons etc. Just be sure to go to the male cashiers for easier checkouts. Profiling does work in this case!

  • Jenn
  • billie

    just want to confirm the kleenex cool touch is included in the catalina i followed Cindy’s post and got $2 dollars off it!

  • shamra

    I wanna know how i can print $1 skinny cow coupon.Thanks in advance.

  • Danielle

    This website is great but I just wanted to let you all know that Shoprite does not let you use a coupon AND the ecoupons from their website. It’s one or the other.

    • Karen L

      I just used coupons AND the e-coupons from thier website at my Shoprite in Toms River NJ last night. I used the e-coupons for Uncle Bens rice, Glade carpet, and Newmans salad dressing. However, the regular coupon and e-coupon combined did not exceed the total price of the item. Maybe that makes a difference?

      • Anonymous

        My Shoprite in East Windsor allows me to combine both as well.

      • Nanci

        My Shoprite in East Windsor allows me to combine both as well.

    • Matthew

      Be like the politicians….leave the loopholes ALONE!!!

  • Eleanor

    FYI – I did the Kotex deal last week, and since it was in the circular again , tried it again this week. My cat did not print, and customer service told me that you can only do it once. I told them I thought I could do it again since it was in the circular again, but to no avail. I had to return them.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Just got back from Shoprite…tried the P&G living… but shelf price for the Duracell DOESN’T work because it is not a price plus sale price. After doing the other P&G transactions this week with no problem on shelf price and after coupons I was also told it is the amount you spend AFTER coupons and would not give it to me. They are usually very good…I think I will bring my receipt back this weekend and try getting the $5 from a different person at Customer Service…

  • rosa

    question i just printed the shoprite e coupon and it says manufacture coupon. how can you use two coupons when the items states a dollar off of two never used and ecoupon before

    • Cindy

      You actually don’t print them. You simply clip them to your price plus card and then it automatically comes off at the register when you purchase that product.

  • Jared

    I know I missed most of the good shoprite e coupons, would have love to get the uncle bens rice one, but my question is, how many products do the ecoupons apply to? Is it just 1 coupon for 1 product like a savingstar deal or can you use a shoprite ecoupon for 4 items as if you had 4 paper coupons?
    Do they always stack with the paper coupons or does it depend on the shoprite store?