ShopRite: Free Sylvania CFL Lightbulbs

ShopRite: Free Sylvania CFL Lightbulbs

There is an awesome deal at ShopRite this week on the Sylvania CFL Lightbulbs 1 ct.  The 60 watt are priced at only $0.99 and there is a $1/1 Sylvania CFL Lightbulb coupon available with no size restriction. These coupons scanned without a problem and took the whole $1.00 off! My total for 4 light bulbs was just $0.24 including tax!   Yay for Free Lightbulbs!

Here is the deal at ShopRite:


Note: I was able to print more than 4 😉

Thanks Tracey!

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  • Arianna

    yay! i was able to print a bunch of these!

  • Carolyn

    Thanks, So excited to go on my lunch break and score some free light bulbs:)

  • Anonymous

    I tried to find these last night at Succasunna, NJ and couldnt find them. Will try a different store tonight.

    • Amy

      I got them at the Succasunna Shoprite last night….they were with the light bulbs, but they were on their own little cardboard kiosk. You should try again, definietly worth another trip!

      • Amy


  • MARY

    Thanks Cindy! Concerned about store stock – has anyone ever done a special order @ Shop Rite?

  • Carolyn C

    Thank you!!! Let there be free light(bulbs)! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I wasnt able to find them in the Succasunna, NJ store last night…

  • RJ

    why am i able to print a million of these?

    • celia


  • Janelle S

    I am heading out tomorrow to get some of these….Great timing to I don’t have any left in my house

  • Erika

    Is this in the flyer” I checked my store online and the only thing that came up is Sylvania Light Bulbs – Cfl 19W Mini Twist@ $3.49

    • Laura D.

      Hi Erika, in my flyer, Northern NJ, it has the 4ct pkg of Daylight Light Bulbs listed at $1.99 also an ad for 23 watt mini twist at $5.99. Possibly an unadvertized price. I’ve seen the single packages go $0.99 in the past.
      I’m keeping my hopes up I can score on this one. Good Luck!

      • Laura D.

        Here ya go John, They don’t have the Sylvania singles listed in the preview ad for next week, nor was it in this weeks ad (I checked that, too). However there are different Sylvania bulbs on sale next week, the flood lights and something else. So I guess in this case it’s a YMMV situation. HTH!!
        Get home and start printing!!!!!

  • john

    yea i was able to print a bunch this morning, but i went back to the site a few minutes ago and it said i already printed this offer. oh well, i’ll have at least 10 freebies.

  • john

    does anyone know if these are on sale at shoprite next week too (1/8)???

  • Laura D.

    Hi John, you can check out next weeks Shoprite Ad Scan Cindy has posted for us. Just type in the search box “Shoprite Ad Scan”, it comes up as the second listing on the page. HTH!!

    • john

      thanks laura…. however i can’t see the ad while i’m at work. i’ll have to check it out when i get home.

  • KT

    A little unrelated, but does anyone have a mac and when you try to print your second coupon from smartsource it says “concurrent print attempt”. Then I have to wait like 10 minuted to print my second one…

    • sk

      I use safari on my mac and it works. sometimes if I try to use firefox I get a lot of weird error messages.

    • KitKat

      For whatever reason I can never use “refresh” to print my second smartsource coupon. The only way I can print coupon no 2 is if I close the tab when the first print is done, and go back in using the link Cindy provided to print the second one. This way always works for me.

  • Danielle

    SO EXCITED!! finally able to print SmartSource from work 🙂

  • Carolyn

    So disappointed item not on sale Mullica Hill NJ Shoprite:(

    • Nicole

      Was at Glassboro Shoprite yesterday and they had a ton!

  • Kim R

    I got 6! Woo!

  • Laura

    I get an error message when I try to print that reads: “Please ensure your printer is turned on and the printer is connected to your computer.” My printer is on and I tried this on both Firefox and Internet Explorer. Anyone have any advice? TIA.

  • Christina

    I’ve been able to print 8 so far. I went to shop rite this morning and they were there!

    • Denise

      which ShopRite Christina? TIA!

      • Christina

        somers point

  • Anonymous

    If you are able to find or not find them can you post with Town, State… TIA

  • Diana

    I hit the print limit at 12! I just wanted to keep printing to see what the limit is lol

  • Denise

    There weren’t any cheaper than $3 at the Williamstown, NJ ShopRite 🙁

  • Phoenix

    why am i getting a error that says concurant print i wasnt able to print any 🙁

    • Lady J

      i find the ss will not print another set if you press the back button. You have to exit out and then go back in in a new screen. hth.

  • celia

    Yeah I printed over 20 from 2 computers.

  • mike

    my store in burlington county didn’t have any of them for $1. i ‘ll have to check another store.

    • Danielle

      which store did you go to b/c I was planning on trying the Willingboro SR tomorrow and maybe even the Delran location.


      • john

        the one on ark road. i’ll have to check the one by the moorestown mall

        • Danielle

          John, can you keep me posted on the Mt Laurel SR? I have to go down to that area this weekend (thanks)

          Does anyone know if the Toms River location (Rte 37/166) have them?

  • Stephenie

    Make sure to scan the same ones that Cindy has pictured, my store did not have the sale sign up, just the sign of regular price 4.99!! When I scanned for the price it did come up .99. HTH

    • Denise

      Which store?

      • Anonymous

        I found them in Monroe, NY

  • Pat

    went to Byram shop-rite in New Jersey, not on sale : (

  • Laura D.

    Oakland, NJ does NOT have on sale
    West Milford, NJ does NOT have on sale

    Scanned both places to make sure, both scanned at $2.49 each.

    • karin

      laura – did you ask at the stores? I was going to try those both (live near west milford) I tried one in Caldwell on Passaic road this morning and didn’t see any on sale. tried scanning the one in photo and it was around 3.99 on sale.

      • Laura D.

        I know for a fact in Oakland and West Milford if it isn’t shown in the flyer it is a “Too bad for you situation”. I was in the Shoprite in Paramus today helping my dad shop (and coupon …… who says ya can’t teach an old dog new tricks …. he loves it!) and we were limited on time and I completely forgot to go and check the light bulbs. Will be back down there by Saturday, so I hope to check again.

      • Laura D.

        Hi Karin, I decided to take a road trip late tonight to Warwick and …..SCORE!!! The shelf price said $4.99, but after price checking it was on sale with price plus $0.99 with a limit of four per transaction. They were scattered all over the place, high, low and in between the others. If you go, make sure you shake the bulb before purchase. If you hear a jingle, it’s a dud.
        You may want to call first, maybe they’ll put them aside for you. They were really nice there. Good Luck!! Let me know how you make out.

  • M

    Anyone try this at the uniondale, NY shop rite?

  • Steven

    My coupon printed, just the border and nothing on the inside. Haven’t seen anything like this before printing coupons.

    Anyone ever have the same issue?

  • steph

    succusunna, nj does have them on sale. they are not on the regular shelf. there is no tag. they are up on the very top shelf stacked in boxes. i had to ask a clerk to get them down for me. they ring up at the .99 sale price!

    • Anonymous

      The first night I went they didnt have them, but then last night I saw them on top and grabbed 1 and did a price check, and yup they were .99 so I got 4! Yippy!

  • couponweniki

    These bulbs don’t exist at Shop Rite – even asked the manager! Where were they found at that price?

  • meli

    i just printed 6 but they all have the same #….. i hope they work!

    • Anonymous

      they have different pin #’s

  • rachel

    I was thinking the same thing..I printed 8 but they all have the same number on them so I was wondering if they would work..I also have a lot of the beech nut coupons and they all have the same numbers on them..does anyone else have this problem? I dont wanna go to the store to buy multiple products and then the coupons dont work bc they have the same numbers on them.

    • KT

      They should have different ID numbers on the top right. At least mine did.

  • Mary

    This was not the same price as my shoprite in ct. Therefore not free. 🙁

  • Kim

    My shoprite had the shelf price at $3.99 and that was it. But, I have learned and went to scan one and they came up as 99 cents on sale! I got 4!!

  • Bridget

    nice, I’ll be checking my shoprite’s tomorrow, and if they are not on sale, we have till Feb 2nd to find them on sale 🙂

  • I can only print one – hitting back button doesn’t work for me 🙁 But website says limit of 1 anyway – good deal regardless!

    Thanks for posting!

    • Rocky

      Linda, have you tried closing out of that website, coming back here and clicking on Cindy’s link again? That should bring you right back to the print coupon screen and that’s what worked for me.

    • Lady J

      ss doesn’t let you print again by pressing the back button. you have to exit out and go back in.

  • Tracy

    The ShopRite in Marlboro, NJ has them listed for $0.99, but for some reason it rang up as $0.49. The full $1 came off, making it a money-maker. I got 8 of them!

  • Yes, Rocky – it says it is no longer available – good for you got them all 🙂

    • Rocky

      Sorry, Linda, I was trying to be helpful. Didn’t realize you were actually getting a ‘no longer available’ message. I never got a ‘limit of 1’ message, so, went out of my comfort zone and actually printed a whopping 4 coupons. I don’t have multiple computers to always get extras, like others do, but, on the rare occasion that there is a company that allows more than 2 prints (like International Delight), I will print 4. So, I wouldn’t say I ‘got them all’, but, who knows? Maybe my extra 2 did wipe them out!

  • Michelle

    “this coupon is no longer available” glad i printed a couple yesterday…now to see if there’s any left in the store

  • Karyn S

    Levittown PA does not have on sale

    • Faith

      did you have it price checked? My SR didn’t have the right tags on them but when price checked with my SR card, it was 99 cents!

  • Heather

    Brodheadsville, PA does not have this lightbulb at any price.

  • coupon lady nj

    chester, NJ shoprite has them in stock as of 9:00 this morn…for .99

  • Weniki

    HELP! Can someone let me know if they find them on sale for .99 at a Shop Rite near Lyndhurst, NJ or Meadowlands area in NJ?!?!? Chester, NJ is too far to travel, even for FREE. I’d spend more in time and gas than it’s worth. Thank you fellow couponers!!!!

  • Weniki

    Thanks Faith! I didn’t try that. You can only check at a register or customer service right?

    • Faith

      yes. but make sure to use your SR card.

  • Bre

    Anyone check millville or vineland nj stores? I’m going to try later today…

  • Bridget

    Shoprite on Roosevelt Blvd by Target has the 60 watt on sale for .99 🙂

    • Sara

      Thanks for the info…I went to the SR on Morrell Ave and they came up regular price! I’ll go tomorrow to get mine.

  • Weniki

    What town is Roosevelt Blvd. in?

    • Jenn

      Northeast Philly.

  • Izabela


    I wasn’t able to print even one – they are out of prints. I any of you have printed quite many and would like to share, or found out that they don’t have them on sale at your store, can you please email me to: ?
    Let me know what coupons you might be interested in as a trade..Thank you!

  • I couldn’t find them at my Shoprite in Cherry Hill, they had none for $.99.

  • Bre

    The shoprite in millville nj had the sale sticker up for 99 cents but the shelf was empty. The one in vineland had a TON of them I scored 12 🙂 We have 4 bulbs that just burnt out, perfect timing!!

  • V

    crud, I also didn’t get one.

  • Christine

    I just came from the Yonkers Shoprite and did not see any prices for .99. I probably should have done a price check.

    • Nancy

      Yes you should have I got exactly what Cindy posted they were listed for $4.99 on the shelf but when we did a price check it came up .99 so I got two!
      You should go back and get some

  • Peg

    Kingston NY store…none priced lower then $1.29. Still maybe a good deal but I was only looking for free ones 🙁

  • Wendy

    Greenwich does not have the shelf tag showing the sale, but they ring up at .99.

  • Lady J

    I’ve only found a green box like this that is $3-something. I don’t think that’s the right one. The SR at 287 Exit 12A had a shelf tag for the one Cindy listed, but it was sold out.

  • MARY

    Brooklawn had plenty of these on a Friday afternoon. Shelf tag says something like 3.49 but they surely rang up as .99 cents! No issues with coupons.

  • Jody

    The coupon is now out of prints.

  • Chris

    Long Island Shoprites had them for $2.50, not $.99

  • rose

    Shop Rite of Paramus has them