Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 01/13 – 01/19

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 01/13 – 01/19

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Patti M

    Mmmmm, Magnum Ice Cream Bars….I haven’t had those since the Pathmark triple coupon events last year!!! LOL!!!!

  • Kristy

    Goldfish savingstar expired yesterday. Good thing I have $1/2 coupons from inside packaging that I’ve been waiting to use! (6) .70c goldfish. My son will be so happy! 🙂

    • Cindy

      Thanks, I fixed it .

  • adriene

    I don’t know if it is regional but my King’s Hawaiian Rolls coupon excludes the 4 count pack.

    • Cindy


  • Barbara A

    I could be wrong but is the King’s Hawaiian Rolls the wrong size for the coupon? I think the coupon is for the 24 ct. and the one on sale is only a 4ct. ? Thanks for all that you do. I too am under the weather but no kids home right now to “persuade” to do my shopping. You made me laugh….

    • Cindy

      Thanks I’ll update the post

  • Arkie

    There are some good deals this week!

  • Jay

    Hmm.. I don’t have kids, but 20 jars of free baby food might be too good to pass up as a donation..

  • Laura D.

    That’s exactly what i did last week at Shoprite. My kids are grown, so all of it will be donated.

  • Matthew

    Yah for .30 Totinos!!!

    • Rachel

      This is great. My boyfriends teenage brother lives with us and survives on these. LOL I kills me to buy them but for $0.30 I can deal with it. : )

  • Susie

    I did the Multigrain PB Cheerios deal and I got a $4.50 Catalina for free milk. I don’t know if this is unadvertised or if it was a fluke. It was a nice surprise for me after I checked out!

  • Jenn

    What is the zip for the beech-nut coupons??

    • Jay

      Yeah, I can’t see the $1.10/4 coupon.. Help appreciated (or else I’ll just get 12 instead of 24 jars, I guess)

      • I don’t see it anymore it may be NLA

        • Cecile

          The $1.10/4 coupons were for Stage 2 1/2 which were not part of the sale (at least at my store)

          • i found all of these coupons and hoping this deal works! go here and click on the right side where it says to get coupons. the $1.10/4 will be on there. did anyone try the deal stated above about purchasing 24 for free?

  • Christina


  • Cortney

    Can’t double 5 of the same coupons for the Bird’s Eye, so if you use 5 of the 0.50/1 coupons, it would be 0.50 for 5 = 10 cents each since you must buy 5 to get the $1 each deal.

    • VA

      Couldnt you just 5 for $5, and use 4 of the $0.50/1 q which each one doubling?…wouldnt this just be 5 for $1 afterall?

    • Mark

      The official policy is 4 like coupons doubled, but I find that rule is rarely enforced. I used 10 like coupons 2 weeks ago at SCO and they all doubled. My experience has been the same when I use a cashier.

      • anonymous

        is bird eye vegetables includes chef favorites?

        • Mark

          No, they are not included.

          • Cortney

            They are not included, but the coupon worked for Steamfresh (not sure what the coupon said, but then I heard it specified Chef’s Favorites?).

            Thanks Mark – I had the same experience with doubling not being enforced = 5 FREE! 😀

  • shally

    I believe $2 kashi Q from recyclebank can be only printed once a month, atleast that’s what it said in my case when I tried to print second one from the same a/c so I used my hubbies but again it depends upon thecashier if they will let U use 2 Q’q in the same transaction with different names on them.

    • Jay

      You mean you “bought” 2 kashi coupons on RecycleBank, and it only let you print 1? That’s not what I’ve seen in the past. If you mean that you “bought” 1 coupon and you can only print it once, well, yeah, that’s how it works 🙂

  • Meli

    my duaghter loves gogurt never seen it this cheap. Anyone know if it frezez well?

    • kristy

      You can freeze them to make frozen yogurt pops. Don’t know about defrosting, though.

    • amber

      definately freezez well even the trix yougurts u can freeze i always stock up whe on sale and the kids have them for a while…almost till they go onsale again

      • amber

        and they do defrost fine

  • Annie

    The yoplait 4-pk, gogurt, etc. Are “must buy 5” greater or lesser quantities will ring at 2.49.

  • Mark

    The Kellogg’s website has a $0.70/1 coupon for the Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cinnamon. Doubled would bring the price down to $1.10 each.

  • Michelle T.

    I bought 4 GM Fiber One cereal (original only) at 2.50 each, with 4-.85 coupons, and got a Cat for free milk. Nice surprise. The BirdsEye chef’s favorites were not included in the sale 🙁 and there were limited others, but I was able to use the $1/3 coupons. Also there were some baking mixes on clearance. The Pillsbury quick breads were .50 each, with the $1/2 coupon they were free. And the Carnation chocolate cream pie mix was 2.49 with .50 coupon, made them 1.49 and the Libby pumpkin bread mix was also 2.49 with the .50 coupon was also 1.49. I am one happy shopper!

  • Dee

    I can’t find the Cheerios PB coupons on the site. Only the Dulce

  • Christy

    Does anyone have this experience? I bought four boxes of Band-Aid yesterday and used two $1/2 coupons, the $3.00 instant saving didnot come out. I went to the CS, the lady told me: “that is because of the coupons…..You use coupons for everything so you cant get the instant saving”. Finally she gave me $3.00 cash but told me”only this time, don’t do that anymore”. I was so upset and totally confused. Do coupons are not welcome for instantly saving promotion?

    • kristy

      I was told that it is because of the coupons, but never told it wasn’t allowed. I always have to go to CS for that and they are good about it. I think it’s to be sure they aren’t giving you overage. I would call corporate or tell them that nowhere in the flyer does it say coupons are not allowed. That is a store sale and mfr coupons are reimbursed to them.

    • No it doesn’t state that anywhere, I only had a problem one time with Instant savings not working back when the Clorox was part of the deal, it didn’t come off, but I happened to luck out and get a supervisor who just opened a register and she took it off for me right at the register. I think maybe one of the items were not entered properly or it could be that one of them weren’t part of the sale

      • oh I didn’t shop at S&S last week so not sure what band aids were actually included but you have to be careful, cause I know it said select varieties so it could be that 1 or all of the boxes you picked up weren’t part of the sale. I wouldn’t stop using coupons with instant savings deals that are buy # save $ instantly. Cindy does do a good job making sure that when it’s buy say $20 save $5 instantly, of making sure we meet the $20 after coupons. That’s the only other time I’ve had an issue, but each store is different and so are the people that work at them. 🙂

    • Kabby

      I have experienced this…customer service is very helpful..but I have been told it is because the instant savings needs to attach to an item…if you purchased four items and used coupons for those four items, the instant savings has nothing to attach to…I usually have an additional item, milk, roll, donut, kiwi..good luck!

      • Christy

        thanks for all replying… I should have done another transaction without using any coupon for double check. (but I took the one shown on the flyer) I was just very upset been told “dont do this anymore”. I am a coupon user doesn’t mean I am stealing something from the store, sigh~~

      • Jessica

        Yes, I’ve been told the same thing.

  • anonymous

    in my circular on buy $20 save $7 said limit 1 coupon pertransaction. what’s that mean?

    • Alesha

      The save 7.00 when you buy $20 is via checkout coupon….you are limited to one (checkout) coupon per transaction…make sense?

  • V

    I don’t see how the Total cereal is 80 cents?

    • 0246

      me too.

  • Annie

    My store has the pup-peroni for $2.99 – BOGO. So with the 1.50/1 Q and CAT that’s .49 for 2!!!

    • Cecile

      How many did you purchase and did you get more than one Cat? On Sunday I purchased 8 used 4 $1.50/2 but only received one $1.00 Cat. I went to CS but they had no idea about the deal.

      • Greta

        If there was a sign in front of the product they should’ve given you $3 back, like my store did. Does anyone know if Stop and Shop will have these Pup-Peronis on sale next week BOGO or any other store. Really great deal .25 per bag Regular price at my store is $2.99 ea! Pooches really love these and they would make a great donation to shelters…

        • Annie

          Don’t know how long the sale goes, but the sign said the CAT ends on the 19th.

          • Greta

            This site says the Catalina is good through 1/22?

        • mandee

          check to see if they will give you a rain check the only thing is the cat stops on the 22.

    • Kabby

      Where did you get the $1.50 off one…do not see it only $1.50 off two? Thank you.

  • Shari

    Kozy Bread pudding was 3.69
    they were put back !!!!

  • Meg

    Just had a horrible experince at S&S. They have 5 for $5 Coca Cola this week and I was going to use (4) 99c coupons with that. There was suppose to be some overage so I had more items. 3 coupons dobled to $1.89 which is correct since it is shelf price and forth only to $1.09 which was wrong. Moreover, soda ringed $1.49 and not a deal price for 5. I went to CS and there were a snarky person who very loudly told me that I try to get money out of the store and this is why I get those prices and there is no overage, I pointed that I got overage already, so they do allow it but prices comming off wrong besides coupons. Anyway, I asked for manager and he gave me few reasons for this problem, that coupons should not reach sale price instead of shelf price, which is not true since 3 coupons went to shelf price, that I cannot combine coupons with deal, which is not true again and that store coupons cannot work together with manuf. coupons, which is not true again. Once again I was told that I am taking money out of the store and try to change their policy. By this time someone behind me started all this ” cheap idiot, $2 can make her richer” talk.
    So, I had enough, I returned everything, got my coupons back and left.
    I am not sure completely about overage with S&S but it did give me some, so I guess they do it. I have no idea why I actually had this mess, because none of their reasons were true. So disapointed.

    • Cecile

      OMG what a horrible experience, I would contact Corporate and let them know. I’m not sure if they’ll do anything about it’s worth a try. I can’t believe the customer with the rude comments, I’m not one to speak up but I think I would have had to tell them to mind their own business. I hope you have a better day!!!