Target Toy Clearance Up To 70% Off

Target Toy Clearance Up to 70% Off

Yes I know the picture shows 30% off because that is from my Target Store (E. Hanover, NJ).  However, the Target Toy Clearance has begun and some of you have emailed me letting me know that your store is at 70% off.  I think most are probably around 50% off right now.

So, let us know how much your Target Toy Clearance is now in the comments below.  It’s best if you put the percentage and the town and state so that others can take advantage of it as well.

Happy Shopping!

(Thanks Tracey, Sheila & others!)

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  • Barb

    I was in my store yesterday – Kingston, NY and the signs were 30%, although some things were 50% off. I got a call today from a friend they went to 70%! So, you might need to check every day!!

  • Jen

    The Gibsonia, Pa store is at 70% today! I got some great things including a Ford F-150 power wheels for $50!!

  • Becky

    I was just at the Burlington, NJ store today and it ranges from 30%-70%. If you were interested in Smokey the Firetruck (was $50-60 before Christmas), it’s currently $17!!

  • Jenilee

    Wow, what great deals! I think I’ll shoot over there tonight and see what ours has. Hopefully they’re at 70% as well!

  • Jessica

    Lawrenceville, NJ – half aisle – 50% and half – 30%

    • Katie

      Jessica, go back. Everything at the Lawrenceville store is 70%, with the exception of Legos which are 50%. The signs saying everything is either 30% or 50% are up, but if you scan the toy you’ll find it is likely marked down to 70%. I scored many goodies at both the Lawrenceville and the Monmouth Junction stores this morning – lots of Cars 2 and Hot Wheels. Hopefully there will be something left when you are there again!

      • Jessica

        Thanks… I actually saw most of the cars stuff and we either have it or its too old for him (2 in march) BUT I am going to stop at the target on my way home (I live in SJ). Last year I waited and they had the 2 piece thermal pajamas marked down to $1.24 and I bought 3t -5t. SOme for us – some for gifts… looking to do the same thing this year. Also – the lawrenceville store had puffy jackets for about $6 so I bought one 2 sizes bigger figuring he will use it next year. ALso – sweats (on a table) boys toddler were 2.24. I picked up a bunch for the day care extra clothes bin. Happy shopping 😉

  • in Milford CT there is a 15, 30, 50 and 70% aisle

    • Jennifer

      North Haven, CT is mostly 70%, but the play tents are still 50%.

      • Rose Marie

        South Windsor, CT 70% on most items – 50% on Lego’s

        • Nicole

          West Hartford, CT – most items 70%

          • Anonymous

            Orange, CT – everything is either 70 or 50% off

  • Carie

    We went to the Mansfield, TX target last night and the toy clearance was 30% off.

  • jenny

    what excellent timing. i was planning a trip tonight to get some birthday presents! cant wait to score some deals!

  • Carie

    Forgot to mention….l also found dove and old spice gift sets on clearance for $6 at Target. Don’t know if there are coupons, but still a great deal.

  • Jen

    BTW…the signs still read 30% and 50% off at my store, but things were actually marked 70% off and those that weren’t still were ringing up 70% off, so make sure to check!

  • Dee

    Lehigh Valley, PA specifically Allentown is currently marking toys 70%. Great finds available.

  • Michaela

    my store was still 30% and 50% .they said that they will mark down tomorrow. but he marked the two things down that I really wanted for my daughters b-day today.

  • jessica

    some of mine is still 30% but lots of it is already 70% today my son bought with some of his christmas money a geo trax cars 2 set that was originally $60 for $17!!! he was so excited! and i got some LEGO sets on deep discount, which are always hard to find!

  • Natalie G

    I was just at the Wilmington, De Target and they are at 70%! I got the B. Car go Cargo set, org. $26 for $6! and a few Littlest Pet Shop sets for $2.48 that were originally $10+…some good steals, may go back for more. Plus they have good deals on diapers right now!

  • Melanie

    My Target (Middletown,NY) had 30%-70% off

    • Kim

      Was there a good selection? That’s my store also and I have a few bdays coming up to buy for.

      • Anonymous

        I was there last night at 9 pm and they were marking everything down to 70%. There was still a lot left. Got Legos, Thomas set , and cars stuff all at 70% off

  • Tracy

    Hi! Has anyone been to the SJ targets? If so, which ones and want did they have? I am trying to see if it is worth going?Thank you

    • Evonne

      70 % off at mantua/ pitman target I got there about 4pm, and there wasn’t much left mostly the generic brand stuff, they had lots of leapster games for 7.48

    • jenny

      mays landing is at 70-75 and lots left to choose from! picked up a thomas set for less than 10!

  • Anonymous

    Target in Fairfield NJ IS AT 70% OFF!!!!!!!! GREAT FINDS!

  • Michaela

    I just got back from the Millville, NJ Target. Lots of stuff is 70% off– ZuZu Pets, Lego games, Target’s brand of American Girl dolls, Rock Jams, Leapster, Pokeman, lots more.

  • Larrina

    Has anyone been to the Deptford, Sicklerville or Voorhees area stores? Just curious before I drag the little guy out tomorrow morning 🙂

    • Denise

      Just left the Turnersville store (on Rt 42) and everything was still 30-50% off. I didn’t scan the toys though so it may have been marked down further.

  • Kelly

    I had to return something at Target right before Christmas. The lady in front of me at customer service brought her receipt from a transaction a few weeks before because she had bought a Black Friday deal for something that had gone down in price.

    They chey checked the recept for any other additional price adjustments and credited the card she had used in 5 seconds. I’m digging out the receipt I have from last week’s toy clearance raid for upcoming birthday party gifts and bringing it with me tomorrow.

  • Ems

    Hackettstown NJ is 70 off

  • Theresa

    I was at the East Hanover, NJ Target yesterday and the signs read 30% or more but majority was 30 or 50 nothing was 70% – Did they mark down today?

    Anyone know about the Baby Clearance? Right now it is 30% off at EH but was wondering if it is different at Watchung?