Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 1/15/12

Walgreens Ad Preview Week of 1/15/12

Here is the Walgreens Ad Preview for the week of 1/15/12.  These are just some of the highlighted deals for next week.  Check back on Saturday for the rest of the deals from the full ad.



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  • anon

    i did the tylenol precise deal and a $2 off thermacare coupon spit out of the machine! if i/you still have the q then its a $2 moneymaker!

    • Siobhan

      That coupon is for a 2 count or larger. The RR is for a 1 count.

  • Julie

    Ok I just have questions to ask about Walgreens
    1. First of all I got there and halls cough drops weren’t marked 2/2 so I asked
    and the nice lady told me that I should get to sales papers so I can cut coupons
    out of 1 and use the other to look at!! I had 1.00 off 2 packs so yea .50 each but she wasn’t happy about me using both coupons !!
    2. I did tylenol precise deal I had 4 coupons and after her being so mean I couldn’t believe it when she told me if I don’t split transactions I only get 1 rr so I was shocked but did it my question is I had rr from a previous trip and planned on using them but she said I couldn’t because I would be using two manufacture coupons so how do you ever get to use them? I still felt like I got a good deal but not sure how to use rr from that little trip I got $18. more and I only spent 21.00 so tell me the secret to using them plus my coupons!!

    • Erin S.

      At Walgreens you have to make sure you have the same amount of items in your transaction as you do coupons.

  • Vanessa

    Walgreens is really tricky. This is from Cindy’s BEGINNER section:

    1. You can use a manufacturers coupon on an item and it will produce an RR

    2. You can use an RR to pay for a transaction of different product which offers an RR and it will produce an RR. (see #6 below for the exception)

    3. RRs are considered a manufacturers coupon

    4. Walgreens coupons from the circular are considered store coupons not manufacturers coupons

    5. You can use a manufacturer coupon along with a Walgreens coupon

    6. You can not use an RR to pay for the same product or even from the same company to get another RR deal. For instance if you purchased the St. Ives as I mentioned above and received your $2.99 RR you can not use that RR to buy another St. Ives.

    7. Only 1 RR will print out per transaction for the same item. For instance, if you purchased 2 St. Ives only 1 RR would print. However, if you purchased 1 St. Ives and another RR deal item both would print.

    8. This one is a little bit tricky but very important. You have to have the same number of manufacturer coupons per items in one transaction. Keep in mind that an RR is considered a manufacturer coupon. For instance, if you had 2 items in your transaction and you had a manufacturer coupon for each item and you wanted to use an RR in the transaction, then you would have to put in a small filler item so the register will not beep. It could be a $.10 item (if you can find them). Just as long as there are 3 items for the 3 manufacturer coupons you were using.

    Hope that helps. You can read her full post in the BEGINNER section, top right of the page and go to Walgreens.


    • Regina

      That helped a whole lot. Thanks so much!

  • Jay

    Holiday clearance items (75% off) are usually a good place to find fillers if you need them. Otherwise, check the walgreens-flyer coupons for cheap stuff, like $0.50 cans of chicken broth or whatever. Those coupons, in the ad flyer, don’t count toward the “manufacturer coupon” total discussed above.

  • Does anyone know if the $2/1 Alka-Seltzer coupon in the Jan. Walgreens coupon book will work on Alka-Seltzer Plus? If so, I’m thinking I could buy 5 (should be $3.49 each if the prices are the same as what’s on the website) and use (5) $2/1 from RP 10/23, making it free +$5RR.

    • Lucy

      This didnt work for most people. You can check out all the coments in previos coupon match up. I decided to not even try after all the problems people were having. Hope this helps

      • Jessica M.

        Okay, I remembered the previous deal but didn’t make it to Walgreens that week to try it. I wondered why it wasn’t included here–makes sense now. Thanks for your help!

  • H

    Not happy with walgreens manager told me I could not use there coupon combine with a manufactors coupon. I flip