Walmart: Benefiber Money Maker

Walmart: Benefiber Money Maker

Walmart has a great deal on Benefiber sticks! The 3 packs cost $1.98 each and there is a coupon for $5/2 and a coupon  for $3/1! Both make this deal a money maker!

Here is the deal:


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Thanks SavetheCoupons!

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  • Betty

    Thanks Cindy!doubt my store has this but it’s worth a shot!

  • Alex Tustin

    Has anyone been able to find these at ANY store, they have been reported at CVS as well but I have had 0 luck finding them. If so where were they located in the store???

    • Nikki

      I found them at CVS in the vitamin section of the store. They were hanging on a little plastic tab thingy.

      • c

        yes, they’re near the vitamins on the endcap hanging.
        and they are a moneymaker if you do the buy $20, get $10 ECB deal o nthem.
        i did this:
        (6) 3-stick packs @ $1.57 each
        (1) benefiber canister @ $10.79

        total: 20.21

        used : (3) $5/2 any benefiber
        (1) $1/1 any benefiber

        paid 4.21, got $10 ECB

        it didn’t print manually, but when i showed cashier, he agreed that the 3-stick packs weren’t excluded.

        good luck.
        i know once something appears on this site, it’s usually pretty hard to find!!! lol

        • Jessica

          The coupons didnt beep at all? I am planning on using 4 $3/1 and 4 $2/1 and I will also be using 4 $5/2. And if the ECB doesnt print out I just show the cashier and he will print it out? Thanks

          • hanna

            I used $3.00 coupons and $2.00 coupons and paid $1.00 opp
            then got $10.00 EB from CVS.
            Thanks for posting!

    • Julianna

      Our Walmart had them on one side of a big display in the action alley by the pharmacy.

  • Shannon

    Once the page loads after printing there is another coupon for $2 off any Benefiber product that can be used to make a small profit as well…

    • Adreanne


  • Mary

    Found them in 1 out of 3 cvs at end of aisle that has the benefiber. They were hanging up. The coupon beeped at the register and the cashier adjusted the coupon down, so not a moneymaker but at least free!

  • V

    hope my walmart has these!

  • Nikki

    Nice! Thank you! I had my first issue at a Walmart about an hour away from my apartment last week. The woman said she couldn’t give me money back. Then tells me to go buy a larger product. Then tells me I can purchase only the bread because the coupons were all over the product worth… I said no, no, no.. I want my overage to get me my bread. I was understanding and nice to her. I’ll never go back there because it’s an hour away (had to drive over there for work) so.. it didn’t bother me too much to have a fight with her =P

    • c

      i know what you mean, nikki!
      i stopped shopping at walmart altogether about six months ago because i had a problem w/ coupons every single time. and the cashiers were so rude about it that i just decided to stop trying.
      i’ve been a much happier couponer! lol

      happy you got your stuff, though, in the end!

      • Nikki

        The Walmart where I live is super nice. I’ve never once had a problem with them. Even when I had an overage. They just put it on a gift card. The other day my total for three razors and bread came to .24 and the woman actually was like “Listen, my house is down the street if you wanna come and coupon over there..” In most cases, it really depends on the cashier.

  • Jen

    I always have problems at Walmart with the cashiers and my overages. So now every time I go to Walmart I bring their coupon policy with me (found on their website) and show them that their policy states that: “If coupon value exceeds the price of the item, the excess may be given to the customer as cash or applied toward the basket purchase.”

    • Laura

      I didn’t know that was there policy. Thanks so much!

      • Kris

        I carry the policy with me because I ALWAYS have a problem – no one ever knows what to do and half the time they try to adjust down the coupon once they are finally told to take it. I feel like I have to educate a new cashier every time I go. I wouldn’t bother except the overages are useful, but boy, do people regret getting behind me, even though I rarely use more than 4 or 5 coupons.

  • Wendy

    Where are the 3 stick packs in Walmart? I found the regular size Benefiber, but not the 3 stick packs.

  • Brianne

    Anyone on the east coast find these? I am in CT and was in two different walmarts today looking for these and they didn’t have them anywhere. Trying to see if it’s highly regional before I head to a third one to check it out. I will try my CVS tomorrow though

    • Wendy

      I’m in NY state and I can’t find them either.