*CLOSED*4 Hour Giveaway: White Cloud Tissues Quick Giveaway & Coupon! Hurry!!

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White Cloud Tissues Quick Giveaway & Coupon

Did you know that White Cloud Facial Tissues will be replacing the Great Value Brand of tissues at Walmart?  It is currently in a 900 store test market right now.  The prices start as low as $0.84 so it sounds like we can all get some good deals!  White Cloud’s “Something Smarter Just Popped Up!” campaign let’s you have it all, a great design and awesome quality.  It’s everything you expect from a premium quality facial tissue without breaking the bank!  There are also multiple cute package designs to choose from – check out the picture below!

We have a quick giveaway for today!  This giveaway will be up and last for 4 hours, so get your entries in fast!!  We will have (5) five winners and each winner will receive 6 boxes of White Cloud facial tissues (3 Supreme and 3 Supreme with Lotion).

And we all can be winners here, go to White Cloud’s Facebook Page  and you can score a coupon for a free 90 Count box of Facial Tissues when you buy White Cloud Bath Tissue Product.  Here is what to do: “like” White Cloud on Facebook.  Then you put in your zip code so you can receive the proper coupon for your area (the facial tissues are not in every store yet).  Some of us will receive the free 90 count tissues and others (including me) will receive a $1 off any white cloud bath tissue or paper towel product.

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know which fun and unique White Cloud Tissue box design you like most in the picture above and why?  Entries are now closed.  Thank you to everyone that entered.  Look for the winners announcement post tomorrow afternoon!

The Fine Print:

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Today, February 9th at 6pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

LRWC is a White Cloud Blogger.  As part of the program, LRWC is compensated for the time and effort spent to create this post.  As is always the case here on Living Rich With Coupons, all opinions are my own and are NEVER influenced by any other parties…ever!

426 thoughts on “*CLOSED*4 Hour Giveaway: White Cloud Tissues Quick Giveaway & Coupon! Hurry!!”

  1. Mary says:

    I love flower power the best!

  2. Jill e says:

    #11 cuz it would rock the bathroom and bring in some cool color!

  3. Marie says:

    Butterfly—my bathroom is all butterflies.

  4. Melissa says:

    I love Zen # 14 because it matches my decor!

  5. Laura says:

    #3 the butterflies. It’s so colorful and really pops!

  6. pinkcupcake says:

    I love #1. The purple tulips remind me of spring. I cannot wait for my tulips to come up and for the warm weather to come!

  7. Francesca says:

    They are all nice, but I think my favorite is the Cherry Blossoms. They are so pretty!

  8. Wendy says:

    Love the tulips #1…makes me think of Spring!

  9. Jenn says:

    I like #5 cherry blossoms because I love these flowers.

  10. Andrea C. says:

    Love Tulips so have to pick #1

  11. susan says:

    I love Asian Red. It has just the right amount of color without being obnoxious!!!

  12. Jen says:

    #4 Goldfish…It is unique 🙂

  13. lynda says:

    love the tulips

  14. Rory D says:

    #7 Blue Blossom….matches my bathroom!

  15. Kris says:

    Ooooh, number 8. It just really caught my eye and will go with all of my rooms due it’s softness in color. (Admittedly I do like numbers 7 and 3 due to the striking boldness of the colors, but they won’t go anywhere in my house!)

  16. Rachel says:

    #13 – fun for my daughter 🙂

  17. Matthew says:

    Goldfish is my favorite because my 20 month old daughter looooves them!!

  18. Nicole Cummings says:

    #3 is awesome love the butterflies!

  19. Elizabeth says:

    #13 cheerful!

  20. Hannah S. says:

    I like #12 Modern Mum. It’s fun and festive and could add some pizzazz to the room.

  21. Amy says:

    Purple power! #1 is the bomb!

  22. Goldfish! (We just got a tank!)

  23. Cathy says:

    I like #9 Night Flower. Very different and cool looking

  24. Linda Pickle says:

    #8, Misty Mauve

  25. Nina Mako says:

    ooooo it will be # 12 Modern Mum, cause when my mum sees what I got her for Valentines Day, she is going to need these!

  26. esther says:

    i like #1…it matches my bathroom decor

  27. Bridgette says:

    I love the flower power-awesome flowers-so happy!

  28. Arianna says:

    #5! it is so pretty and matches the green in my bathroom!

  29. melissa polley says:

    I love the star fish… It reminds me of a sunny day that he beach with the kids.. I use to live in florida..

  30. Adreanne says:

    #5 – I love Cherry Blossoms!

  31. Becky says:

    #3, Butterfly because the colors/contrast are so bold.

  32. Kim says:

    I like the modern mum. I live in a house with my husband and 2 boys so anything that is blue for them and has something girlish for me on it is a plus!!

  33. Dawn says:

    I like #4, the goldfish, the best. It’s fun and whimsical.

  34. Anonymous says:

    #8 is my favorite. Misty Mauve is really pretty.

  35. HWMom says:

    #1 – Purple tulips. I’m a sucker for anything purple and flowers!

  36. kim t says:

    # 8 misty mauve for sure my daughter loves purple and this one is so pretty

  37. Cheryl Barnett Saves says:

    My livingroom is red/black and gold and I can never find a box to match. I love the “Night flower design”

  38. Melanie Ward says:

    I like box #1 with the iris’s on them. Maybe beccause they’re one of the first flowers to bloom in my flower beds and I’m ready for spring

  39. Martina says:

    I like #7 Blue Blossom, it has nice colors that can combine with almost everything on any room.

  40. Nancy says:

    I love the cherry blossoms box because it reminds me of summer. Come on summer…!!!!!!!

  41. dana says:

    l love flower power…my daughter would love this in her room….since being born in the sixties is the cool thing….again….she’s 10….

  42. brittany says:

    starfish..i can look at it and dream that im on vacation!

  43. Gwen says:

    I’m liking number 7!:)

  44. wilma says:

    I like #10 candles very soothing

  45. Miriam says:

    #7 Blue Blossom- LOVE the colors! It is fresh, fun and elegant!

  46. Laurie M. says:

    I like the Goldfish ones – cute for summer!

  47. Jacob says:

    The design has a cool abstract feeling to it but if you look at it close enough, you also see a flower. Really neat.

  48. Sabrina bell says:

    I love the starfish because it would match my bathroom decor. And I loooove the goldfish! It is so cute and creative. I love to watch fish, they are so relaxing.

  49. Lisa says:

    I think #4 Goldfish is great! It’s so much fun to keep in the bathroom since it looks like a mini aquarium. I like the clean look of the box too. : )

  50. sharon says:

    I like the #6 (Rosegarden) because it reminds me of spring and flowers blooming,and spring showers,and warmth!

  51. Kelly says:

    I like the starfish because I am a huge fan of the shore. I am counting down the days until warmer weather when I can play on the beach with my kids!

  52. julie says:

    i love the starfish pattern! i am a preschool teacher and my class is called the starfish class so i need them for the classroom 🙂

  53. Kristina says:

    # 8 is my favorite. Misty Mauve is really pretty!

  54. Kathy says:

    Love the purple tulips! Can’t wait for spring!

  55. Wendy says:

    #13 Flower Power- love the bright colors!

  56. S says:

    #8 is so pretty I love the floral look.

  57. Heather C says:

    I like the nightflower. It’s different than what you normally see on a tissue box!

  58. Frosty says:

    The Rose Garden #6 is gorgeous! Pink roses are my favorite and since Valentine’s Day is next week it makes me smile!!

  59. Elizabeth Ferrell says:

    I love the candles. I think it’s fantastic to have a candle design since I keep my tissues on the same table as my candles (when the candles aren’t lit of course)

  60. Raquel says:

    I love #5 cherry blossoms because they remind me of my engagement to my husband!

  61. reeet says:

    #3…Butterflies….as I love the freedom in my life and they represent that to me

  62. Gwen says:

    I like #1….cause its PURPLE….my favorite color!!! 🙂

  63. Natasha says:

    Number 9, night flower. It reminds me dandelions floating.

  64. LindsayG says:

    I like #6 rose garden… It would be perfect just in time for Valentine’s Day!

  65. MARY says:

    I like the droplets best – soothing green plus artful photography that would be fun to look at on my end table. My daughter would totally want the butterfly though cause she is 7! lol

  66. Michelle Burkhart says:

    love #15. Since I moved away from the east coast 10 years ago, I miss the beach so much. I’ve decorated by bathroom with a beach scene and these would be perfect in there.

  67. Aprille says:

    I like # 6 – Pink Roses are my absolute favorite!

  68. DHM says:

    #1 purple tulips. It would go perfect in my bathroom.

  69. Kathleen says:

    #1 – the Purple Tulips…..it really catches my eye!

  70. Jennifer B. says:

    The Modern Mum will cheer you right through a cold!

  71. Lady J says:

    # 5 – I have a thing for cherry blossoms. For about 10 years now, I’ve been meaning to go to D.C. and walk the tidal basin when the cherry blossoms are in bloom, but haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe this spring . . .

  72. kathryn says:

    #3 its different from all the other types of tissue boxes

  73. Allison says:

    #13- Flower Power- this one is so bright and enticing!

  74. Kim Sahr says:

    #1 I love anything purple!

  75. kate says:

    #3-Butterflies are my border in my bathroom

  76. Peggy says:

    I just love white cloud products can’t wait to get the tissues in our area. Love the cover #12 Modern Mum.

  77. Valerie Theberge says:

    I love the night flower box because is the perfect design for my bedroom.

  78. Carol B says:

    I love #1 – purple tulips. It reminds me of Spring… singing birds, sunshine and the smell of freshly mowed grass.

  79. Piya says:

    I love #13 Flower Power! so colourful & vibrant…. shall remind me how life can be so colorful & give the power to move on!

  80. Diana says:

    #5 It would go perfectly with my natural bathroom theme.

  81. Jody says:

    I like #5, Cherry Blossoms. The box would look so pretty on my bedside table.

  82. Jason Crespo says:

    I like #10 the best. I love candles, but mostly it matches the color scheme in my bathroom perfectly.

  83. Cortney says:

    I like Zen because I feel like it would blend in with the decor in many of my rooms!

  84. Jill says:

    #11, Asian red…It’s bright and attractive..

  85. Jolene says:

    Love, Love, Love the Night Flower!!! I love simple black and white!!

  86. Tracey Rankus says:

    I like #15. I have a bathroom full of ocean themed things and I would get this box just for that bathroom….

  87. Stephanie says:

    Droplets…loooove botanicals 🙂

  88. Jaime says:

    #8 The Misty Muave is my favorite,even though they are all nice.They stand out!

  89. Laura says:

    #16 droplets matches my bathroom!

  90. Kelly says:

    I like the rose garden because it reminds me of spring & summer!

  91. Rachel says:

    I love #11- Asian Red. It would definitely put a feminine touch in my home that I share with 2 very sloppy boys!

  92. Jennifer says:

    #5 Cherry Blossom is my favorite because I love the look and color of the flowers.

  93. Rosemarie says:

    Love #5 Cherry Blossoms. This box would actually go good in any room in our house as we just repainted the kitchen, dining room & living room. (Do like #15 Starfish for powder room as that has a beach style)

  94. Rosemarie says:

    Lovin’ the Misty Mauve…the colors are so bright and vibrant! Reminds me of a sunny spring day! 🙂

  95. Jaime says:

    They all stand out.Love the colors.My favorite is the misty muave.

  96. Jill D says:

    I like #9, it matches any room because it’s black and white. And it’s a pretty flower

  97. Rachel says:

    I like Goldfish–cute and fun for the bathroom!

  98. Kristy says:

    I vote for the cherry blossoms because I know spring is right around the corner and I currently have spring fever, but I would choose that design anyday because it is so pretty!

  99. Sanjana says:

    Oh I love most of them.. Can’t decide … Love #1 purple tulips… #5 cherry blossoms … They are so pretty … But I think I like Asian red the most …the design is so artistic … Btw I am Asian .. Go figure ..! 😀

  100. ken lake says:

    i love the starfish

  101. Sarah says:

    The Flower Power! I love how fun and springtime it feels =)

  102. Jaime says:

    The misty muave is beautiful

  103. Deb Dixon says:

    Like the cherry blossoms

  104. Yessenia Ortega says:

    #1 because purple is my favorite color and I JUST got complemented on it on an interview yesterday! ^_^

  105. Rose says:

    # 1 all the way!!

  106. Jaime says:

    The misty Muave is beautiful.They all stick out.Very nice indeed

  107. Jen says:

    #8…..Soft and easy on the eye, Pretty!

  108. Tina Delio says:

    I like #6 Rose Garden best, it reminds me of summer 😉

  109. Jessica says:

    Goldfish, my sons bathroom is an aquarium theme:)

  110. pat says:

    I love the purple tulips. Purple is my favorite color and makes you think of Spring right around the bend especially with some snow coming this weekend

  111. stacy says:

    Pink Floral I just love the color pink

  112. Jennifer B. says:

    Modern Mum will cheer you through a cold!

  113. Phil says:

    Misty Mauve!!

  114. Ara says:

    #5 It’s just delicate & feminine and would look great with my apartment colors.

  115. Debbie says:

    I like #12 modern mum

  116. Elise Sorge says:

    I love the Rose Garden as roses are definitely one of my favorite things and my birthday flower!

  117. carol says:

    Zen…this his how i feel when I get free stuff!

  118. Belinda Stanford says:

    15 ready for the beach.

  119. Jill says:

    Love the night flower! Can’t get the coupon or sample as it says it is not available where I live:(

    1. Jill says:

      Like it because it matches my bathroom

  120. Rita S. says:

    I absolutely love the night flower .. would go great in my living room … hope I win…

  121. micah says:

    i love the bold colorful flowers. they r kid friendly and i have alot of kids.

  122. Linda says:

    I like #15 – the star fish – reminds me of my childhood vacations in Florida!

  123. samantha byrer says:

    #1 is my favorite!! Purple is my favorite color and tulips are my favorite flower. Perfect pair up 🙂

  124. laurie says:

    i like the gold fish becuse i love fish tanks

  125. melissa Hellmann says:

    Asian Red

  126. Mike says:

    Asian REd – matches my bathroom!

  127. Kathy Schade says:

    I like the purple tulips the best but the butterflies are also very pretty. I love things with shocking colors.

  128. I love #12 because it’s so different and the colors are really bright and FUN!!!

  129. Tiffany says:

    I love#15 because it reminds me of vacation…something I think we ALL look forward to!! Ahh nice relaxing beach =)

  130. Janet says:

    i love the Cherry Blossom! Here is a poem for Cindy!
    The cherry blossom trees are bending over
    Their petals are falling on the grass
    Cindy is my hero
    Living Rich website is a blast

  131. Jennifer says:

    #11 Asian Red is beautiful!! The box matches the design of my bathroom – it would look so cute sitting in it!

  132. regina rutigliano says:

    Starfish! Matches my bathroom decor 🙂

  133. nazia says:

    I love #12

  134. Phillyg says:

    I like the goldfish because its cute – 🙂

  135. Susan R says:

    #15 Starfish….reminds me of being on vacation….(a much needed vacation)

  136. Allie says:

    Love the Pink Flower-just because it’s PINK!!! 🙂 What’s better than pink and flowers??

  137. Heather says:

    I like box 16, it really matches the blues, greens and browns in my living room 🙂

  138. Lisa K. says:

    I like #15 the starfish. Its a very dramatic look for a tissue box! and would look great in my room!!

  139. Becky says:

    #12…..Love the colors on that one!

  140. GJ says:

    I like #1 Purple Tulips because I love purple and tulips are my favorite flower.

  141. Erin says:

    I love the Goldfish print. Very cute!

  142. Ericka Poletti says:

    I love the purple tulips. Thanks for the coupon got the 1.00 of toilet paper. That’s good!

  143. Heather says:

    Number 11 is beautiful. No need to hide the box of tissues!

  144. Rose says:

    #6 my name is Rose so I love these…

  145. Bonny F. says:

    The Misty Mauve (#8) is my favorite design! I love the colors, how simple it is, and it can go it any room.

  146. Laura says:

    I like the night flower. There is something that is hauntingly beautiful about it

  147. Jeanette Schulman says:

    #9 night flower because I love black and white and it matches my kitchen

  148. kathy c says:

    The zen box because the rock design matches my outdoorsy theme throughout my hosue

  149. Becca says:

    I really like the misty muave (#8)! The colors just remind me of the beginning of spring, which is refreshing considering the crappy winter weather we have outside right now :\

  150. Stefanie says:

    #13 is super cute and fun, especially for my daughter’s room- she likes “girly” tissues in her room! LOL

  151. Erin says:

    I like design #9 Night Flower the best! Would go lovely in my home!

  152. Bethany says:

    I like the Asian red #11- they’re really cool!

  153. tinap says:

    flower power reminds me of spring…. can’t wait for it!

  154. Patty says:

    #1 I love, love love, purple and yellow tulips, reminds me spring is right around the corner!

  155. Alison says:

    I love #9, because it is so different from what you normally see on tissue boxes! It’s not overly feminine but still looks pretty.

  156. Jay says:

    I like “Zen”.. It’s subtle, and matches my other bathroom stuff 🙂

  157. Jen says:

    #8 Misty mauve is really pretty!! It goes with my sorority colors 🙂

  158. Shellyne Brown says:

    I’m loving all the designs!

  159. Margaret Kuzar says:

    I love box #15 the Starfish. I have never been to the beach and it lifts my spirits with the thought of one day making it to the beach.

  160. marie says:

    Night Flower is gorgeous. Looks classy, worthy of being placed on a nightstand without sticking out in a negative way.

  161. Shari Shehata says:

    13! Flower Power… because I am sooooooooooo ready for Spring! 🙂

  162. angela says:

    i like 15 matches my bathroom

  163. liana says:

    who doesn’t like a deal on tissue and toilet paper!! I like the blue blossom.

  164. Wendy A says:

    #3 Butterfly – they are just so beautiful & calming 🙂

  165. Terri gladden says:

    Purple tulips……my granddaughter loves purple

  166. Bunny says:

    Cherry Blossom is my favorite!

    1. Bunny says:

      Because spring is coming soon…

  167. chris says:

    #1 purple tulips, can’t wait until spring!

  168. Terri says:

    Love Flower Power cuz it’s fun and colorful!

  169. ann says:

    Modern Mum

  170. An says:

    #11 Asian Red….because I am fancy.

  171. lisa says:


  172. Tracey says:

    Flower Power for this girl

  173. Bree says:

    #7 Blue Blossom

  174. Laura says:

    The butterfly! My 2 1/2 year old daughter has loved butterflies since she was born. Ive watched her turn from a newborn to a beautiful little girl, just like butterflies they start as a cocoon & blossom into a beautiful colorful butterfly.

  175. Kelli drube says:

    #12 I love the combo of the blue and yellow!

  176. Chris says:

    The flowered one because it looks like spring!!!

  177. kirk romaine says:

    #3, butterfly.. remids me of the butterfly kisses my mom used to give me:-)

  178. Pam says:

    I like the purple tulips because purple is my favorite color.

  179. Margarett Fraser says:

    I love #10 the candles. I have COPD and use tissues often, But can’t use candles anymore.. I love that I can still have the image of candles around me.

  180. Dawn Holgersen says:

    I love the Asian Red. I’m a big fan of nice prints. When I’m grabbing my tissues, I actually pay attention to the print on the box!

  181. Michele says:

    #10__CANDLES and the bold beautiful color reminds of the summer and goes with just about any decor.

  182. Mary says:

    Starfish #15 is my favorite! I love starfish & it reminds me of fun times @ the Beach!

  183. Nicole B says:

    Love the roses because they coordinate with my dining and living rooms. With 4 kids, we have a box in every room!!

  184. nicolle hadley says:

    Pink floral….it is so cute and it matches my decorations! =) }ove it!

  185. Kimberly Lorman says:

    I like the #9 – Night Flower – I really like the box and would look perfect in any room of mine.

  186. Michele says:

    Although, now that I think about, if it’s free, I’ll like anything!

  187. Jules says:

    Gotta love #15. Who wouldn’t blow their nose with a starfish.

  188. Leah says:

    I like the cherry blossoms b/c it is a great reminder that spring is JUST around the corner! 🙂

  189. Didi says:

    I love # 7.Beautiful!

  190. Shell Holland says:

    I like #12 because I like the bright colors and they go good together.

  191. c says:

    we like no. 7, blue blossom.
    it looks like lavendar, and that’s our favorite color!
    toddlers require lots of tissues! love this giveaway idea!

  192. Elaine says:

    Butterflies are my favorite:)..

  193. Chris says:

    # 1 purple tulip! Reminds me of spring…can’t wait!

  194. yazmin says:

    I Like #15 Starfish— it reminds me of the wonderful beaches in Costa rica… and goes well with my bathroom. 🙂

  195. Sandra says:

    I love “purple tulips” they make me feel like i’m in nature…

  196. Stephanie S. says:

    I like the Night Flower. There’s just something about black and white that I find appealing and classic.

  197. Giovanna says:

    #5 cherry blossoms, I love the color combination, and I think it would look great in my bathroom!

  198. Evan says:

    I like #10 (candles) the best because candles evoke calmness–something you’d like to feel in your bathroom! (Plus it’s a neutral color and would go well with multiple types of decor.)

  199. ZEN #14 The box goes with any color scheme,and would look good in any room.

  200. arizia says:

    Cherry Blossoms!!! Brings the spring on!

  201. Michaela says:

    My girls said that they love #13 Flower Power.

  202. Rachel says:

    I like #13. It’s colorful and makes me happy!

  203. Chrissanne says:

    Night flower… Because its Classy & modern 🙂

  204. Andrea says:

    Love the modern mum. Nice and cheery. Could use some cheeeriness right now… have a rotten cold and my nose is looking like Rudolph’s!

  205. Val says:

    Lovin’ number 9, Night Flower. Looks so sleek and cool!

  206. aileen says:

    The misty muave is beautiful

  207. Melanie Charlesworth says:

    Rose Garden….

  208. Ruth says:

    I like #12 Modern Mum… looks really nice and would coordinate with my room color.

  209. Sebsa says:

    Blue and purple are my favorite colors…so my vote is for #8, Misty Mauve!

  210. Jessica says:

    I love blue blossom, #7. It is pretty.

  211. robyn s says:

    Love the Flower Power–reminds me of spring!

  212. Susan Hallwachs says:

    I like #15 the starfish because it goes with my bathroom decorum.

  213. Kt says:

    #8 Misty Mauve – cool color scheme

  214. Diane says:

    # 11 asain red, would add a nice pop of color in my bathroom!

  215. Jennifer says:

    I would say #5…reminds me of a nice spring morning ..plus Cherry blossom smells good…

  216. Daniella says:

    I think #`1 the Purple Tulips is beautiful, and I know the kids in my elementary music classroom would love it!

  217. Carolyn says:

    #1 Purple Tulips. Looks like spring!

  218. Donna says:

    I like #9, Night Flower because it matches my bathroom!

  219. mike says:

    I like the night flower. It’s black and looks like an x-ray. Kind of cool.

  220. Ruby says:

    Love Cherry Blossoms(#5)… very pretty.

  221. Kristina says:

    I really like #15 (night flower). It is fairly neutral and would go well in any room in my home.

  222. Meredith says:

    I like night flower, will be easy to match in any room

  223. Clover says:

    Flower Power. Sassy!!!

  224. stephanie says:

    #10 the candles it just looks like soothing box to me.

  225. Carolyn C says:

    #13 reminds me of spring!!

  226. Heather says:

    I like droplets, its really pretty!

  227. Matt says:

    Starfish..Because it reminds me of the beach!

  228. Nicole F says:

    #15, Starfish. It makes me think of sitting on a nice warm beach with my toes in the sand!

  229. Stu says:

    I like #15 Starfish as it fits perfectly with our bathroom.

  230. Leeen says:

    I love the #4 Goldfish design because my kids love all things fishy!!!

  231. Cheri says:

    I like #15 starfish-beach theme yeah!

  232. Mark says:

    #15 starfish reminds me of aruba

  233. Rebecca S. says:

    # 12 because it’s fun and would go with my bathroom deco 🙂

  234. Jen says:

    I love #9 night flower! Its simple yet contemporary. And could fit in with the decor of almost any room!!

  235. Heather says:

    I love the butterfly design. Of course maybe it’s because I’m wishing it were spring/summer and not dealing with snow!

  236. letessha says:

    cherry blossom–so cute

  237. LR says:

    I like the Starfish #15 because I love the water!

  238. Joan says:

    #13, it’s fun and colorful.

  239. Rachel C. says:

    #3 I love butterflies

  240. Jennifer S. says:

    I love the Misty Mauve! The colors are so bright and pretty.

  241. Purvi says:

    I like #5 Cherry Blossoms because when they bloom it means that my favorite season, spring has sprung!

  242. Jennifer says:

    I love # 11 – Matches my living room :o)

  243. KT says:

    #13 because its funky!

  244. Tina Fitzhugh says:

    Number 13 will go good in my tweens room she really likes it and I like number 3 looks like my tattoo

  245. Chung says:

    I like #13

  246. Shannon says:

    #12…reminds that spring will eventually get here =)

  247. Sherri says:

    Purple Tulips box because I love the color purple and it is great how they made this a bold captivating design.

  248. mike b says:

    #11 Asian Red,,,,,Those colors are HOT!!!!!!!!

  249. Nicole M says:

    #8 misty mauve because it looks like hydrangea..my favorite flower!

  250. Nicole says:

    #14!!!! would match so deliciously
    nice in my bathroom!!

  251. Glenda White says:

    I like the starfish (#15) because I live by the ocean:)

  252. Stephanie says:

    I like #13…the flowers remind me of spring!

  253. Valora Palmer says:

    Blue Blossom…I think it looks classy.

  254. BOsorio says:

    #14 because its the most manly one!

  255. Angela says:

    #5. Love that color green!

  256. rose says:

    I’m in love with night flower #9

  257. Nishi says:

    Asian red!

  258. Rebecca says:

    I like #12 Modern Mum because I like flowers and the color blue.

  259. Brandi says:

    I like the Modern mum colors!

  260. Brooke McFadden says:

    I love the starfish box number $15. It reminds me of summers at the beach!

  261. Michele F. says:

    I like #15 Starfish. It’s different than a typical tissue box. Most boxes are floral. Plus it reminds me of vacations with my boyfriend. We always try to go somewhere near a beach!

  262. Susan says:

    I like #6 Rose Garden. It is simple and elegant.

  263. rachel dumbauld says:

    #5 cherry blossom. easiest to match with decors to me.

  264. Sue says:

    I like the Purple Tulips the best. Love the colors and it looks just like a photograph.

  265. DonnaM says:

    Blue Blossom for me !!

  266. Natalie says:

    I like #4 The Goldfish, because it’s fun and cute! 🙂

  267. frankie says:

    I like number 15, the starfish. It reminds me of warm weather and the ocean.

  268. karin says:

    #4 Goldfish. It’s funny and it makes me smile!

  269. Tina says:

    I’m caught between #9-Night Flower & #14-Zen… They are Both Very attractive & could be placed & displayed anywhere thruout the home.

  270. cheryl manna says:

    #8 Misty mauve, it reminds me of the coming spring season and lilacs.

  271. Laurie says:

    I like the Cherry Blossoms because they are beautiful!

  272. Kris Kaiser-Hipp says:

    Number 15, the Starfish because it reminds me of my favorite place- the beach !!

  273. Karen C says:

    #5 Cherry Blossom–bring a little Spring into your home!

  274. I like #3 the butterflies, but it is followed by a close #1 the purple tulips.

  275. Kate says:

    the starfish ones. It reminds me of sun, sand and fun!!

  276. Lar says:

    #6 Roses! Have to be to celebrate Valentines day next week!

  277. Lili says:

    #5. I love cherry bossoms smell 🙂

  278. stacey says:

    #9 Night flower 🙂

  279. Carole says:

    The #15 Starfish would be a nice touch in the family room that has a ‘beachy’ decor.

  280. Tom says:

    #16 droplets…it looks green and natural!

  281. Lori says:

    #1 purple tulips…cuz i love purple AND that’s the color of my bathroom!

  282. Melissa says:

    #16 droplets because I like anything green!

  283. Joyce says:

    I love #1 Purple Tulip. That is one of my favorite flowers.

  284. Joseph says:

    #6 – Matches my wifes decor and with Valentine’s right around the corner, it’s more roses I get to give her…lol. Thanks.

  285. Livy says:

    Love #5 cherry blossoms hopefully one day I’ll get around to the festival.

  286. Ro says:

    The zen one is my favorite!

  287. Olga says:

    Starfish, #15

  288. Brenda Wynn says:

    Number 13 really jumped out at me!! It’s so happy-lious!! It would cheer up anyone who was feeling “under the weather” & using them alot. The bright colors also reminds me of my almost 2 year old granddaughter….that’s enough there to make me want to buy it:)

  289. Colleen says:

    #2 pink floral. I just can’t resist anything pink:)

  290. karen says:

    i love #13 cuz it’s so zippy:)

  291. Melissa says:

    I luv butterflies…..#3 it is!

  292. Brooke H. says:

    #7 Because flowers are just so pretty and are a good way to cheer someone up.

  293. lori says:

    Im loving the modern mum, kinda makes me feel springish lol!!

  294. brianna says:

    I like the goldfish, matched my bathroom!

  295. Kristi says:

    I like the #1 Purple Tulips design. It’s very pretty and reminds me that spring is almost here!

  296. Michelle says:

    I like #3 Butterfly. I collect anything to do with butterflies and my house is decorate with them all over!!

  297. marisa says:

    asian red! would match the livingroom 🙂

  298. Leanna says:

    #10 Candles is my favorite – very relaxing!!!!!

  299. DANA B. says:

    blue blossom!!!

    1. DANA B. says:

      i love the flower!

  300. Karen says:

    Misty Mauve………….. pretty colors 🙂

  301. michelle says:

    I like #10, candles…very neutral and would match both my bathrooms! 🙂

  302. Barb says:

    Luck Number #13 Flower Power brings back memories of my youth!

  303. sonila says:

    love the new design!

  304. Jessica says:

    Cherry Blossoms – reminds me of Washington DC

  305. abby says:

    #15 Starfish… takes me to a peaceful, beachy place!

  306. Kristy says:

    I’m in love with the Night Flower design. It fits my style perfectly!

  307. Monica Short says:

    love #1 purple tulips with a cold day like today it makes me think of spring.

  308. Jeanna says:

    I like #11 Asian Red, because it would go with the decor in my house!

  309. kelli says:

    Misty Muave, #8, because the colors will go with my decor and it is super pretty!

  310. Danine says:

    My goodness…..I love all of the designs and it’s hard to pick just one. They are very colorful and will brighten up any room. I’ll go with the Night Flower design.

  311. Jamie Jewell says:

    #6 because,
    Roses are Red
    Violets are Blue
    I love shopping
    and couponing too!

  312. Kelly says:

    I like number 12! It seems so fun and whimsical almost. 🙂

  313. Jen D says:

    I love number 16 because it’s so pretty and realistic!

  314. Diana Diana says:

    The Night Flower is the best design for me because it matches my whole house design and it fits my personalty perfectly. =)

  315. Carlene says:

    I like # 13 Flower Power. It just look fun to me

  316. Tania says:

    #15 – starfish & #5 cherry blossoms
    Reminds me of family vacations…I need to be reminded of these memories during my crazy days at the office! I need A LOT of these boxes around the office to help me release stress.

  317. Coleen says:

    I like #9 Night Flower because it is unusual. You don’t usually see such dark colors.

  318. Rita says:

    I like #5, its pretty and subtle.

  319. Shannon says:

    I like #12!

  320. ruchi says:

    starfish!!! i have a starfish theme for the kids bathrooms i am working on. lovely!!

  321. mitchell f says:

    #15 starfish

  322. Kami says:

    I like #5

  323. Brady says:

    I like the flower power because I think it may inspire my girls to actually use tissues!

  324. Allison says:

    My daughter likes #13 so I will let her pick this one!

  325. rosanne says:

    love the butterfly design !

  326. Didi says:

    I like #16 droplets, because it would go really well with the ‘green scheme’ going on in my room.

  327. Jen says:

    purple tulip would look great in my bathroom 🙂

  328. Meg Bauer says:

    I always plant purple tulips so #1 is my favorite and makes me think that spring is almost here!

  329. NL says:

    We’d love to try #4 Goldfish. My kids would get a big kick out of that design, particularly since they’re constantly asking for us to buy fish as pets!

  330. Kristine says:

    I love # 16. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!!

  331. #16 – Droplets!! Nothing better than seeing nature after a rain! And, green is my favorite color! hehe

  332. Andies says:

    #5 Cherry Blossom , very pretty

  333. Carrie says:

    I like Night Flower. Not your usual design on a tissue box!

  334. Anita says:

    No. 12 is my absolute fave! The cherry blossoms remind me of my grad school days in Washington D.C. 🙂

  335. Dijah4 says:

    I love bright colors so Flower Power is my favorite.

  336. Emily says:

    #1 purple tulips because they are my favorite flower.

  337. Anita says:

    Yikes! I meant to type…
    No. 5 is my absolute fave! The cherry blossoms remind me of my grad school days in Washington D.C.

  338. Anita says:

    No. 5 is my absolute fave! The cherry blossoms remind me of my grad school days in Washington D.C.

  339. Jackie says:

    I like #4 (Goldfish). It’s cute and would match my bathroom.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  340. Stephanie says:

    I love #5 cherry blossom! It will look lovely in my bathroom!

  341. Jen says:

    I like the goldfish and starfish. Those really are unique to tissue boxes!

  342. Dana C says:

    #13 – Flower Power! I think I was a hippie in my past life…LOL

  343. Marsha says:

    I like #13 because it matches my daughters bathroom perfectly!

  344. Bunny says:

    I enjoy hot summer weather…so the starfish cover box reminds me of the beach!

  345. liz says:

    Anything with flowers is good with me brightens up a room. If I had to pick one of the flower designs it would be #5 cherry blossoms.

  346. Nanda says:

    The Night Flower.

  347. Cristin says:

    I love anything PINK so it is a toss up between #2 and #6- but I’d have to go with #6.

  348. Dee2 says:

    #5 Cherry Blossoms because I love cherry blossoms. I’m going to Japan to visit my daughter during the Cherry Blossom Festival.

  349. Annabelle says:

    Candles…I think its #10. If you knew how many candles I have in my house that would be a hint as to why. Plus it would look great in my bathroom.

  350. Erin says:

    I like the purple tulips. I love purple and these remind me of spring!!

  351. Shirley says:

    #15 reminds me of summer and Jersey today is so cold eventhough we have had warmer weather I’m ready for some fun in the sun!!!

  352. Jennifer B. says:

    I love the Purple Tulips, I believe it’s #1. Purple is my favorite color and that design makes me feel very happy when you see it. It’s very eye-catching.

  353. Kris I. says:

    I like the starfish because my bathroom is an ocean theme

  354. Des says:

    I LOVE # 1 tulips and the color purple are my favs!

  355. Stephanie says:

    #15 starfish- it will match my bathroom

  356. Patty M. says:

    I like #4 Goldfish. I have kids, so it would be fun for them. They would probably use the box for a background. They are into drawing fish and taping them around right now.

  357. Katrina Seavers says:

    #16-Droplets…thinking SPRING : )

  358. Margie says:

    I Love Number 2-Pink Floral because I’m always am looking for pretty pink boxes for my bathroom.

  359. Jessie says:

    I like Misty Mauve – pretty colors

  360. Jamie L says:

    I love #5 Cherry Blossoms!! 5 is my lucky # and I love Cherry Blossoms! Great design for a tissue box!!!

  361. Akku says:

    i like # 12 as it raises my mood when lookign at it!

  362. Melissa R says:

    I love #10 Night Flower design…. It’s so pretty.

  363. Ana says:

    I like #11 asian red…it looks really fun and bright but still sophisticated with its golden design!

  364. erin says:

    #13 makes me think of summer

  365. Tanya S. says:

    #9 – Night Flower. I like to bet on black..LOL

  366. Alicia says:

    #16, droplets…original design & makes me think of the outdoors!

  367. smyrna graham says:

    i like the misty mauve

  368. Vikki says:

    I like #6 Rose Garden, would go well with my rose themed bathroom.

  369. Hue Tran says:

    I like #11 Asian Red, because we just finish celebrating Chinese/Vietnamese New Year and it reminds me of all the fun and partying we had with our friends and families.

  370. sylvia says:

    Rose garden….roses are an awesome flower.

  371. terri says:

    The purple tulips make me think of spring!

  372. Aimee H says:

    Oh my! The night flower is so pretty! I like the simplicity of the black and white design.

  373. Haseena says:

    I like #9- love the look and the name “night flower” would look great in my bathroom.

  374. helen says:

    reminds me of warm weather

  375. Danielle says:

    I like #5 Cherry Blossom

  376. Cynthia Mack says:

    #8 love the color. It reminds me the poppy flower.

  377. kat says:

    #11- goes with my room

  378. Sue says:

    My favorite is #8 – Misty Mauve—it just caught my eye and will go with alot. A close 2nd is the candles.

  379. Grandma Bird says:


  380. Christina says:

    I like design #3, the flower is pretty!

  381. Julie says:

    #1 since its so bright~

  382. Linda says:

    I like #1- purple tulips. I love purple!

  383. Joanne says:

    I like #15 because it makes me feel like I’m at the beach! B-)

  384. Melissa Duvall says:

    #8-Reminds me of Spring!!

  385. sharon says:

    I love #4 it is cute!

  386. Claire says:

    I love #13!! Seems so much fun and puts me in a great mood 🙂

  387. Abby Kraynick says:

    #3 is very pretty ♥ I LOVE all the colors ♥

  388. Rhoda S says:

    #5 is very pretty. Yes, #5 it is.

    1. Rhoda S says:

      because it would look great in any area of my house. 🙂

  389. Carol says:

    Misty Mauve. Reminds me of my grandmonther. What a wonderful woman she was.

  390. Mj says:

    My favorite is #13 – I’ve always said I have the same taste as a 12 year old girl 🙂

  391. Col says:

    Love the flowers on #5 …. so pretty

  392. Julie Miller says:

    Flower Power! #13

  393. Nicole Langford says:

    #3…the colors are stunning and warm!

  394. Patricia Collins says:

    Love the Rose Garden,it’s my fav flower

  395. Joe M says:

    I like the Starfish design because I love the beach and miss the Summer. It is design number 15

  396. Lori H says:

    Lucky #7 – Blue Blossom. Very pretty!

  397. Stacie F. says:

    I like #5, Cherry Blossoms, because it matches my bathroom decor!

  398. Natalia says:

    #7- Blue Blossom. I just simply love the color! Caught my eye right away.

  399. Anonymous says:

    I like number 15 it will good with my bathroom

  400. tina barnes says:

    I like starfish one….I live at the beach so it goes with everything in my house.

  401. White on black. Just love it

  402. shellie umfress says:

    I like # 15 🙂

  403. Tink says:

    I like #5 because it’s pink and green (my favorite colors!) plus it looks like real flowers 😀

  404. jennifer F says:

    the rose garden – because it reminds me of spring!

  405. debbie b says:

    i love night flower and misty mauve

  406. Kim says:

    #3 b/c it matches bathroom and is funky

  407. debbie mccarthy says:

    I love the butterfly #3 because it reminds me of my mom who left me 7 years ago and it makes me smile

  408. Cheryl Messick says:

    #02 Pink because it is pretty and would look great in a bathroom, bedroom or guestroom

  409. #13 flower power! Bright and cheery!

  410. Tink says:

    I like #5 because it’s pink and green (my favorite colors!) plus it looks like real flowers

  411. Sherry DeMarcus Dopwell says:

    #9 Night Flower is my fav, because I love the black, gray and white pattern!

  412. Jennifer Pena says:

    I like #7… 🙂

  413. Margie says:

    I like #1 because it’s my favorite color and matches my bathroom!

  414. trudy says:

    #15 Starfish it reminds me of the beach.

  415. Sarah says:

    I love the purple tulips (#1). I LOVE tulips and we have tons of them planted so the box would look great in the spring at our house!

  416. Margaret W. says:

    I love #11, the Asian Red. It doesn’t look like a standard tissue box, it’s actually pretty!

  417. Mike D. says:

    My wife told me I like #6 … LOL

  418. Lori T says:

    #11 Asian Red. My favorite colors together.

  419. Eileen says:

    No 1 – Purple Tulips is so pretty and the colors are so rich!

  420. Kathi Paquette says:

    The #7 Blue Blossom one is really pretty

  421. kathy says:

    #8 misty mauve just love those colors but i have to say it was a hard choice kinda like them all

  422. Ginny says:

    I like the Tulips, reminds me of Spring.

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