Another New Entenmann’s Coupon: Mini Cakes

New Entenmann’s Mini Cakes Coupon

And, I found yet another great new Entenmann’s  Coupon.  This one is for $1 off any Entenmann’s Mini Cakes and was found at zip code: 11236

Print: Entenmann’s Mini Cakes Coupon  (11236)

ShopRite has Entenmann’s Products at 1/2 price this week and the Mini Cakes usually go on sale for around $1.99 when they have a half price sale.  That would make these only $0.99 after coupon!

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  • Laurie

    Mine printed up for muffin tops. Even better 🙂

    • Rocky

      There were two different coupons on different pages. If you click on the link, again, then, click on the Food category on the left, go through those pages and you might still see the mini cakes coupon! Or, you might try the other zips that folks mention, below. It would be a shame not to get both coupons.

  • Robin W

    I could not find the mini cake coupon under 11236, I found a $1/1 Minicake coupon under 12136. Also, a $1/1 MuffinTops coupon under 11949. It is going to be a good Entenmann’s cakes week in my house 🙂

  • nick

    I have never seen these in any store near south jersey

    • Christine R

      Nick, not sure where you are but I’m in SJ and I’ve seen them at my SR in Brooklawn (end cap at the end of the 1st or 2nd aisle, near the deli) and also at the SR’s near my office and on my way home from work (Cherry Hill, Moorestown & Mount Laurel). Ask a manager if you can’t find them. HTH!

  • Jen

    i LOVE these…they tend to be expensive though so i only grab them once in a great while…i tell you what though when i worked at a local gas station the guys would come through who delivered these, thomas english muffins and tastykakes…we could only get the outdated tastykakes but we got fresh entenmann’s and pretty much whatever we wanted….talk about heaven! lol. unfortunately i only met the entenmann’s guy a few weeks before i stopped working there 🙁

  • Mombo

    The Mini Cakes are great and freeze really well.