Cellfire Groundhog Day Giveaway – Win an Amazon Gift Card or a Kindle Fire

Cellfire Groundhog Day Giveaway – Win an Amazon Gift Card or a Kindle Fire

Cellfire is offering a Groundhog Day Giveaway where they will be giving away 200 – $5 Amazon Gift Card and 2 Kindle Fire.  You can view all the details above.  This is open for all stores but you must be a registered Cellfire user to be eligible to win!

Prizes are being distributed randomly throughout the day.

Head over to the Cellfire Page to see if you are a lucky winner.  Let us know if you won!

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  • erinm

    Not a winner…but the guy in the groundhog costume…too funny. Happy Groundhog Day!! After winning the LRWC bags yesterday, I am OK not winning on cellfire. 🙂

  • Michelle

    Doh! Not a winner

  • Laurie

    i’m a loser too LoL

  • phoenix

    didn’t win 🙁

  • Lisa

    No, I was not a winner.

  • red


  • Lauren G.

    not a winner! 🙁

  • Kat

    not a winner 🙁

  • Alicia


  • Jenn

    I am not a wiennnnner…..

  • Raquel

    loser 🙁

  • 🙁

  • Debbie G

    Not a winner !!

  • Arianna

    nope 🙁

  • Jess

    Not a winner!

  • Bonnie

    It says winners chosen throughout the day, wonder how often we need to check, lol. I logged in this morning and I’ll check back after work and dinner…

  • Kim

    Nothing for me.

  • Britt

    Nothing for me.

  • Shirley

    not a winner but made me laugh

  • Laurie A.

    Not a winner 🙁

  • Jenny

    No cigar.

  • sher

    not a winner

  • Tricia

    No go!



  • Jenn


  • MARY


  • Christine

    It’s a no.

  • Bayonne Coupon Queen

    I hope someone from LRWC wins, but it wasn’t me.

  • Michaela

    I was hoping to scroll through the comments and see that at least one person on here was a winner. 🙁
    I certainly wasn’t.

  • Lacey

    won! $5 amazon card! whoo!

    • Adriana

      no win 4 me but yay lacey!!

  • Susie


  • Jill D

    neither did I…I hope I remember to keep checking it.

  • Bernadette

    Not this time…should I check back later?

  • Allie

    me either 🙁

  • Jessica


  • carrie

    Same here…..loser!

  • Yvonne Bagley

    I want to be a winner

  • Tab

    I just got an email that said they ended up with a few extra winner slots and I was randomly selected for $5 Amazon Gift Card…yay!!!