CVS Coupon Policy Updated – BOGO Sales & Coupons Clarified!

CVS Coupon Policy Updated

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE CVS?  In case you might have missed it, I truly do.  So, coupon friendly….love it!

And, now they have updated their Coupon Policy based on feedback from you and others.  They understand that many couponers are looking for more explicit clarification around coupon acceptance as it pertains to BOGO deals. So, they have updated the official guidelines on to help clear up any confusion.

So, here is how the Coupon Policy now reads pertaining to BOGO Coupons:

Buy One, Get One Free Coupons

  • Sales tax must be paid for any Buy One, Get One Free coupon offer, if required by applicable state laws.
  • Two coupons may be used on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion as long as it does not exceed the item total

Ex. Suave Shampoo is on sale for $2.00 Buy One, Get One Free and the customer is purchasing two shampoos; customer may use two coupons for $1.00 each and pay the applicable tax.

  • Buy One, Get One Free promotions may be combined with Buy One, Get One Free Coupons. Customers are responsible for paying applicable tax

Ex. Suave Shampoo is on sale for $2.00 BOGO and customer has a MFG coupon for Suave BOGO. Customer will receive both items for free but will need to pay any applicable tax.

As always, for specific coupon questions, please speak to their store manager and/or call 800-SHOP-CVS.

View: CVS Coupon Policy

Make sure to check out all the Store Coupon Policies by visiting the Main Coupon Policy Page

Thanks CVS!


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  • Arielle

    That’s fantastic! I’ll definitely print this one out and bring it with me to CVS because I can already foresee issues at the register with BOGO coupons and promotions.

  • Michele

    Again, I wish these retailers would give their employees or even designate the manager to be the coupon policy expert. You guys know what I mean. How many times some one at the register talks like the money is coming out of their pocket. And don’t you dare try to tell them how to do their job. I usually have my 2 BAD little boys with me so I do not like to argue any of it but I found that when you do it very rarely works in your favor. I hate being talked down to so I don’t like to do it myself and to someone who doesn’t have a clue about their own policies none the less. Cindy, this is exactly what you should bring up next time you meet with a corporate office retailer.

    • Lady J

      you don’t need to talk down. I find it is helpful to side with them. I say something including the following concepts:

      I know you have to look out for your job, because if it comes out wrong at the end of the day, they blame you. And I know that they don’t bother explaining the coupon policy and just throw you on a register, but check with the manager.

      Usually works.

    • Anonymous

      In the cashiers defense – it is their job to verify any & all coupons. It is true that the money doesn’t come out of their pocket. CVS gets reimbursed for all coupons used. HOWEVER – if coupons are redeemed incorrectly, it is the cashier’s job on the line. I have worked for CVS for the last 6 years and have seen 4 people terminated for coupon-related issues.

  • Laura D.

    Woooo Hoooooo !!!!! This is great. Thanks Cindy 🙂

  • Denise

    great now I can get BOGO Downy Unstopples and use (2)$2 off coupons. Right?

    • Amy

      It’s says 2 coupons per BOGO, not 3.

      • Raquel

        Amy, I think she means.. the store has it for sale “BOGO” then in that case she could use her 2 coupons.

  • Amanda Sparks

    I agree. Can’t count the times even the manager has not known the policy. Instead of being courteous and listening they only reply it is their store they will do as they please! I just go to a different CVS

  • Lady J

    is this effective immediately?

  • Ana

    I love CVS!!!

  • Laura D.

    I just printed the policy and read everything. Here is a question. CVS used to give overage if you had a coupon over the amount of the product, example: benefiber stick packs $1.57, use $3.00/1 coupon get $1.43 in overage. The new policy states they do not give cash back and any coupons over the price of a sale product the coupon will be adjusted down. So does this mean the good ol’ days of overage are gone? Am I right? Say it isn’t so …….

    • Jay

      My CVS never gave overage.. you could use the overage only on another of the same item (like another benefiber stick pack, basically getting two packs on the same coupon).

      Guess you should try it and see 🙂

  • Dawn

    Honestly CVS blows those other drug stores (caugh:Rite Aid:caugh:Walgreens) out of the water with their coupon policy. They never give me trouble and I’m in nyc.

    • KT

      @ Dawn, I am from NYC too. Which area are you from?

  • Meli

    Just like every store it depends on the cashier there is one that i just refuse to go to ……she will not take any of my coupons with out calling the manager over and causing a seen…. if i see her there i walk out…..
    Yes my CVS only has one casier at a time…. if the line gets long they call someon from the back to help. smh

  • Michelle T.

    I love CVS!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Maureen

    I’m sorry, but a bit confused … The 1st BOGO example says custome “purchasing two” …. does that mean PURCHASING two & getting 2 free? Or PURCHASING one & they are BOTH free? Same thing kind of on 2nd example … Can I use the 2 coupons on purchasing ONE and using BOTH type coupons / both free …. or buying 2 gets me two free? I tried looking on their website, but you have exact wording, lol. Thanks 🙂

  • jes

    Just started with the couponing about a month ago and had already realized how great CVS is about coupons. Chatted with the manager of the one by my house and he was actually happy about me doing the couponing in his store as it helped his numbers : ) he’ll get even more of my business now : )

  • Susan

    I have been having all BOGO coupons ringing up at the max dollar amount at my CVS instead of the sale price. Even when I point it out, they shrug and just put it through. Does this happen for everyone else? Could they change it to the actual dollar amount? I am certainly not complaining, I just want to be sure that I am ethical.

    • Laura D.

      It varies by location. One CVS by me insists on lowering the price, while the other takes off full price. Guess where I shop most 🙂

      • dorothy

        i think if you give your coupons first and ur extra care card at the end, you will get the full price of them coupon, i believe i read that posted somewhere.

    • Kristin

      I just started shopping at CVS and this happened on my first transaction. I got 4 Lady Speedstick deodorants that were on sale for $1.99 and used 2 BOGO coupons. My receipt showed that I used 2 coupons for $4 each (shelf price). I didn’t notice it till I got home and I figured the guy made a mistake. I was expecting two $2 deductions for the free ones.

    • Jennifer

      A lot of times it prompts you to put the price in, but sometimes it just puts the price in automatically and I have no idea why or if it’s different at other CVS stores, but that’s how it is at my store. Once the coupon takes the amount off, there is no way to change it unless we void the transaction and we all know how much that stinks. I wouldn’t worry about being unethical unless you’re doing it intentionally.

  • marie

    @denise where do you see the Downy Unstoppables for BOGO?

  • Amy Etkind

    Now, someone has to work on Big Y to do the same. They had BOGO on Chock Full O’Nuts coffee and their policy is that they don’t accept coupons for 2 of something in the BOGO sales. I had a bunch of $1 coupons, but I would have had to buy 4 cans PER COUPON to get the little dollar off. That’s 20 cans of coffee to max out the limit of 5 coupons, all to save $5. And they have a reputation for raising the prices right before a BOGO, B1G2, B2G3 sale to cover costs. Not that they even had any of the coffee on hand. Which is my other issue with them…but I digress. Glad that CVS is being nice to customers.

  • Kabby

    I cannot locate the coupon policy anywhere on the offical site. Can anyone find it on the site? I would like to use my smartphone to bring up the site in the store if necessary. Thank you.

    • Jennifer

      Just print it out….trying to pull it up on your smart phone is almost as annoying as the people who have the “great” app where all your cards are stored yet it takes 2 minutes to load it and another 2 minutes to find the specific card and even though you know you’re going to use it, you still have your phone in your pocket. No cashier/supervisor/manager wants to look at the coupon policy on your smartphone.

  • Norma

    Would I be able to get two Stayfree (that are not on sale) and use 2 BOGO coupons to get both of them for free? Even Febreze spray – I have 2 BOGO coupons.

  • VA

    Hi Cindy,

    Can you update the BOGO deciphering lingo with respect to the ‘new’ coupon bar codes now on all the new coupons?