Understanding Wording on Coupons

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Understanding Wording on Coupons

Are you confused by the different wording on coupons?  Are you unsure if the coupon has to be used at the store listed on the coupon or if you can use it at any store?  If you see wording on coupons such as “Redeemable at Walmart” or “Redeem at Walgreens”,  in most cases these are manufacturer coupons and can be used at any store.  Please keep in mind that some stores may refuse the coupon if it has another store name on it.

Here is how to tell if you can use the coupon at any store or if it’s only meant to be used at one particular store:

1. Coupons that states “Available at”

available at

The above coupon states “Available at Walmart“.  This wording simply means that the item is available at Walmart Stores but it does not restrict you from using it anywhere else. This is a regular manufacturer coupon.

2. Coupons that have a store logo on them

This coupon shows a Shoprite logo on the coupon however it is a regular manufacturer coupon that can be used anywhere.  You can see above, that the coupon states “Manufacturer’s Coupon” and the bar codes are regular manufacturer coupons.  Plus, look for a remit address on the coupons.  That information is found under the description and begins with the word “Retailer“.  If there is a remit address, that tells you that it is a manufacturer coupon and not a store coupon.  Store coupons do not have a remit address.  In cases like the one above, ShopRite has simply paid to advertise their store on the coupon.

3. Coupons that state “Redeemable At or Redeemable Only at”

redeem at

The above coupon states “Redeemable at Walmart” and some coupons may say “Redeemable only at (store name)“.  This wording is similar to the “Available at” wording (see #1).  It simply means that you can redeem the coupon at Walmart but it does not restrict you from using it anywhere else.  In this case, as in the case of the Walgreen’s logo above, Walmart has paid to have their name advertised on the coupon. Also, please be aware of the coupon policies at our store.  Even though these are regular manufacturer coupons, you they still may not accept them.

You can also reference the Coupons.com FAQ section.