Free Advil Congestion Relief at CVS

Free Advil Congestion Relief at CVS

CVS has Advil Congestion Relieft 10 count on sale for $4.99 each! The CVS Coupon Machine is printing a $3/1 Advil Congestion Relief Coupon today and in the 2/19 RP we got a $2/1 Advil Congestion Relief Coupon or you can print a $2/1 Advil Congestion Relief Coupon, making this product free! Here is the deal:


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Thanks Roxane!

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  • H

    Sweet. I got them a while back and they work great.. Hubby had a major cold and it help a lot!!!!

  • hp

    Coupon didn’t print for me at the machine. Though I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a good coupon from it nor have I ever been sent a $ off q either. Oh well.
    Hope others have better luck!

    • Eileen

      Scan your card more than once, until the coupon stops printing.

    • chris

      Didn’t print for me either. I used to shop CVS a lot and got $ off coupons e-mailed to me frequently. Since my shopping trips have dwindled I have not been getting any e-mails from CVS and really bad coupons from the coupon spitter outer. Will try again tomorrow since I could really use the Advil.

  • Julie

    My 2/19 RP didn’t have any coupons, but there was the same Q in the 12/11/ RP. Great freebie!

    • r drangel

      what does RP stand for?

      • jl


      • r drangel

        Thank you

  • Misally

    AWESOME!! I bought these in pathmark about a month ago, got them for .99 which is still a good deal…..they really work! My sinus headaches and congestion go away pretty quickly

  • dez have $2.00 coupon

  • Jamie

    Does not print. I just went there.

  • Nancy

    I got other coupons from the red machine today but not the Advil. Disappointed….was already to get them!!!

  • Linda

    I was in cvs this morning and the coupon did not print in the machine BUT…. It DID print on the bottom of my receipt!!!

  • Martina

    Hi, I was today at CVS, the machine printed 2 coupons for Advil, $3/1 and $2/1, I bought 2, used 2 CVS coupons and 2 $2/1 mfr coupon, paid $0.98 for 2 and I get $3 Extra Bucks. Total $2.02 MM. Thank you for the deal.

  • Bricela

    Went to CVS today and the coupon did not print for me…I was really disappointed about that….eh, better luck next time I guess.

  • debbie

    They did not print for me last night either. Hopefully today they will 🙂

  • Kristine

    Didn’t print for me either last night…bummer.

  • Bonnie

    I went to 2 different stores last night and both their coupon machine’s weren’t working 🙁 One of the stores had 2 machines in it too and both were down…….I’m off today so hoping to have better luck today.

  • Betsy

    Doesn’t look they are on sale in Manhattan. I got the $3 off coupon though but the price of the product was $7.99

    • mary o

      Thanks, got the $ 3 CVS Advil Cong. coupon + manf $ 2 = FREE!
      btw they have 75% off valentine Dove dark chocolate w/ cherry swirl that is sooo delicious . bought 2 bags $1.25 each and used Mars Q $1.50/2. paid $1.00 for 2 bags..

  • Lez4671

    In the same RP insert from 2/19 there was also a $10 refund by mail wyb 3 items list, which includes the Advil Congestion Relief. I have a CVS card for my hubby,myself and my daughter and got the $3 coupons when I scanned them along with the $2 coupons from the RP insert and will send in the rebate and make $10 on the deal!!! Even if you only have one CVS card you would get the first one free then 2.99 each for the other two and still make money with the $10 rebate. The rebate form was right next to the Advil coupons in the insert.