Hot! Free Milk Coupon wyb 3 Breakfast Products!

Hot Free Milk Coupon

There is an AWESOME new Free Milk Coupon.  The coupon is for a Free Gallon of Milk with the purchase of 3 Breakfast items and is good for any brand white milk.  You will have to “like” Milk Mustache Campaign on Facebook in order to print your coupon.  The coupon is a Smart Source coupon.

Milk Mustache Campaign
Want a coupon for FREE milk to complete your breakfast? We’re giving away 10,000 coupons a day from now to March 3!

Print: Free Milk Coupon

Remember, this is limited to 10,000 coupons per day through 3/3.  So, if you miss it today, you can try again tomorrow!

Thanks Elizabeth!

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  • HWMom

    Already gone for today!

    • Ana

      Try again, I just printed mine a minute ago.

  • Stacey

    Gone already today… I guess I’ll try again tomorrow.

  • didn’t work for me. filled out the info, got the screen that said click to print your coupon, and then got the “I’m sorry, this giveaway is over” message. Bummer.

  • Marjie

    Same happened to me. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    well… i answered the question… hit sumit…. and nothing happens… anyone else having a problem??

  • robi

    just an FYI dont try to print this using firefox on a mac. It wont print and then when you go to safari to try and print again you will get a message that says you have already printed this coupon

  • ruby

    i don’t think it’s over… i just printed a few sec ago

  • Carla

    I must’ve got it in the nick of time! This looks like a great coupon, thanks Cindy! The fine print says it is good for up to $4. I’m always a bit nervous about using printables for free items, but since I have to purchase 3 breakfast items in order for it to work I am more optimistic it will be accepted.

  • Emmy

    GOT IT!! Thanks!

  • Rebecca S.

    Just tried, got a message that it was over 🙁

  • Laura

    I just got mine without any problem at 10:06 am.

  • Bethany

    I got it just fine and I’m using firefox. I’m guessing maybe they were overloaded with the # of people. Keep trying!

  • Eric

    Got it. I just emailed them to see what is considered a breakfast item. None of the terms and conditions were very clear on that.

  • ANNA

    Got it,but for now I don’t need any milk. I have about 7 Smart Balance milks in my fridge.

  • Diana

    I just got mine and I’m thrilled! We go threw so much milk it’s not funny.

  • Natalie

    Just printed one!

  • Cortney

    Anyone know what will be counted as a breakfast item? Assuming pancakes, waffles, cereal, etc. but what about cereal bars like Special K bars (for us ShopRite shoppers doing DD next week)?

  • Rosemarie

    Just got mine now too, and I’m using Firefox also. Great find, my son goes thru so much milk.

  • a kaplan

    i got it

  • Kabby

    Just did it…after registering…error came up and told to try again…I did it over again…just printed….try again.

  • Linda

    I just tried and got one – 10:15 am!!

  • Nikki

    I saw that everyone said it was gone but I just did it. Thank you!

  • Joanie S

    I just got mine! Keep trying!

  • Kate

    Just got one using Firefox! Thanks!

  • Tina

    Got it using Google Chrome @ 10:20! Exp 4/3/12, so we have lots of time after the current free milk coupons expire 🙂

  • Mary

    Tried with Google Chrome and got an error message when I went to print, so I tried again with Firefox and was able to print it at 10:22.

  • Amanda

    Just got one at 10:25

  • Jamie Jewell

    Hooray! Got mine! and its good until 4/3/12 and good up to $4.00!!!

  • alicia

    doesnt support firefox. use ie, chrome, or safari. just tried to print with firefox, and it had my coupon, then i lost it because i had to switch to firefox. i emailed cust support for the promo. hopefully i still get the coup, and they update/revise/state their browser reqs!!!

  • Laura D.

    Couldn’t get through on my mac so I switched computers and used IE I got all the way to print my coupon then it came up with now that you printed your coupon lets play …… which it printed nothing. So I clicked on the contact us section and my computer flagged it as spam and phishing, so I bailed.
    Anyone else get this??

    • cheryl manna

      Yes Laura, very frustrating. I have been trying to print it since 9:30. First I got a message that the offer had ended, even though others were still printing theirs, then the thank you message let’s play. I sent them an e-mail via their contact link, so we shall see what happens next.

  • desiree

    took all my information than said “sorry campaign is now over!!)

  • Karen

    Saying giveaway’s over.

  • Jennifer

    Just printed it at 10:48

  • Keisha

    Got mine!10:51

  • Janice.

    I just printed my coupon, no problems here 🙂

  • Jenn

    Gone for me 10:51.

  • Tricia

    Keep trying…got mine 10:56 am

  • Marissa

    Don’t use firefox!!

  • Linda Hughes

    I got one 11:00am EST

  • Wendy

    I got mine on firefox. Looking forward to free milk with Kellogg’s cereal @ S&S.

  • Irishsaver

    I put in all the info and said they were out of coupons.

  • diana w

    just go mine at 11:05..milk can be buy as many as u can get and freeze

  • nick

    put all info in but no coupon printed said registration errors

  • Marie

    Got one at 11:02 am, but had to try twice. Even though it said the coupon was over and that I had already printed (two different screens on same attempt), when I tried again all went smoothly.

  • nick

    switched from chrome to firefox and got my coupon so def not gone

    • cheryl manna

      That banging you hear is me hitting my head on the desk. I have tried both browsers Firefox and IE, 2 different computers and still no go. Keeps telling me they are gone and then thanks me for printing it 🙁

  • Isha

    I got one at 11:24. thanks.

  • Kit

    I got one at 11:27.

  • Isha

    By the way, if you take a look at the Breakfast Project tab, they have mentioned few of the products that they consider as breakfast items.

  • Joanne

    Now the whole Facebook page is down!!! Irritating!

  • cc

    This will go will with the Land o Lakes eggs sales at Shoprite starting Sun. Is banana a breakfast food? Juices, yogurt, bagels, English muffin, pancake mix, coffee, jelly, butter, peanut butter, maple syrup………? the possibilities are endless. I printed 2 from 2 computers. I think I will use it on organic milk to get $4 off since regular milk are cheaper.

  • I gave up printing after the “Printing Your Coupon” window was open for SEVENTEEN MINUTES!

    • Misally

      Looks like mine is heading the same way Heather… far its been about 5 minutes

  • haley

    I got mine thanks !!!!!

  • Robin

    Hi. I just printed mine and it’s 12:34PM EST…

  • susan c

    i just tried it… says it’s over….12:36 pm

  • Lori

    Woo hoo! I got mine! We go through so much milk that I LOVE these offers! Thanks!

  • Amanda

    Got mine at 1:32!


    Got it 1:51

  • Sonya

    Still got one and it’s 2:41 pm

  • Linda

    OMG! I just went back to the site to see what they considered breakfast food, registered, and about 5 min. later a coupon popped up on my desktop!! I already had closed out of facebook. I was only able to print one this morning – maybe they allow 2 of this coupon after all!! 2:40 est

  • lachelle

    still didnt get mine even when i use firefox

  • Vanessa

    Got mine… just one, but YAY! 2:55pm EST.

  • tj

    I registered and tried to print, it seemed like it was working but nothing ever poped out of my printer. hmm..

  • michelle

    Just got one!! Took some work, but I got it 🙂 3:15pm

  • Robin

    Just printed one at 3:21 pm est

  • Christine

    It is 3:53 EST and I just was able to print this coupon! Looks like they updated the instructions …. Good Luck.

  • Christine

    I was able to print one at 3:53 EST

  • Amber

    I just printed mine with a few glitches getting to it on their FB page, but YAY!!!! 🙂

    • Amber

      Can’t wait to use this with the Kellogg’s Dollar Days at Shoprite! I’m out of cereal and those Krave coupons and this milk one just made my day!

  • Mark

    At 4:10 est printed one.

  • Cortney

    Interesting…I was able to print a 2nd just now at 4:20 EST.

  • Penny

    It’s 3:32pm CST in Missouri and I just printed a coupon for the free milk. I had to use Safari as the browser & not Internet Explorer to print.

  • Jessica

    I just printed one now.

  • cheri

    Just printed mine @7:22 pm in CT

  • keelah

    just printed my at 7:50 pm in central new jersey

  • Anita

    The coupon printed. Keep trying. Thanks.