My Shopping Trip: CVS

My Shopping Trip: CVS

Last night I headed to CVS.  Besides meeting a great reader who was taking advantage of the Diaper Clearance Deals, I scored a great coupon by accident.  Here is what happened:

I had a cart load as you can tell from the picture.  The cashier scanned my CVS card and as I was starting to unload my cart, an older lady stepped up with just a single card to purchase.  I said to the cashier, please take her first so I don’t hold her up.  So, the cashier exited out of the start of my transaction and, out pops a $10 off $50 coupon. Had I not let that women go ahead of me, that coupon would not have popped out until after I did my transaction.  Woot!  It pays to be nice…literally 😉

Because I wasn’t planning on using that coupon, I wasn’t completely sure I would make the $50 but I knew I would be close.  So, I had her finish scanning everything and in the end, it turned out that I was less then $2 short to use that $10/$50 coupon.  So, I quickly grabbed some Dove Bars (just what I need…more chocolate) to make it $50.

Here is what I scored:



  • 6 Honey Bunches of Oats $2.50 each**
  • 4 M&M Chocolate Pretzel Candies $2.50 each**
  • 4 Nabisco Crackers $1.25 each**
  • 2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Power Play Deodorant $1.24 each (clearance)
  • 2 Clairol Natural Instincts $2.69 each (clearance)
  • 2 CVS Men’s After Shave $5.49 each
  • 3 Dove Chocolate Bars $1.27 each (1 was free)

Coupons Used:

  • $10/$50 CVS Coupon
  • -(6)$1/1 Honey Bunches of Oats Coupon (this was the one from – NLA)
  • -(4)$1/1 M&M Chocolate Pretzel Coupon
  • -(2)$1/2 Nabisco Crackers Coupon (this was the one with no size restriction – NLA)
  • -(1)$1/2 Right Guard Total Defense 5 Coupon
  • -(1)$5/2 Clairol Natural Instincts Hair Color, exp. 2/29/12 (P&G 01/29/12)
  • -$1/2 CVS Skincare Coupon
  • -$4 ECB
  • -$7 ECB
  • -$8 ECB
  • Tax: $1.18

Total Paid out of pocket: $4.56
$10 CVS Cash Card** (from buying $30 in qualifying items)
$2 ECB (Right Guard)
Another $10 off $50

Total Savings including sale prices and coupons: $97.35 which I will be adding to the LRWC Reader’s Grocery Savings Counter.  Be sure to add your savings so we can see how much we have all saved in 2012

Here is an update to my Grocery Budget:

If you’re interested in seeing how we set up our budget envelopes, make sure to check out, How To Set Up a Budge and Stick to It.

How are you doing on your grocery budget?

LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter: Be sure to add your weekly grocery savings to the the LRWC Reader Grocery Savings Counter below. You can check out the counter in the sidebar to see how much we have all saved so far in 2012!

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  • Michelle T.

    Gotta love CVS! A while back I kept getting those $10 off $50 coupons. I hope I start getting them again 🙂

    • Amira

      That is great! Karma in the form of discounts is amazing!

  • Chris

    You are amazing….. I can never work these ECB deals right. Even when i follow your examples somthing is out of stock and i get messed up. Also having tax in NY is not helping.
    I wanna be like you when i grow up LOL!

    • Jill e

      lol! my sister also manages to mess up the ECB deals, even after i tell her exactly what to buy and what coupons to use! after when her ECB doesn’t print or she seems to pay extra, she says “BUT MY SISTER SAID ITS FREE!!!” LOL!

    • Cindy from L.I


  • rachael

    where does the $10 off $50 q show up? on the receipt? I never think to look for anything other than the ecb’s!

    • kelli

      set up a cvs account online and manage your cvs card through that function.. sooo many times when i log in i have one of those deals in my account and then you can print the coupon or send it straight to your card!

  • Dawn

    Come on, $4.56 OOP? Seriously? Can you make little Cindy’s to come shopping with me?

  • Laura D.

    Nice job! I have to always pass by the candy deals 🙁 I’m addicted!!!
    Still having trouble with the extra lb’s from Halloween …… ugh.

  • Bettsy

    Yes , I also received the $10 off $50 on Saturday… now to work out a deal in order to use it before the weekend. I realized yesterday my cvs trip last week for the irish spring didnt work out since one of the body washes was marked at 2.49 🙁 so i was short .51 cents from the deal! Oh well it was still a good trip.

  • Jill D

    WOWW you did awesome! I’m so inspired!

  • RC

    Great job. Did the 10 off 50 come out on the lady’s receipt though? even though it was your card…
    i’ve been getting 5 off of 25s and i find that every time i use it another one prints! so awesome!!! now i just have to make sure im always spending at least 25 hehe. although…I would NEVER purchase chocolate that is not on sale or earns back an ecb! lol that would be 3 dollars wasted!

    • Cindy

      No, when she cancelled out the start of my order, it printed before she even scanned the other ladies card.

  • Shanta

    As always great job Cindy on your CVS trip, but you’ll be happy to know I purchased Quicken software, its great too. I am still in the ‘tracking my spending’ stage & I plan on starting my actual bugdet in March(I’m working, on that budget now)….woo hooo thanks for eveything Cindy!!!!!!!