New $0.70/1 Krave Coupon + Awesome ShopRite Deal!

New Krave Coupon

There is a new Krave Coupon available.  The coupon is for $0.70/1 Krave Cereal and was found at zip code: 84121

Print: Krave Cereal Coupon (84121)

Don’t forget, these are part of the ShopRite Dollar Day Deals starting on Sunday, 2/26.  I posted a deal idea with this product in the Dollar Day Coupon Match Ups but there are many ways it can be done.  Here is one:

Buy 6 Special K Bars $1.99 each
Buy 1 Krave Cereal $2.49
-(3)$0.75/2 Special K Bars Coupon from the 1/22 RP
-(1)$0.70/1 Krave Coupon
-$1 Kellogg’s eCoupon
Pay: $7.53
Get a $5 Catalina
Get a $0.70 SavingStar Krave

If you do it again, you will have also qualified for the Special K SavingStar eCoupon

You can also do:

Buy 3 Krave Cereal $2.49 each
Buy 4 Special K Bars $1.99 each
-(3)$0.70/1 Krave Coupons
-(2)$0.75/2 Special K Bars Coupon from the 1/22 RP
-$1 Kellogg’s eCoupon
Pay: $7.23
Get a $5 Catalina
Get a $0.70 SavingStar Krave Deposit
as low as $0.21 each after coupon

Thanks printablecoupons&deals for the coupon!


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  • Elaine

    For the 2nd transaction, are you sure we will get the -$1 Kellogg’s eCoupon
    I thought you only get it once 🙂

    Thanks for all you do!

    • Cindy

      If you do a second transaction you will not get the $1 eCoupon. I am showing 2 different deal ideas. For the first one, if you do it again to qualify for the Special K Saving Star Rebate, you will not get the $1 eCoupon. If you click on the link for the dollar days deals you can see it all laid out.

  • Susan

    The same value coupon is also available at

    • Cindy

      Yes, I have posted that coupon previously. This is a brand new one 🙂

      • cheri

        Hi Cindy just wanted to let everyone know I got an email from Shop rite for a free box of Krave next week -works great with your first trans-everyone check your email!

  • amy

    and I thought you could only do the dollar days deals once per family?

    • Fury

      nope currently just once per transaction, i did the kleenex 3 times on the same card

  • Laura D.

    My coupon brain is just not working tonight.
    The Kellogs $1.00 ecoupon Cindy is referring to is the ecoupon we hope to get for next week, yes? Just need to make sure I haven’t missed something. Does anyone happen to know? TIA!

    • Kit

      Yes, that is correct.

    • Cindy

      Yes, that is the one. It’s not guaranteed but they do list an extra $11 in savings and there are 11 deals so I am assuming it will be the same as this week….I hope!

      • Laura D.

        Me too!! I am really looking forward to next week, this is my son’s favorite new cereal and it’s soooo expensive. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you 🙂

  • liz v

    I’ll eat most things I get for cheap, but chocolate cereal crosses the line. Are there other flavors? (LOL of course)

    • Sebsa

      There’s the “chocolate”, like what is shown in the image Cindy selected for the post, and then there is “double chocolate”, which of course is the one I bought at a price too good to resist. It is definitely chocolate cereal…and tasty…but I would feel a little guilty eating it for breakfast…however, it makes a delicious late night snack! And with all the coupons and savings, it’s cheaper than a box of cookies! Plus, it makes chocolate milk so it’s like a BOGO. Heehee… ; )

  • Linda

    I didn’t get the coupon there wa none…

  • mel

    Oh My its gonna be another fun week!

  • Has anybody tried the Krave cereal yet? Is it any good? I guess if it’s not I’ll just donate it to our local pantry.

    • Kabby


      • Anonymous

        The Krave cereal is really good! My 7 year old is addicted. Keep in mind – it is chocolatey, so I don’t give it for breakfast – more of a snack in our house.

      • Laura D.

        My 19 year old loves it! It’s his new favorite.

  • Pamela

    I don’t have any of those Special K coupons, I’m going to need another idea. Anyone?

  • Elaine B

    Is the eCoupon on a shoprite digital coupon or a cellfire coupon? I have both, and I don’t see that coupon on either site! Or is it a savingstar eCoupon? Thanks!

  • Flaka

    Despite the fact that i have about 30 boxes of cereal due to the free milk catalina thing going on a little while ago, i might just go pick some of these up. Cindy, I swear i dont know how you do it but thank you!

  • Diana

    I can’t find the Krave coupon—please help! Is it under a different zip code?

  • Laura D.

    Found It!!! 30303 ….. Hurry!

    • Laura D.

      There is also a $0.70/1 coupon in the 12/19/12 RP. 🙂

  • Heather

    uggg still cant find it

    • Diana

      I can’t find it either!!!

  • Jennifer

    i also found a TRY NEW KELLOGGS KRAVE CEREAL FREE 11-11.4 OZ BOX CHOC OR DOUBLE CHOC OFFER VALID 2/26/12 – 3/3/12 offer on my Messages & Savings shoprite account!! with that and the .70/1 coupon from 2/19 RP and the 4/4 kellogs coupon i get 5 cereals for free. yepeee!!

  • Me

    i been dying to try this one i love chocolate!!