New $3/1 Ultimate Flora Probiotic Coupon = Money Maker at Walgreens

New Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Coupon

There is a new Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic coupon available.  The coupon is for $3 off any Ultimate Flora Probiotic and is a PDF coupon.  This coupon is hosted directly on the Ultimate Floral website so it is a legimate PDF.

Print: Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Coupon

These will be Free after Register Reward at Walgreens starting on 2/26.  So, with this coupon, it turns into a $3 money maker.

Here is the deal starting 2/26:

Buy 1 Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic $10
-(1)$3/1 Renew Life Ultimate Flora Probiotic Coupon
Pay: $7
Get a $10 RR
Free + $3 Money Maker after coupon & RR

Thanks commonsensewithmoney!

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  • cheri

    My coupon is printing huge- Any idea how to make it normal?

    • liana

      when the pdf file opens, place our cursor below the coupon the little bar with the printer icon will appear, there is a plus and minus sign icon click on the minus sign to shrink the size to your liking. when you click on the printer icon the dialog box will appear. I selected portrait and also I checked multiple. I printed one then reversed the paper and printed a second coupon on the same sheet.

      • cheri

        thank- you liana

    • Anna

      After you hit the print button you should see page scaling. Then from different options choose shrink the page.

  • nick

    can you buy more than one say buy two use two q’s and get 20 dollar register rewards?

  • Jeanna

    If I buy 2 at one time, will I get 2 RRs?

    • liana

      Wags only gives you one RR at a time for an item, you would have to do two separate transactions…

    • Anna

      No you want, but you can do two transcations and then you will get 2 RRs.
      I have done this before.

      • Anna

        I meant no, you won’t. Sorry…

  • Diana Morgan

    Can you use the RR to pay for the same product?

    • hanna

      Yes you can pay for it , but you will not get $10 RR.

  • Nicole

    The coupon says it is not valid on the 14 count. What is the size that will be on sale?

    • Vanessa

      It shows in the picture of the Walgreens ad (above) that the sale is on the 30ct.

  • Wendy

    is the coupon gone?

    • Sonya

      Can’t find the coupon either.

  • Sonya

    There is a toll-free number on their page for a $3 coupon request.

  • Misty

    Would someone please send me this coupon via email. I had it saved on my phone and now I cant find it.

  • Tarah

    Coupons gone?

  • John

    Can someone please send me the coupon at

    Thanks in advance.

  • Chad

    Someone please send me the pdf coupon. i have sent many coupons that others have missed. I was out of ink at the time, and I forgot to save it. My Grandma uses this product, and this will be a huge help.


  • Lillianne


    Can someone please send me the coupon at as well?

    Thank you….so much!

  • Tyrone Williamson

    can someone please email with pdf ASAP?


  • Kelly

    I want this so bad!!! Can someone please email the coupon

    Thank You

  • catie

    i can use the pdf as well….i printed it but i didn’t know i was out of paper 🙁

  • hina

    Please send me coupon at

  • Min

    Can someone please email with pdf ?


  • Steve

    please if you can also send me the coupon thanks so much

  • Steve
  • julie

    coupon as well? Thanks!!

  • Melody

    Could you send me the coupon as well?

  • dorothy

    please please send me the pdf as well thanks!

  • Mort

    I am not sure if I can post this here so I will not provide the link. But for those (like me) that are looking for this pdf, I found it, after a bit of searching on

    • Cindy

      Sorry, don’t post PDF links once the company has removed them. The reason they remove them is that they no longer want them to circulate.

    • hina

      Could u Please email me at this email address

  • Jay


    Can you please e-mail me the pdf file to


  • valerie

    Has anyone besides me been having trouble getting this deal. I have gone to 3 different Walgreen’s and they can’t seem to figure this out. The pricing keeps coming up $24.99 for the 30 ct and if they do a price adjust the coupon for $10 won’t print. Does anyone have the UPC code on the product that actually makes this deal work? I want to try a different store tomorrow and would like to go in armed!

    • Mort

      The store has two of these products one that has 30 billion active cultures and one that has 15 billion. The one that is on sale with the RR is the one with 15 billion. Here is the UPC: 63125715864 Hope that helps.