Pathmark Coupon Matchups 2/10 – 2/16

Pathmark Coupon Match Ups 2/10 – 2/16

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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  • Sindy

    I’m skipping pathmark this week -_-

    • Erika


    • Cindy

      Not me…I’m going to use up my $10 catalina and buy up 4 Martin’s Potato Whole Wheat Bread. My family loves this bread and that is a decent price. And, with my catalina, I’ll pay zero, which is an even better price 😀

    • Anita

      Me too!

  • VA

    the totinos are a pretty good deal….

    • H

      Is the Unilevel deal still going? I though it was running till 3/01? I need $10.00 more dollars to get the ten back!!!

      • heather

        It runs through 3/01 & will let you do more than one.

        • H

          Thank you Heather.. I just found a great deal while looking at the Pathmark flyer. The Bisquick shake and pour is on sale 4 $5.00 and there is a .50cents coupon On the 2/5 GM..that will double to a $1.00 for each container. So get 4 and pay a $1.00… Sweet!!!

          • Tara

            The Shake & Pour on sale is the 5.1 size. The coupon is for the 10.6 size. Won’t work.

  • Christine R

    I think I’m skipping Pathmark this week too. I got 6 jars of Welch’s grape jam at Acme this past week for 40 cents each and I’m not allowed to bring another box of cereal in the house until April after all the GM cereal and milk catalina deals I did this week! My husband is drawing the line at 12 boxes of cereal at any given time! LOL

    • toby

      LOL on the 12 boxes!! I had bought 12 boxes last time they had the great sale @ Shoprite abt 6 weeks ago… only 3 boxes left!! We go thru cereal like water these days…at these prices, much cheaper than yogurt ($1/box vs $1 each yogurt!)

    • heather

      LOL! I was considering doing a cereal deal this week & the husband said “Do we really need more cereal – we have 58 boxes?” It’s a rare occurrence but, he’s right…

      • robin

        same here, no more cereal, we have 41 boxes…

  • Christina


  • enalyn

    I got cats to roll this week..

  • Linda Hughes

    Don’t think the Welch’s Naturals will be included since it is a 27 oz jar and the sale is for the 32 oz jars.

  • Thinking of just buying the Bimbo bread that Cindy just posted along with the free green way liquid dish detergent with min of $10.00. Wondering if this will work since you need to spend min of $10.00. If I buy 4 breads at $1.49 each (soft wheat 13 oz.) and the the dish detergent which will be free…I would think if shelf price of bread is higher then $1.49 it will probally work and my total will be close to nothing. will go check it out.

  • Janelle S

    Can I use 3 Enfamil checks in one order?????

    I don’t have a baby but get these checks sent to my house on a pretty regular basis and was wondering if I can do this deal
    Deal Idea
    3-Enfamil Ready to Use Formula-$15.99(must buy 3)
    Use 3 $5 Enfamil Checks
    OOP $0.99 or $0.33 ea.
    I plan on donating these to some of the mothers in my area(I would do this deal twice)

    • catherine

      I have never had a problem using more than one check in an transaction.

      • Janelle S

        Thanks Catherine…..I am headed out right now to buy some

  • Judie

    The crest deal doesn’t work..the tubes for $1 are 3.5 oz and the coupon only works on crest 4oz or larger and they wouldn’t take it.

    • Cindy

      Look for the bonus packs that are 4 oz. They always have them. Hope that helps.

  • Dawn

    Is the Minute Rice for $1.99 ($1.50 w/ coupons) excluded from this list because minute rice usually has a better sale? Or is it just missing? Can someone let me know so I don’t go out and stock up if it’s a rip off? thanks!

  • Anonymous

    I noticed tonite that pathmark has a lot of beautycare products (shampoo, hair products, etc. with 50% off signs on them.