Pathmark Coupons: $20 in Printable Coupons

Pathmark Coupons: $20 in Printable Coupons

There are some great printable coupons available for Pathmark, A&P, Waldbaums and Superfresh stores.  The coupons are available on the Pathmark Facebook page and are valid from today, 2/3 until Sunday, 2/5.  You will have to “like” Pathmark on Facebook and enter your Pathmark Perks Card to print your coupons.

Here are the coupons available:

  • $5 off any Deli Platter with Deli purchase of $29.99 or more
  • $2 off any Fresh Meat purchase of $10 or  more
  • $2 off any Fresh Produce purchase of $10 or more
  • $2 off any Shrimp Ring
  • $2 off any Bakery Item with Bakery purchase of $10 or more
  • $1 off Tositos or Lays Snacks, 9 oz or larger (this goes nicely with the Pepsi/Lays/Tostitos Deal this week)
  • $1 off any Frozen with Frozen purchase of $5 or more
  • $5 off any purchase of $75 or  more

Print: Pathmark Coupons

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  • Laura D.

    Woooo Hooooo 1st comment!
    There were a bunch os photocopies of these coupons at the end of the register last night when I was at A&P.

  • akku

    well, i am heading to pathmark to spend my 10$ cat and use this coupons toward my meat or produce!

  • Mary

    They had 100’s of copies of these right next to the circulars!! 🙂

  • Rocky

    Yes, PM had printed copies of these yesterday, at the CS desk.

    I say, YAY, PM for having coupons for ‘any’ meat and produce purchases, things we can’t often find coupons for!

  • karen

    are you are to use multiples of these coupons in same transaction or sep. transactions?

  • Joanne

    Just got back from A&P and the cashier had a photocopy at the register. She scanned the coupons for me–nice!

  • dip

    ok so the tostitos salsa is on sale for 2 for 5 at a&p. can i use 2 of the tostitos coupons or just one (like a shoprite super coupon)?

    • Rocky

      This is definitely a store coupon that states:

      “Must clip and present at checkout with your club card for discount.
      $1 off any Tostitos or Lay’s Snacks
      9 oz. or larger
      Must present coupon and Club Card at time of purchase. Limit one (1)
      offer with this coupon. Savings taken automatically at checkout.”

      So, it doesn’t sound like it, although you could probably argue the point that it says one offer “with this coupon”, so, why couldn’t you use another coupon, too? But…I really don’t think they’ll buy into it!!!

      • Anonymous

        Since “the system” is really the final authority, go through one of the self-checkout lines, before a clerk has the ability to “censor” your coupons — if the scanner accepts both coupons, then I would imagine that the management intended for it to do so — otherwise, the scanner should have beeped and denied it.

        • Rocky

          Ahhh, yeah, that’s one way of looking at it! But, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that, if they go through it means that management intended for it to do so. How many times do people go through self-checkout to get around the rules of no more than 4 like coupons in an order, and other limitations? I don’t think that means that management intended for it to be okay on SC as opposed to live cashiers! And, if we are going to say that the system is the final authority, then, we have to live with all those catalinas we didn’t get, without going to CS to return items! But, I’m not here to judge, just to contribute my thoughts, and, at times, play devil’s advocate (!), so, do with it as you will.

          • ann

            kudos to you

  • christina


  • Lisa Cox

    Thanks so much for these!