Rite Aid: Colgate Money Maker Deal

Rite Aid: Colgate Money Maker Deal

There is a monthly Colgate Deal, Buy $25, Get $10 UPR.  There are 2 nice Colgate Deals going on this week that double up on the monthly deal to make this a nice money maker.

Here is the deal:


If you received a higher value Colgate Advanced Coupon then your profit will be higher.

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Thanks, Southern Cali Saver

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  • Wendy

    I actually had the .75/1 Colgate tp mq’s. And hit 7 toothpaste and 1 toothbrush and it printed 7 $3.50ups for the tp instead of the 4 that was advertised. And the tp and fb are part of the buy and save, so it helps you get to the $100 to get the $20up, the Prevacid that is also a money maker is also a part of the buy and save!!!

    • Stacey

      I wonder if that worked for anyone else? I got 4 toothpastes yesterday. I’d like to get more… But I don’t want to waste my $3.50 up.

      • toby

        its a limit of 4 uprewards per account. you can buy more but won’t get the bucks for later.

        • Wendy

          4 is what it states, however I got 7 $3.50’sfor the Colgate Toothpaste on 1 card

          • Anonymous

            Did you also got the $10upr?

            • Wendy

              Yes, I also got the 10UPR

    • Wendy

      My daughter just tried doing 7 in one transaction and it didn’t work today, however yesterday it did:( Oh well, 4 is still better than none:)

      • Wendy

        She did however get the 4 $3.50UPS and the $10UP

  • Raquel

    Will there be any good deals within the next 2 weeks? One thing I hate about Rite Aid is that their UPRs expire in 2 weeks. This is why I love CVS, their extra bucks only expire after a month.

    • jenn

      Look on iheartriteaid.com …they have the circulars uploaded for the next few weeks

    • Lady J

      even if there isn’t, you can always use the +UPs to buy things you need but don’t have q’s for.

      I usually don’t do Rite Aid either, because there are 2 days a week I can really get out and coupon, and Rite Aid is a little far, and, like you said, 2 weeks. I’ll probably let this one slide, but, like I said, you can make this MM work for you even if there isn’t a deal in the next 2 weeks. You don’t have to roll the +UPs. You can cash out for stuff you need.

  • cc

    Do I have to buy $25 at once for the monthly deal?

    • Crystal

      No, it tallies for you!

  • Amanda

    Do we have to buy $25 of Colgate in 1 transaction to get $10 upr?

    • Nikki

      I’d like to know the answer to this one, myself. I bought $10.50 worth of the toothepaste yesterday and scored a small money maker with the coupons I had. I’d love to add some tooth brushes to this deal and get my $10 UP. Also, can I roll the $3.50 UP+ that I got yesterday to more Colgate to get the monthly Colgate UP+?

      • Erika

        No you dont. Somewhere at the bottom it should tell you how much you have toward the colgate and buy and save. I bought 4 toothpaste so it says i have $14 toward the $10 up.

  • Meli

    so much going on this week!! so excited

  • Jordan

    Can you also send in the rebate for this also? That would make this a SUPER SUPER deal…lol

    • Shannon

      Yup. Sending this in for the $5.00 Colgate-Palmolive rebate…EVEN BETTER!

      • toby

        Yes!!!! Rebates works for this !!

  • Rachel

    Does anyone have details for the Colgate Advanced deal? Can it be any variety? I bought two yesterday and it didn’t track on my receipt.

  • enalyn

    Nice!I have $1/1 colgate Q’s so this is sweet MM!!!

  • Allison

    It looks like it would qualify for the Colgate rebate. Just have to spend $10 to get $5 rebate. I am sending mine in.

    • RS

      I would like a rebate form as well, if anyone has one to spare! Thanks!!

      • karen

        email me and i will give u my addy so u can send me a sase:)


    • Nancy

      I also didn’t get a rebate form in my area. If anyone has an extra that they wouldn’t mind emailing me, my address is nancy_mrry@yahoo.com. Thanks so much!!

  • Pam

    The Colgate Advanced “Gum Defense” is part of the diabetes “buy $50 get $10” deal too.

    • Wendy

      @Pam… can you give me the details on the Gum Defense?

  • Jen

    Just an FYI. If anyone has the kidstuff book there is a $5 off $25 purchase making this a great moneymaker deal.

    • Michelle

      I have it! Thanks so much for the reminder 🙂

  • cheri

    Hi can someone please tell me where they see the spend $25 on cologate get a $10 +up- Idon’t see it in the flyer. THANKS!

    • Linda

      I would like to know this too. I bought the toothpaste yesterday along with 1 toothbrush. My receipt says I earned $16 toward the Advil – $25 reward. I never bought Advil! There is an ad in the flyer for Advil $30 reward.

    • Wendy

      It is on tags throughout the store

      • Linda

        Thanks Wendy.

    • cheri

      Thank-you Wendy. Just went to Rite-Aid and got my $10+up! Do you know what insert the colgate rebate is in ? Thanks Again!

      • Anonymous

        Did you also buy 7 toothpaste and 1 toothbrush and did you also got 7 $3.50?

        • Wendy

          On Sunday I got 7 $3.50UPS and the $10UPS, however when my daughter went to do the transaction yesterday it was only doing the limit of 4 on the tp and the tb and giving the $10UPS as well

  • Jen

    does anyone happen to have a couple extra of the colgate rebates? we did not get ANY in this area…and so far i was only able to find 2 and theres a few of us looking for them. we do have the Pfizer rebate forms and pretty much any insert coupon from the past 6-8 months to trade….thanks so much!

  • Melissa

    I have 2 of the colgate rebates that I could send you.

  • Diane

    Hi if anyone has extra cologate rebates i would love one..didnt get one in my area either..thanks ..heres my email ladyd167@gmail.com

  • Nancy N

    Just back from doing the Colgate deal but I had 3 $1/1 toothpaste Q’s, so I paid 23.45 & got the $14 + $6 UR plus the $10.00 for the $25 deal.
    $6.55 moneymaker
    Woo Hoo!!

    • Anonymous

      Can you tell me what did you buy?

  • 0246

    what’s the limit on the monthly colgate deal?

    • Wendy

      Limit 1 I believe

  • Rebecca

    There is a $1 off colgate total coupon in the walgreens diabetes and you (winter) magazine, exp 2/28….. makes it an even better deal, worth checking if your walgreens still have them

    • Mike

      The walgreens diabetes and you (winter) magazine is available in pdf on the walgreens website.

  • Wendy

    What insert was the rebate form in?

    • Kabby

      I believe SS 1/29.

  • Linda Hughes

    I got 4 toothpaste and 5 toothbrushes yesterday. I got $14 in +UP for the toothpaste, $7.50 in +UP for the toothbrushes but did not get the $10 +UP for the monthly deal. I called and they are mailing it out to me. On my last transaction I noticed my rewards total went from $40 to $25 on the $20+UP for $100 and also I was at $24 on the Advil spend $25 get $10 +UP so with the last toothbrush that I bought I should have gotten the $10 but my total went down to $9!!!! Today when I called she looked up my account and I am at $42 on the $20 +UP for $100 spent. Weird!!

    Point being…watch your totals at the bottom of your receipt, the system sometimes messes up!

  • Mike

    If anyone has an extra rebate, can you send it to me? mikekisso@gmail.com

  • RS

    I guess there is a few requests for extra rebate forms.. I would like one as well..Cannot find them in my inserts. Please let me know if you have one to spare!

  • JE

    Last night I found 5.8oz tubes of Colgate with a Colgate 360 toothbrush attached that are included in the deal. They were located on the wall on the front of the pharmacy. They were $3.50 and I received a $3.50 UPR. However, I read a comment on another blog that the larger size tubes did not produce the $10UPR when you buy $25. Has anyone purchased the larger tubes and received the $10UPR? I also read that the monthly deal is limit 4 through sometime in early March! Can anyone confirm this? Thanks!

  • Arleen

    Did the deal exactly as stated,Used $15 in rewards from last weeks glasses. Paid 12 bucks. Got back $14 for Colgate ,$6 for Colgate ,$10 for Colgate Monthly Deal & it triggered my $20 buck winter reward.
    12 bucks out of pocket. Got back 50 Bucks in UPR .
    This is a gold star deal!!!!! Thanks Cindy & Cali.
    Now to find the rebate…..

  • Nicole

    I went today I got 4 colgate total advanced for 3.50 each and 4 toothbrushese for 2.49 each then I found some colgate toothpast on clearence for .94 so I purchsed 2 of those total with tax was 27.48 and i received a total of $30 in rr. Also at the bottom of the receipt it does say $26 towards the $20 o0 when $100 purchased.

  • Susan

    Crazy deal…thanks for pointing it out. Worked perfectly for me, and now I have enough credit on the $20 UP on $100 Winter Rebate that I need to check when it ends and what else I might buy.

    Also, thanks to those who pointed out the rebate form! It’s such fun doing the real money-makers (even if the store was out of the Diet Coke that we actually “need” this week!).

    I’m awash in toothpaste right now, so some of this may be heading to the food pantry.