ShopRite: Biotene Gum Money Maker

ShopRite: Biotene Gum Money Maker

Here is another great deal at ShopRite.  You can score Free Biotene Gum with a small profit.

There was a $2/2 Biotene Gum eCoupon (no longer available to save) and there is also a $2.50/2 Biotene Coupon available.  The Biotene Gum, 16 ct is priced at $1.59.

Here is the deal:


Thanks Heather!

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  • Kristin

    Where in the store do you find thiS???

    • Heather C

      I found mine in the toothpaste section, by the floss, but down much lower. You can check where it is in your store using the shop at home feature on Just add it to you cart and save it to list.

  • Jennifer

    fyi, the Lipton/Sobe deal is now only 1 per family. no more rolling the cats. :/

    • ag

      I did the deal 3 times just a couple of hours ago and we used one card. Hubby and I did 2 separate transactions then I went back in and did the third one. Each time, the cat printed.Maybe it depends on the store. The SR I went to was fullyl stocked. Some people were reporting that their stores have signs that you can only do the deal once per day/ per family but my SR didn’t.

      • ag

        I forgot to say that I rolled my $10 cat from the first transaction and received another cat.

        • Erica

          Ag, which ShopRite do you shop at, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • kath

    go to self checkout. my cat printed as soon as i scanned the 10th bottle. The signs were up in my store about only one transation per customer but this was my 4th time this week.

  • Tracy

    It does depend what SR you go to. Early this week I went to one in West Orange and I did 8 transactions that same day. Their only stipulation is that you can only do transactions back to back then you have to get on a different line. However, today I went to SR in Hackensack and they only let me do one transaction per day, per SR Card. Which is still fine with me! 90 bottles of drinks and still have $10 to keep repeating, even if its 10 bottles a day, it still worth it to me! Most stores seems to be stocked!

  • Tracy

    *You can only do 2 transactions the same register

  • Raquel

    staff at West Caldwell SR were complaining about a woman that went in 9 times today. She took home 90 bottles! Come on guys, 90 bottles?!?! Is that really necessary? I think it’s selfish, they were completely out of juice by the time I got there.

  • Anonymous

    i dont see biotene in my digital coupons?

    • Robin

      I dont see a biotene e coupon either

      • H

        Ugh, I do need this item and can’t find the ecoupon!!!

  • David

    Well, hey now. That’ll just about pay for those Milanos I haven’t gotten yet this week. One pack would be $1.27, and after this, only $0.17!!! I can already taste them!

    Can anyone confirm that this works? My eCoupon shows up as:
    Biotene® products — any TWO (2) Biotene® products
    SAVE $2.00 Digital Coupon Expires 2/25/2012

    • David

      CONFIRMED this myself. Both the Biotene and Milano eCoupons came off my order. Add in some Got2B products for free with coupons and some more drinks if you haven’t already got your CAT, and you’ve really got something.

      Thanks Again!

  • Sue Mc

    My ShopRite in Nutley put up the sign yesterday while I was at courtesy counter getting a raincheck for the Lipton. There was none on the shelf. I did the deal 3 times in 3 days but I guess I can’t do anymore. I have company coming this weekend and needed alot of drinks, but what I have will have to do.

  • Michelle

    Where did everyone find this biotene ecoupon? I cant find it in my shoprite ecoupons nore cellfire.. I dont get it?

    • Michele

      The biotene might have been an old Q to clip. I have been clipping all when they come out just in case. Therefore I have this one.