ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 2/12/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 2/12/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • Laura D.

    The $1/4 Lipton tea coupon is not there. Is there certain zip code it is located under? TIA.

    • Cindy

      Oops, no that wasn’t suppose to be there. It’s still in the database and I forgot to remove it from the match ups.

  • loves coupons

    Thank you for the matchups. I looked for the $1/4 Lipton Naturals (it brought me to smartsource). I can’t find it. Is it under a specific zip code or NLA? Thanks

  • VA

    Decent deals 🙂

  • Brian

    Is $3.49 a good price for 16 oz olive oil? I have no idea what a good deal on olive oil is, and I need some.

    • Sue

      What I do is look at the prices on the shelf around it — I can never keep track of what’s a good price because I seldom buy olive oil, but if the deal drops it below the price per quart of the big bottles, I’ll pick them up. $3.49 doesn’t sound like a really marvelous price.

    • heather

      I go with $0.12/ounce or less on cold pressed extra virgin – usually find the best deals at ethnic markets or whole foods – if you can believe it 🙂

  • Amanda

    The add says the Catalina for the buy 10 get $10.00 is limit to one. Can you do it once a day or is it limited to one per card?

    • Aileen C

      It’s generally once per transaction.

      • Sarita

        Do they roll over?

    • Kristy

      It says limit one per card per transaction, so you just can’t buy 20 and get 2 in one. I’ll be doing 5. My question is will they roll if I use the $10 coupon on a new transaction containing 10 new items, plus others. I know the milk one rolls. I bought new cereal, watched the CAT print out, then used my milk after. Maybe I’ll try the same thing and just put the stuff back if the CAT doesn’t print out right away. I’d rather save my OOP.

      • Dana C

        They do roll. I bought 10 Lipton yesterday, received my $10 cat. Went tonight and got 10 Sobe and used the $10 cat to pay; received another $10 cat 🙂

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match ups, Cindy

  • Patti M

    My SR only has the cafe escapes k cups in 18 ct, not 12 ct. Be careful with the Q for 12 ct. Just a head’s up.

  • Rebecca

    Any ideas on whether the free Lipton tea/Sobe water will allow you to do the transaction more than 1 time?

    • Laura D.

      This is a wait and see situation. If you don’t want to try it yourself, watch this post tomorrow morning to see who has been out early and what the results are. I am hoping it will! It all depends on how the catalina is worded, if there are any restrictions. Time will tell 🙂

      • 0246

        fingers crossed!

        • Maryann

          nope you have to do separate orders, but it will roll, i did it several times this morning.
          Lipton has no tax it is free and the sobe has tax, but if you bring your ow bag it will be .05 cheaper.
          Also if you have any rewards on in shop rite family , you can start out not paying a dime.

        • Cherie

          Could not roll in CT store 🙁

          • cave

            which store in ct, some are different. I have not tried it yet.

          • Stephanie

            i made 5 separate transactions today…5 separate catalinas! $50 in free drinks! how great…sending my husband back everyday this roll it…$100 in free drinks and 100 to spend over the nect two weeks for groceries…yippee

  • nick

    Buy 10 get 10 cat is nice deal thanks cindy

  • sue k

    Thanks so much Cindy…

  • Elaine

    I see you have updated your post above… Thanks for the match-ups!

  • nick

    Cindy what do you think bout using 4 fisher boy coupons for the buy 10 get 10?

    • Lauren

      Nick can you explain? I don’t see them listed in the 10 for 10.

    • Cindy

      Which product are you referring to? The only fruit juice is the OJ and that is $5.99.

  • Aileen C

    Mueller’s website says no coupons/promotions available.

    • Kat

      I had to sign up then they emailed me the link to get the coupon. 🙂

    • Rega

      I already signed up (likely for another coupon at some point), so I couldn’t get it either.

      • heather

        Mueller coupon I printed says no doubling.

        • Loretta

          it’s probably a DND 5 and unless they press the DND key it doubles 🙂

    • Yvonne

      It is working today.

  • Arizia

    Thanks Cindy

  • Ryan

    Cindy The Pepperidge Farm Coupon Is A DND9 Just To Give You A Heads Up

    • Matthew

      Seriously?!?!! Crapola!! Total buzz kill….. 😐

      • Cindy

        Ditto what Matthew said!

        Thanks for the heads up. I add that to the match ups.

        • Ryan

          I Agree

    • Ashley L

      What is a DND9?

      • Stephanie

        do not double

      • Rocky

        Note that this information applies to coupons that have the old type of barcodes – the ones with two or three sets of barcode numbers) and not the new ones that have just the one set of numbers.

        In addition to stating Do Not Double on the coupon, it has a Bar Code number that begins with a 9. On these, the dnd stipulation both keeps it from doubling automatically when it is rung up, and, keeps it from being overriden by anyone on the register with a key. They are different from the DND5 coupons (bar code begins with a 5). Even though those say Do Not Double, the system automatically still doubles them unless the cashier manually overrides it.

        With the new barcodes, we have yet to figure out how to tell if the ones that say DND, will still double, or, really will not.

        • Lisa

          The new barcode coupons that have a DND will not double.

          I have used a coupon with the new barcode with a supermarket that has the new system to scan (not manually put in by the cashier) and it does not double. I think this might be one of the reasons the new barcode has been put into place.

  • Rose

    Thanks so much Cindy! Free Sobe is awesome!!!

  • Christina


  • violet

    thank you for the matchups

  • Kaitlyn

    Do you think we can roll the 10 for 10 deals?

  • Pamela

    Any ideas if the $10 cat (buy 10 get $10) will roll if you do 1 transaction per day?? 😉 I suppose we’ll have to wait to see until an earlybird reports back!
    ~crosses fingers~

  • Annie

    There is a coupon for $1/2 Francesco Rinaldi ToBe Healthy Pasta Sauce in the Stop and Shop healthy ideas book. I think I picked it up a month or two ago.

  • Nicole

    FYI – My friend tried the Mueller’s pasta coupon at SR and was told that the coupon was counterfeit. Apparent corporate headquarters sent notice out to the stores not to accept that one.

    • mark

      I just used two of the Mueller’s coupons today. Not sure how recently this happened but they came right from Mueller’s website.

    • Cindy

      The coupons are hosted directly on the Mueller website. There is no way they can be counterfeit.

      • Christina B

        It did “look” look a little different…so I didn’t even cut it out…gave them the entire page…no issues

    • V

      They just don’t like that fact that you seem to be able to print a ton of them :]

      • Mary

        Yep, my SR also counts the Muellers as “counterfeit”

        They only accept IPs with bar codes and a background printed. Most of the time they won’t take RP or SS printables either, they are very suspicious of those.

        Of course, they have told me that other coupons (like off of were also counterfeit, including the McCain Purely Potatoes Q. They literally told me I was committing fraud. I had a fun talk with CS about how it’s rude to accuse people of that :\

      • robi

        they scanned fine at my shoprite

    • Nicole

      I agree that they should not be considered counterfeit b/c they came directly from the site. But for some reason, they had a copy of it in the back office at the store and would not let her use it.

  • Mary

    The Aunt Jemima Q is $1/2 Frozen pancakes, waffles, or french toast product – not off mix unfortunately 🙁

  • Jess

    Daisy Cottage Cheese is on sale for $1.99. It might be regional, but there is a $0.45/1 coupon in this weeks smartsource (SS 2/12/12 SS), making it $1.09.

  • Maria

    Thank you very much Cindy!!! Super excited about the buy 10 get $10 cat.

  • Roslyn

    I know it’s last minute, but I was out tonight and bought those Dole fruitcups 2/$5. I had a .75 coupon for the grapefruit so I picked up four…only $1 a piece. They were actually pretty good…don’t know if the sale is carrying over to tomorrow though.

  • holly

    will be there tomorrow to get free drinks!

  • Kim

    I have $1 off right guard coupon from the inserts so look through yours. That makes the deodorant free.

  • There is a coupon online for $.50 off glass plus, making it $.99 after coupon.

  • Anonymous

    the pasta coupons are legit. often cahsiers and manager LIE at shoprite. its very frustrating but i used them today. they scanned and double not a problem. Ask to speak to a store manager or the customer service manager. Most cashiers and front end manager have little to no coupon training.

    • M

      This may be true in your SR, but please don’t generalize. Many SR’s do train their cashiers and FE Mgrs well, and I’ve never had anyone outright LIE to me. Perhaps they were misinformed, but lying? Not in my experience.

      • Anonymous

        I agree all SR are different. There are two near where I work. In one the manager would not take the coupon and yelled at me and accused me of counterfeiting (very mean horrible thing). Amd she is the manager. The other, the manager loves coupons and helps point them out. He gets all of my business!

        • Anonymous

          This happened to me last week with the $2/1 Adams Res. Cheddar. “It’s not in the book… we won’t honor it.”

  • Morgan

    Has anyone received super coupons for ocean county Shoprites? A free item per week and $10/$50?

    • Michelle

      Yes, I have and some other friends of mine in the ocean county area. We are in week 3 now I think??
      Stop n shop has been sending these out lately too – randomly it seems.

      • Morgan

        Yes week 3, I have noticed that not everyone is receiving these coupons.

        • kmegg

          what ???? i’m exit 74 & havent gotten anything like that & i am now totally jealous….hate getting left out 🙁

          • Shannon

            Been getting them for a while now, Shoprite and Stop N Shop mailers and the last two weeks we got an extra $5 off $50 at Pathmark as well. Lots of competition with the new Shoprite in Toms River.

            • Allie W

              My parents got one (Brick) and they never go to Shop Rite, while I’m there about 4 times per week and didn’t get anything. At least they gave me theirs to use 🙂

              • i have never gotten them either:(
                i am exit 69

  • Rebecca

    Does anyone know where the Maggi soup is generally located? I looked around last week at my shoprite and couldn’t find it. I was probably not looking in the right spot.

    • Kat

      I found it in the Spanish food aisle with lots of other Maggi products.

      • KT

        @ Rebecca, I was just about to ask the same question because I couldn’t find it near the other soups! I told my BF maybe in a hispanic section and he didn’t think there was a hispanic section in SR.

        • Renee

          Mine is called the international aisle

          • Laura D.

            Mine is the “ethnic foods”.

            • V

              That phrasing always bothers me. Isn’t ALL food technically ethnic? 😛

            • Rebecca

              thanks all! I will try checking out that area when I go this week! :o)

    • Jennifer

      I looked everywhere..we have international, ethnic and mexican aisles…and I couldn’t find it there or in the soup aisle. I saw lots of other Maggi stuff, just not the soup mix. Too busy there to ask someone but maybe later in the week..

      • Michelle T.

        I found the Maggi soup with the Goya products. I did not see it right away, but it was there 🙂 Good luck, free soup!

  • Sandra


  • liz

    Was in shoprite tonight the kelloggs cereals have peelies on them for $1.00 off milk.

    • Heather

      Yes, but be careful because it states that you have to buy 3 Kellogg’s cereals to redeem. I didn’t realize it, and tried to use it the other night when I was buying General Mills & ShopRite refused them. I didn’t even SEE the fine print, but they did.

  • Tara

    I bet you’all hate it when a post starts out “I am a beginner to coupoing”, yes I am a beginner and on top of that I just moved from Oregon to Arizona. All the stores are very different out here…does anyone know if Phoenix has a ShopRite…or if it is called something different in my area?!? I tried looking it up, but I am just all confused and frazzled tonight as I am making my lists for my trip tomorrow, thanks!

    • Vanessa

      I just googled it and it does NOT look like there is a Shop Rite in Arizona. Sorry 🙁

  • Heather

    Cindy, Frosted Flakes aren’t listed as part of the Kellogg’s sale….

  • Stacy

    Thanks Cindy so much for all your hard work with the match ups, could not go shopping without them.

  • frink

    Colgate Toothbrush – $0.59
    $0.40/1 Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, exp. 2/18/12 (SS 01/29/12 R)
    $0.35/1 Colgate Adult or Kids Manual Toothbrush, exp. 2/18/12 (SS 01/29/12)
    as low as free after coupon

    The circular I have says this is the ‘Extra Clean’ brush on sale, and these SS coupons specifically exclude that, so they won’t work right?

    • My store didn’t take the coupons

      • Jenn

        Try buying the Triple Clean toothbrushes (I know its called triple something LOL). They are usually the same price as the extra clean and the coupon works on it.

  • Nikki

    Last week I took advantage of the Nature’s Bounty Vitamins at 1/2 price and quite a few of the bottles had peelies on top. Definitely keep a look out , especially on the Flexamin. One had $5/1, and another had $3/1.

  • As Cindy suggested, there is a SR e-coupon for Milano cookies this morning! Thanks Cindy!!

  • mark

    Just tried 10 for 10 Sobe lifewaters, it allowed me one per transaction and can be used on the next order. I got 40 for 10 + tax minus 10 catalina = 40 FREE (only pay tax)

    • cleo

      how did u get 40 for free???

  • Anonymous

    milano cookie .50 ecoupon is in system, wohoo

  • D.

    Cindy & all who post updates:

    Thanks so much for the hard work you do to help everyone save on our grocery bills. It is appreciated!

    For what it’s worth, my ShopRite had no issues with the Mueller coupons.

    UPDATE: When you click and print out the JONES DAIRY FARM sausage coupons instead of $1/1 it’s now $1.00 for any 2.

  • Miriam

    The $10 cat def rolls, both me and my cousin tried it this morning! Yay 🙂

    • Arianna

      yay! going out now then!

  • Debbie

    Anyone have suggestions. I am spending 32$ monthly for 4 newspapers. Is there a cheaper way to get the circulars???

    • chris

      Ask Friends and family OR you can try what I do, savings star money goes into Paypal and use paypal to purchase coupons on E Bay. This site makes it easy to know what and when to buy hope it works for you as well …Thanks LRWC

    • KitKat

      Whoa! Honestly, I usually scavenge online coupon sites for printables. I rarely buy newspapers unless there’s a really good set of coupons in there that I can’t live without. Because I have a small household, it’s usually not worth it to buy papers. My only exception is when the P&G insert comes out, then I usually get 2 papers.

    • Ryan P

      I live in CT. I get 4 sunday papers delivered for .99 each. I just called the paper and said this is what i want for papers and asked what there best price was. Try that.

    • Darlene

      Hi Debbie, I try to buy my newspapers at Walgreens or CVS. They make great filler items at Walgreens and I usually have extra ECB’s to cover the cost at CVS. I also bring my bag and make sure I scan my green tag when I get my papers.

      • Kim

        I have found that 7-11 bundles two Bergen Records together for $2.00, It’s labeled purposely for double the amount of coupons. So, I get 2 packs of 4 newspapers for $4 each week.

    • shita

      Try your local library if they have coupon exchange box. Most branch get at least 2 of each newspaper each day. Or try the YMCA front desk. My have 2 Sunday papers each week. They are more then glad to give out the coupon if someone can use it.

  • Beth

    I’m surprised nobody caught this. The Adam’s Reserve Cheddar is sold in 1 lb. packages and ‘store cut’ – both are included in the sale (as they were last time). If you can snag a package that is about 1/3 lb. or so, free or really cheap cheddar! Also, some home flyers may have super coupon that makes the Shoprite American cheese $1.99/lb. (limit 2lb.), as well as a super coupon that makes the Turkey Hill ice cream $.99 (free if you have a .50/1 to stack it with).

  • chris

    Shop Rite – Phillipsburg cat’s are printing. Beware there is a shelf clearer who shops here and resells at thier store in Easton. You may have to ask at courtesy counter if you want toget in on the Sobe’/ Lipton deal

  • Renee

    Is the Got2B coupon from today’s Red Plum a regional coupon?

    • Jenilee

      i think so. we didn’t get it here in central CT

      • Beth

        See if you can get your hands on either a NY Daily News or a NY Post. A good portion of the time, the regional coupons land in one of those two. Which paper did you get?

      • MK

        I definitely was not in the Hartford Courant this morning.

  • marie

    I added the SR Milano ecoupon to my card, does any one know if I buy multiple packages does it take $.50 off each one or does it do just one?

    • Mark

      Comes off only once no matter how many you buy and does not double.

  • kevin

    Debbie, you could ask all your friends and family and co workers for theirs. That’s what I do. Most people just throw them away and are more then happy to let you take them.

  • Claire

    Had a good am at SR. Used Paper Q for bi-flex for $7/1 and got that for free and then the $6/1 ecoupon came off too. There is also an ecoupon for welch’s jelly as well as the paper coupon. Darn Colgate Qs never double. Thanks Cindy for everything!

  • LauraBrown

    Just came from Shoprite and received a preview of next weeks sale. Dollar days will be back and a free bag… Ooohhhh can’t wait for this.

    • Mark

      Did they have a start date?

    • Cindy

      I know, I got that too. Woohoo!

      • Anonymous

        Are we going to get a scan of this? Is it a full ad? Can’t wait! Got my 40 Lipton and sobe this morning… I went to 2 different stores so I don’t clear the shelf… And that is 40 total… Thanks cindy

      • Elaine

        Do you have the full ad? or was it just a flyer? Is it something worth scanning… I loved last year Dollar Days, it was the first week I started couponing so I was OVERWHELMED to say the least. Now this year I am more prepared. Bring on the craziness!!!

        • Cindy

          It doesn’t start until 2/26 so there is nothing out yet.

          • Aileen C

            Woohoo! I was just wondering the other day if they were doing DD again this year.

  • Becky

    I have found with other SR catalina deals that you can get the deal more than once as long as you do them as separate transactions. I am also able (at my SR) to use the catalinas that day on subsequent orders the same day. I just do my catalina earning orders (and baby bucks earning orders) first. Then I use all earned catalinas and my regular coupons on a separate order. Works beautifully.
    Cindy~ I know you must buy 3 pepsi 12pks but does each 12 pack count as 1 toward the buy 10 get $10.00 ?

  • Christine M.

    Hi all! Keep an eye out for peelies on boxes of Kashi cereal at SR. I found one for a FREE box of Kashi bars wyb 2 boxes of Kashi cereal. Makes for a nice deal if using the $2/1 cereal coupon from Recyclebank! The cereal was on sale for $2.99 a box. The bars were priced at $3.89!

  • Terry

    Smart Source has $1 off Kraft grated parmesan cheese. no size restriction. Shoprite has a small one everyday price of $1

    • Rebecca

      What zip? I can’t find it…Thanks!

      • Linda Hughes

        Hey thanks for the heads up on that, Terry! I’ve got my $1/1 from the Make it Delicious Kraft Foods that I bought on HSN! 🙂

      • Terry

        it was in the sun paper smart source this morning!

        • Linda Hughes

          Thanks!! Just got my inserts now, got those! 🙂

  • Anne

    Thanks for the matchups, going to be rolling the cats all week 🙂

  • Rebecca

    Heads up- Went to ShopRite this morning and bought 4 of the Pampers wipes and only 1 $4 cat printed not 2 like we hoped 🙁
    The buy 10 get 10 worked great! I got the mighty dog cans with my last purina cat and got those for free and $1 overage went towards the teas. So got 10 lipton teas and 6 cans of mighty dog for $9 and got the $10 cat!
    BUT, Dollar Days start on 2/19!!!! Can’t wait! Free groceries and bags woo hoo!!

  • Dave

    Cindy, this is (at least) the second week that the “print” button on the “my list” doesn’t work for me. I’m using IE version 9.0.8112.16421, although FF didn’t work either. I had to forward it to my email and print it from there.

    Email me if you want me to help troubleshoot this further.


    • Cindy

      I’ll mention it to my techy people. All these features are way past what I know. If I need more info I’ll let you know. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Teghan

        Mine didn’t work today either…

      • bilie

        Cindy it was not working for me likewise last night but now but is working now!

        thanks a lot! hope we get all the cats!

  • Lisa

    My newspaper did not have a smartsource insert today. Did anyone else have that probem?

  • Maryann

    The Sobe/ Lipton Offer : You have to do separate orders, but it will roll, I did it several times this morning.
    Lipton has no tax it is free and the sobe has tax, but if you bring your own bag it will be .05 cheaper.
    Also if you have any rewards in shop rite family , you can start out not paying a dime.

    • Lady J

      I’m in NJ and my lipton had tax.

  • Teghan

    Has anyone else done the pampers wipes deal and it printed off both catalinas?

    • Rebecca

      This morning I only got 1 $4 cat with the deal when I bought 4 packs of wipes.

    • Pam

      Same here. I went to customer service to see if I could return them and buy them again to get the CAT and she just printed another cat for me.

  • Sarah

    Does anyone know if the Right Guard Total Defense 5 is included in the $.99 4-day sale? I’d like to try to use the $1/2 RP’s I printed out several days ago.

    • Teghan

      I think it said it was not included

      • Rocky

        Correct. Total Defense and Powerstripe are not included.

  • Matthew

    Pert plus shampoo 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 are still $1.99….so $0.99 after coupon!

  • Dolores

    Is there anyone in the Westfield or Summit area that would like to get together a group to trade coupons? I don’t need diaper coupons, or dog food but I do need Zyrtec and Vitamin D that others may not use. Anyone interested? I’m not a stalker, I swear! Just trying to put two kids through college simultaneously!

    • erica

      I live in linden and am very interested in diaper coupons! You are welcome to all my zyrtec and vitamin d coupons. I am also not a stalker, lol! I do not need dog food coupons but would be happy to give them to someone else as well.

      • Kim

        I will send dog food or diaper coupons to anyone 🙂 No kids or pets!!!! 😀

        • Do you have the $3 Iams coupons? I would love to have them if you do.

    • Kim

      What is your email? I’m happy to just mail the Zyrtec coupons to you. Have you ever tried the OTC off brand Zyrtec? It’s called certizine. Go to a family drug store. It’s crazy!!! My parents live down the shore and get it even cheaper!! Just ask the pharmacist and they will get it from behind the counter. Just don’t go to like a CVS or anything like that. I live in Montclair and Terry Drugs and Grove Street Drugs both sell it … I think the last time I got it up here it was $9.00 for over 100 pills. Works the same and has the same ingredients.

  • chris


  • Danielle M

    Can You Buy 1 pack of diapers and get the USB charger? TIA

    • Danielle M

      Buying 1 package of diapers did produce the USB Catalina. : )

  • Kim

    FYI … 2/12 RP has $3.00 of 2 Olay cleansers. With the CAT and Q they come to $1.99 each. Also includes the wipes. Just make sure to buy the $4.99 ones. I don’t think the $4.49 ones are included in the CAT.

  • Amanda

    Can I combine a manufacturer coupon with a digital coupon loaded on to my ShopRite card? Thanks

    • BL

      A paper manufacturers coupon can be combined with either the cellfire OR electronic coupon. In the event the same item lands on both cellfire and electronic, it will only take off either cellfire OR electronic – not both.

      Cellfire and electronic also do not double.

  • Sherri

    Just purchased the Osteo Bi-Flex caplets & the $6 cellfire coupon was deducted and the $7 manufacturer coupon went through no problem making this a $6.01 Money Maker!!!

  • Samantha

    There is a Catalina that come out, with every 4 Osteo Bi-Flex you buy you get a 3.00 Catalina off any 1 Osteo Bi-flex product

    • Arianny

      I didn’t get that… I bought 4 yesterday

  • Marjie

    Don’t forget your free game of bowling if you buy Musselman’s Applesauce!

  • Jeanne

    How come when I click on the link to print the coupons in several instances it takes me to a website where I am unable to actually find and print that precise coupon?

  • Ann

    For the 4 day sale I’m not sure the eggo waffles are on sale for $.99. I thought so, but looked at my circular again and i said wafflers. This is a different product that is flavored. I wish they would include the regular waffles.

  • Jennifer

    Just an FYI, for the Dole cups, at least the ones in the freezer section, buying 2 prints out a $1 for your next order. I forgot 🙁 my coupon for the ones in the regular section so I don’t know if it’s the same over there, but this makes it an even better deal!

    • Victoria

      Do you know if it’s one per trans or every 2 you buy?

  • Merry

    Today at Shoprite I found the Welch’s 2lb jar of jelly for 2/$3.89 (must buy 2) making it an even better deal than the squeezable which are only 1lb each. At my Shoprite they only double to $1 so I got 2 for $1.89 making it $.95 each. If your store truly doubles then these are $.85 each.

  • lacey12

    today we got a 75/1 bag of Tyson chicken nuggets. Hopefully, it will be included in the 50% off this week………

    • Hi Lacey: SR had the Tyson chicken nuggets 50% off bringing the price to $3.49. I used my .75 coupon! Don’t forget to check the green Tyson Grillers. They are 50% to $1.99 plus I used the $1.00 off coupons.

  • new 2 coupons

    I want to do the Got 2B deal but I can’t find the coupons?

  • Jena

    Just an FYI I stopped in my SR in Warminster on Saturday morning, used some internet coupons. They always verify mine. They told me that soon they will no longer take internet coupons. So I will have to check back and hope it’s not too soon….. 🙁

    • chris

      This SR is very coupon unfriendly and are not well trained in coupons. They tend to change their coupon policies on a whim. Was this cashier one that has worked there a while or a new one? I know that Giant had a lot of people shopping there before this SR re-opened and I was surprised that it still has a lot of shoppers because their prices are generally higher than SR. If they will no longer take internet coupons think a lot of people will switch to Giant for their gas deals.

  • chris

    thanks for the match ups!

  • chrissy

    great week!

  • R

    Was just at Shop Rite and purchased 4 of the Campbell’s Soup at Hands and a Cat printed for 1.25 off my next order. 1/23/12 – 2/19/12 buy 4 get 1.25, buy 5 get 1.50, buy 6 get 2.

  • Christina

    The Lipton ice tea that’s tax free is unsweetened

  • anonymous

    i went to 2 different sr, not 1 sobe or lipton found. its all gone.

    • Joe

      Same here. People are already shelf clearing as evident by people’s postings on facebook. I saw one who did 9 transactions

  • Nicole

    I don’t know who else got this, but in my circular (Philly) I got the following super coupons:
    Dasani 24 pk for 1.99
    Turkey Hill Ice Cream for .99
    Herr’s Potato Chips for .99
    ShopRite American Cheese for 2.99/lb
    Fresh Tilapia Fillet for 2.99/lb
    Bounty Basic 6pk or Charmin Basic 12pk for 3.99

    • Dave

      Nicole, can you tell me what coupons you received to get the Charmin Basic 12pk for $3.99?


  • Christi

    Sadly, the Got2B hair products by me are only on sale for 3.99, making them 99 cents instead of free. I wonder if this is just a NY thing…or just my part of NY…

    • ag

      Check your receipt. Mine was priced at $3.99 but I still bought it even when I thought i would be paying $0.99, but.Then I checked my receipt and they deducted $1 and $2 (PC) so it was free after coupon. I’m in NY too.

  • Dolores

    Kim and Erica: Thanks for responding. I take the generic, but my son’s allergies are pretty bad and he was sneezing his head off on the generic so its brand name only for him. Feel funny listing my email here, but here goes: Send me a note and we can figure out what to trade and how. Thanks! I saved a few of the diaper coupons from Sunday’s paper.

  • Carlene

    Went to shoprite in MD today to do the sobe life water and lipton tea deal and was told that I couldn’t split my transactions. Any one else heard of this?

  • Love couponing

    My shop rite in absecon had the sobe and Lipton at the front door. I was checking out the flavors and the manager said buy ten and get ten dollars back at the check out. I think it’s great even the manager shares the deals with customers.

  • Brooke

    Has anyone tried the pamper wipes deal and had the $4 catalinas print out?

  • i went to my shoprite yesterday and today and not ONE lipton to be found. i was very dissappointed. i was not planning on clearing shelves but many are now and it isnt fair. before extreme couponing i barely ever had to get a raincheck for anything. now shelves are cleared for weeks and my coupons expire before i get a chance to use them. i think everyone has a right to use coupons, but not clear shelves. they shouldve put a limit on the lipton. sorry for the vent. it just stinks:(

  • Matthew

    Just did the Lipton deal again today. glad to report my SR in Morris county NJ STILL has roughly 60-70 12 pack/boxes of Lipton iced teas! I asked if they did restocking between Sunday am and today; they said no! This SR ROCKS with adequate inventory.

    PLUS it feels sooooooooooooooo good buying 10 unsweetened iced teas and the total being $10 flat NO tax!!! forget that .70 cents tax! whoppieeeeee!!!

    I’m FRAMING those receipts!!!!!!!

    • Laura D.

      “Zero” receipts are the best!!
      I am having some serious Shoprite envy over here this week Matthew! Maybe other Shoprites should take notice and follow suit …….. a girl can dream, lol!

      • Stephanie

        I had to pay tax on the liptons. After my cats I owed $0.70 per transaction.
        Toms River, NJ shoprite

        • Jessica

          Thanks Steph!! I was wondering about that since I go to the same Shoprite 🙂

  • Chris

    FYI – my circular has a Bounty Basic SUPER COUPON making them $3.99, and then I also have $1/1 Bounty, NOT the .25/1, making for a great deal.

  • Xiomara

    Did the Lipton tea & Sobi Flavored water, ten for ten.
    did 3 double transactions… took home 30 ice teas and 30 bottles of Sobi water and still had $10 in Shoprite Catalina for more purchases tomorrow… 60 bottles for FREE… Thank you LRWC

    • caren

      :::Quote: kevin February 12, 2012 at 8:36 am
      Debbie, you could ask all your friends and family and co workers for theirs. That’s what I do. Most people just throw them away and are more then happy to let you take them.:::

      And they tend to be especially vigilant about saving/delivering the inserts to you if you occasionally share some of your freebies with them!

  • Stephanie

    Fairly new to couponing….Slowly becoming more sauvy since starting last year, and have never seen a deal like the iced tea and sobe. Am wondering what is an acceptable number of drinks to get? 20, 40, 50, 100??? I don’t want to be one of the rude crazy people scooping out shelves by the arm load, but drinks like this would never go to waste in my house if we stocked up. And mind you, I don’t stock pile normally. With the exception to having 15 bottles of shampoo and conditioner, I have no extra storage, or area in my house dedicated to my couponing abilities. Just wondering what everyone thinks would be acceptable for me to practically “steal” from the store.

    • amanda

      My store had a good stock of the drinks. So I took 50. There were plenty left. I might be wrong for saying it, but I think that was fine. The only way I would not have taken that much is if there was not enough for someone else to do the deal. (There were plenty.) I am going back today (two days later) and seeing if I can get more. They do not go wasted for me either. 🙂 I hope that helps.

      • Stephanie


        I stopped at a Shoprite I pass on my way home from work, knowing it’s bigger and more stocked than the one by home where I normally shop. They were out of the Sobe, but had a good amount of lipton. I got 30. And they were getting a shipment in today. I also went to my normal shoprite, and as I thought, they were completly out of everything, but were also expecting a shipment some time today. I plan on doing the same trip again tomorrow morning on my way home from work, and possibly everyday for the rest of the week.

  • Kara

    How long does it take for the Quaker savings star to show cause I went on Sunday however it isn’t shoing my my account. And if I go back again will it roll for the saving star or is it only once?

    • Cindy

      It’s once and it could take up to 7 days

      • Kara

        Thanks Cindy!

  • AA

    Which Morris County ShopRite is your store? My Succasunna SR did not print out my Catalina for 10 bottles of Lipton. Had to go to CS after paying to get it.
    Other folks in Morris County can please respond.

    • Matthew

      I shop at Wharton. Very pleased with staff AND quantity of items on hand.

      • Anonymous

        i also shop at wharton – any update if the sobe/lipton is still working on more than 2 transactions? I did a few on Monday

  • Cori

    Question: Do the catalinas print at the self checkout? I’ve never tried at Shoprite but at my Pathmark the cats never print at the self checkout. Thanks if anyone can answer this.

    • amanda

      Cori, Yes they do…. I also find it easier to use the self-checkout especially for this Lipton deal. The cashier in charge of self-checkout often do not need someone to override coupons b/c they do it themselves.

  • Lisa

    I went to the succasauna store today and purchased 10 Sobe I found in the front coolers. The Catalina did not print out and customer service argued that since I had already done the deal once I would not receive one. I called the corporate number and the very nice man who help me explained that the ad had been misprinted and that something was being sent to all stores stating that the deal is 1 per customer for the week, not per transaction. I stopped by the wharton store after and the manager said he had received the notice about the misprint but that the system had not been switched over yet. He told me to go and do 3 transactions before the change took place. They had a huge display towards the front of the store.

    • Matthew

      Smells and sounds like BS to me. Never once saw a written/posted update in the Wharton-or any other store for that matter. Empty threats. Just tell them “show it to me in writing”.

      • Lisa

        They did not have anything posted when I was there. They let me do the transaction 3 times. The manager just told me he had received something from corporate stating the change. The succasauna store was the one I had the problem with. They customer service lady argued that it didn’t matter that it said per transaction the fact that it said per customer meant I couldn’t do it more than once and that she was going to call Catalina and have my card flagged because I was abusing the deal. I called the 1800 number and was told that I read the ad correctly but that it was a misprint, they are sending me a gift card to make up for the non printed Catalina since there was no way i would have known of the change. It is just very difficult when the employees are unaware of how to read the ad and unwilling to let you explain it.

    • Lesley

      This happened to me yesterday. I went to SR and did 2 transaction without a problem. I went to the gym and was excited about the ample supply of drinks at that location, so I went back. I got my 10 drinks, went to the cashier, the catalina printed, but my previous catalina would not scan! So within an hour or so that change had been made.

  • Carol D

    The SR in Montgomery is now limiting the Sobe/Lipton to 1 transaction. Someone did it 46 times one after another (Not me!). BUT it might still work if you do not use your priceplus card.

    • Erica

      46 times? Why didn’t they stop him/her before? I just want to do this deal ONCE and my SR’s shelves are still clear. =(

  • Dolores

    Valora, my email is listed. I will mail you the Iams in exchange for Arm & Hammer cat litter and Carefree print-ables!

  • Dolores

    The cats print at the self check out. Sometimes you will see them hanging there b/c the person before you didn’t take them. (I love that!)

  • billie

    hi just want to ask because i did the nature’s bounty deal using 3 manufacturer’s coupon and was going to add a 2 dollars off shoprite coupon that i got from buying last week(2 off when you buy 3 any nature’s bounty)
    and the manager said i can’t use both? is she right?

    thanks for all the things you do to help us!

    • Rocky

      Those catalina coupons that print out are actually considered manufacturer’s coupons (it should state that on the coupon, if you check it out), even though it will also say ShopRite on it. These are up to SR’s discretion as to whether or not they consider them manuf coupons, or, SR store coupons.

      My SR will not accept them as store coupons (if they were, you could then stack them with another manuf coupon), despite my going round and round with them telling them since they say SR on them, I can’t use them anywhere else . On the other hand, some people have argued successfully and gotten them through. It all depends on each particular location, unfortunately.

      • Ana

        I have been able to use the print out coupons from Shoprite at other stores like CVS if they don’t say “Use only at Shoprite” on them.

        • Rocky

          Ahh, that’s good to know, Ana, thanks. I am not yet a full-fledged CVS-shopper (but I hope to be, when I grow up…heheh, just kidding!), so, it is good to know they will accept these! Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          I read Walmart coupon policy and I think u can use them there as well.

    • michele

      those catalina coupons that say “manufacturer” on the top are just that, MFR coupons, even though they are only good at the store listed on the coupon, and you can’t use another manufacturer coupon with it, unfortunately.

  • Bonnie

    well I waited till my sr in washington, NJ got there shipment in go to buy the lipton and sorbe was going to do a second transaction and wow! was not aloud to do it and my store has it now that you get the first 1o for 10 and your flaged for the week! good luck I ran to Greenwich

    • Laura Cotto

      Hi Bonnie, I called Greenwich and they said 1 per customer. Did you try it twice? I did it once on Sunday and once yesterday but I wonder if they are allowing to do more at Greenwich or it that it for the week with my card? Any input would be appreciated ..thank you.

      • Bonnie

        Laura Greebwich wants you to come back they love this deal its just Washington’s SR. when I was there at Greenwich they told me to put the stuff in my car and come back so I did

    • Lisa

      You don’t need your price plus card to get the deal. It rings up $10 for 10 and the catalina prints even if you don’t scan your price plus card. If you don’t use the card I don’t see how they can flag you.

      • Lisa

        I tried to do the deal in succasauna without my pp card. They rang up $1 each but nothing printed out.

        • Dave

          Same here. Tried to purchase without my PP card and received no catalina. Trying to take receipt back to store tonight to see if I can apply my card with customer service.

  • brittany

    has anyone tried the deal without their shoprite card? wouldn’t the price not come up as 1 dollar each?

    • Rocky

      The $1 price is a regular sale, not the additional, deeper discount price plus sale.

  • Anonymous

    I was at my local Shoprite yesterday and i was informed that you can only do 2 trans with the same Shoprite card.

  • natalie

    I was at my local Shoprite yesterday and I was informed that they are limiting the amount of Lipton/ Sobe to two per Shoprite card

  • stephanie

    With the 10 for 10$ deals check w customer service firsti found out the hard way that its limit 1 offer per customer

  • Christina

    Lisa …. I am wondering if with the new barcode if it does not say DND if the cashier must manually double it…… I tried it out with my starkist buy any 2 get .75 off that I found on tearpad next to the tuna it didn’t say DND anywhere, when I told cashier it didn’t double she manually doubled it which makes for some cheap tuna. I am thinking you maybe have to let them know it didn’t double…..

  • P

    any updates on the lipton/sobe deal?
    Anyone tried it without a SR card?
    I shop at wharton – was working on Monday

    • Lisa

      I did the deal without the card and they automatically came up 5/$5 (or 10/$10) and when I bought the 10 I got $10 in catalina. I rolled at three different stores and came away with 80 bottles. Going back for more tomorrow and Sat to other stores while visiting some family out of state. This is such a great deal since our family loves these iced teas! Thank You!

  • kelley

    I did the sobe deal without pp card and didn’t have a problem

    • Dave

      Kelley, are you saying that you don’t need the PP card to receive the $10 cat?

      Any SR Ramsey shoppers? They seem to have a policy that says one deal per household. Is that correct, or did I just get stuck with manager making his own rules?


      • Matthew

        Nope! Don’t need to have PP card!!

        • H

          Nice and good to know. My only Question is if I buy more than 10 in one transaction will I get more then one $10.00 cat. For example if I get 30 in one purchase will I get 3 $10.00 Cat’s???

  • Lauren

    tried to roll lipton $10 Cat at Flanders SR and they confiscated the one I earned, showed me a paper that’s it’s one per family. then drove down to SR in chester and bought 10 got the $10 Cat. SR in Chester NJ, everyone in the store knew about it. Another customer I met rolled the Cat in the register next to me.

  • I purchased (4) Pampers wipes packs and only (1) $4 Catalina printed. 🙁
    Emailing Catalina now…

  • amanda

    Does anyone shop at the parsippany SR? Have they stop allowing people to roll the lipton deal? I was hoping to roll this deal. 🙂

    • susan c

      i’ve been rolling this all week…i even did 2 transactions this morning….but when i went to my post this afternoon…( i’m a crossing guard) one of the moms told me they put a sign up saying that it’s one deal per card now…. i just knew this wasn’t going to last all week….lol….i have enough drinks to last me for some time….and i still have a $10. cat that i’m holding on to for next week…:O)

  • Christina

    Shoprite Manchester had a sign by Colgate toothpaste that the manufacturer is no longer making 4 oz….so whatever is left is it! That stinks since all coupons usually state 4 oz or larger.

  • AA

    ShopRite of Parsippany was out of stock this morning, between 10 and 11am. My Catalina beeped yesterday when I was doing the deal there. It said I reached the max allowed, but the Cashier came to override it ( I used self-checkout). Thanks to Matthew and others for their comments earlier today I went to Wharton. Wharton is more accepting of the deal. You can only do 10 then go back the next day for another 10.

  • Meghan

    I just went to the Shop Rite in Wilmington, DE. They have no limit on the Sobee or Lipton Ice Tea. Did not use my Shop Rite card and I got 150 for absolutley free (DE is tax free, added bonus!)

    • PK

      Which Shoprite in Delaware? I shop on Thursday nights and was going to get 10. What does their stock look like?

    • H

      Meghan Did you get your money back in Cats? and did you do one transaction?

  • Payton

    just an fyi…i work customer service for shoprite and wakfern sent notice to the stores today that the lipton catalina was suppossed to only be one per customer for the week and they are currently in the process for changing how it prints so be aware that by morning the ‘issue’ may be ‘fixed’ and you may not be able to get anymore $10 cats to print

  • Maria

    I live in ct and I have been able to roll the Lipton deal by making 2 transactions and going back the same day and doing it again with no problem . My husband for the first time was excited to see how many drinks I got for him.

  • Kabby

    I sent in the rebate to Kellogg for the $10 gas card…it was returned as undeliverable …anyone else have this happen? Any suggestions.

  • Beginner

    Good moring, I just wanted to know of anyone has tried the lipton deal again today and got a $10 cat.

  • Jen M

    At my Shoprite (Hainesport), the Hormel Compleats Kids meals are $1.99 this week. I used the $.55/1 from the 2/12 SS. Makes the meal just $.99 at my store but if you store truly doubles it would be just $.89.

  • adriene

    OK everone, I have seen some crazy things at shoprite this week.People with carts FULL to the brim with lipton and sobe products going over to self checkout and checking out 10 at a time. I have gone every day this week since Monday and bought 10 each day, I just got back from todays trip and the catalina machine is printing out a paper saying that you have already done the quaker promotion during this promotion.

    • Ruth

      In the stores in DE, they allow only 25 items at the self checkout and two transactions maximum. I gave up on shopping at ShopRite, it is just not worth the hassle. I used to get the best deal there for the last 6 years, ever since Extreme Couponing has been on the air, they give me a hard time every time I go there. I do have a personal shopping business and the deals I find help a lot of low income people but it is getting harder and harder to coupon.

  • Rachel

    Where can I get the Kellogg’s Great Days Booklet?

  • Christine

    Everyone is trying to find a way around the limit but has anyone stopped to think of why they changed it up??? When too many people abuse something, it gets changed and it affects everyone. Let’s be responsible and honest couponers because I can see in the near future many stores like CVS changing their policies. Rite Aid is already testing out UPR’s being loaded onto Wellness cards and stating that you can’t use a UPR on the same day and must wait until 6am the next day to redeem the UPR. A good deal is great but turns bad when people get greedy.

    • Susan


  • AA

    I couldn’t find the Tyson Grilled and Ready Q. Only saw the Any’Tizers. Is it gone? Or am I not looking in the right place?

    • Loretta

      I think it’s gone 🙁 I didn’t have it in my inserts either

    • Roslyn

      I’m not sure which paper they were in, but I have .55/1 and $1/1 for the grilled and ready, so they’re out there. I’ve actually had mine for a while now.

  • Jennifer

    Guys they stopped the catalina for the 10 for 10 only one per price plus card just a heads up

  • estee

    I am so annoyed with shoprite they wouldnt take many of the coupons i printed out online like the marcal small steps toilet paper and the stoneyfireld yogurt. They said it wasnt scanning and they wouldnt try to put it in by entering t he barcode at the bottom- I am so frustrated!

  • MARY

    Cindy posted an update on the Lipton/Sobe/Quaker deal — they are no longer allowing more than 1 per customer. Since the change was made, you can do he deal ONCE more and after that you get a notice from the cat machine telling you that you already got yours.

  • Rocky

    Heads-up, coffee lovers! SR in NW NJ has an end cap display of Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee for $2.49 again (the display was there earlier in the week, but, at the regular price – they just lowered it, again), so, if you have any good coupons left, check your stores! They may have overstocked for last weeks’ sale and now need to move them out – woohoo!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What page is the Kraft parmesan grated cheese of $1.00?

    • Rachel

      It was not in the flyer, but I found it in the store. I think that is the regular price, not a sale price.

      • Lisa

        I can’t find the cheese, what size is it, and where is it located?

        • Rachel

          It’s a tiny can, only 1.25 oz. In my store all the “canned” non-refrigerated grated cheeses are in the dairy section, but on a non-refrigerated shelf. So find the grated cheese and look high and low!

        • Mary

          It is a very small can. At my store it was in the pasta sauce section.

        • Lisa

          Hmmmm…I’ve check a couple shoprites mainly where the other larger sizes are and no luck 🙁 I need to check again

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Rachel,i cant find it in our store and i like to ask for a raincheck but i dont see it the flyer.

        • Rachel

          They just might not carry it. If you have another Shoprite near by, maybe you can drive over and look for it. I really think it’s the regular price.

  • Selina

    Was able to roll the CAT for Lipton on Monday, but not today. I even tried paying with cash and not using my price plus card, but again no CAT printed. I asked at customer service and they said the limit was one per family but she gave me a CAT anyway.

    Also found a great deal on Pillsbury refrigerated Valentine’s cookies. They were on sale for $1.49 and used a $1/2 ( and $1/2 (cellfire). Paid $0.98 for two!

    • brittany

      where did u find the pillsbury cookies?

      • Selina

        They were in the refrigerated aisle Ina separate cold case next to the pillsbury stuff. They had hearts, Disney princess, and Mickey varieties.

  • Rachel

    Is it just my Shoprite or are they all this bad? They seem to run out of stock on the sale items every week. This is the 3rd week in a row that I had to get rainchecks on a few items. I don’t have this problem, this much at other stores.

    • Laura D.

      Unfortunately I have an entire page in my binder dedicated to rain checks from Shoprite. I have been trying to do most of my shopping now out of town at a better stocked Shoprite. Sometimes it is just the particular store you visit most. It does stink when you have to travel further to find a store that is well stocked. I have found that this is the nature of the beast when using coupons.

      • Rachel

        I have 4 Shoprites to choose from, depending on which direction I’m headed for the day. This one has just been convenient because it’s near my daughter’s dance class. Even the customer service desk knows the store is under stocked on the sale items. They were laughing saying that those items have been out all week.

  • Lin

    I got a great unadvertised deal the other day. I found a big canister of 80 tabs Finish dishwasher tabs on sale $9.00 off so they were $6.99 minus $1.50 with my 75c coupons making it $5.50 per canister. I usually buy the shoprite brand liquid dishwasher soap which runs me $4.29 and lasts me about 3 weeks so I will get 80 days out of this canister and found it to be a great deal. I took my catalina which i got from the sobe water and bought two more canisters the next day, now Im set for about 8 months.

    • Kabby

      Great use of catalina…8 months(32 weeks) of dishwasher for about 6.50 where you would have spent about 43.00 over that same period of time……AWESOME find. These unexpected finds are such a rush. I will keep my eyes open to see if my shoprite has this..crossing my fingers…I also still have my $10 catalina. Thanks for the tip.

  • Donna

    i have a question ……i hope someone will answer. My shoprite said they will not take any coupons that say “available at walmart”????? I coundnt use the coconut milk coupon cause it said available at walmart. I thought this was like an ad or something……it doesnt say redeemable only at walmart? Im new to this so is this right?

  • Lilly

    I am having a problem with the Olivia Organic Salad printable coupon. It prints without and expiration date. Shop-Rite will not except the coupon without and expiration date. I would enjoy using this coupon at my Shop-Rite. Can you help me?