ShopRite Coupon Match Ups 2/26/12

ShopRite Deals for the week of 2/26/12

All coupons $.99 and under are doubled in these match ups. If your ShopRite doubles differently, please adjust the final price accordingly. Also keep in mind that these coupon match ups are based on insert coupons found in the NJ, NY area. Other areas may have additional or different value coupons. Only the best value price coupons have been listed here.

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Do Not Double Coupons: All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Some coupons will state “Do Not Double” on the coupon. This is a YMMV situation.

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  • Look for the to find the best stockpile prices


::ShopRite Dollar Days

Dollar Days deals require you to purchase XX amount of select products from a brand and then you will receive a Catalina for the amount indicated on the deal, as well as a Free ShopRite Reusable Bag.  All products, for each individual deal, must be purchased in 1 transaction.  The catalinas are good on your next purchase.

Here are some things you’ll need to know.  These are based on similar offers that ShopRite has had in the past.  They may changed for this offer.  We will know for sure once the sale starts.  Of course, please let us know if you find something that works or doesn’t work so we can let everyone know.

  • You can do multiple deals per transaction as long as they are from different deals.
  • Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion


::Unadvertised Deals

Note: Because these are unadvertised deals, prices may vary by store so please check your prices before you head to the register



 Need information about their coupon policy? Make sure to check out the Coupon Policy Page

NOTE: If your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do it to contact Catalina Marketing. Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Jennifer

    thank you!!! I’ve been waiting for this 🙂

  • Loretta

    Theres a cat for Philly Cream Cheese 🙂 buy 3 get $1 Buy 4 get $2 buy 5+ get $3

    • Loretta

      started 2/24 – 3/18 got this at shoprite today

    • Cindy

      oh shoot if forgot to add that in

      • rc

        is it only for cream cheese or cooking cream and indulgence as well?

        • Laura N

          If this helps….This morning I bought 2 phili cream cheeses & 2 indulgence’s, no cat.

  • rj

    early! thanks!
    im gonna have more snack bars then i know what to do with!
    love it!

  • Donna

    My flyer says $1.50 catalina when you buy 2 trix yogurts so possible MM:
    Buy 2 for $4
    less $0.75/2 coupon
    less $1 catalina for DD Deals
    pay $1.50 get a catalina for $1.50 = Free
    possible MM if Cfire $0.75/2

    • Lori

      this is not a dollar days deal so I would think you will not get anything for it. I am pretty sure Cindy’s matchup is correct and it is still a good price.

    • Melissa

      Trix yogurt is not a part of the Dollar Days deals. It just has its own CAT for 1.50/2 on your next order.

  • Antonia

    I don’t see the $5/5 coupon listed under the Kellogg’s cereal but I believe that if you still have it it’s good until sometime in March 🙂

    • Janelle S

      I was thinking the same thing…..I am going to buy 5 boxes of cereal(assorted) and 2 boxes of Pop-Tarts…..OOP $7.63 (Using a $3 DD Cat from this week) receive the $5 Cat…..So $2.63 or $0.38 ea. after $5 Cat

  • Monique

    Cindy, Didnt you say not to do the Nestle MM until a certain day? Also, I do believe that Pudding and Popcorn were two of the Fisher boy coupons that you get for free.

    • LRWC

      The Nestle double dip starts on the 1st

      • Monique

        ok 🙂

  • Robi


  • Allie

    Disappointed with most of the deals but as RJ said, there definitely won’t be a lack of snack bars in my house for a long time!

  • Me

    wooo hoo thanks !!!

  • andrea

    maybe i’m wrong but i thought the nestle candy/ cafe mate deal didn’t start until 3/1?

  • Heather

    For the Yoplait Trix deal….it lists using Mfr and Cellfire q’s to bring it down to $1.75 each. I thought it was either a mfr q or a cellfire…..are we allowed to use both??

    • Juliana

      On Friday I went to SR Costumer Services in East Brunswick to ask them about it ,I was told that the policy says 1 coupon per item,or the MFR or the Cellfire.She said that for some reason it may occur that both will come off (some lack in their system) but they aren’t not allowed to accept both soo we can’t complaint ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    • Kristine

      Yes you can.

      • I don’t have any Cellfire q’s available on my account! =(

  • Susan

    Thanks so much! You are amazing how you can put all these deals together.
    In my circular and on the Yoplait Trix catalina is $1.50 – not $1. Also I don’t think the e-coupon for this is available anymore.

    • Susan

      Never mind. It looks like it is already corrected. Or maybe I was just crazy.

  • Sherry

    Cindy, the e-mail My List feature has not been functioning for me for the past 48 hours.


    • Cindy

      Hmm, I just tested it and it is working. What seems to be happening for you?

      • carol

        I can’t email the list to me either. I have to cut and paste it.

        • Cindy

          Is it not showing up at all. Is it giving you an error message? You might want to check your pop up settings. Can you print it?

          • Maria

            The other day I thought it wasn’t working for me but it was actually in my spam folder you might want to check.

            • Maria D.

              I thought it was just me. I’ve been having issues receiving the list as well. I can create it and send it, but I do not receive it. I checked my spam folder, no email. The last time I tried it was Friday 02/24/2012 around 10:00PM EST.

              Hope that helps.

          • Kim D.

            I can’t receive my list either. It let me create it and send it, but it never came through my email (or spam folder). And now that I’ve emailed it, each item in my list has been replaced with the word ‘undefined’. :*-( I live by these lists, please help!

    • Jessica

      I also had a problem with the email feature that I’ve used in the past. For some reason it is now going to my spam folder.

  • Janelle S

    My circular states that the Coffee-Mate Creamer is 2/$4 not $1.67……Is this just me????If so BOO for me…..Either way I will be buying the 4 creamers(once the catalina starts up)

    • Lisa

      They are $2 each at my Shoprite in Southbury CT too. 🙁

      • adele

        Don’t you just love the Southbury Shoprite? I’m from Newtown and drive there every week to shop. Was so excited when they built it. Unfortunately, the various regions offer different sales.

        • Prudence

          I love Southbury Shoprite!

        • Janette

          Does the ShopRite in Southbury have better deals than Brookfield? I do my shopping at Brookfield however I’m up for the drive to Southbury for better deals!!

          • Jen

            The ShopRite in Bristol, CT is 2/$4 for the creamer too 🙁

    • Jessica

      I looked at the circular online for Canton, CT store and its listed two times, one for 2 for $4 and one 3 for $4. But my paper circular lists its 2 for $4 both times. So I guess I have to wait to see what its listed at in store.

      • sarah

        They like to charge us more for some things here in CT!

        • Rose

          They do! It’s annoying-Manchester has it 2 for $4 too. Also, I noticed the coupons in the newspaper RP and SS aren’t as good for us. Others get $1 off 1, we get $1 off 2 🙁 I am so glad I found this site with all of you, because it’s really helped. I never realized the online coupons were sooo much better than the ones we get in the paper!

  • Ellie

    What is the P&G ecoupon? thanks

  • Matthew

    Deplorable week…but thanks for the hard work!

    • I agree. Hardly worth shopping at all with these horrible sales!

      • Stephanie

        Feeling the same here….didn’t even have any Super Coupons in my ad this week 🙁 Was going through the match ups (Thanks so much Cindy!) to see if it would be worth just purchasing one item from each offer in hopes of receiving the $1 e-coupons and getting some freebies

  • RC

    Got my SS inserts from the free paper they put out on Thurs. Ive got no Kraft Milk Bite/Philly Cream Cheese/Belvita coupons in my insert. Hopefully when I pick up the paper in the morning that they are in there. Anyone else missing these? Are they regional?

    • Amira

      Me too. Weird. I did set aside the Schick $4 coupons and used the $1 Snapple ones this evening. I guess I’ll be getting a couple papers tomorrow.

    • Loretta

      My Jersey Journal didn’t have them, but I picked up the Ledger and they did have them, it’s so random

  • Bree

    Heads up – for some reason the $0.58/2 YoCrunch coupon has not been fully doubling; I used a few and it only doubled to take off the price of one yogurt. So instead of making it $1.18 off of 2, it would be like $0.75 or $0.80 off 2.

    • Laura D.

      Same thing happened to me last week with the YoCrunch catalina deal, I hope you went to customer service, they will give you the difference in cash. The coupon is reading $0.58/1 instead of $58.2 and is strangely showing up on the receipt as -$0.59 then -$0.xx to make up the difference depending on shelf price. Good Luck, hth!

    • Melissa

      Glad I got my .29/1 to use… just need to get all my yogurts before they expire on Wednesday!

  • Emily

    Heads up! Got an email from shoprite offering a free box of the new cereal Krave! It stated that it was automatically loaded to my card and will come off automatically. It does state that is can’t be combined with any other offers so I don’t think it will work with the dollar days deal….but still a free box is great!

    • Lisa

      Thanks for the heads up – my 5 year old loves that cereal!

    • susan k

      i got it too but when i bought it it didn’t come off. i went to cust serv. and she couldn’t find it on my card. i went home, found it and printed the screen and am going back today! gotta love the free deals when you’re not sure the kids will like something!

    • CC

      My free Krave came off without a problem and counted towards my 7 items for the DD deal!

  • MARY

    Good week to save money. . . By staying home.

    • LOL! That’s an awesome way of putting this dead-end week.

    • Shari

      I agree !!! Savin on the Gas this week – last week I had multiple runs to SR but even with $30 in cats – I’ll wait tilll next week!!!

    • Cynthia

      LOL!!! I love your point of view!!!

      • Lisette

        funny I thought this weeks deals were worth my return 3xs. LOL eggs final price .50 a dozen x8 ~ Free YoCrunch x 12, razor .99 x4 so wasn’t bad in my neck of the world!

  • MARY

    Well Bounty for net $10 wyb 5 will be good as I need them.

  • LIZ L

    SAVING STAR NOTE: Save 70¢ on any ONE (1) Kellogg’s Krave(TM) Cereal (11 oz. or Larger, Any Flavor), should be included in above deal offerings! Added savings. Yeah!

    • LIZ L

      NOTE: I meant it should be added under the Kellogg’s Cereal — I see it noted as a transaction 2 benefit, but didn’t see it before there.

  • Melissa

    Question: For this coupon $0.55/1 Nestle Coffee-Mate Liquid or Powder Creamer Product printable How many will I be able to print on one computer?

    • Christine R

      2 per computer.

      • Melissa

        Thanks Christine!

  • Barbara

    The oscar Mayer lunchables that are on sale starting wednesday are .99.
    There was a coupon a couple weeks back for 1.00/2 making these .49 each.

    • andrea

      can we use those? isn’t the coupon for the ones with fruit?

  • keena

    If any of you have the Kraft booklet from HSN back in December there maybe some coupons worth using for DD!!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Keena.. I’m looking through my HSN booklet for Kraft items as well!

  • Kabby

    Alert!!!! anyone who received the coupon booklet GATHER TOGETHER from HOME MADE SIMPLE in the mail….about a dozen coupons apply to items the dollar deal for Proctor & Gamble #1 #2 and #4…items are Swiffer products, Febreeze Air Effects, Febreeze Fabric Refresher, Dawn (2 coupons), Cascade , Wet Jet, Mr Clean Magic Eraser, Swiffer Duster, Swiffer Dust and Spray.
    I do not see Mr Clean Liquid cleaner listed in the Match ups but it is in my circular with Mr Clean Magic Eraser for 2 for $5…there is a coupon for this product as well in the booklet. Hope this helps someone.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the information Kabby. I actually received the mailer twice (not complaining) but will have to review and and see what I can use.

  • Dawn

    I have a question on the P&G: Buy 5 Get $5 (Offer #2)!
    Deal Idea
    Buy 6 Febreze Fabric Refresher $5 each
    -(3)BOGO Free Febreze Coupos from the 1/29 PG
    -$1 P&G eCoupon
    Pay: $14
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $1.50 each after coupons, eCoupon & Catalina
    ********** I can’t see how this works out @ all! If I do this deal won’t it be $30 for the fabric refresher and I would get 6 air effects for free but it would still cost $30.00 right or am I missing something?????????? Help!!!!!

    • Alexandra

      You would be purchasing 6 Fabric Refreshers total, nothing else. 3 would be full price, and 3 would be free. I hope that helps!

      • Dawn

        How would 3 be free? The coupon states buy one fabric refresher and get one air effects. I think I am still missing something!!!!!!!!!

        • Dawn

          never mind I read the coupon again! Thanks for the help I love this site!

        • Rachel

          Dawn, check your coupon again it should says get one Febreze Air Effects or ONE Fabric Refresher of equal or lesser value.

    • John

      Here’s what I’m doing: (slight variation)
      Buy 5 Febreze Fabric Refresher $5 each
      -(2)BOGO Free Febreze Coupons from the 1/29 PG
      -(1) $1/1 Febreze Fabric Refresher from P&G “gather Together” Home Made Simple Mailer (exp. 4/30/12)
      -$1 P&G eCoupon
      Pay: $13
      Get a $5 Catalina (Dollar Days)
      Get a $3 Catalina (P&G) <–starts 2/27
      $1.00 each after coupons, eCoupon & Catalina

  • Kelli

    If you have a big y in your area you can use dollar doublers at shop rite wich is super nice!!! Free yogurt and makes some of the deals better!!!

    • Michele

      Do all Shop Rites take Big Y Doublers? That would be great!

      • Annette

        No, not all of them. The one in Southington, CT doesn’t take any competitor coupons, that includes the $1 doublers from Stop&Shop, PriceChopper, BigY, etc. How sad, the other supermarkets take competitor doublers, but not that particular ShopRite. They told me that all ShopRites are independently owned and they all make their own rules as far as accepting other stores’ coupons.

        • Anonymous

          the shoprite in niskyuna,ny doesn’t take competitor coupons either. It kinda sucks that they are the only one within like 2 hours of me.

  • Rachel

    These coupons expire today, so they won’t be good for the sale tomorrow.

    Kotex Pads, Liners or Tampons – $2.89
    $1/2 Kotex Natural Balance Liners, exp. 2/25/12 (SS 01/15/12)
    $1/2 Kotex Natural Balance Tampons, exp. 2/25/12 (SS 01/15/12)
    $1.50/2 Kotex Nature Balance Pads, exp. 2/25/12 (SS 01/15/12)
    as low as $2.14 each after coupon

    • Kabby

      Check your coupon files for a coupon that came in the mail for $1/1 Kotex….

  • ceci

    Buy 4 Febreze Fabric Refresher $5 each
    Buy 1 Downy Fabric Softener – $3.50
    -(2)BOGO Free Febreze Coupos from the 1/29 PG
    -(1)$1 any downy from PG coupons book
    -$1 P&G eCoupon
    Pay: $11.5
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $1.30 each after coupons, eCoupon & Catalina

    • Kerry

      I did this deal but i got $5 and $3 catlina. pay $11.50 and get $8 in catalina. sweet deal.

  • anonymous

    i dont want stock to much bars, what’s the good taste kellogs special k bars or kraft milkbite milk bars?

  • chris

    thanks cindy!

  • Mel

    Anyone having trouble getting the ConAgra DD coupon on I think it may be on the second page, but when I click on page 2, it takes me to the list of other coupons.

    • Jen

      I found mine this morning…you may want to check your ShopRite account today!

  • Anonymous

    i did this nestle deal this morning with 11 wonka 4 coffeemates and got the $5 catalina but not the $4 one. I then read on here when i got home that it doesnt start until 3/1 so for whoever didnt read too well like me this doesnt start until Thursday. boo

    • Patricia

      Thank you for pointing that out… I didnt even read that. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else having a hard time getting the Congra ecoupon? I can get all the other offers but for some reason I guess Congra is listed on page 2 and everytime I click on it it brings me to the grocery ecoupons instead of the DD ecoupons.

  • Rebecca

    Anybody else having trouble adding all of the Dollr Days ecoupons to their cards? I logged into my ShopRite digitial coupons account, clicked on the Dollar Days logo and it stated there were 11 coupons to be added to my card. On the first page I could see 10 of them and the 11th one should be on the second page. Well every time I clicked on the link to page 2 or the Next button at the bottom instead of taking me to page 2 it takes me to page 2 of the regular digital coupons. And of course the one dollar days ecoupon I can’t seem to get to is one of them that I wanted to use today at ShopRite, which is the ConAgra coupon. Everything else shows up but that one!

  • Christina


  • Claire

    Just got back. Some good and bad stuff. First the good, I didn’t buy everything I needed for the kraft or kelloggs dollar days but the $1 dollar day ecoupon came off anyway. If you are buying the huggies’ wipes, there are some, not in the containers, that are marked down to $.99 (sensitive) so check your shelfs. Pampers DD catalina did not print. Had to go to CS to get them to print it out. Also, I think Shoprite ecoupons cancel out the Cellfire ones. I had $.40 on 6 yoplait on both sites but only the cellfire one came off. Happy shopping!

    • Elaine

      What store had the Huggies .99? TIA

      • Rachel

        I was having a problem with my Shoprite ecoupons on Friday. You should call the 800# to find out what happened.
        I was going ask if I can use Cellfire and Shoprite ecoupons on the same item.

        • Rocky

          SR ecoupons and Cellfire are one and the same, so, only one will come off your order. For example, if you load SR ecoupons on your card, then you go into your cellfire account, you will see that they are already loaded.

      • Claire

        SR in West Chester, PA. There were only a couple on the shelf so they may have been the only ones left – not sure but thought it was worth mentioning.

  • nanci

    Does anyone know if the Trix yogurt cat is rolling?

    • Heather

      yes it is i did it tonight

      • nanci


    • Heather

      yes it is, i did it tonight

  • Beth

    Dollar Days eCoupons are live folks! There are also a bunch of new eCoupons available.

  • Lori .55 cents off I think it was reset because I’m able to print it again!

    • Maria D.

      Thanks for sharing Lori.
      The ones I got in my region were 55 cents off 2 containers and it said DND.

      I really appreciate getting the one coupon.

      • reet

        my 55 cent coupon on the friendship sour cream didn’t double earlier today when I bought one, but still a good deal as it’s on sale.

    • Piya

      I am not able to print it again… last time I printed it may be a month ago 🙁

  • janaye

    Does anyone know how the kelloggs special k deal is working….pre-sale price?

    • I did it this morning but because SavingStar takes a few days to update I don’t know yet. I will post as soon as I know!

      • TedR

        I didn’t do the Special K at Shoprite but tried at Pathmark and it was working full-price there. Now if only I could get my last box since I’m only $1 something away from getting my $5 back. Too bad everyone cleared the Oat’s & Honeys off.

  • Jenn H

    I have a question on the P&G: Buy 5 Get $5 (Offer #2)!
    Deal Idea
    Buy 6 Febreze Fabric Refresher $5 each
    -(3)BOGO Free Febreze Coupos from the 1/29 PG
    -$1 P&G eCoupon
    Pay: $14
    Get a $5 Catalina
    $1.50 each after coupons, eCoupon & Catalina

    I don’t have the ecoupon however I do have (3) $1/1 Febreze Fabric Refresher coupons. Can I use those 3 on top of the 3 I will have to pay for? Or will they not accept since the BOGO coupons are already tied to them? Thanks!

    • Jenn H

      Sorry scratch the comment on not having the ecoupon…i do have it but question still remains if I can use 2 or all 3 of the $1/1 Febreze coupons.

    • `Jen

      Hi you should be able to use them b/c you are paying for three. Did you get the new e coupon this morning on

      • Jenn H

        I did once I realized there were other coupons on the site this morning. Thanks!

    • Lady J

      keep us posted. I too am curious.

    • MARY

      Where did your $1 qs come from?

      • Diana

        I recieved some last year when I bought Charmin toilet paper with bouns coupons inside.

  • nick

    Oreda easy fries are regular price $4/5 but u get cat of $3 when u buy 4.

  • if you go to the dollar days link and read in the comments, someone posted the direct link for the con agra coupon. i just tried to post it here as well but it is awaiting moderation.

    • aimee

      thanks for sharing.

  • rc

    Does anyone know if any of the deals from last week are still going on? I got my husband to go last night and he only did ragu and smart balance. IS the smart balance a DD deal or a reg catalina that is still going on? I also wanted to do the coke buy 4 get $5, is that a DD thats over, or a Cat? thanks!

    • Kathie

      No. Those deals ended yesterday.

  • Nikki

    I went early this morning for a few of the Dollar Days Deals. For the ConAgra I purchased 10 of the Hunts Pasta Sauce and my $3 Cat did not print. The ad states the size is 25-26.5oz and most cans are 24oz. There were very few on the shelf. I think the manager said they were going to include the other skus, but make sure to check your coupons and sizes if you plan on doing this deal.

  • Jennifer

    Can someone tell me if 5the got2b product is still on sale.for $2.99 i wont be able to go to SP for a few days :’-(

    • Elaine

      Webgrocer shows them all at $4.99, only the Got2b In Play Spiking Putty
      3oz shows on sale for $3.25.

    • Kim

      No, they aren’t on sale anymore 🙁

  • `Jen

    Hi Cindy quick question the 99 cent coupon for the dulcolax should double right since it under a dollar?

  • Lady J

    Shop Rite Policy Question:

    Is the policy that you can ONLY use 4 like coupons (regardless if the coupon limits to 4), or is the policy that only the 1st 4 will double?

    Ex: Could you use 6 .50/1 q’s and the 1st 4 will double to $1 and 5 and 6 will only be .50/1, or is it only 4 .50/1 will be accepted?

    • mark

      From what I understand, you can only use 4 like coupons PER TRANSACTION.

    • Shari

      yesterday Iwalked up to a manager with the 12 chex mixes and said
      I respect your coupon policy with 4 coupons but I needed to use 6 coupons to get my my deal with tht $10 cat. He said Ok but only this time – go see my head cashier and tell her I said it was OK

  • rj

    pal park are animals with the Krave cereal. i love the chocolate Krave cereal! so good! can’t wait till they stock up.

  • anna

    Does anyone know if the Pampers PG deal for the Catalina will be 10 OYN purchase or 10 OYN purchase of PAMPERS. Last time it was on a purchase of 2 pampers boxes and it was annoying b/c i expected 10 CAT for just any purchas e

    • Amber

      Mine says OYNO not just Pampers. Yay!!!

      • Anna

        Great, Thankyou!!!! Now i am excited to get even more diapers..i have a 2.50 off coupon from inside the boxes and the catalina + baby bucks makes this pretty decent.

  • Chris

    Change in coupon policy for redeeming dollar days rewards? Just tried to redeem three $5 and one $3 and was told I could only redeem one $5 reward and the one $3 reward because it says one per family on side of ticket. The clerk called over the supervisor . I explained I have always been able to redeem them at once. He pointed to a new coupon policy sign and said one per family. I tried to explain that makes no sense since they are rewards from different manufactures. Told me I have three weeks to redeem them.

    • Keisha

      Why does it also say on the front of the reward: Multiple Dollar Days Reward Certificates can be used off on your next order. Then on the side it says limit one per family? Which is it? Has anyone else had problems too?

    • andrea

      that is so weird that they wouldn’t let you use more than one. I used 2 $3 and a $5 from last week today all at once. maybe try when a different front end person is on?

    • Kabby

      I had a cashier in training last week and he had to ask for assistance in redeeming the Catalina dollar days rewards…when the manager came over she pointed out all can be used as long as they are not the exact reward…she pointed out how he would know based on which company they are from …I used four in total but since all were different that was allowed.

  • Kathy

    Hi All – Just wondering..went to Shoprite on Friday night and on my receipt there is a “TC – TC General Mills -$1.00” Does anyone know what TC stands for? I know that MC is manufacturer coupon, but not sure what TC is. Not complaining, I love saving money =-) Just wondering…

    • brittany

      TC is the ecoupon you must have added for the dollar days general mills offer or you purchased one item from the general mills offer

      • Kathy

        Thanks Brittany! Like I said I was just wondering. The Dollar Days ecoupon came off at the bottom of my receipt, but this was in with the items I bought. So it must have been an ecoupon that I missed for a General Mills item I bought. Can’t complain, that’s an extra $1 off I wasn’t expecting. Thanks again!

    • mahal

      TC is the shoprite e coupon which you might have added to your card, because I saw the same thing last time when I bought the milano cookies

  • Lorraine

    The Chef Boytardee that is on the 4 Day Sale for $0.88 is also a ConAgra Product. I had four $0.50 coupons (from House Party last year) that I used today and was surprised that I received an automatic $1.00 off Dollar Days from the e-coupons I put on this morning.

  • Marjie

    Is the Kraft Philadelphia Soft Cream Cheese a double dip?
    Looks like you would get (2) $3 catalinas for buying 5, and the $1 Kraft Ecoupon. Am I right?

    • TM

      i’m hoping it is.. i have .50 cent/1 peelies that will double.. making them .30 cents each!!

    • Andrea

      Yes–it worked for me this morning:)

      • Marjie

        Thank you!

        • Marjie

          Worked for me too this morning. Also worked on Philadelphia Whipped Cream Cheese.

  • katiria


    • ANNA

      Unfortunately, those $2.00 coupons are for big, family dinners. Yesterday I wanted to use this coupon for the smaller sizes but they wouldn’t let me.

  • Michelle B

    No trix Cellfire! Bummer.

  • Guess I should have suspected this, but no razors and only whole fat Friendship sour cream at SR in Hoboken 🙁

    • Loretta

      i’ve been going to JC and then hoboken on wed. mornings it’s been “ok” last week I had no issues I’m hoping the same for this week, if not I usually go to 32nd st.

    • elizabeth Harwood

      Bayonne SR was well stocked up on the new deals Saturday. I also have really good luck at the Jersey City SR on Marin.

      • Stephanie

        I love the SR on Marin, but this week everything seemed to be out of stock:

        No Huggies, No Krave, No Nescafe, No Aquafresh

        • Nikki

          I love that SR, the cashiers/cust serv not so much!

    • Loretta

      I just went for a nice little walk to shoprite hoboken and they had plenty of razors! they are in the front on an endcap 🙂 I got 4 men 4 women, there were still a good amount out when I left (less women then mens)

  • Tina

    Be sure to check your ShopRite Family point balance every day. Mine was stuck at $13 for the longest time and it suddenly jumped to $391. That’s a $6 SR Dig. Q (worth $300 in SR Fam), and close to getting another $2 reward!

    • Melissa

      Just checked mine… 414 points! Previously it had said I only had a few redeemable points and there were 3xx accumulated. Not sure what changed, but I’m happy to collect my $8 off my next order. Thanks for the heads up.

      • Marjie

        Where do you check that? Is it on your receipt? This is new to me!

        • Michelle T.

          Marjie, you need to sign up for it on Under Online Services, choose SR Family Rewards and sign up. It will track certain brands that you buy, and every 3 months you need to redeem your points for rewards. They get added to your SR card like a digital coupon to come off your next order. Extra savings, gotta love it!

          • Marjie

            Wow..missed that. Thank you!

            • jeni

              gotta love it! i checked one day and i was able to get $6 off my purchase, which helped me stay in my budget for this month!

      • Deana

        They just changed to a new quarter or something at the end of last week. There was a short overlap where new points were being accumulated for the new time period but weren’t accessible yet. Also during that time the old balance was stagnant but accessibe if the balance was high enough to apply to a purchase. Hope that helps.

  • RS

    Unadvertised in the ad, ROTEL tomatoes were also included in the CON AGRA dollar days deal. They are 4/5 and the shelf sticker indicated it was included in Dollar Days..

    • April S

      Thanks RS! I wasn’t going to do ConAgra but we always need Ro-Tel.

  • valerie

    Just got back from Shoprite. Aquafresh deal did not work on advanced whitening bonus pack: had to return it and got extreme clean, not extra clean that it says in circular and the $2 printed. Thanks for all the matchups- not a great week but still bargains to be had!

  • Lisa

    Can someone tell me if the Iams (must by 4) $1.25 ea. can be bought using the $3/1 Iams Dry dog food coupon that expires in a couple days? I was hoping so but when I went back I didn’t see whether this was on dry or wet food. Most likely its wet dog food and I am wishful thinking 😉 Thanks!

    • Linda Hughes

      That sale for the $1.25 is the wet food in cans.

  • Alicia

    shoprite in poughkeepsie had the Venus Breeze $6.99 “special price” and it triggered the $8 CAT. I had 2 of the $4 coupons from one of the P&G try this mailers so that was a GREAT price!

  • Kierstin

    Just need to vent for sec. I received a coupon from Endust for a free product up to $5 value. Yay, right? So I took it to ShopRite with me this past Sunday & grabbed a can of Endust that was $3.99. Long story short, after checking out & I noticed the coupon wasn’t scanned & didn’t come off the total. I know the cashier had put it to the side to scan last because a value needed to be written in. So, I took my receipt to customer service & explained what had happened. First, they told me that I couldn’t prove that I had the coupon. I told them she had it at the register & could show them (it was 6:30am & I highly doubt there was anyone before me that had the same coupon). Well, low & behold, they checked her register & it wasn’t there!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?!!? Either she dropped it or she took it…either way, I was really upset. I was so embarrassed & felt like such a jerk. They totally thought I was lying the whole time. I know it’s only $3.99 but it’s the point. I don’t receive “free item” coupons all that often so when I do get one, I get really excited. We just bought a new house so I could use all the free cleaning products I can get. LoL And now I’m embarrassed & feel like they are going to eye me down now every time I go there. Such a bummer! 🙁

    • Hi Kierstin, sorry to hear that you had to go through that. It is so annoying when a cashier forgets to scan your coupon or scans it (free coupons) and put in the wrong price. When this happens to me and I go to customer service they always give me back the amount, no questions asked. I simply tell them that the cashier either didn’t scan my coupon or scanned it incorrectly. But if that is the case and you are saying that you did give her a coupon and she can’t find it, that’s not your fault and they should have gave you back the amount of the coupon.

      • Kierstin

        And she never said I didn’t give her one. She just kept saying, “I don’t know”. I hate to say it, but I think she took it. 🙁

        • andrea

          if it makes you feel any better I had a cashier at walmart steal a coupon. I had like 4 of those coupons $1/1 for the vaseline lotion that ended up being free at walmart. I was with my daughter (14 months) and hubby. I don’t think she knew we were together because he was getting something for his mom on a different receipt behind me. anyway the baby was fussing so i was calming her down and when I wasn’t looking she put one in her pocket and my hubby asked her what she was doing and she said she didn’t know what he was talking about. he told me she put one in her pocket and i told her I wanted it back she insisted she didn’t know what I was talking about. I had her get a manager and he asked her to empty her pockets and there it was! she did take it! I was so pissed. the manager told her to wait in his office and he finished cashing us out. i don’t usually go to this walmart but the one near my house was all out and I just wanted to use the coupons up before they expired. I got a free $15 gift card for my troubles. I went back a few times after this happened but i haven’t seen this girl. i think she got fired. I can only hope she did. Wow that was a lot to type. sorry if there are any typos.

        • Loretta

          she probably did, it happens more then you would think.
          A cashier tried to steal my aunt’s $5 catalina, she kept asking where is it
          i seen it print I want it

    • Cathy

      I don’t know if this would help or not, but maybe you could call the 800 customer service number. They should know about this. Even if they don’t do anything about it, it may make you feel better.

      • Annie

        I’m sort of glad I’m not the only one slowing starting to hate shoprite. I get the stare every time I pass by customer service or the cashiers. I’ve had issues with being charged for too many items, or my coupons not being scanned. Today, I had to go to customer service for rainchecks on many items. I went to a line and as soon as I pulled out my coupons they closed the lane. The manager had to come over for almost every coupon and argued that I bought the wrong thing for everything that would have been free. I just asked them to take it off my purchase but today was the last day since they expire. I feel like they love making me feel bad cause I coupon so much. Don’t think they realize that if I didn’t coupon I wouldn’t be able to feed my family of four. Felt really embarrassed as I left.

    • linda

      I know i had this happen to me also i had two order the first was my major shopping and the second order only about 8 items (i had more coupons so just put it on a second order). I knew exactly what coupons i had, the cashier was just so confused from my first order she tucked away my two coupons and said i never gave them to her (believe me i had them they were paperclipped and ready to go) finally she just gave in because i did bitch a bit and then dug in my pocketbook to find them and they werent there. You really have to watch these cashiers not only for that but for not doubling your coupons which has also happened to me

      • hanna

        I had cashier skipping some coupons last week for Smart Balance milk.
        I had two free milk coupons and 4 of $0.75 but she forgot one of $0.75.
        I found out when I got in the car and felt strange. Those were the last coupons to deduct and she was counting them again before she put them away. I try to look at the transaction but most of the time I am bagging as cashier scan them. Hard to prove unless I check them before I leave the cashier but almost impossible to do that. I don’t get bad attitude for using coupons but these mistake happens often.

  • Liz

    Thanks for doing that for those who are so new at this “couponing” thing. I have recently started cutting coupons and trying to save money in that area since I currently do not have an income and want to help my husband in someway with the bills, but I still can’t seem to get the hang of it like the other pro’s out there. The breakdown of the “deal ideas”, I think, will really come in handy for someone new like me. If anyone else has any other tips, I would greatly appreciate it. 🙂

    • Kierstin

      Hi, Liz. Definitely read the beginners section that Cindy has set up. It’s pretty handy if you’re just starting out. It’ll explain terminology, etiquette & all the basics that you’ll need when you’re a rookie. Most of all…do not worry about getting every deal, every time. Deals are always coming & going. If you get one, great! If not, no worries…it’ll be back. Don’t confuse yourself with too much too soon. Best of luck to you! You’ll be right up there with the “pros” in no time! 🙂

  • Anonymou5

    At my store in Philly, gallon bottles of Poland Spring and Deer Park had buy 2 get 1 free Q on them.

  • Alexis

    Schick Silk or Hydro 5 Power Razor – $4.99/ Just got this deal had 4 coupons for the mens and 4 for the womens. They had a lot of items in stock or I wouldnt have gotten so many. But what an amazing deal about $78.00 worth of razors for $9.00 you cant beat it.

    • Matthew

      Did your store make you do $10 separate purchases like the ad stated????

      • Kathy

        Matthew – The ad says with an additional $10 purchase, but it also says limit 4 per variety. So you can acutally get 8 (4 men’s and 4 women’s)razors in one trip only spending the $10. I did it yesterday without any problem at all.

      • Denise

        I think the ad just states you have to spend an additional $10 to get the razors at that price, not that you have to spend $10 for every razor.

        • Matthew

          I think you are correct!! Thanks

  • Suehaidi

    Cindy the MiO/MiO Energy Liquid Water Enhancers are on sale this week (at least at my ShopRite in Hackensack)for $2.99 and are part of the Buy 5 get $3 plus get a FREE ShopRite reusable bag (valued at 99 cents)Dollar Deals Promotion. Also idk if one of my SS inserts was a regional ( I got it at a Deli in Pequannock, Morris County, NJ) but I had a $1/1 MiO or MiO Energy (SS 2/26), so it made the MiO only 99 cents, and with the buy 5 get $3 promotion they end up being 39 cents each plus a free bag!

  • Marjie

    Did anyone do the P&G double dip deal? There is up to a $3 catalina for buying 4 select P&G items in addition (I think!) to the Dollar Days catalinas. I was thinking of buying 5 cascade liquid detergents. Should get back a $5 and a $3 catalina.

    • nanci

      I did that deal this a.m. and it worked

      • Marjie

        Thanks nanci. I was able to do that today and it worked. Even though I did not have any coupons for the liquid cascade, I use $8 in dollar days cats, and got $8 back – so it was still a good deal.

  • Liz

    Thanks Kierstin!

  • Brooke

    Do you know if you buy one item (instead of the xx amount) from the different dollar day categories if the $1 ecoupon will come off like last week?

    • Laura

      It worked like that for me today! 🙂

  • Michelle B

    Has anyone done the V8 splash catalina deal yet??? I have (2) .75/2 V8 splash coupons and V8 splash is 2.19 this week

    • Yvonne

      Yes I did it the first week I received the cat no problem. I purchased 4 and used 2 .75/2.

  • bobbi

    is the kelloggs bars q NLA? Anyone have a good zip code for it?

  • Matthew

    After this crummy week of so called sales, we’re alllllllllll looking forward to tomorrow’s preview ad scan!!!!!!

  • Yvonne

    I noticed on the Land O Lakes website that there is a Spreadable Butter and a Whipped Butter. Has anyone used the LOL spreadable butter coupon on the whipped butter yet and did it work?

    • Stephanie

      If the coupon is only for spreadable butter it should not be used on whipped butter period, any other use is fraud plain and simple.

      • Yvonne

        Contact the person who updated Living Rich with Coupons and inform them that they should remove the deal listed above about using the spreadable butter coupon with the whipped butter coupon.

        • Cindy

          That person is me. If you believe something is wrong, simply leave a comment or use the link at the bottom of the post. Sometimes it’s hard with all these variations to know what is speadable what is not. Some brands have have a dozen variations that are just slightly different. If you feel it’s wrong, you just have to let me know. No one is trying to commit coupon fraud. Yvonne’s question was a valid one. Is the Whipped Butter considered a spreadable product? Will that coupon work. Apparently it will not, so we just need to be made aware and I can update the post.

  • Sarah

    There’s a $.75/1 Land O Lakes eggs coupon on today under zip 12345! Cheap or FREE eggs if your circular offers a coupon on these this week.

  • Toneka

    Hey guys & gals I am soo bummed abt the sales this wk…not only did i not recieve any cream cheese/cooking creme, belvita or milkbite qpons n my Jersey Journal, but i couldn’t even find a Star Ledger sunday OR monday… Anyone know who to contact 2 get copies of Sundays Star ledger?? I’d even take Daily News @ this point…On a brighter note.. I’m super stoked abt the razor deal & i’ll b using my DD Cats to pay the difference…Gotta Luv Fantastic Freebies!!

  • Dana

    On Sunday, I bought 7 Kellogg’s granola bars and today, I have $5 in my Saving Star account! The deal IS working on shelf price! YAY!!!

    • Melissa

      I went on Monday and still haven’t gotten my credit yet. I don’t know why it’s taking so long for the credit to show. I got the credit for the Krave cereal that I bought on the same day. Weird…

  • Lauren

    Does anyone still have the febreeze bogo coupon from the P&G saver. I used all of mine on the dd sale at shoprite. They only took $4 per bottle instead of the full cost of $5. Went back to cs today and they said without seeing the Q there was nothing they could do. I just want to know if the Q said up to $4! Did this deal twice so it cost me $6!

  • Kabby

    The coupon says”up to $5.50″…you are owed some $$$$$.

    • Lauren

      Thank you! I am going to email corporate today!

  • April S

    There are $1/1 Keebler Fruit Snacks coupons in the Huggies “Potty Dance into Savings” booklets, making for a really great deal on fruit snacks this week as part of the 7/$5 Keebler DD deal.

  • Wendy

    looks like the yocrunch coupon on is NLA. I printed it yesterday but I can’t find it today.

    • Melissa

      My Shoprite won’t accept any coupon network coupons. They said they were fraud and the register has them all flagged.

      • Lisa

        I’m having the same trouble over here in CT with smartsource coupons. I got accused of using a fake coupon for 30 cents off the yoplait lactose free – I mean really people.

  • kathy

    thanks for all of the information you provide week after week. it is great to have one place to consult for all of the deals.

    Question about the creating “My list”:
    I have created a list but it has not shown up in my inbox after i sent it to my email account. Are there technical problems or I am messing up?
    thanks again for all you do.

  • Shira

    Anyone know if the Special K pastry crisps are included in the sale/DD? I’m not sure if it’s a kind of “bar”, or if it’s considered a separate category.

    • Nikki

      The 100 cal 5 pack (strawberry and blueberry) is included. I bought 7 of these and hit my $20 mark for the savingstar rebate. 🙂

  • Winnie

    Was anyone able to use the Fisher Boy coupon at their Shoprite? I went to Paramus store and a manager had to come by to get the coupon overrided. He looked at it and said that they do not take Internet coupons for free items. I told him that it wasn’t exactly free because I had to buy something to get the free item but he said no. Cannot get free items or use B1G1 free coupons. The cashier just looked at me and shrugged and said that’s the first time he’s heard of this (he’s such a sweetheart, I try to go to him all the time because he is so coupon friendly and recognizes me and my kids when we go there). Anyway, just wondering if anyone goes to this Paramus store and was able to use their Fisher Boy coupons. I’m kinda wondering if this particular manager just made that up. These are really good coupons and it’ll be such a bummer not to be able to use them. 🙁

    • Kabby

      At one Shoprite in Bergen county I noticed a NEW coupon sign hanging at the registers…different to the detailed one I have previously seen…it looked more like an addendum to the original …do not quote me but it referred to the store not accepting FREE items from internet printed coupons…the date on top of the notice was dated February 2012. That being said I used the Free milk coupon when you buy 3 breakfast items…no problem….Weird.

      • Winnie

        I never actually looked for their coupon policy. Think I’m going to take a look next time I go. Thanks for confirming that this may be new change in their policy.

    • Mary

      I think it is just up to the Front End Manager to make that decision. Last week the manager said I couldn’t use it, this week a different manager said yes. All in the same shoprite.

      • Winnie

        Mary, I would love to try these coupons again the next time I go but so worried that the same manager may come by and recognize me!! I think I’ll try this at Pathmark next time.

    • Anonymous

      I dont go to the Paramus S/R anymore because the way the front manager acted about a coupon. I go to Rochelle Park and never have a problem except for one of the Front end supervisors. I think he feels like we are taking money out of his pocket. I used the Fisher Boy coupon last week with no problem but of course my $10 cat he looked at it like it was fake and then stated “ok I guess”. the cashier looked at him like he had to heads and turned to me and said “I’m really sorry”. Well, I think it was at that point when I looked at him and said “u guess? are you joking?” He just walked away. The two cashiers(on both sides of mine) laughed and said he is not a nice person to cust. or emp’s but you shut him up!!! He is my only problem. I love Rochelle Park and Emerson’s s/r.

  • Shira

    As far as I can tell, the $1/1 coupon from P&G 1/29 for Swiffer Dusters is for the larger pack. It says “Swiffer Dusters 6 ct”. So that wouldn’t apply to the 3 ct dusters. Anyone have different information?

  • Kelly

    Are eggs considered breakfast item (I think it should be… but when I go to SR webpage it only has them listed under dairy…)? I was hoping to use free gallon of milk q with the LOL eggs this week… Please help!

    • Michelle T.

      I’ve used this coupon at Stop & Shop and ShopRite and each time they didn’t even check what I was buying. I bought yogurt, bread, Special K bars, all seemed OK, no questions asked. 🙂 Yay for free milk!

      • Kelly

        Thanks Michelle, I hope it works, gonna try in tomorrow am 🙂

  • Janelle S

    Quick Question for the Shick Razors…..Is the additional $10 purchase per razor or just in general….Like if I spent $10 and bought 8 razors(4 of each) will they ring up as $4.99 or will just the first one ring up for $4.99??? Thanks in advance

    • Aileen C

      Just $10 total and you can get 4 men’s & 4 women’s. The $10 can be before coupons (not including the razors).

  • Anonymous

    I dont know if anyone commented on this but I noticed that you only needed to purchase 1 item from each of the dollar day deals to receive the 1 dollar off digital coupon. For instance, I knew I wasnt going to do the Hunts dollar day catalina deal, so I only purchased 1 hunts snack pack that was on sale for $1. The $1 off hunts digital coupon came off so I got the snack pack for free. Same thing with the Ivory 4 pack soap. Price was 1.99, I had a .20 cent coupon that doubled, with the dollar days P&G coupon, making it .59 cents for the soap. Hope it helps!

  • Danielle M Here’s a Q for $1.50 off any 2 Kraft fresh taste, Philadelphia cooking cream, Philadelphia Indulgence, or Milk bite granola bars…

  • Anonymous

    did anyone find the 1.00 pizza dough that was in the shoprite flyer (its in the bakery section part) I couldn’t find it anywhere, the dough I saw was 1.99 and 1.69

    • Michelle T.

      They usually keep that pizza dough in the dairy section near the shredded cheese in my store.

      • Aileen C

        Sometimes it’s also in the produce section by the special cheeses.

        • Lisa M

          It is in the freezer in the Bakery section at my SR. HTH!!!

    • Jenn

      I’ve found the pizza dough in my store where the cakes are refrigerated at near the bakery section.

  • Anonymous

    Cant wait to do the Nestle & coffee mate deal tomorrow morning, i hope it all works out and get both cats $5 & $4

    • Bettsy

      Let us know how it goes… thanks!

  • Do the Ecoupons on ShopRites website double also? For example if I loaded .75 off of one GM multigrain cereal.. would it double to 1.50 during checkout or stay at .75? My shoprite full doubles but I have never used Ecoupons so I was wondering if they follow the same rules as the regular paper ones. Thank you for your help 🙂

    • Lauren

      nope ecouponsdon’t double 🙁

      • Thank you Lauren!! 🙂

  • Raquel

    I just did the Nestle deal! I got the $4 Cat but my $5 DD did not print, which I though was weird since my $1 e-coupon came off. I went to the customer service center and after about 5 minutes of investigating he gave me a $5 DD Cat. A little bit of a headache, but a good deal non the less!

  • Carly

    I did the Nestle/CoffeeMate deal and only the $4 catalina printed out. So watch! You might have to have them manually print the $5 and free bag catalinas!

  • Jaye

    Just printed 2 75/1 coupons from the land o lakes website. You must enroll in the simple rewards program. More $0.49 eggs. 😉

  • Danielle M

    I just went to pick up some coffee mate creamer. I got 3 original flavor and 1 hazelnut. The $4 cat printed out with no problem. I looked at my reciept and the original flavor came up $2.19 each so I went back in and CS said the original was not included. The ad only said (excluding natural bliss). She said its only on the flavored ones. I thought original flavor was a flavor. Am I wrong? If I’m not that’s $1.50. TIA

  • glenda

    i thought u could only get 4 special k bars..i thought it states limit 4 per variety per deal??

    • Linda Hughes

      I got 4 strawberry fruit crisps, 2 blueberry and 2 granola bars. 🙂 HTH!

  • rc

    how does one get so many kashi prints?
    i’ve gotten one earlier in february and was only able to print once. since then it keeps telling me only 1 kashi reward per month whenever i try to purchase more! 🙁 did they recently change their redemption rules?

    • marie

      I just logged on to ask the same thing. I do not see how it is possible to use 5 Kashi coupons from Recyclebank. Am I doing something wrong? I have a total of 415 pts. but I was only allowed to print 1 Kashi coupon per month! Please advise. TY

      • Linda Hughes

        Maybe people have different recycle bank accounts for their other family members? Only thing I can think of. I printed the Kashi on 2/10 so I can’t get another one until after 3/10.

        • Marie

          I guess that is possible. And still only need 1 computer for the multiple prints? Sounds like way too much work. TY

    • Ashley

      I am only allowed to print one too, this must have changed recently. However, my mom has an account too so before I printed one for her I clicked the “help” button and was able to have them mail her a coupon as well as print one off. The sale will be over by the time it arrives but at least we’ll be able to use it towards more Kashi products.

  • Anonymous

    I too had a problem with the two cats this morning for the Nestle Wonka (11) and (4) coffeemates expecting two catalinas and only the $4 coffeemate one printed. The cashier told me to go to customer service and they did print me the $5 cat so i was happy.

    • Aileen C

      What candy did you get? I only got Raisinettes and had no problem with both printing.

      • Anonymous

        I got a combination of the Goobers, Lemonheads, Mike & Ike, 11 of them. Well anyway i did have the 15 Nestle items and the customer service took care of it.

  • Michelle

    Just to be clear the DD deals can only be done once?

    • Anonymous

      No, I’ve done the Kelloggs and the Kraft one twice, using the same card, and the catalinas printed out both times for both of them.

    • Kabby

      Just do separate transactions if trying to do the SAME dollar day category.

  • I just did my groceries and saved 52%. My bill was $124 and I saved $134. Not bad.

    BUT, the Mueller’s pasta was $1.29 (not .99). Still a great deal with the $1 off coupon. AND, I wasn’t thinking straight and bought DOUBLE of the Kelloggs products thinking I’d get 2 $5 catalinas and I only received 1. So I went back and read the fine print in the circular and it’s 1 of each offer per customer. I SHOULD have had my husband do a separate transactions for the other 7 Kelloggs items but oh well. They were still a good price and it’s stuff my kids will gobble up.

    Still I got $11.50 in catalinas and I had a $10 one from 2 weeks ago to use.

    I’ve been recommending your site to EVERYONE who asks me about couponing. I use your matchups and database every time I do groceries. THANK YOU!!!

  • Anonymous

    I did the Lysol deal also, bought 6 kitchen spray cleaners, $12.00 minus 25c coupon, plus the shoprite credit on ecoupon which i believe was 50 or 75c, so for the 6 it was $10.80, got the catalina for $5 so each turned out to be 96c per bottle which is real nice. I usually use the Fantastik spray cleaner and pay over $3.00 per bottle so this was great deal. Im willing to switch brands since it is much cheaper and does basically the same thing.

  • Anonymous

    Yes i agree with above poster if you dont go to this site, you have no idea how to get the best deals sometimes and always use this site before shopping. I have been to a few other sites but this one is definitely the best there is.

  • shally

    Hi Ladies,

    Is there Kraft Ecoupon available, if yes what’s the link.

    Also where do U find Nescafe stick Packs in Shoprite. HelpPlease.


    • Anonymous

      the sticks are in the coffee aisle in a red box there are 7 per pack. I got 4 used my 4 coupons and it was a money maker also so great deal

      • shally


  • Jessica

    I went to ShopRite this morning and they were giving me such a problem at checkout. I tried to use the $5.00 coupon for Kelloggs cereal and it wouldnt scan, and the cashier wouldnt punch it in, so I told her I didnt want the cereal. The manager came over and made a BIG deal, and was making me feel like I was robbing their store. Not only that, she was was talking about me and my husband right in front of us, while she watched over the cashier. I was soooo annoyed leaving shoprite today, and I will be talking to the person who is in charge of her.

  • Hi, I did not get my Philly Cream Cheese catatlina when I purchased 5 of them. Who do I contact. Shoprite customer service didn’t know anything about it! Marie

  • Robin

    Sad thing to me is my shoprite is not taking smartsource coupons anymore! 🙁

  • Kris

    FREE POPCORN! The Act II is on sale for $1 and the dollar days digital coupon takes off $1 even when you only by one. I just did this today and the ecoupon came off, making it free 🙂

  • Katie

    For the CONAGRA DD deals, the .88 Chef Boyardee is INCLUDED at my store (Derby, CT) There was a tag on the shelf saying they are included in DD so I bought 10, got the $1 ecoupon and $3 back. So, .48 cents each after cat and ecoupon.
    I didn’t buy more than 4 of 1 variety just to be sure because they often limit sales to 4 per variety. I hope this helps! I tried the “submit a deal” button but must not have the proper email setup.

  • Mary

    Cindy, you are the best. I went to shoprite yesterday and in 3 different transactions using 2 pp cards my total bill came down from $199 to $17.15! I couldn’t have done this without you. Thank You!!

  • Michelle T.

    I just got my email from SavingStar and was surprised to see that I got .70 for buying Krave cereal. It was free with the SR digital coupon, plus applied to the Kelloggs deal! Moneymaker!! 🙂