ShopRite Dollar Days Deals 2/19 – 2/25

ShopRite Dollar Days Deals 2/19 – 2/25

Are you ready?  ShopRite Dollar Days starts on Sunday 2/19 -2/25

What are Dollar Day Deals you ask?  Ways to score some awesome deals…

Dollar Days deals require you to purchase XX amount of select products from a brand and then you will receive a Catalina for the amount indicated on the deal, as well as a Free ShopRite Reusable Bag.  All products, for each individual deal, must be purchased in 1 transaction.  The catalinas are good on your next purchase.

Here are some things you’ll need to know.  These are based on similar offers that ShopRite has had in the past.  They may changed for this offer.  We will know for sure once the sale starts.  Of course, please let us know if you find something that works or doesn’t work so we can let everyone know.

  • You can do multiple deals per transaction as long as they are from different deals.
  • Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion**
**Update: Some of you are questioning if this will be 1 offer per manufacturer per customer during promotion or not.  All I can say right now it this is how it is listed on the ShopRite Dollar Days Website as of today.  If something changes, we will know come Sunday.

Here are the Deals along with Deal Ideas.  If you come up with deal ideas, please post them in the comments.



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  • Angela

    For those of you who took advantage of the free coke 12 pack coupon deal from that Cindy posted about a while back those coupons came for me two days ago. You could use them in rewards deal towards the buy 4 get $5.

    • Heather D.

      Yep, same here, redeemed 2 and got ’em few days ago, perfect timing. Yay for us.

  • theresa

    ooo now i know where to go use my FREE Huggies Jumbo pack coupons!!! Thanks!

    • Jessica

      where did you get coupons for free Huggies? Thanks.

    • Jenn

      Am i missing something?? Where how are you getting them FREE??

  • Matthew

    Limit one offer per manufacturer, per customer!? Uh oh… When you use your PP card, will it track that you’ve already done the deal??…and not print out another Catalina?

    • Christine R

      That’s correct. This is why you get a second card in someone else’s name! I have one for my husband and one from my mom.

      • Jenny

        Mine says limit one offer per transaction which would lead me to believe you can do it multiple times.



  • Meli

    Im so excited for next week!!!!!

  • Lynn

    Hey Cindy,
    I think the $5/1 purina one beyond is expired. (2/15/12)
    Thanks for the match ups! Really appreciate your hard work!

  • cc

    Thanks Cindy. This time I don’t even know if its worth doing the deals. Nothing I need has any coupons : ( smart balance deal is better next week.

  • Lady J

    Thanks for your hard work Cindy. Too bad this Dollar Days isn’t packed with great deals like last year. I think when I was done grabbing up deals last year, I had $33 a week in catalinas. But that was nothing, I know people on here had more.

  • Mark

    Thanks for the match-ups.

  • Jodi

    Ugh, I hate my Shoprite. I’m already getting a headache thinking of how to set up these deals.

    • kathy

      What shoprite do you use? I find mine in Cherry Hill, NJ to be very coupon friendly. You just have to “profile” the checkers.

      • Joan

        I use ShopRite in Mt. Laurel and customer service/managers are right on top of things. Also, I use the same cashier who seems to know everything. I rarely have a problem. Very coupon friendly.

        • Christine R

          Joan, which one in Mt. Laurel do you use? The one on (I think it’s Walton) or the one down by McD’s and Prospectors? Both are 5 minutes from where I work but I tend to like the one by Prospectors better.

          • Anonymous

            Sorry, Moorestown Eastgate. They are the nicest bunch of people there and as I said, customer service/managers are right on top of things.

  • steph

    does anyone know if I will be able to do the same manufacturer’s deal multiple times just in different transactions? For example, if one day I did the Knorr deal then the next day I went in and did the Knorr deal again.

    • Matthew

      Good question. That was my question, pending moderation. I’m worried that it won’t work 2 or more times!!!

      • Jessica

        last year I did the marcal TP at least once every day (I stockpiled and donated!) and made sure there was some left for others by going to different SRs by me. It kept rolling. I didnt do back to back though

        • Matthew

          Did you use your PP card? so it didn’t track that you did the deal more than 1 time…?….

          • Stephanie

            Last year I did the Marcal deal twice per transaction and it worked great! Also I combined it with other deals like the marcal and the pompeian both in one transaction and both for the marcal and 1 for the pompeian all printed out.

            • Jessica

              I used the same PP card

    • Christine R

      I believe the small print says one deal per manufacturer for the duration of the promotion. Doesn’t look like we can do the deals more than once this year…unless of course you have a PP card for another family member that you can use. I have one in my husband’s name and my mom’s as well.

  • Keena

    Time to go on Ebay and order some coupons!!!

  • sol

    “■Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion”
    Is this really limited to one per manufacturer per week, or one per manufacturer per transaction?

    • Ted

      Oh man!! I never anticipated that, and I just ordered Ragu coupons! Last year I remember buying multiples over and over and over again. Could even do multiple CATS of the toilet paper deal in one transaction…. I hope this is being misinterpreted, but doesn’t look good.

      • Jessica

        My ad (Southington CT) says one offer per customer, per transaction

        • amy n

          that would be good if we can do it more then once southington is mine too 🙂 dont worry im not a shelf clearer 🙂

          • Tracy

            Bristol (Ct) also says: One Per Customer – per Transaction!

  • Erin

    So are you stating each of these deals we can do only ONCE? You cant do each deal every day? No catalina will print multiple times? Thanks Cindy!

  • Michelle

    I’m in CT and ours starts Feb 26 -March 3. That’s weird. Last year they were all at the same time. Hmmm.

    • Shelly

      Michelle where in CT? Am planning on hitting Enfield store am in MA.

      • julie

        Wondering if all shoprite stores in CT are the same??? Store in Southington only lets you use two like printed coupons!

        • Jessica

          Julie, I just got next week’s Southington ad and we have the same deals listed above. Also, all the Super Coupons are for freebies!! Free Shoprite Spinach, Free Chobani Yogurt, Free Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna, AND Free Shoprite Mac & Cheese!!

          Also, are you using 2 different computers when you print out the internet coupons? I’ve never had a problem using more than 2 like internet coupons at the Southington store.

          • Allison

            Hey Jessica– Since you already have the ad, can you tell us if the Betty Crocker frosting is priced higher than in Melissa’s scan?!Usually I find that it’s priced at 1.99 or higher in CT when the scan from NJ has it priced at 3/$5

            • Jessica

              in my ad the frosting is 3/$5 (limit 4 offers) and the cake mixes are $1.35 (limit 4 per variety)

            • lianne

              nope this time it is 3/$5 just like in Jersey

          • Ted

            Hi Jessica – Any chance I could get you to send me a few of those Super Coupons from a few circulars? I don’t have ours yet but know they won’t be as good. Regardless, I could let you know what I have and send them your way if interested.

          • Tracy

            I have never had a problem with Southington store – they will accept up to 4 like coupons without any problems. The only problem I have with coupons in Southington store is the printable coupons from Coupon Network (they Beep) and then the manager tells me that if they beep; they cant be accepted 🙁

        • Melissa

          I go to Enfield as well, a cat printed saying 2/26-3/3 last week.

        • Dawn

          Julie I never have a problem using 4 like printed coupons in Southington.

    • lianne

      Manchester and East Hartford CT are doing this next week

      • holly

        I also got a cat saying the week after but lo and behold….my ad came in the mail today and it has dollar days in it! I am so glad b/c of the smart balance alone!

    • Michelle B

      Actually I just got next weeks circ. at the Brookfield store and it has dollar deals. Also i got the cat for dollar deals for the week of the 26th. This means there will be dollar days for 2 weeks!!! Yippie!

  • Ted

    Not a great week, but I went ahead and ordered some of the Ragu coupons. Beginning to run a little low on sauce, but have oodles of every pasta imaginable.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    That’s a bummer if you can only do one transaction per week…I wanted to stock up on Ragu since we are all but out….

  • Baila

    This will be my 1st dollar day attempt. I am nervous going to shoprite with my printable coupons, because if they don’t scan they look at you like they are fakes and won’t take them. So annoying!!!

  • Lisa D

    There is also a $1 U by Kotex SavingStar coupon that expires 2/22 that would make that deal even better.

  • tinap

    motts Q- 1.50 off 1… didn’t that expire?

    • Joe

      It did I believe last week

  • Mommy Tool Belt

    Only 1 transaction a week, per manufacturer? Can someone confirm this with corporate or the transaction fairy?? I just blew my whole coupon budget on ebay for the Kleenex Hand towels! UGH.

  • Wendy

    I can’t find the nature valley protein bars coupon, is it NLA or am I missing it?

    • Corine

      I couldn’t find it either. It must be gone! 🙁

  • melissa

    Can we use the $1 off 1 6 pack of snapple coupons that was on a couple weeks back? It doesn’t expire until the 23rd. Thanks 🙂

    • nick

      Dont forget the rebate

  • chris

    thanks cindy!

  • Cindy, don’t forget there are Scrubbing Bubbles & Pledge SavingStar coupons too!

  • heather D

    I don’t know if they will limit the deals to 1 per card per week, but it’s simple if you want to do more transactions, simply get a 2nd store card. It won’t count towards your family rewards but at least you can do the deal twice.

  • Kristy

    Really? One mfr per week? I wanted to get multiple things from the GM in like 7 transactions over the week. Cake, fruit snacks, pizzas, yogurt, cereal.. wow. I just wasted money on coupons. I guess I’ll be a great coupon fairy this week. I’m certain that the overuse of this week’s deal caused this. 🙁

    • Danielle M

      I believe it read the same way last year but we were able to do the deals more than once. I would hold your Q’s and wait and see.

      • Kristy

        just went to to see if they changed it and they just did, but under where it says one per customer during promotion, it still says one per mfr, per customer, per transation… Hmmm.

    • Bree

      Kristy I highly doubt this week’s deal influenced the planning/implementing of Dollar Days as this sale was probably devised some time ago. Last year the Cats [each one] that printed out from Dollar Days said the same thing – “one per family.” Last year’s circular also stated “Limit 1 offer per manufacturer, per customer during promotion.” The only way we will know if we can do the deal more than once is if we try – last year readers were successful in doing so. Readers posted early Sunday AM about their success and/or failure (which was awesome and sooo helpful!). Just have to wait and see ….

      • Kristy

        Yesterday it said one per transaction, now they changed it to during promotional period. They even forgot to change the bottom part because it now says both if you look at the link.

  • julie

    anyone know what zip the splenda essentials coupon is?

  • Marleen

    Thanks Cindy!
    I almost use your website exclusively now, because you have answers to everything! Thanks for all the work that you do to make it easy for us 🙂

  • MARY

    Looking forward to using my pizza roll raincheck (.99 before Qs) with my .50/1 Old El Pasos. Will be a money maker! If you find a NICE cashier, they will let you use more than 4 like coupons. Especially if you explain that there is a deal when you buy X # of items. LOVE my FRIENDLY Brooklawn store!

  • Laura

    I shop at the Brooklawn store too!!! The majority of the employees are awesome! I love that store too.

  • Matthew

    I’m normally skeptical when it comes to this wording and doing many transactions. I see that many people ordered coupons, as I was going to do the same. The tide deal a few months ago-like 4 or 5 months ago-only let 1 per PP card. :-/ Wonder if this will draw parallel lines.

    • Jody

      Off-topic of dollar days, but wanted to say “Thanks Matthew” for letting me know that Wharton had tons of Lipton. Went today and they still had tons-I did 3 deals. In fact, the Pepsi guy was there stocking the shelves.

      • Kristin

        Jody-I went to my shoprite yesterday and had 30 waters and 10 liptons and the pepsi man was there also, followed me around the store and told the head cashier lady that I could not buy them all. She said that there was a limit of 2 per customer. Which I know was a lie, because I was there on Monday and Tuesday and bought some those days. I think she was just scared of him. I was so mad at him!

      • Matthew

        Welcome! That particular store is always good w inventory!

  • sheris

    This will also be my 1st dollar day attempt and to top it off my shoprite does not double coupon.I live in NY and the 2nd closest shoprite is in NJ.i don’t think it is worth the toll.

    • keena

      Sheris which NY location do u shop at?

      • sheris

        The one in brooklyn.

        • An

          You might consider Long Island stores…you can even make a day out of it.

        • bracha

          another brooklyn-nite! sometimes the deals are still worthwhile, even without double coupons – but the truth is, the prices cost more here, too, so it’ll be more expensive either way

  • lianne

    Hey I still think it looks like a good week. I’m hoping I’ll get to do the deals more than 1X on my card….we shall see. Also psyched about the smart balance one.

  • Amy

    this is a dumb question…can multiple catalinas be used together to pay, or would i only be able to use one catalina on my next shopping trip (after dollar days)? Thank you all.

    • Nikki

      Last time I got thru weeks 1-3 no problem. On the 4th week they told me its one per transaction?!?. I was like you guys decided this on the last week when I’ve been using multiple cats in the same transaction the past 3 weeks? I spoke with the manager and he said they changed it the same day I came in (dumb) and gave me attitude. So I said well you can re-ring all this stuff and break it up into the dollar increments of the cats. That’s what they did. I could not believe they would hold up the line to do 8 different transactions. I felt bad for the people behind me in line. I’ve never had that problem b4 on Dollar Days. This was at the Delran NJ store. Sometimes I wonder why some of the employees there are allowed to deal with customers.

  • linda

    Id like to know this also if we can do more than one transaction go at another time during the week. The kleenex hand towel deal is great along with the BC cake mixes & rice

  • linda

    i guess i will just get a second card in my older daughter’s name since i invested a tiny bit of money on extra coupons, just in case

  • Matthew

    I hope this isn’t a disaster come Sunday. I can see it now…cats not printing….items purchased but customer service being naggy and not ‘wanting’ to hand over the Catalina.

    Then again, judging by the comments from last year, perhaps it will go over without a hitch.

    • Bernell

      Last year was fine….until after Dollar Days was over.
      We had to wait WEEKS to get our free Shoprite bags.

  • Kristy

    wondering what the cake mix price is before the sale if you buy 1 extra instead of 2.. anyone?

    • Rocky

      Looks like it would be $1.49 since it says you save 24cents w/price plus.

  • Rocky

    I’m curious to see what coupons will be in this coming Sunday’s inserts. Will there, or, won’t there be some that match? Hmmmm…

    • Mark

      We will be getting 1 RP this weekend. I don’t think any of the coupons will be useful for DD week 1. The $1/1 Dial lotion coupon will make the lotion $0.49 because it’s on sale.

      • Rocky

        Thanks, Mark!

    • Rocky

      Wow, ask and ye shall receive – Cindy must have been posting, same time I was asking! Only 1 insert, RedPlum, and, not too exciting, I don’t think…

  • Jessica D

    This is my first year doing dollar days, do these cats roll like in other deals?

    • lianne

      We don’t know yet, hope so!

    • Bernell

      From what I remember last year!
      You won’t be able to use the catalinas until 2 weeks after Dollar Days are over!
      So for example…
      If you do the SC Johnson deal….the $3 catalina will be dated for use on 3/4 or until after Dollar Days are over!
      So you wouldn’t be able to roll the catalina!
      And from last year, the catalinas were 1 per Shoprite card, meaning you could only do the deal once, unless someone else in your household had a card.
      Hope that helps!
      Good luck!:-)

  • Dawn

    My shoprite coupon policy only allows one internet coupon per product (even if you are buying 5 of one item you can only use one coupon!) and they dotn double interent coupons either 🙁

    • Linda Hughes

      Dawn, which store is this?

  • VA

    There was a benecol $2/1 coupon in the 2/6 inserts.

  • Jill D

    I have a silly question. Can I use a mfr coupon and a cell fire coupon for the same item? I don’t know why I just forgot… TIA

    • Bernell

      you sure can!!!
      Just watch the register and be sure that cellfire coupon actually comes off!
      It usually does!
      But the answer is YES!!:-)

      • Jill D

        Thanks, Bernell!

        • Rocky

          Also, when you are watching for it, or, when you check your register receipt, it comes off right after the price of the item shows up. It doesn’t show up in the coupon section with all the other coupons.

          • Jill D

            Ok, great tip Rocky! I usually recalculate my receipts after I come home just to make sure the cashier used all my coupons.

  • Nik

    Just an FYI ive used the Pompeian Vinegar coupons on the Cooking Wine

    • Loretta

      that’s coupon fraud. The coupon is meant to be used on vinegar, Not the cooking wine. I’m sure you didn’t know but this is one of the many reasons stores continue to change their coupon policies and give us couponers a hard time, if a coupon says pouch tuna, you use it on pouches, if it says can then you use it on cans, if it says Any then you can use it on any.

  • nick

    Remember snapple has rebate for up to 6.99 one per household

    • michelle

      what snapple rebate are you referring to?

    • Loretta

      I picked up one of those in target a few weeks back 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Can you buy other product in the manufacturers line and still have the cat print even though that item is not listed in the paper?

    • Loretta

      usually it’s just the items listed

  • Melanie

    Yoplait Greek Yogurt 4 pack – $2.99
    $0.50/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, exp. 3/17/12 (SS 01/22/12 R)
    $1.50/5 Yoplait Greek Yogurt, exp. 3/17/12 (SS 01/22/12 R)
    $0.50/2 Yoplait Greek Yogurt via Cellfire

    Will this work?? The coupons I have are for “two cups”…this is a 4 pack. I’m not sure this is what the coupon what intended for.

    • Vanessa

      I was just wondering the same thing!

  • Ty Lowman

    anyone know about any discounts for home security

  • April

    Does anyone have four of the .50/1 Old El Paso coupons they won’t use? I know this is a long shot but all of the coupons on ebay probably won’t make it to me in time… I’m willing to trade other coupons with someone to make it fair. Please email me at: aprilt83 @ gmail . com (remove the spaces) and let me know what you’d like for them! Thank you!!

    • Jill D

      April, I would gladly send you mine, but since it’s regional, I don’t have it! There is a .50/1 printable coupon…See if you can collect some from different computers. Check the coupon database for the link!

      • April

        Thanks for the advice, I printed two from home a few weeks ago and spent them last week :\ It was bad timing for me! I’ll ask around from friends and family to see if they can print them.

  • beth

    quick question to someone-just say I purchase (6) knorrs noodles and sauce and receive a $3 Catalina coupon (im assuming the Catalina will state $3 off your next order-am I correct or not-and in my 2nd transaction I use another PP card-and give my $3 catalina from transaction #1-is that possible

    • Christine R

      Beth, you can do several deals in the same transaction but it has to be from different manufacturers. In other words you couldn’t do 2 Unilever deals in the same transaction. And yes, we are hoping that the catalinas will roll – meaning you can do your Knorrs transaction and get a catalina and then use it immediately after on your next purchase. I believe the fear is that the catalina will say “$3 for use on a purchase during the week of ________(and then have a future date)”. No one can confirm this until the start of the sale on Sunday though. I think everyone is setting up their deals according to rolling catalinas though.

  • Jill D

    Beth, yes you are able to use your $3 CAT from transaction #1 for transaction #2, if I understood your question correctly.

    • alexis

      I was thinking the same question. Will the cat only be linked to the card it was received on. If so, Beth would not be able to use her cat from the first transaction with a second card on any other transactions. She would only be able to use that cat with the card she made the first purchases on?

      • Christine R

        Alexis, it’s not linked to one specific PP card. I used one yesterday from a different account. My mom gives me her cats for my purchases all the time.

        • alexis

          Thank you.

  • brittany

    is the knorr rice coupons NLA?? I cant find them…zip code?

    • Christine R

      Brittany, the Knorr rice coupon was from the 1/29 Red Plum.

  • Andrea

    My add clearly states “Manufacturer offers cannot be combined. Limit 1 offer per customer, per transaction. Qualifying purchases must be made with your PricePlus Card and limited to store stock during the one week promotional period.”

    • VA

      What does it mean “Manufacturers Offers….”…..?

      • Andrea

        Pretty sure it means you can only do 1 Unilever offer, 1 Coca Cola offer, 1 General Mills offer, etc.

  • cindys

    how can we find out which shoprites are starting this week? I live in ny rockland county. My store starts on the 26th and my smart balance coupons expire on Sunday Help please.

    • Cindy

      Why do you think your store starts on the 26th and not the 19th? Was it not in your local circular?

      • cindys

        no I received a catalina stating starts on 26th

        • Laura D.

          Hey cindys, if you are in Rockland and close to the NJ border it may be worth your trip to find a NJ Shoprtie who starts the deal on the 19th. Northvale and Ramsey are close to the borders, Unsure if Montvale has a Shoprite. Go to store locator on and find out which towns are best, call in advance to make sure they start the 19th and also ask about their coupon policy, “fully double, $0.75 doubles to $1.50; how many “like” coupons per transaction if there is no “limit 4 per variety”, etc. Hope that Helps!

          • cindys

            Thank you so much .You are awesome I love this site and I have recommended it to soooooo many people! Thank you again

            • Laura D.

              Your welcome, Good Luck!!! 🙂

        • holly

          I also got a cat from my Norwich, CT store saying the same thing BUT it’s in this weeks ad flier….you may want to call and check with your store…I get my flier on Wed in the mail but most stores have them on Wed for the upcoming week. HTH! I was facing the same dilemma with the smart balance. Now i don’t have to worry!

  • katie

    I have a question: If I use previous rainchecks to get the cheaper price will it still produce a catalina? example: I have a raincheck for the general mills cereal when it was 4 for $6, will those 4 count towards my 12 to get the $10 cat. ?

  • Karen Little

    Good Morning Cindy and thank you for all you do on this site! So, if the dollar day offer is by 12 and get $10 and I buy 24 do I get $20 or do I need to separate into 2 orders?

    • Christine R

      Hi Karen,
      No, you can’t do 2 deals from the same manufacturer in the same transaction.

    • Cindy

      You can only do one at a time of the same deal. However, as of right now, we do not know if you can even do another one of the same deal even if it’s in a separate transaction/day.

      • Dawn

        I was @ Shoprite yesterday and I got my $10.00 cat for the lipton icedtea and I got a $1.50 cat for the 2 kikoman products and I got a $1.00 cat for buying vaseline lotion all in the same transaction

        • Christine R

          My Kikkoman cat didn’t print on Friday. I bought 2 and when it didn’t come out I went to CS. They had no idea what I was talking about since it wasn’t listed in last week’s ad. The manager finally gave me 2 $1.00 SR certificates to appease me, but I returned the products anyway.

      • Lynn

        Hi Cindy..I got my Quaker Oatmeal and got the $10.00 cat. Went back a few days later and bought the Sobe Lifewater. I got a cat statement that said I already got my $10.00 reward and could not get another even though it was for different products in the deal. Oh well, at least it’s something I buy all the time anyway and I got them on sale for $1.00 each!

  • Clare

    I had a Catalina print this week saying there is a Nature Valley Granola Bar cat starting on 2/20. Buy 3 get $1.00. Buy 4 get $2.00. Buy 5 or more get $3.00. I’m not sure if it has been mentioned in the comments above, there are a lot of them to look through 🙂 I thought I’d post it as some people might want to hold off doing the General Mills deal until Monday to get the extra cat.

  • Rocky

    Not exactly a ‘dollar day deal’, but, if you have the right coupon, you coffee lovers can get this, this week (today, Fri. Feb. 17, and, Sat. Feb. 18), for a dollar, also!

    SR in NW NJ has an end cap display of Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee for $2.49 again (the display was there earlier in the week, but, at the regular price – they just lowered it, again), so, if you have any good coupons left, check your stores! They may have overstocked for last weeks’ sale and now need to move them out – woohoo!!!!

  • Question, can you use a shoprite online coupon (loaded to your card), a cellfire coupon (loaded to your card) AND a manufacturer coupon? I’m thinking it just uses ONE of the coupons loaded to your card but I just want to verify (they are identical coupons, from different sources).

  • Leah

    Just got a Catlaina notice at shoprite starting 2/24/12- 3/18/12 Buy (2) or more toplait trix yogurts get 1.50 off next shopping order. Yoplait are part of Dollar days so should be double dip.

  • Mary

    I didn’t get a chance to read through all of the posts yet, so if this has been posted, just ignore 🙂 For the Pompeian Red Wine vinegar, there is the 16 oz bottle that is included that is 4/ $5.00.

    Using Cindy’s scenario but changing the cost.

    Buy 4 Pompeian Vinegar $1.25 each
    Buy 1 Pompeian Cooking Wine $1.25
    -(4)$0.50/1 Pompeian Vinegar Coupons
    -$1 Pompeian ecoupon
    Pay: $2.25
    Get a $3 Catalina
    (The price etc is listed to the left of the cooking wine in the ad)