Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 02/03 – 02/09

Stop & Shop Coupon Match Ups 02/03 – 02/09

Make sure you check out the Stop & Shop Coupon Policy. Note that these prices are based on circulars from Northern NJ. Some area may have slightly different prices so please check your circular.  Also, some areas have gas rewards instead of instant savings deals.

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  • Betty

    hoping this will be giants sales too.only bad thing is my giant doesnt limit coupons.but only doubles the first like coupon!

  • Matthew

    for the buy 4 get $3 off instantly…if you buy 4 Gillette shave gel for $2.29 each.

    Pay $9.16
    $3 off instantly
    Use (4) $1/1 or $0.55/1 Gillette Shave prep
    OOP $2.16
    $0.54 each after coupons and instant savings.

    SUPER good price for shaving cream! I’ll be going tomorrow am! Too bad I only have 4 coupons tho. :-/

    • loretta

      looks like the $0.55/1 doesn’t come out till sunday 🙂 so u got plenty of time to do buy your 4 new papers 🙂

    • Brandon


    • Matthew

      Did this deal yesterday early afternoon. Their shelves were nearly bare…I hope they restock for the busy day today and tomorrow!

  • Bernadette

    My Stop and Shop does gas rewards instead of instant savings (Long Island). It didn’t bother me because the deals were the same except I didn’t save at the store, but I make out at the pump. The past few weeks we haven’t been getting ANY of the good deals…only double gas rewards on some items (which doesn’t add up to much). I’m so annoyed!

    • Mark

      Same here. No longer do we get buy xxx and get gas points. It has been that way for the last 2 weeks. I wonder if they are phasing it out completely.

  • Cindy

    I think with the giveaway today, the comments got a little messed up because that negative comment (now deleted) would have gone to moderation, especially since they did not leave an email or name.

    Of course, LRWC readers are awesome and I thank you a million times for always having my back. As I usually do with negative comments that sneak in, it was delete but I wanted to just thank you guys for your support. I truly appreciate it. Now, off to remove the coke coupon from the match ups 😉

    • hanna

      Oh Cindy, don’t delete this. It might be an idea to show how we do not
      tolerate such a rude comment. It’s not only what you say it, it’s how you say it count, too.

  • anonymous

    I have a lot coupons store ss by mail, can I stack with newspaper coupons or not? Thanks.

    • Alison

      I was wondering the same thing. You can at other stores like CVS and Shoprite. Maybe the same at Stop and Shop?

    • Shannon

      I don’t think so as my SS coupons I got in the mail say they can notbe combined with any other offer. I haven’t tried it though!

      • Jenilee

        I think they all say MANUF’s COUPON up top – It was on all of mine!

        • Kabby

          Mine say “STORE COUPON”. It should be able to stack.

  • christina


  • Suehaidi

    Apparently if you use a S&S coupon from the mail that they send you they 1. wont double and 2. Count as a manufactured q. Which I find ridiculous considering you cant use them at another store. Booo 🙁

    • Dave

      Manufacturer coupons can be only for certain stores. It stinks but it’s more of who is paying for the coupon.. like all the manufacturers who give target exclusive coupons.

  • Yolanda

    My P&G booklet has a $0.20 Pampers Coupon not $0.60. Usually Pampers Q’s are not regional

  • Aida

    Hum… to bad those that leave mean comments can’t be blocked from the site… That will show them… Once again Cindy, thanks for everything you do!! This site is amazing!!

  • Karen

    I got a free 6 pack of schnapple with a mail in rebate that was on the pack.

  • Tina

    My Stop &Shop has the IAMS dog food in the box for 2.99. Its not like the bag that they sell in Target, it is the box. $2.99 is the original price.

    • Phil

      Tina – what size was it? is it dry dog food? my coupons have a size limit. thanks for the post!

      • tina

        Im not sure the size…yes it was the dry food. If you have the coupon that came in the bags from the trial size they might not apply. Ill check tomorrow and post Stat!!! However at walmart the big bags are s deal with the $3 off…the cat food is $1.47 after coupon.

  • LN

    I’m wondering, if I buy 2 OS cranberry and get the free cherry flavor and use the coupon for the free cherry, would I just get credit for the price of the cherry or would that not work?

    • Loretta

      well the free cherry is going to completely come off, but if your looking for overage on it, you can try at self checkout (not an option at my store) and see if it goes through, just bring the extra cherry with you in case it don’t cause then you can add it and at least get another one free.

    • Kate R.

      I’m not sure about buying only two OS Cranberry juices and getting the free one.
      I went the other day (did self checkout) and got two OS Cranberry juices (a cran-apple and a cran-grape) and two OS cherry juices. They were 2.50 each.

      I got the instant savings credit for $2.50, and then I used TWO B1G1 coupons, which took off a total of $5.00!!

      So, I got FOUR juices and I only paid $2.50! That’s $0.63 each! I’m still new at couponing but I think this is a pretty good deal. Hope this helps!

      • tina

        If you used two bogo you should have gotten a totgot al of 6 and paid for two! The bogo shud eliminate one and the cherry is free after u buy two.if you did that twice you pay for two:)

  • Lisa

    As always, thank you for the match-ups Cindy!

    p.s. – as my five year old would say…”mean people stink!”

  • Patti M

    My circular also has the High Liner Sea Cuisine (tilapia is yummy) on sale and there’s a Q on their website! 🙂

  • fairy

    The viva to go coupon link is taking me to a .50c off 2 paper towels, will this work for the napkins?

  • Laura A

    I didn’t realize the instant savings were regional. That makes a lot more sense now though when my deals don’t work the way I thought. How can I find out if my store does instant savings? Thanks!

    • Myrah

      Look at the very last page of your circular. It will either say buy x amount and get $x amount off instant savings or it will say buy x amount and get x amount in gas points. (I believe that NJ only gets instant amounts off and everybody else gets gas points but I could be wrong so just check the last page of the weekly ad)

  • LN

    I purchased 2 Ocean Spray plus one Ocean Spray Cherry. I used the coupon and the register gave me the cherry flavor free plus took $2.50 with the coupon. that’s 3 Ocean apray for $2.50

    • Raquel

      Nice! I hope that happens with me too! heading out now!

  • Raquel

    Hey Cindy,

    You have:

    Buy 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail (all flavors) Get 1 CranCherry, Diet CranCherry, or Cherry Juice free – $3.49

    Deal Idea:
    Buy 2 Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice Cocktail $6.98
    Buy 3 Ocean Spray Cherry Juice Cocktail $6.98
    -(2) Buy One Cranberry, Get one Cherry
    – $3.49 for Free item
    Pay $6.98
    $1.39 each after coupon and free item

    However, they are on sale for 2/$5 and you still get the third free.

    I purchased 6 using (2) Buy One Cranberry, Get one Cherry and 2 were automatically free at the store.. so in total i paid $5 for 6 which is $.83 each!!!! Not a bad deal!!

    • Miranda

      Did you buy 3 Cranberry and 3 Cherry? or 4 Cranberry and 2 Cherry? I am confused why you bought 6. And which ones. Thanks.

      • Raquel


        I bought 6 because I had 2 coupons. You can also do this deal with just one coupon, you would be getting 3 for the price of 1.

        I had 2 cherry
        2 cranapple
        1 white cranberry and 1 cranberry

  • Karen CT

    Dole frozen fruit cups on sale for $1.99, I had .75/1 bought 2 and got $1 oyno.
    2 dole fruit cups $1.99 ($3.98)
    – (2) .75 doubled= $3
    oop .98 and got cat for $1 oyno = FREE

    Also anyone who uses juice boxes I bought 13 Capri sun boxes @ $2 each
    total $26 – $7 instant savings = $19 thats $1.46 each. I’m hoping thats a good price, I go thru 3 boxes a week. Does anyone know if it is a good price?

  • Christina

    I have 6 ocean spray b1g1 coupons from different computers. I’m confused because I saw someones post about buying 4 and getting 5.00 instant savings???? I don’t see anything about instant savings…. So I guess that would be my first question , if there’s an instant savings. I am just trying to figure out the best way to work this deal with 6 B1G1 free coupons since u are getting one for free anywAy . I was thinking to purchase 12 and use 6 coupons and I would actually only pay for 2 because of the in store buy 2 get 1 free deal??? Someone help! Thanks in advance

  • maria

    Does S&S accept Target Q’s stacked with Manufature Q’s? I saw you had an option to print the Alexia potatoes as a Target Q, So I was curious! 🙂 Thanks!


    Has anyone done the oceanspray juice deal? Just looking for the best way to work this deal. Could I purchase 4 and use 2 BOGO coupons and actually pay for 1. I dont know why this deal is confusing me so much LOL. If anyone can post what they bought and how many coupons they used I would be so grateful!

  • Christina

    Miranda – I wanted to use my bogo coupons so I thought if I used three of them 3 would be free and 2 would be free automatically??? I think I will pay for only One?

  • Kate R.

    Last night I went to Stop & Shop and I found an unadvertised deal! Zone Perfect Bars were 10/$10 so I bought 11 of them (in 3 separate transactions) and used $0.55/1 Zone Perfect Bar coupon which made them free!

    Also, Odwalla drinks were on sale for 2/$4. I used a $0.55/1 coupon which made them $0.90 each, which I thought was pretty good.

    Also, does any one know what *T next to an item on a Stop & Shop receipt means? I always see it next to my coupons and some food and non food items…does it mean I am paying tax on my coupons?