Walgreens: Free Huggies Baby Wipes!

Walgreens: Free Huggies Wipes

Update:  Only the Unscented are working.  Look for UPC Code: 3600012110!

There is an awesome, unadvertised deal at Walgreens right now.  The Huggies Natural Care UNSCENTED, 72 ct wipes are on sale for $2.49 (UPC Code: 3600012110 – Thanks Sandy!).  Plus they are producing a $2 Register Reward.  Use the $0.50/1 Huggies Wipes Coupon from the 2/12 SS to score them for free.

Remember, this is unadvertised and could change at any time.

Here is the deal:


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Thanks wildforwags!

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  • Hi! Is it only one 2RR per transaction? Thanks! I will try to head there tomorrow morning ? Does anyone know if this working in South Jersey? Thanks

    • Tricia

      Yes, it is working in South Jersey 🙂

      • Marie

        What part of South Jersey? Thank you

  • Jordan

    With Walgreens I can use RR and get back RR so long as its not rolling on the same item, am I right? Thanks

    • Christine R

      Yes that’s correct.

  • Fury

    Yes im also not used to walgreens deals, how would one roll this to get more?

    • Lisa Ruiz

      You use your RR’s(Register Rewards) to pay for it, then normally when it works right, it pays again. I’ve done this a few times in the past with different things. Once I got a Frost mint package. Paid $2 for it, got a coupon that printed for a free one after I bought that. Went, got another one, paid with the coupon I’d just gotten, then got another coupon for the same thing. Meaning, I rolled it.


    no RR here in Lima, Ohio ;(

  • Jordan

    That is not fair!

  • Rachel

    Just tried it in upstate NY- no RR printed 🙁

    • Rachel

      oh- just found out- you can;t buy the lightly sented ones-that’s what I got-I’ll return tomorrow and try the unsented kind. Hopefully it will work

  • Jaime

    No, if you use a RR against an item from the same manufacturer then you won’t get the next RR. You have to roll it with a RR from another item. 🙁

  • Jordan

    Thanks! That’s what I thought.

  • Karen

    Worked in Tifton GA. Woot!

  • I’m going to give it a shot here in North Jersey. I have to head out to get some wipes actually! Hopefully it will work.

  • Scott

    Confirmed working in upstate NY, but only with the green label unscented ones. The lightly scented did not work.

    • Anonymous

      Where in NY?

    • allie

      Where in NY?

    • Nichole

      can you only buy one and get the rr? I have three coupons for $.75 off… will three rr’s print?

  • Jordan

    I saw this post somewhere else
    Only UPC 036000 12110 works for the Register Reward

  • Lorin

    Not working in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Mary

    Not working in Maryland
    Not working in Virginia either on Any of the Huggies

    • Anonymous

      Tried three kinds, and two did work in MD for me. It was a 64 count with disney characters and a 72 count on a clearance endcap. I think UPCs ended in 10 and 11? Not sure and don’t have them in front of me- sry.

    • Kat

      Worked in MD this am, but I am way north of you (practically DE). Tried three UPCs, two worked- 64 ct and 72 ct. the 64 had Disney characters on it and the other one is like the one pictured. I think the UPCs that worked ended in 10 and 11, and the one in 12 or 13 was the one that didn’t work. Sorry, I don’t have them in front of me, just wanted to let you know in case you want to try again. The 72 ct that worked was on a clearance endcap for 2.34 at my local wags, so if you got the 50/1 ( I didn’t) this is a small MM. Or what I like to call a “taxpayer” deal (since it works out to be about the tax here in MD). HTH! 🙂

  • Britt

    Has anyone tried this in PA?

    • Nancy

      Yes, just tried it in Exton, PA. Bought 4 in 4 separate transactions and received $8 in RR total!!

      • desiree

        Also worked in West chester pa. Bought 2 in 2 transactions at one walgreens. Than went to another and to buy two more, but the sales clerk said someone just left with every last one, she did like 10 transactions! Nice, so much for not shelf clearing!! I have 4 kids in diapers I could have easily cleared the shelf at the first walgreens, but I beleive in sharing and not taking more than 2 or 3 of anything at any one store…wish some other readers did:)

    • Ann

      Yes, working in the Philly ‘burbs today.

  • Evonne

    It works in glassboro, NJ

  • Working in deptford, nj.

  • Kat

    I think this is a deviation of the diaper deal on the last page (in my ad), so if you are interested, I’d get it today. But please be nice and don’t shelf clear. That’s the reason I don’t normally Wags (but we’re running low on disposable wipes!)- none of the good deals are available after about 12 noon on Monday.

  • Nyki

    It is working in Philly.

  • Andrea

    Deal is working in New York, I just was able to get 4!!

  • Michaela

    deal is working in Dover, De.

    • Yes mam..got mine here in. seaford, de! Only had 4 to get tho

  • Lianna Spaulding

    I went to my Walgreens in NC this morning, and they were not marked….they were still $3.49 a box 🙁

    • Andrea

      Lianna, my sister just went, and her store they werent marked either, however she tried anyway and they rang up at 2.49 with RR back.

  • Betty

    My store shelf said 3.49 but circular said 2.49 only pblm my store didn’t have the unscented with UPC Cindy posted!and theres only one Walgreens where I live!

  • Anonymous

    What’s the other UPC codes? Also I got a $2 reward for one can I use it to buy another one and still get the reward?

    • Mort

      Typically no! If you use the RR you receive to buy the same item the RR does not normally print the second time. You can however use the RR you receive to purchase a different item that has a RR. Thats how you roll the RR’s.

  • Noahsmomma

    I scored 3 of these so far Cindy at 3 different WAGS on LI. Thank-you and Sandy for sharing a posting this. I have a question about WAGS RR & using coupons. I bought the exact wipes. I had a $1.99 Belvita RR from the day before and the Huggies .50/1. The 2nd store I went to I handed the RR 1st. It came off. Then I owed .80 cents. So I gave the .50/1 Huggies. The cashier said I could not use 2 coupons. I thought the RR is consider a form of cash? Is that True that you can’t use a RR and a manufacture coupon? I am really good at CVS but so confused at WAGS.

    • Julie

      At Walgreens, the RRs go through like a coupon. And the computer will only take one coupon per item. If you want to use the second coupon, try buying a small “filler item” (like some of that clearanced Valentine candy or something worth a few cents). It should accept the second Q no problem.

  • Sue

    Do you need a Walgreens card of some sort? I don’t really shop there but would like to start. I know you need a card at like CVS, for example. Thanks!

    • Julie

      No they do not have a store card, just like Target and Walmart!

  • renee

    Working in Newburgh, NY

    • Jennifer

      There was some left? Usually newburgh stores have there shelves cleared by monday Morning!

  • Cheryl

    It worked in Delran, NJ! I bought 2 of them but didnt realize that I had to do it in seperate transactions. I got 2 of them for $3.98 and got back a $2.00 RR.

  • Erin

    I just visited two Walgreens in middle TN and both stores were out. I checked end caps but did not see any around (shelf cleared). Is anyone finding them located in a particular part of the store or JUST in the baby aisle?

  • Noahsmomma

    I bought 1 box at these WAGS~Huntington, East Northport, & Commack

  • Shari

    my coupom is buy 2 get $1 off. Its cheaper with No coupon and paying49cents for each. I have a baby shower coming up. Time to Stock up

  • Jordan

    Shelf cleared in Howell NJ..

  • Jordan

    none left in Howell NJ..

  • Kelly

    It’s working in Northern Virginia. I only got one to try and it worked and went back for more and the shelf was cleared. Someone came after me and got them all. Went to 4 different Walgreens with no luck. Im thinking of going back on Wednesday and Thursday since the truck will be coming to every Walgreens in my area.

  • Tina

    Thanks to whoever cleared the shelves at the walgreens in Philly …I was at work & didn’t even get 1 for my baby :/

  • Kerry

    Thanks for the heads up on the amazing deal! I read somewhere that there were a bunch of new varities that were printing. I got the following 5 containers and they all printed the $2 RR. There UPC’s are as follows:
    soft skin (56 wipes) 036000318678 – refill type package
    one & done (56 wipes) 036000318364 – refill type package
    soft skin (64 wipes) 036000189766 – refillable tote package

    Hope this helps someone else! Thanks again for all the amazing deals Cindy 🙂

  • Danyail

    The deal is working in WV, I bought 12 and 8 transactions worked and 4 didn’t. The manager called the company to have the RR mailed to me and she is going to get back to me tomorrow as to why the 4 didn’t print.

  • nene

    The deal works in memphis tn as well

  • Christina

    Its working in Hazlet , NJ!

  • Larrina

    Working in SJ— Blackwood

  • LeeLee

    Worked in Longmont, Colorado.

  • Anonymous

    It did not work in South Philly Walgreen, I brought them anyway for 1.99