10 Days of Easter: Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

10 Days of Easter: Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs

These are just too cute and a fun project for the kids.

Choose To Thrive has instructions for making Rainbow Jello Easter Eggs.  You will need an egg mold for this project which you can get at the Kraft Store or possibly at Michael’s or AC Moore.

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  • Laura D.

    Just saw the mold for this at Shoprite. I looked for a price tag but it was the only one left on the display and was missing the tag. So the mold is at Shoprite, just an FYI.

  • Lisa

    Thank you Cindy!!! I picked up a mold (still in the plastic factory wrap) at a local thrift shop for 10 cents!! The kids are going to be so excited when we try this one – got the jello already (on sale this week stacked with a coupon).

  • Kathy

    Laura, where did you find it in Shoprite? Was it with the Jello or somewhere else?

    • Laura D.

      I found it on top of a display (small cardboard stand alone) at the end of an aisle. In my store, West Milford, NJ, it was near the baking aisle, not near the jello aisle. It had the molds on top and boxes of jello in the front. Plus there were coupon booklets attached to the sides and a recipe book also on the display. HTH!