4 Hour Giveaway: White Cloud GreenEarth Giveaway & Coupon! Hurry!!

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White Cloud GreenEarth Giveaway & Coupon

We have a quick giveaway for today!  It will be up and last for 4 hours, so get your entries in fast!!

White Cloud has launched the “Beyond The Green” Sweepstakes to help increase awareness of their GreenEarth product line.  GreenEarth bath tissue and paper towels are made from 100% post-consumer recycled fiber.   If you have tried their GreenEarth products, you would agree that you’d never guess that they are made from 100% recycled fiber.  GreenEarth products are excellent… soft, strong, absorbent and a smart alternative to help the environment!

We all have opportunities to “win”…

First for our readers, we will be giving away coupons for a Free Pack of GreenEarth paper towels.  Five (5) readers will each receive a coupon for a free product.  (If the GreenEarth products are not in your area yet, you will receive a coupon for a Free 4-roll pack of White Cloud bath tissue instead.)

Also everyone can receive a coupon!  Visit the White Cloud Facebook page and you will receive a $.75 off any GreenEarth product.  You’ll get to try a product that is both good for the earth and for your budget!  (Enter your zipcode and if you are not within an area where GreenEarth is not sold, you will given a $.75 off coupon for White Cloud bath tissue instead.)

Last but not least, while you are on the White Cloud Facebook page, be sure to enter the “Beyond The Green Sweepstakes” for a chance to win a FREE Nissan Leaf 100% electric car!  The sweepstakes ends on April 30th, and you can enter up to once per day!

Also check out “The Smart Alternative”  to read more about GreenEarth products and White Cloud’s commitment to the environment.

How to Enter:

  1. Leave a comment below letting us know the changes you’ve made to help the environment.  Entries are now closed.  Winners will be announced on 3/28.  Thank you for entering.

The Fine Print:

You must supply a valid email address. Email addresses should be put in the private field and not in the public comment box.

  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends on Today, March 27th at 6:30 pm EST.  No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be chosen at random. Winners will be notified of the giveaway via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
  • Be sure to add ([email protected]) to your contacts or check your spam folders at the end of the giveaway.

LRWC is a White Cloud Blogger.  As part of the program, LRWC is compensated for the time and effort spent to create this post.  As is always the case here on Living Rich With Coupons, all opinions are my own and are NEVER influenced by any other parties…ever!

183 thoughts on “4 Hour Giveaway: White Cloud GreenEarth Giveaway & Coupon! Hurry!!”

  1. Marilyn says:

    Last year I started a compost pile in my garden. All of my kitchen scrappings go there and not the garbage.

  2. Kristina says:

    I don’t use bottled waters anymore to help save plastic!

  3. Becky says:

    I just started recycling my plastic bags (torn ones that I can’t reuse.

  4. Jessica J says:

    I recycle my newspaper

  5. Phil says:

    I bought a glass bottle on groupon so I dont need to waste plastic bottles! (and i drink more water because of it….thats gotta help the environment somehow 🙂 )

  6. Bunny says:

    I do not use plastic bags anymore at the grocery store. I bring my own reusable bags. Plus, I save 5 cents when I use reusable bags at Target or at the grocery store!

  7. Tab says:

    We now recycle all of our plastic grocery bags, and EVERY other thing that could possibly be recycled…we also reuse our plastic water bottles. I also recycle vegetable and coffee cans to make supply holders for my craft room!

  8. Lisa says:

    I recycle everything, including textiles. I use reusable water bottles and shopping bags everywhere I shop (even department stores).

  9. Rebecca says:

    I plant a garden every summer and recycle whenever possible!

  10. Arianna says:

    I started becoming “martha stewart.” I save all my vegetable bits, to make stock….bread ends to make bread crumbs, etc. No waste!

  11. ria says:

    I have started to recycle and reuse everything, from newpapers, books and bottles to food.

  12. Jen says:

    I recycle and reuse everything I can and no longer drink bottled water.

  13. Shirley says:

    I am using a refillable cup at work to drink my water. I have also bought one for my son at school so can he can have water without buying cases of water.

  14. Lottie H. says:

    We compost, recycle everything, and reuse or donate anything possible!!!

  15. Michele says:

    I now use Scott Naturals tube free toiletpaper. After reading how much unnecessary cardboard rolls fill up our trash and pollute Earth, i have been investing a little bit more on them. Besides coupons for them always are available so not only am i saving, i’m also saving the earth. They are very soft as well.

  16. Barbara A. says:

    We use all the copy paper left over from printing coupons as scratch paper or print stuff on the other side. We put lots of stuff in our compost pile. We recycle whenever we can.

  17. stephanie says:

    I only use enegry efficiant light bulbs as well as recycle. We also walk (when nice out) to preserve gas and lower emissions.

  18. Amanda says:

    I only use reusable bags when shopping, I bring a Camelbak bottle to work, I recycle any paper I can (and reuse the other side of printer paper)…there’s more that I do but I can’t think of it right now.

  19. Heather says:

    Reusable bottles and a water pitcher…we haven’t bought bottles water in over a year

  20. Amanda Meinzer says:

    I have started recycling everything! My family also no longer uses plastic bottles!

  21. Clover says:

    I always have reuseable shopping bags in the car and no more bottled water.

  22. Sabrina Burt says:

    I recycle my cans and newspapers.I plant a garden every year. I also only buy enviroment friendly products only.I never use bottled water.And I use my own shopping bags.

  23. Christina says:

    I unplug my appliances when not in use

  24. ken lake says:

    i drink filtered water, no bottles. and i use scott tube free, i also recycle.

  25. Brenda says:

    recycle the plastic bags and take my own fabric bags into grocery. I use freecycle to give things away that are still worthwile, otherwise it may have been disposed of in the landfill.

  26. Rebecca says:

    I try to recycle wherever I can.

  27. Natasha says:

    I take reusable shopping bags to the store.

  28. Lori says:

    I recycle all paper and aluminum! Also, it is a small step but I am always on “water patrol” during teeth brushing time!!

  29. Laura says:

    I started recycling this year and learning what actually can and CAN’T be put into the blue recycle bins! (Pizza boxes are no-no’s!)

  30. Donna says:

    We recycle as much as we can…cans, bottles, paper, cardboard, newspapers, plastic grocery bags. We also use reusable grocery bags, plant a garden, and use reusable water bottles.

  31. Lindsay says:

    I use cloth diapers for my baby girl and breastfed for a year. No diapers in the landfill and no plastic bottles!

  32. Cynthia Palmatier says:

    I bought and always use my cloth bags at the grocery store, I like them much better than the plastic .

  33. farah r says:

    We have 4 recycle bins in the garage. Plastic,paper, glass and aluminum. It all started when our daughter was in 1st grade and asked why we don’t recycle. She’s now in 3 rd grade!!

  34. DEB says:

    I have been recycling newspapers for awhile now..

  35. Susan S says:

    Bringing reusable bags to the grocery store and using a reusable water bottle.

  36. Nicole says:

    We no loner use bottled water, we walk and take the train as often as possible, we use reuseable bags at the store, we recycle glass and aluminum, and we use an energy supplier that puts more green energy into the grid…20% more than our state requires.

  37. Patti says:

    I recycle everything from glass to aluminum to food scraps to vegetable peelings. Why not, it only helps the enviorment for my grandkids someday!

  38. Chung says:

    I keep reusable bags in my car and in my purse so I don’t have to use plastic bags anymore

  39. Mark says:

    I recycle way more than I used to.

  40. Aileen C says:

    I use my cloth bags at the grocery store instead of paper or plastic.

  41. Erin says:

    I recycle and use reusable bags whenever I go shopping

  42. HWMom says:

    We recycle each week. I always try to use my reusable shopping bags. I don’t buy plastic water bottles, cups, cutlery or paper plates.

  43. KJP says:

    I compost and make my own veggie stock.

  44. Stefanie says:

    Reusable shopping bags! Love that we can get them free during Shop Rite Dollar Days!

  45. Nicole M says:

    Lots and lots of reusable shopping bags!

  46. Karen says:

    Our family recycles aluminum cans

  47. Anusha says:

    – I use energy efficient light bulbs.
    – I stopped using plastic water bottles(use water filter instead)
    – I use 97% naturally derived all-purpose cleaners.
    – I unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

  48. cheri says:

    We never used to recycle our soda cans or water bottles-we do now and we usually have around 3 large trash bags full each week,(I never knew we created so much waste) I am so glad that they are being recycled and not taking up precious space at a landfill.

  49. Joanne Johnston says:

    I recycle everything that is recyclable, I am a watt watcher and I try and do all my errand in one trip.

  50. yazmin says:

    I recycle all the news papers i get averyweek and don’t use bottle waters ..

  51. Jennifer lynch says:

    We don’t automatically wash worn clothing, I check for smellls, stains, or obvious use first and reuse if good

  52. karina says:

    I’ve stopped drinking bottled water!

  53. Didi says:

    I recycle my plastic bags and everything that could be recycled!

  54. Joanne Johnston says:

    I am a watt watcher, I recycle everything that is recyclable, I try and run all my errand in one trip. I lower my thermostat in the winter.

  55. Barb says:

    I pack my lunch everyday in a reusable lunch bag. I also keep reusable grocery bags in my car and make a point to remember to bring them into the store!

  56. Joanne Johnston says:

    I recycle every thing that is possible to recycle

  57. Melissa says:

    I recycle everything I can and never leave home without a reusable bag for the store (and not just the grocery store, EVERY store). I also line dry as much of my laundry as possible and wash everything in cold water. My family also eats meatless meals around 2/3 of the time. Oh, and I use cloth diapers for my baby!

  58. Judy says:

    I recycle as much as possible. I avoid pesticides. I try to conserve gasoline. When driving, I accelerate slowly and don’t always reach the speed limit. Sometimes I walk rather than drive.

  59. Lillie says:

    My kids use reusable plastic containers to bring their school snacks instead of plastic baggies. I reuse all of my kids school papers they no longer need to print my coupons. Also recycle all my newspapers, bottles, cans and magazines.

  60. Jay says:

    I upgraded my Heat Pump to a SEER 14 unit.

    I also try to run the heat/AC as little as possible.

  61. Melissa says:

    We recycle everything…cans, plastic, glass, newspapers. I bring my own canvas bags to the grocery store and we also plant a garden every year.

  62. kathy says:

    I now use my Nook.instead of newspapers,books & magazines & , i reuse my “to go” cups instead of using toss aways, i recycle all of my boxed,canned or plastic products. I also use shopping bags instead of paper or plastic bags.i’ve been “green” long before it was cool.

  63. Eileen says:

    I recycle all plastic, glass and cardboard. I use egg shells and coffee grinds as plant food on my plants.

  64. carol says:

    Use reusable shopping bags.

  65. Sara says:

    I recycle as much as possible and use reusable grocery bags

  66. Cortney says:

    I reuse many different types of plastic bags – sandwich bags, grocery bags, etc. I also recycle all my cans & bottles. When I can use reusable containers instead of bags, I always do!

  67. Claire says:

    I recycle everything. Love that my recycling can is full everyweek and my trash can has hardly anything in it. I also got solar power for our house!

  68. Elizabeth Kelly says:

    My family has started to use reusable water bottles for packing the school lunches. It reduces the amount of waste that we use.

  69. esther says:

    i stopped using plastic bags and bring my own reusable bags for all of my shoppings

  70. Ruth says:

    We recycle almost everything… paper, newspaper, plastic, glass, aluminum, anything recyclable. And I always use reusable bags when shopping.

  71. L Taylor says:

    I use reusable bags at the grocery store

  72. Kristin says:

    i don’t use plastic bags while food shopping anymore.

  73. hanna says:

    I changed from bottle water to filtered water.
    I carry my own water bottle instead of purchasing when I go to gym.

  74. Matthew Atkinson says:

    I brought LED spotlights for above my fireplace. They looks better than large spotlights and only use 5 watts.

  75. Jeanne A. says:

    Last year i started a garden as well as a compost!

  76. Lauren says:

    I use low wattage light bulbs and added extra insulation to our home to reduce the amount of energy we use on heating and cooling. I buy environmentally friendly diapers (they work well too)!

  77. Lesia Fidler says:

    We live in Pennsylvania, about an hour below the New York State border. We save all of our plastic water bottles, soda bottles, and cans and take a trip to New York about ever six months. We have a blast calculating how many cans and bottles we actually saved in that time, and we have a little race to see who can load the machine the fastest. The first time we did that, it was Black Friday and we went out shopping and bought a Wii. The next time, we cashed in 1,012 things all together. We only went out for dinner that time, and saved the rest! We also take all the other recyclables to my parents house, they have a weekly pick up there! Doing that also saves a lot on trash bags and the trash bill too! We have fun, and laugh a lot doing it.

  78. tinap says:

    we use reusable shopping bags! and save $ at stores using them!

  79. Cheri C. says:

    I recycle a lot — plastic newspaper bags become doggie doo picker-up bags, magazines go to hospital or relatives, all cans and glass and paper go in the recycling bin. Envelopes are reused for shopping lists.

  80. Kristy says:

    I started using the reusable bags for my shopping trips. Thanks ShopRite for my free bags thru dollar days 🙂

  81. Jaime says:

    I recycle almost everything and use cloth diapers on my two kids.

  82. Rebecca says:

    We recycle more newspapers and magazines and try to reuse whatever we can, whenever we can!!

  83. biana says:

    I use reusable bags when I shop for groceries. I recycle plastic and paper even-though our town doesn’t have to do it. Trying to potty train my 15 month in order to stop using disposable diapers.

  84. Kami says:

    I use reusable shopping bags and no longer buy plastic water bottles.

  85. Amy says:

    We recycle everything bags,papers.

  86. chris says:

    Ever since I can remember parents dug scrap food into the garden,now I put my scraps into a composte bin. Buy most of my clothes at used clothing stores and donate my clothing I no longer want to them. If the clothes are in bad shape I cut them up and use as rags.

  87. Kathy Schade says:

    I recycle everything and have reduced the amount of garbage I put out to about 90% less of what it was before. I also drive a car that gets 38 mpg.

  88. dana says:

    I use reusable shopping bags…helps save on plastic and save me money too!!

  89. Jenn says:

    I recycle everything that I can, and I use a reusable bag when I shop. I print coupons on both ends of the paper whenever I have a single coupon to print, and use the cut pieces for ‘to-do’ lists and other quick notes. Everyone in our family knows to turn lights off if they’re last one leaving the room. We try to conserve whenever possible.

  90. Kathy Schade says:

    I recycle everything and have reduced the amount of garbage I put out to about 90% less of what it was before. I also drive a car that gets 38 mpg.

  91. tara c says:

    I always use the reusable bags from shoprite! Not only is it great for the environment, I get $.05 cents a bag off my bill. SCORE!!!

  92. Christine says:

    I recycle everyday and clean up beaches and parks

  93. Jennifer says:

    In the past few years we started using reusable bags for shopping. My employer doesn’t recycle so I have put a small bucket in the lunch room and take the recycling home to be recycled.

  94. DHM says:

    we recycle paper and plastic.

  95. lynn b says:

    we live on a farm in mississippi, and reuse or recycle everything, plastic, paper, metal and soda cans. we even reuse our egg cartons . we sell fresh eggs from our birds and our customers bring cartons us their cartons for exchange. chicken litter is used in our garden as well as compost. we get most of our veges from our garden and they are canned in reuseable glass jars, the old fashion way. paper eggs carons also are used to plant seeds in for transplanting into our garden. then the carton is broken down directly in the soil as the plant grows.

  96. sanj says:

    I recycle plastic and paper. I drink less water out of the bottle and use filtered water at home. I try to take shorter showers, do larger loads of laundry, use less electricity (swtich off lights/tv/laptop whenever not in use). I try not to waste food. someday i want a house with solar panels and other natural energy resources

  97. Leng L says:

    We have always recycled as much as possible, and this year, we have started using earth-friendly cleaning products.

  98. Carlene A. says:

    I use reusable shopping bag every time possible, even if I don’t get the bag credit for them I still use them. I also recycle whenever possible.

  99. AMB says:

    I recycle newspapers, bottles and cans. I try and bring enought bags to the grocery store – if I get plastic bags I recycle them. We drink filtered water and have refillable bottles at home.

  100. Keri says:

    I save all the scraps from printing coupons to use for note paper. It’s such a waste, especially if only 1 coupon printed on a page. We also recycle what we can. Sadly our area has some restrictions on what can be recycled. Do what we can.

  101. naomi says:

    We switched to a front loading washer. Less water and less detergent! We also buy grass-fed beef in bulk from a local farmer and local produce during the summer.

  102. Marci says:

    I quit buying bottled water years ago, but this year, I have been able to convince my entire family not to buy ANY bottled water and to give up most plastic purchases all together!!

  103. Laurie M. says:

    I finally started using the FREE reusable shopping bags I’ve accumulated through Shoprite’s Dollar Days! Plus, I get credit for them so YAY!

  104. brittany says:

    i just started recycling all of our bottles and cans and now use reuseable bags as well…and the best part is that it helps me make some money!

  105. ronda morris says:

    We grow most of our own fruits/veggies and also make a lot of our own cleaning products with natural ingredients!

  106. michelleb says:

    I try and do everything I can. Recycle, conserve water, drink tap water, buy second hand, clothes, electronics etc., bring my own shopping bags everywhere and so much more. what you can do to help the enviorment is endless.

  107. Tina Gilpin says:

    I recycle all plastic and paper and stopped using bottled water

  108. ell says:

    I recycle my newspapers,cans and plastic.

  109. Julissa B. says:

    Not only have I started recycling my newspapers and other materials, I have begun to save water by turning off the faucets when brushing my teeth or washing pots and pans.

  110. WENDY says:

    I moved to PA last year and was surprised that there is no mandated recycling here. My grandmother (a fellow frugalista) loves to recycle to get money back at her local supermarket…she loves in Brooklyn, however. That said, I save ALL of my bottles (and by ALL I mean 4-5 HUGE bags monthly) and haul them to Brooklyn for her. She gets SO excited to recycle them and uses the income to buy her groceries 🙂

  111. Darlene says:

    I always recycle my newspapers, glass, and plastic bottles. I also use a re-usable coffee mug and re-fillable water jug to reduce the amont of trash and water bottles.

  112. Robin S says:

    I recycle, I use reusable bags at the grocery store and I wash my laundry using cold water.

  113. Brando says:

    We use reusable bags whenever we shop at the stores. Not only does it help the environment but it rids us of all those plastic bags that are hard to keep contained!

  114. Rebecca S. says:

    I recycle plastic bags (my local grocery store has a return bin). We also stopped using bottled water.

  115. Gwen says:

    Now that my trash company has switched over to recycle bank, I have been recycling way more. I always use my recyclable shopping bags, so no more plastic bags for us!!

  116. Tom says:

    I use reusable bags at the grocery store and have changed to CFL bulbs in my home.

  117. Susie says:

    I am very serious about recycling. Before I really started, I saw the commercial about the plastic water bottle that lasts forever in a landfill, that blew me away! Ever since then I do my best to recycle everything I can.

  118. Stu says:

    We recycle more than we used to making more of an effort to recycling cardboard from packaging instead of just recycling bottles and cans.

  119. Kelly says:

    I turn off lights in rooms when I’m not using them!

  120. supercarrot says:

    i’ve been vegetarian for 15+ years, and vegan for 10.

  121. Sharon C says:

    In addition to recycling paper, plastics, and glass, I am taking #5 plastics to Whole Foods (not collected by county) and CFL bulbs to Home Depot for proper disposal.

  122. Ebie says:

    I buy designer clothes at used clothing stores… thrifty AND it helps the environment.

  123. Francesca says:

    We use reusable shopping bags and carpool to work everyday.

  124. Carole says:

    We are a very green family! I stopped buying bottled water last year. I use reusable shopping bags, recycle anything possible (paper, plastic, glass). I even volunteer at the semi annual recycle day for my town where everyone can bring their motor oil, batteries, metal, books, white appliances, tv’s, etc (things not picked up in our weekly recycling).

  125. Amanda H says:

    We’ve stopped buying bottled water, we use reusable bags whenever possible, and we’ve started recycling aluminum cans.

  126. debi says:

    Using all natural products

  127. Ashley says:

    My family and I recycle all cans and glass bottles.

  128. Jen B says:

    We recycle and I started using reusable bags at Shoprite that I got through dollar days!!

  129. Allison says:

    In my house, our environmentally-friendly practices are partially to help do our part with the earth’s well-being and partially to help our pockets. We don’t buy bottled water and opted for a Brita instead, we recycle everything that can be recycled, we access our water and electricity usage often and cut back where possible (replacing bulbs with CFL, unplugging appliances, turning off water during dishwashing, and so on), and I always use my reusable bags while shopping for all the hot dealz Cindy posts!

  130. Yessenia Ortega says:

    While taking my dog on a walk, I decided to carry a large trash bag with me to not only clean my dog’s poop, but.to pick up any trash I saw along the way. I just hate to live in a neighborhood that is dirty. So trying.my best to help 🙂

  131. tricia sipes says:

    we dont use bottled water or plastic cups anymore

  132. Coupon Capt says:

    At home and work I print on both sides of the paper whenever possible. I even have got the office to switch to double sided printing since we use alot of paper printed for documents. Plus any extra scrap paper i use multiple times. Then at work [ or haul from home so I dont burn it] I stick it in our “paper” shred bin that they haul away for recycling.

  133. Julie Cerneka says:

    Our family started recycling our plastics, grew a large garden last year & canned our own sauce & froze our fresh veggies and buy grass fed beef & pork from our local farmer. Instead of cleaning our wood floors with chemicals we use cold water & white vinegar.

  134. Debbie says:

    I recycle paper, plastics, boxes, aluminum cans and plastic bottles for $, lowered shower water so I don’t water the shower floor or walls, use the junk mail envelopes by placing a label over the address box, use the envelopes to send money to kids school, have fruit trees planted and year round vegetable gardens. Changed over to fluorescent bulbs and turn off lights. I use a Brita pitcher at home and work for water consumption. Lot of stuff to save money and the environment!

  135. Scott says:

    I recycle.

  136. Olga says:

    I recycle all plastic , cans and paper . We also stopped using bottled water, got a filter.

  137. lisa says:

    I started to reuse paper in the printer when I print coupons!

  138. Jackie says:

    We recycle all we can…paper, plastic, batteries, glass, etc.
    I also started washing my laundry in cold water.
    Thank you!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  139. An says:

    we bought a composter last year. I am excited to use the rich soil this Spring in the garden growing my vegetables.
    We also recycle everything we can. For instance, our local recycling does not recycle cardboard boxes – but my children go through a lot of cereal – so when we happen to drive to the next county (which does recycle them) , we drop off the cardboard boxes there.

  140. Sebsa says:

    Although I have been a serious recycler for years, I am still learning new ways to reduce my carbon footprint. Lately, when I do my coupon shopping, I have been trying to park my car at one store (wherever the most purchases will come from) and then walking to all the others in the vicinity and carrying those puchases back to my car…instead of moving from one parking lot to another. Better for me and better for the environment! : )

  141. Amy H-F says:

    Stopped using bottled water, bought a Brita, Started using my own grocery bags and recycle all that I can.

  142. Jen says:

    My boyfriend and I stopped buying water bottles and refill the ones we already have! We also always use reusable shopping bags when going to the grocery store!

  143. Jennifer says:

    We only use regular plates now instead of disposable. Saves money and waste.

  144. Michele S says:

    Ive done a bit here and there to name a few:
    We use reusable bags when we go shopping, I try to go paperless as much as possible (bills, bank statements, ATM’s, etc), we only run the dishwasher and washer when full (why are whites so hard to make a full load with??). Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  145. Josh says:

    My family and I recycle and always turn off the lights when we can. We also bring our own bags to the grocery store!

  146. Kristine says:

    I use recyclable bags, watch how much water we use (shorter showers, turn water off when brushing our teeth, etc), Use Brita water filters and bottles to save on how much plastic we use.

  147. Ashley says:

    I put all my shoprite dollar days reusuable bags to use! I never use plastic at the grocery store and even pack lunch in those instead of paper bags.

  148. Cristin says:

    I always make sure I keep plenty of reusable bags in my car for when I stop at the grocery store so I don’t have to use a paper or plastic bag

  149. Linda says:

    I recycle everything! Plus I now use reuseable grocery bags and coffee mugs.

  150. Evan says:

    I make less individual trips to all different parts of the city; instead I combine trips or patronize only the stores that are on my way to and from work. Not only does this save me gas money and wear-and-tear on my car, but it helps with much less toxic emissions from my vehicle!

  151. bracha says:

    we try to be careful about recycling separating out papers, cans, etc, from regular garbage

  152. Linda S. says:

    We sprung for a home water filter to stop using bottled water, and I am trying to remember my reuseable bags when I shop!

  153. Kim says:

    we recycle and use reusable bags for groceries

  154. my kids remind me all the time about recycling, it is a big topic in school…We try to use earth friendly products and we have a compost pile for our summer gardens…Our world will someday belong to our kids, we have to do all we can to keep it clean and safe for them…

  155. Shawna Bowen says:

    One of the best things we have done is invest in a water cooler. Instead of buying cases of bottled water, with bottles that en up who knows where. We fill our re-usable bottles each day. The price to fill the 5 gallon jugs is also more economical and saves us a ton over the bottled water. So it’s a “TWO-FER” saves the environment and saves $$$$$ We love that!!!

  156. Susan Salerno says:

    WE have tried eliminating paper towels and plastic water bottles. We buy used and donate to thrift stores.

  157. Lue says:

    I take every opportunity to reuse and recycle in an effort to conserve.

  158. Wendy says:

    we recycle and I try to always go to shoprite with my reusable bags that I got for free. 🙂

  159. Patti Duncan says:

    Common White Cloud ! I am having a hard time finding where “below” is in your newsletter…is this it?? HELP!

  160. Shell says:

    Late last year I joined Recyclebank.com as soon I learned this great site was available in this community. I collect plastic bags that have not contained food and recycle this at local stores. Every week here sanitation pick up is either plastic/aluminum recycling or papers so my participation is every time.

  161. Claire Scott says:

    We recycle as much as possible and very seldom buy anything disposable like plates, knives, forks etc.

  162. Erin says:

    Both my fiancé and I use refillable bottles for our water bottles at work. We have cut the recycling by over 3/4 just by making the switch! We also use the pur water filter big jug to filter the water. We also have reusable grocery bags that my mom bought in 1993. Those were when they made really strong ones!

  163. Didi says:

    I no longer buy bottled waters 😀 I bought one giant brita pitcher and just fill up my reusable canteen when I want to take some water with me.

  164. Melissa says:

    We recycle all paper and glass. I also recently bought washable swifter pads from eBay. That are awesome!

  165. Patricia says:

    We swiched to a energy efficent washer and dryer as well as energy efficent heating and cooling unit for the house. Also, we fill up TWO of the large recycling bins every week!

  166. Josie T. says:

    I’ve always recycled newspapers, cans, and bottles, and I’ve recently made the switch to reusable water bottles and grocery bags!

  167. Nick says:

    Started using tubeless toilet paper

  168. Jocelyn Concepcion says:

    I re-purpose ANYTHING that I can… I paint it, label it and use it for something new! Example of a large re-purposed item is an old dresser that my significant other had when we met.. the bottom drawers started to break, so I took them out and put in the baby’s small laundry basket and bought a changing pad for the top and it became a changing table with a working drawer.. then he outgrew that and the draw took a beating.. so I took out the drawer and now it is a computer table. With enough room in the bottom for the computer and my computer chair.. A small re-purposed item would be can’s of any kind…they become storage for just about everything.

  169. Pam says:

    We have started recycling plastics beyond #1 & #2, including #5 & #7.

  170. stacy says:

    We only use all natural products to clean the house and recycle

  171. Kelly says:

    We don’t use an airconditioner in our house. We have a Energy-Saving Whole House Fan. Woodburning stove to heat the house. Those would be the largest energy saving items we have. Of course, we also do all we can with teaching our children to reduce, reuse and recycle. 🙂

  172. sammy says:

    I signed up for recyclebank this year amd have tried hard to earn points by doing the activites that help the envinorment. 🙂

  173. Kris I. says:

    I stopped buying disposable plastic water bottles

  174. Tricia C. says:

    My family has switched to the reusable bags. I have collected six of them for free over the last several months, which is plenty for my shopping trips. They are a little bit of a hassle, but I feel great using them knowing I won’t have any more plastic bags blowing around! Every little bit helps!

  175. Brandi says:

    I recycle everything!

  176. Jill says:

    We started saving our cans to recycle 🙂

  177. Frances says:

    I recycle just about every piece of paper that comes into my house plus glass jars, aluminum cans, plastic bottles, etc.

  178. CK says:

    We recycle everything we can & buy Energy-star appliances.

  179. Amanda says:

    We recycle as much as we can as a family and I also try to reuse things as much as possible.

  180. Nathalie says:

    we started using reusable bags when shopping and recycling bottles and cans.

  181. Val says:

    I’m acutley aware of what a precious commodity water is, so we’re careful
    not to waste it while brushing teeth, showering, or washing our hands.

  182. Jamie L says:

    My family and I recycle all the time. We use refillable water bottles. And we walk whenever possible!! 🙂

  183. Anita says:

    I try and do whatever I can. Paper, plastic, glass is always recycled, and resuable bags are used to shop for not just groceries but pretty much everything that can fit into them. Showers are kept reasonably short and the faucet is always turned off while brushing teeth. We recently remodelled part of our home and have replaced all the electrical appliances with energy efficient ones.

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