BJ’s Wholesale: Free 60 Day Membership

BJ’s Wholesale: Free 60 Day Membership

This BJ’s Coupon is available again! You can get a free 60 day Trial Membership at BJ’s! This coupon is good until 7/4/12 and can only be used at the Member Services Desk before you shop, but you have to be a new member! This is a great opportunity to see if you like BJ’s and if you would ever use your membership!

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  • Is this really 60 free trial?

    • Janelle S

      Yeah they offer it all the time….my sister lives right by a BJ’s and she only goes when she gets one of these 60 day free trial coupons…She said there is no point in buying the membership when these coupons come out about every 2 months or so….

      • rc

        Janelle how is she able to do it again, don’t you have o submit your info and they store it somehow so they know you’ve already done it? I’m moving back to Canada at the end of the summer and don’t want to invest in a year membership, but i’d love to be able to do it once or twice.

  • melissa

    I just went to use this, but they are running a special, 14 months for $40.00. And you can split the membership, so I opted for that instead.

    • Robert

      Yes. I’ve been doing this for years now. Regular membership is $50 and lasts 12 months. If you let it expire, eventually you’ll get one of these 60 day trial offers. When you go to use that, they always offer the $40 for 14 months discounted rate. Worth the price of membership since they take store coupons and manufacturer coupons and allow stacking.

  • cc

    They always have these offers about twice a year so I never pay for membership. They have the cheapest gallon milk like about $2.

  • cc

    They are the only warehouse club that accept mfr. coupons and stackable with their store coupons.

  • Zosia

    Thanks, needed that! 🙂

  • Joe

    Worth if because they add a 15% fee to your order if you don’t have the membership with the other passes.

  • Chrissy

    I signed up for one of these awhile ago. Can I sign up for them again?? I took “new member” to mean one that hasn’t done this offer yet, but please let me know…thanks!

    • Marz

      They won’t allow me to use a promo membership because I’m in their system from having visited on a one-day pass about 8 years ago. “New member” definition is very strict.

  • rc

    Does anyone know if BJ’s accepts free product coupons? I’ve just never shopped there and don’t want to have a hassle with the kids, I have several I’ve been hanging on to in hopes of using at BJ’s with a free trial membership lol at my stores they only sell products for like half the value of the coupon so i’d rather buy in a larger size at bj’s to take full advantage haha

    Also, anyone know if they carry organic valley products?


    • cc

      They should accept the free coupons. They have organic products both store brand and name brands.