CVS: Free Craig MP3 Players {originaly $79}


CVS: Free Craig MP3 Players

There is an awesome deal at CVS for the Craig MP3 Players.  They are on a super reduced price of only $9.99 (originally $79.99).  The circular shows them advertised at $49.99 with a Free $10 CVS Cash Card (part of the buy $30 get $10 deal).  The great thing is, even though they are reduced to $9.99, they are still producing the $10 CVS Cash Card.  So, completely FREE.

Although the limit of the Cash Card deals is 5, the Craig MP3 player has a limit of 2.  I bought 2 and it worked perfectly.  I used 2 Cash Cards I had already, paid $1.38 in tax (7% for me) and received 2 more Cash Card.

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Thanks hip2save!

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  • I just sent my husband out from another post i saw.Where in th store did you find it?

    • Anonymous

      Some behind counter some in lock up bins

    • Anonymous

      I got my two but I think CVS is pulling them now.

  • Meli

    on my way, this is to good to pass up!

    • Anonymous

      not at our store in Crystal,mn $49.99

      • jan

        It will ring up $9.99 when you scan it. I found the last one at my CVS at 11:30 at a 24 hour CVS (no reason to wait until morning) and the cashier told me it was $79. I brought it to the red coupon machine to scan it and it scanned at $9.99.

        She was surprised when she rang my transaction up and I told her the $10.00 price was nothing – literally (!) – since it gave me the $10.00 ECB.

        Clearly, regardless of what the shelf tag reads, you should do a price check at the red machine to confirm.

  • Anonymous

    Got my 2 with facebook telp pharmacist story they paid me

  • tina mcnabb

    Thanks for the heads up… My husband was heading out anyways, so he is hitting CVS for me.. Hope they still have them..

  • Julia

    Called my cvs and they are only on sale for 40.00 not 9.99

    • Izabela


  • Mike

    my cvs in williamstown didnt have any left but the tag said 49.99

    • Anonymous

      Same in New Egypt, NJ

      • VB

        The one in new Egypt had none in stock your saying?

    • Tracy

      Hi Mike, did you go to the one in the shopping center across from Dollar General or the one on 42? Thanks

    • Tracy

      Tracy March 11, 2012 at 9:25 pm

      Hi Mike, did you go to the one in the shopping center across from Dollar General or the one on 42? Thanks

    • Denise

      The tag in my store said $49.99 (plus $10 cash card). They had 2 so I price checked them at the coupon machine $9.99!!!!…GOT BOTH OF THEM! I had to throw in some 10 cent silly bands as a filler to use ECB’s that I had from the diaper deal last night 😀

  • Erika

    Hey, just wondering is the Cash Card an actual gift card, or is it like a ECB that prints on my receipt. And if it s a gift card do i have to bring and scan the card at self check out myself or is it like Target and the register will prompt you to scan a gift card thanks.

    • keelah

      it is an actual card they give you but it prints out on your receipt like a ECB then is transferred to a gift card if that makes sense and the card cannot be reloaded again

  • keelah

    Oh my i just did the deal awesome deal by the way I got 2 $10 CVS card. What made this trip worth while is because I met a fellow couponer she saw me going for the items and she asked me how much could you take and I told her then she proceeded to tell me that she checked this website and found out about the deal I said me to I check it hourly if not more than we bout said it was a great site at the same time lol Thanks Cindy for bringing couponers together

  • Jen

    Ran out to the voorhees nj CVS as soon as I saw this…they had one left which was marked as 49.99 but I had the manager do a price check and it came up as 9.99. I bought it and it printed out a $10 ECB for a $10 cash card (these are great because they never expire)…which you can get right at the front after you pay for the mp3 player.

  • Linda Hughes

    Whooohooo, I got 2 also! They were marked $49.99 but I asked the young clerk on the floor who unlocked the case if I could price check it quick and it scanned at $9.99 and I told him and he said, “Whoa, what a great deal!!!” And then the cashier was floored that I got 2 of the $10 Cash cards!!

    Thank you so much for posting this, Cindy! My son is charging his as I type, he lost his iPod touch and I refused to get him another one and with this being FREE I couldn’t resist! I’m keeping the 2nd one as a back up in case he loses it again. 🙂

    • cheri

      My daughter lost her I pod too! I got the last one and ran into a guy looking for one ,he said are you on Living Rich,funny we’re over in new london Ct-luckily we have 2 CVS on the same road and he got the last one at the other store! thank you cindy and thank you mom for calling and telling me to stop watching the amazing race and get my behind to CVS! lol

  • Anonymous

    just went to cvs on long island after i read this post and got 2!!!! no signs where posted but they rang up 9.99 and i got 20 dollars cash card

  • Kate

    Yah I just got 2! What an amazing deal! Thanks!!

  • Ruth

    Got 2!!!! Thanks Cindy!!!!!

  • AA

    I just got mine. Hooray!!! It is kept behind the counter at my CVS. Used 2 ECB’s, $5.99 from the Zyrtec that I purchased this morning and $3 from last week. Paid $1 .70. Got the $10 gift card. Thanks a million Cindy. Really need this for my Church.

  • deb

    just left my house at 8 pm and got 2. can’t beat free!!! working in long island

    • Anonymous

      where on LI amd how many were left do ou know?

  • Barbara

    I got 2 for me. Woo Hoo!!

  • Jeanna

    Yah I just got 2! Price said $49.99 but rang up as $9.99. Thank you so much Cindy. I actually did the Pro Nutrients deal first and used the Cash card on the MP3 players. This was a great night!!

  • Michaela

    I just got the 2.8 inch MP3 player. Thanks
    Does anyone know if the 4.3 player is marked down too?

    • nick

      4.3 is 50 bucks

      • Michaela


      • Not true- i got 2 of the 4.3 inch touch screens for $9.99 each 🙂

    • Suehaidi

      I got both for 9.99. Just ask for a price check

    • JE

      I just got the last 4.3 at my CVS. It was $9.99 with $10 gift card working. I wish I would have known it works on the smaller one, or I would have gotten he smaller one! Did you get the gift card, too?

      • Amanda

        i got 2 of the 4.3 and 2 cash cards. both were marked to 9.99 at my store! Thanks Cindy!!!

  • Dana

    Wholy Guacamoly found out about it….ran to CVS bang….last two for 9.99 and gift card printed…Merry xmas to me

  • Thanks! Got 2 at the Union, NJ store (Magie Ave). Great to give to my son in the car or at a restaurant to keep him entertained!

  • Amanda

    I wish I new about this earlier. I will have to wait until tomorrow morning.

  • Denise

    I got 2!!! Yaaaaaaaaaaay 😀

  • Karen

    Woot! Go Cindy! Got 2 in Tifton

  • Shita

    Just got mind 2! when i went in the store the cashier told me a lady get got the last two mp3 player. She have the manager check in the back. He come back out with 3 Craig 4.3 inch Music and movie player with Touch Screen Display.
    He told is $9.99 too. So, i asked for 2. since i have a $4 off $20 just add a candy for my daughter. got the $20 cash reward. Hubby is setting it up. ^_^

    • Karen Sisco

      I thought you can’t use the $4 off on sale items?

      • Christine R

        The latest coupon doesn’t say that you can’t use it on sale items.

  • Christy

    Just got two, there are at least three left. I live in Kearny, NJ.

  • frank

    any left in my area southern nj ?

  • Jennifer S

    Worked perfectly!! Thank you!!!

  • Amara

    Does anyone know if it is working in Philadelphia? Wow what a deal! They would make awesome donations.

    • Laura

      Yes, it worked last night in Philly for me!

      • Kathy V.

        Yes, worked for me in NE Philly!

  • Katie

    I got the 4.3, and yes, they are $9.99 and printing the $10 Gift Card Reward!

  • Jenn

    Worked here in Concord nh 🙂 My lil one will be so happy. He is always upset that the teenagers have these things and he doesnt. So, for free, no way I could resist!!! Thanks Cindy for making my lil guy a very happy boy!

  • Shelly

    I just got back from CVS . They are not allowed to sell them tonight due to wrong pricing. It was working earlier. Darn!

    • Laura D.

      Oh no ….. I was hoping to pick up two tomorrow. Did this happen to anyone else? Wish I had a CVS closer, would have gone out tonight.

      • Kelsey

        I just did it at 9:30 and it worked!!

      • Annie

        Did it at 10:45 pm and it worked

    • Christine R

      Shelly, where is your CVS? I just went to 2 in Mount Laurel, NJ and they were out. Had the 2nd place call Runnemede, NJ (closer to home) to see if they had them. The Mount Laurel girl was told that Runnemede is no longer allowed to sell them because of a problem they were having. Bummer!

  • Eunity

    Got 2 in Jacksonville, FL Thanks!

  • Christine

    The cashier at my Cromwell, CT, location told me the person in front of me took the last two. No luck.

  • Laura A

    You must do price check. none of the stores had them listed for 9.99 and one had it listed for the full 79.99 but it rang up perfect and GC too! Thank you I was wondering what to put in my kids Easter Baskets!!

  • Jessica

    AND I GOT 4 🙂 !!! YAY ! for FREE! $40 paid, $40 ECB in my pocket! 🙂
    2 are going tomorrow as gifts, and the other two are waiting for another 2 birthday girls 🙂 YAY! JUST ON TIME! THANK YOU CINDY!

    • Anonymous

      4 for one cvs card?

      • Suehaidi

        She most likely used 2 cvs cards. My bf and i used separate cards too to get our 4. One is going to be a gift for our nephew and the other three are going to be merit prizes at the HS my bf works at in Newark. Maybe a cool prize will get the kids to start being polite.

  • Anonymous

    Got the last one. They were cutting off the top of the newspaperswhen I got there so the cashier gave me 3 papers for free! Free MP3 and free coupons!

  • Annie

    Just sent my husband out. Feel so nervous and excited. See what I get when I cook dinner all evening instead of your website…lol!

  • Tina

    Anyone know if the new CVS we have in my town Lake Ozarks, Missouri have this? bet all gone now though if so, things go flying off shelf as soon as come on sale noticed out here only been open maybe a month now. Hope someone can give me an answer here

  • Amie

    No luck here both of my CVS locations are sold out. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    Keep eye out they have zone 3d gaming console for4.99 reg 59 and 7 inch lcd by craig for 19.99 normally 120

  • Kathy V.

    Ugh! As soon as I read this, I headed to my 24 hour CVS and I headed to the counter because I assumed they would be behind the counter. I then noticed the guy in front of me had 6 of them in his bag so I asked him where he got them. He told me there wasn’t any left. UGH! I was so mad! A cashier was trying to be nice and showed me to an isle with clearance electronics…but not what I wanted. I then asked her how he was able to buy out the entire shelf. She said because his mother and sister works there. If only I was about 15 minutes sooner!!!!

    • Suehaidi

      Booo! As a former CVS employee I would never ask other associates to hold SALE items nor would I do the same. You should talk to the manager about that. Its wrong.

  • melissa

    I ran out the minute I saw this post. At my cvs the price tag still said $89.99, so I took it to the scanner machine and it came up $9.99 with card. I was able to get 2, and use my cash card to pay for the second one. I had $5 in ECB from an earlier trip so I paid $5.69 OOP , but now I have a $10 cash card from my second purchase! Thank you sooooo much! My ipod broke years ago & I couldn’t afford a new one!

  • Brenda

    Woohoo! Score !
    I had to drive to 3 CVS’s before I found them, and almost left the store because there was no sale tag so they were hanging up with the normal price of $79.99-so I didn’t think they were the right ones… Thank God I turned around and looked one more time and read 4GB and video ..
    I purchased the Zyrtec, pediacare and some kleenex (BAD allergies LOL) at the 2nd CVS-
    I bought 3 MP3 players for free! (20.00 from the first 2, and the $5.00 from the pediacare and $5.99 from the Zyrtec)

    $240 worth of MP3 players for $0!
    Now thats my kind of deal –

  • linda203

    oh man I hope they will still be at that price in the morning. im going to wake up early and hit 2 of the 24 hr cvs in my area. It would be a great gift for my mom since she just got herself a new car and this would be great to have so she wouldn’t have to fuss cds.

  • ron

    thanks again cindy got my two worked just like you said!!!

  • chrissy

    yaaaa, got the last one!

  • Antoinette

    Just got the last one at my 24hr CVS. Going to try another CVS in the morning. Thanks so much Cindy!!!!!!!!!

  • MissDebbie

    I had to call around to about 6 cvs stores to find some. when i got there they said that they had all been taken off the shelf due to an e-mail they just received saying the price is wrong. This is a mistake. They will no longer selling them for 9.99 according to the staff at the cvs i was at. Good luck.

    p.s. I was at a store in Cherry Hill N.J.

  • ada

    i jus saw this post a couple of minutes ago and ran to cvs thinking hope they didn’t run out but i was able to get them thanks cindy

  • Jenni

    Thanks Cindy, myself & my sister were able to get our MP-players after calling 4 CVS stores,…we were limited to 1 pp, but we were satisfied with that…..Free is Free!!!!

    Keep the posts coming

  • sold out in here at my local store in az 🙁

  • Helena

    Thanks Cindy I just brought 2 mp3 players from 24hr store. Clerk said they were no more of them but I still checked the case and there they were. Even had more behind counter.

  • lindsey c

    can you get a raincheck for the item and the cash card if the store is out???? it looks like all the stores by me have been cleared out. 🙁

    • Kathy V.

      The cashier offered me a raincheck – and i took it – what the heck! He wrote limit of 2, at $9.99 each, and that I would get a $10 CVS card for each.

  • Allie

    I saw this and went to the 24 hour cvs by me (Garwood). What a nightmare! I didnt see any, so i asked if they had anymore. The cashier said the manager was keeping them in the back. I asked the manager if he had any and he said no, but then said oh the 49.99 one, yes i have one. I said i would take it. He went and got it, but wouldnt hand it to me. I asked to see it and he said no! I said i just wanted to scan it. He said it is 49.99. I said ok but can i see it and went to pick it up from in front of me and he GRABBED it from my hand and said its 49.99 do you want it or not. I said ok, assuming it would just come up 9.99. Well it did, then he adjusted the price tp 49.99! I told him i didnt think he could up the price of something and he proceed to argue with me. It was so awful that i finally said im not going to argue with you, you can keep it, and i will just call cvs. I couldnt believe it. And in the end, i left without it because i was so shocked, and was obiviously not getting anywhere with him. Horrible experience. 🙁

    • Miranda

      This is truly terrible. I would definitely be lodging a complaint about customer service.

    • The Garwood store is terrible- I always have issues there with even the most basic transactions.

    • Michelle

      I had the same experience at our CVS in CT. I called about six of them and they said they were ringing up at $9.99 but they would change it back up to $49.99. Oh well, I’m glad others got theres.

    • jan


      You def need to call corporate. That is inappropriate behavior. Seemed like he was baiting you so you would say you want it knowing he told you $49.99. I don’t see how they can change the price to their discretion. Pls let us know what CVS tells you.

    • Naty

      Allie, after. Calling like 8cvs stores late last night this one had it(garwood) so he told me yes they had. It he said I can hold it for you so I got there and he got it out when I went to pay he said the price is wrong so he scan it in the price check. Machine same price so he was like I don’t think I can’t sell this. Well you can still buy it but I don’t think you are going to get the $10 back but i did so we then went to quickcheck and my husband said maybe he might be able to get one. So we went back but he got out this time when he enter the store 2mins later I see the manager coming out of the store with a bag which he put in the trunk. My husband then came back he bought the wrong one and told me when he entered the store he saw the manager paying for something so yup I don’t think this manager was trusting because when i got it there was 3 left this morning i went to 2cvs stores in my 2nd stop I return the one my husband bought and buy the real one I believe it was the last one.

  • Emmy

    Worked at my CVS 7:00 am this morning. Got two and the $20. THANK YOU!!!! When I first asked her to scan it she said “it’s 49.99″ and I said :can you please scan it”, she said “why”, I said ” because I believe it might be a different price”. She did and couldn’t believe it was $9.99.

    YAY!! Thanks again Cindy!!

  • Crystal

    2 left in New Providence location! Go now! FAST!

  • Linda Hughes

    I would think that most stores have been notified of the mistake by now but you never know.

    • SelenaC..

      yes they have… At least the ones in Memphis have… She stated there has been an error in pricing and corporate is working on it.. in the meantime, they arent’ selling any of them, until it is corrected.. Congrats to all the ones who got them!

  • Alice

    I couldn’t sleep thinking about this deal! Woke up extra early to get to my CVS opening at 7am! Scored 2!! The cashier couldn’t believe it and grabbed one herself! Thanks Cindy!
    There are plenty left in my store. Centercity Philadelphia 🙂

  • Jessica

    By the time i go out it will prob be over 🙁

  • Nicole

    I went today at 8 am when the store opened. I had her try both of them and the one with the 2.8 inch screen is ringing up at 9.99 there were 3 left so I purchased 2 and got the $20 gift cards back. I usually miss these deals I was very happy. Thanks

  • Naomi

    I waited outside my local CVS here in PA at opening. It rang up @ $39.99. So sad….

    • Myrah

      Are you sure you were looking at the 4GB. My CVS had the 2 GB for that price and the 4GB on sale. Unfortunately, the cashier told me the store ran out yesterday. There’s always next time…

      • Anonymous

        Yes, you’re right. It was the wrong one. I went to another CVS and got the right one for $9.99! I went to 3 more stores and they were all out, but at least I have one for my daughter for her birthday. She’ll be so excited!

        I also got a DVD player for $9.99 to replace our broken one. No cash card on that, but still an awesome deal!

  • Veeda

    they must have changed it now then! if it’s ringing up higher!

  • jen

    We aren’t honoring the cash card corp is deactivating that ad from what we were told yesterday. Told to remove that sale sign

    • Emmy

      What does that mean Jen? That my ECB for the two cash cards is invalid??

      • Linda

        I would like to know that as well!!

  • Sanchia

    My store already pulled them from shelves 🙁 by 9am

  • Patty M.

    Not even carried in the CVS stores in SE CT. Oh well.

  • Amanda

    I was able to buy two this morning and received two $10 cash cards. Thanks so much Cindy for the deal!

  • Jodi

    This is why I need to come on this website everyday!!! It makes me crazy when I miss these deals!

  • tonka

    Just checked my store, either sold out or pulled off shelf. In Westford, MA

  • Michelle

    Just went to cvs in Wood ridge nj and there were 2 and were 9.99. I got 2 10ecb instead bc they had no more cash cards.

  • yolie

    Just went to the CVS on Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn. Got the last three.

  • Anonymous

    I just got the last two in our store 9.99 Thank you so much .

  • Bayonne Coupon Queen

    Didn’t see this til 9 am this morning and ran out, No Joy.

  • Lori

    Just bought 2 this morning-1 2.8″ and 1 of the bigger one (4″) about an hour ago. Since I bought 2 different ones (I didn’t mean to do that), I thought I’d try for a 3rd since they were different items & I have 3 boys. I didn’t realize that the bottom of the 2nd receipt said that my limit had been reached. So, the 3rd one still rang up for $9.99 at 10:03 EST but I don’t know if the cash card deal was still working on that item. This was in Avon, CT.

    For those of you still trying, the smaller screen mp3 is hanging in a plastic egg shaped container and the larger one is in a box on the shelf. The hanging one I found behind other similar mp3s but the others weren’t discounted-the were all on the same post, though, so dig a little.:) Good luck!

  • Michelle

    I was able to get 2 last night. Has anyone tried it yet? I didn’t read good reviews about it on another site.

  • Anne

    In Warwick ny removed all from shelves because of an “issue” congrats to all that got them

  • Nikki

    My Husband just went and found 2. They are still ringing up $9.99 and he got the $10 cash card back. :)))) He was super excited!!!

  • Michelle

    I just called another cvs by me and they have 3, I asked them to hold 2 bc my aunt is going to get 2 ( my brother is overseas and we are doing a fundraiser for anything we can get to send them.) they said they couldn’t hold the bc they are on clearance for 9.99.

  • Linda

    I usually don’t get any of these deals so I was soooooo happy today to have scored 2. I went to a nearby CVS that opened at 7:00 and they were out. I asked if they would call another nearby CVS that also opened at 7. OUT! So I went to a small CVS that usually has nothing and waited until they opened at 8. They told me they were out, but I spotted them behind the register in that egg shaped clear package. I scanned them and YES!!! $9.99! Luckily Cindy had a picture of the package so I knew what to look for. I used up all my CVS coupons that were about to expire and now have $20 in gift cards that don’t expire!

  • Joy

    Got 2 of the 4 inch ones this morning. First store didn’t have any and I got the last two boxes in the second store. Thank you so much! We are so excited!

  • ann

    Wyckoff CVS had them. I scored 2 at 9:30am. I will have 2 happy teens because their MP3’s are 1GB and no video…they have never complained but won’t they be THRILLED! The cashier called the store manager over to inform him of the deal and I think they were going to change the price?? I can’t beleive they still have some so don’t give up hope..good luck. THANK YOU CINDY!

    • Suehaidi

      The one in Clifton on Main Street did the same. She had to ask the manager if that was the correct price and he said if it rings up that price you have to sell it for that price.

  • Susie

    i just did this deal 10 minutes ago & it worked!!! I’m sooo excited! Thank you Cindy…YOU ROCK 🙂

  • obama

    18 cvs here and no luck…

    • Nancy

      Where’s here?

  • Paul

    Went to CVS today. Actually went to three different ones. The first one I went to had one MP3 left. The manager at first said it was an error and I could only get it at the $49 price. I said no thanks. But at checkout for some other deals, he came up and said I was right and it was $9.99 and he was shocked. I got the only one left BUT I did not get a $10 CVS gift card. Should I go back and ask about it?

  • Mark

    At 12:20 pm est I was still able to do this deal. They had them especially marked at my store.

    • Christine R

      Where is your store Mark?

      • Mark

        Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. They had a few boxes behind the counter but that was at 10:00 a.m. est.

  • Jenn

    Got the last one at my CVS, rang up as $9.99 got back $10 cvs cash card so its still working right now in PA.

  • Christine R

    Runnemede, NJ is aware of the pricing error and has pulled them off the shelves. My 2 stores near work in Mount Laurel, NJ were completely out of them. I will try Audubon after work, but they’ll either be out of them or aware of the pricing error by then.

  • Elizabeth

    I purchased these mp3’s long before this sale and I gotta tell ya they should be free because they suck. I can’t tell you how many times I had to return mine before I said keep the mp3 and give me the money back. They also burnout quickly. CVS is getting the last laugh on this one.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know how CVS is getting the last laugh. I had a $10.00 CVS gift card that I used to purchase the 1st one. Then took the $10.00 cash card that I got when purchasing the first one and used that to purchase the 2nd one. Then got another $10.00 cash card for purchaing the 2nd one and came home. So, I am back to having my original $10.00 cash card (that I had before leaving my house this morning) but now have 2 of the 4.3 ones to give as great gifts. Looks like I got the last laugh. Thanks, Cindy for the heads up on this deal. And thank you, CVS for paying me to take them off your hands. LOL

    • EMILY

      yes it does i would never spend money on these i cant even get anything to download onto it boo

  • Kimberly

    Im in CT and they dont have them in stock anywhere. I found 1 CVS that had one, rang up at $9.99 but no $10.00 cash card. I have called every other CVS with in an hour drive and no one has them. Boo!!!

  • Elaine

    Went to Ledgewood and Randolph this morning, both out of stock. Anyone find them in the Morris, Sussex, and Warren county NJ stores???

  • Christie

    Mine had a cracked screen so back to the store it went for a full refund, but I had already used the gift card, so $10 of merchandise free. Lucky me I guess?

  • Vanessa

    Did the deal at one store. Went to another and was intercepted by the manager who manually bumped it to $49. She threatened to call other stores. And tell them what?? That their scanners are working properly???

    • Vanessa

      Went back to the original store and they wouldn’t give it to me again 🙁 oh well, not going to complain about one for free! One is better than none lol

  • LN

    I bought 2 today. I had my husband with me and he decided to buy 2 for himself as gifts for our neice and nephew. These will make great gifts.

  • Elaine

    ****** If you find them, or went to the store and they were out, can you just write next to it the town, State next to you comment so that we stop running around with our heads cut off trying to find them…lol *******

    • ueen

      Great idea Elaine.
      Let me start:
      Out of stock in CVS Springfield, NJ
      Out of stock in CVS Greenbrook, NJ
      Out of stock in CVS North Plainfield, NJ

      • Michael

        Got 2 last night at 11pm @ 9.99, got back $20 to trade in for cash cards

        North Bergen – still had 5 left on shelf
        Fort Lee – OOS

    • Jess

      Rockford, IL is where I found mine

    • Michelle

      Wood ridge, nj-sold out
      Rochelle park, nj-sold out
      Saddle brook, nj-sold out
      Bergen town center Paramus, nj- sold out
      Hackensack, Polifly road,nj- sold out
      Hackensack, main street, nj-sold out
      Elmwood Park, nj-sold out
      Garfield, no- sold out
      That’s everywhere I called and went to- hope that helps:)

    • Christine R

      Good idea Elaine.

      Runnemede, NJ: aware of pricing issue and has cleared their own shelves temporarily.

      Mount Laurel, NJ (Rt. 38 near Prospector’s): none left but expecting a shipment Wed night/Thurs morning. Was not aware of the issue until they called Runnemede for me and they told them!

      Medford Lakes, NJ (near Lenape HS): OOS

  • Jess

    WOW!!! I can not thank you enough! My daughter had been wanting an mp3 and we will give her the one we got today for her 10th bday very soon! I could not beliveve they had 3 left when I got there. I bought 2 and the cashier admitted he was keeping one for himself. Called a friend immediately and she went to 4 stores in our area and all were sold out- I got soooo lucky!! Thanks again!!!

  • Michael

    can’t find one anywhere! 🙁

  • I got two but I think CVS is pulling them from that shelves. Been to 5 CVS now

  • Elaine

    Out of stock in CVS Randolph, NJ
    Out of stock in CVS Ledgewood, NJ

  • Kyle

    Just picked one up in Albany, NY. Had to check two stores, first was sold out, second had one left. So I got one.

    • margie

      nice score Kyle, i tried 2 cvs, in Guilderland, no luck, but i did score the Craig portable tv,dvd player for 19.99, ! hmmm nice to know that someone else from Albany area was able to get the deal. seems i’m always too late, ugh.

  • Sue Donym

    From the one trip I made and some second-hand knowledge gleaned from friends and family, here’s the Out of Stock status around me:

    CVS “OOS” Budd Lake, NJ
    CVS “OOS” Ledgewood, NJ
    CVS “OOS” Sparta, NJ
    CVS “OOS” Randolph, NJ
    CVS “OOS” Denville, NJ

    P.S. – From the one I snagged, I would definitely have to say that while it is hard to complain about, ESPECIALLY given the 70 cent price tag (in NJ, anyway). it also isn’t the end of the world, if you can’t get one. While the $79.99 retail price makes this seem like an unbelievable deal, the actual price tag on this thing should be the price it’s currently ringing up at. This is more of a novelty item, much more fitting for the $9.99 – $19.99 range of electronics being sold in most supermarkets and stores, if that gives you any idea about it’s overall quality. Nevertheless, it is definitely not too shabby for just paying tax on it, if you can find it, but don’t beat yourself up about it, if you miss it – it isn’t exactly giving the iPod a run for its money.

  • pk

    was able to get 2 at 9:15am.

  • Arkie

    My store only had the ones for 39.99 and they price marked it to 9.99. They wouldn’t give the me 10$ cash either.

    I am going to stop at another CVS on my way home to see if they have any.

    • Arkie

      This was at the Harriman NY store btw.

  • JE

    Question about the cash card: is it linked to your CVS card, like ECB are, or can you use them with any card? I am going to give mine to my sister (who lives across the country from me) and don’t know if she will be able to use them with her card.

    • Jessica

      It’s a regular gift card. It’s not linked with your cvs card.

    • Cheryl

      I asked this question today at my CVS. They said, NO, it is not attached to the card!!

  • Anonymous

    I just bought 2 in CT yeah! They were behind the register & rang up @ 9.99 no problem..the cashier questioned it..showed his co worker (not sure if she was a manager) but she said it was right..I got my coupon for the cash card but he did have trouble trying to activate it

    • Anonymous

      Where in ct and did they have any more?

  • sjrdy

    out at hoboken, NJ

    • Ueen

      Cvs cash card is not linked to your cvs card.

      • Cindy

        Hello Ueen! 🙂

        • Ueen

          :). Hey Cindy.

      • JE

        Thank you!

    • Ana Karina

      which CVS did you try? both? i was thinking of heading there today 🙁

  • Nancy T.

    Went to 2 CVS E 72 St & E 65 No luck as usual =/

  • VA

    They are back in stock in Fort Lee 🙂 ….10 of them.
    Grab’em while you can.

  • Kathy

    Out of Stock in:
    East Hanover, NJ
    Florham Park, NJ
    Denville, NJ
    Sparta, NJ

  • Tina

    Out of stock (now–I bought the last 2 around 11:45ish this morning) in Paulsboro, NJ
    Out of stock in Woodbury, NJ
    Out of stock in West Deptford, NJ
    Out of stock in Swedesboro, NJ
    (I did ask store personnel to see if they had any behind the counter in the latter three stores)

    • Tina

      Forgot to say that the 2 I bought were the larger screen in a box and were locked in the glass case that needs an associate to unlock it. They were marked $49.99, but did ring up as $9.99. The coupon for $10 cash card printed without a problem. FYI–I did two separate transactions. Thanks, Cindy!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I got two last night in paulsboro. Left 3 behind glad u could get em. I got one from woodbury today.

      • Tina

        Thanks!!! I appreciate that!

  • Deals4ME

    I bought 4 (2 cvs cards)! These will make great gifts! Thanks Cindy

  • Deena

    I just left CVS in Northampton, Mass — manager there said they were expecting a truck tonight. I was offered a rain check, which I did not take as I am not going to be crazy if I don’t get one of these. I asked specifically if the rain check would override the price that the register rings. He said that if the register rings a lower price, they honor the lower price (have to by law). He said CVS policy says they have to provide a rain check for anything in the ad unless it says clearance or no rain checks. Has anyone gotten a rain check?

    • Kathy V.

      Yes, I was given a rain check today and it states the price of $9.99 with the $10 CVS card!

      • I was told by my local CVS manager that it was a mistake and that corporate had emailed notices to the store managers. The item got sold out so quick that all of my local stores did not put up apparently.

  • M

    E.Rutherford -still had 15 left on shelf

  • Jen

    Out of stock in Marlton

  • yolie

    Still 3 left at the CVS in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, NY. I even got the $10.00 back. This was at 3:24 3/12/12.

    • Mark

      I got mine from that very store early this morning. They had a few boxes full when I went this morning.

  • Jenn

    I went to three CVS stores in CT today and only one of the 3 had the mp3 players left and they all rang up at $49.99 🙁 See this is what happens when I don’t keep on checking this site or reading through all the comments to see that it ended up being a mistake and was fixed before I got there!! lol

    • melissa

      Jenn, Where abouts in CT?

  • eva

    The package says that touching the cord exposes you to lead…. maybe thats why they’re getting rid of them.

    • Liana

      A majority of the electrical, extension, and christmas cords in American households contain varying trace amounts of lead. My assumption is that the packaging carries the warning due to this particular brand being sold nationally in CVS stores throughout the States, one of which is California. Cali, in particular, requires that this warning is placed on any packaging containing products that are made from lead, trace or not. In any case, I wouldn’t worry about this, unless there was a chance someone could end up sucking on the cord (e.g. a young child).

    • Kathy V.

      I was told that they were a special that they had a Christmas time and they are now trying to get rid of them!

  • TQ

    Is this still working?

  • Donna

    I couldn’t find them in my store.

  • JerseyCityWoman

    I just came back from visiting one of the CVSs in Hoboken, NJ that I frequent, and I was lucky! The manager who was in attendance even helped me scan to make sure they were priced at $9.99. I am one happy camper! Thank you Cindy!

    • Ana Karina

      which Hoboken CVS did you go to? the 24hr one or the one on the other side?

      • JerseyCityWoman

        The one on Clinton. The store on Washington (24 hr. one) and the one on 14th, I never seem to find what I want at these stores, even though they are bigger, so I rarely visit them.

  • scott

    Just checked CVS in Western PA. They had 3 of the smaller ones and rang up 9.99 but manager said they received email to pull them off the shelves this morning so he wouldn’t give it to me at that price. The same store sold out of the larger ones last night.

  • anybody have any problems setting it up?When i put disc in computer it says not compatible with the windows im running.Im running windows 7 and the mp3 driver says 98.

    • Kathy V.

      If you are running Windows 7, you don’t need the driver. It states in the instructions ” If the operation system of your computer is Windows 98, install the supplied Window 98 driver”

  • Kari

    So is the value of this item considered over $30 and that’s why we still get the cash card? So would you be able to use a $4 my cvs story $3 off $15 coupon with it??

    • Ashley P.

      Yes you can use you coupon, I used my $4 off $20 without a problem – I purchased two at $9.99 and got the $20 cash card which I used to buy the portable DVD player on sale for $19.99, so free!

  • Christina Mathers

    Out of them in Wilkes Barre, PA -Carey Ave store and S. Main st store in WB. But I got an e-reader by Look Book originally $149 for $19!!!

  • Meli

    anyone find them in orange county ny?

    • Linda

      I got 2 in the cvs in Middletown this morning. At 7:00 am the stores in Goshen and Chester were out. There were a few more in Middletown when I left. They were behind the cashier on the wall and no one knew they were the ones on sale.

      • Meli

        i checked goshen and chester and saw someone said none in harriman.. i didnt even think of middletown : (

        • Laura

          Just picked up 2 from Middletown, still more left!

  • thresa

    got two from atlantic city cvs, and got the gift card no problem, paid for the 2 with 10.99 in ECB and a 10 gift card and paid .36 cents

  • Anonymous

    I scored 2 of them in South Jersey! They had pulled them off the shelves due to the price but the manager didn’t care and gave them to me anyway!!!!

    • Rose

      where at in south jersey

      • Anonymous

        Cherry Hill! Its the 4.6 one which is the bigger one. They were in a box behind the register!

  • Rebecca

    I was able to buy two of the 2.8″ ones at the CVS in Havre de Grace, Md but got two $10 ECB instead of the cash cards. They had quite a lot left at 5:30 pm.

  • Martina

    I was in my CVS, Tampa location today, they were out.

  • Christine R

    I found mine at the CVS in Oaklyn, NJ on the White Horse Pike. I got the last 3 and got 3 $10 ECB’s (same loyalty card). I wasn’t expecting the last one but it printed so who am I to argue! The cashier’s eyes were bugging out each time it rang up for $9.99! It actually drew a small crowd of passer-byers who were shocked as well! Very excited to get an early start on my Xmas shopping!

    • stewie

      I got mine there today around 7:48 pm, so I guess you missed one.

      • Jen

        Funny, I called there around 11 am and they claimed they were out 🙁

        • stewie

          I don’t think they knew what they were looking for. I think they must have had some in the aisles and didn’t know that they were also behind the counter. I had to point it out to him behind the counter and he was surprised that they had any left.

  • Pat

    I am on vacation in Florida and I got two this afternoon and my two $10 cash cards. I went back in and got a portable LCD tv for $19.99 with my cash cards. The clerks were completely flabbergasted and had no idea in the store I went to! A customer in back of me saw what I scored and asked the clerk to get her one!! Thanks Cindy!!

  • Annie

    I got the printout on my receipt for the CBS cash but how do I use it? Some people said they put it on a card but my cashier said I use it like a ecb?

  • anna

    got the last 2 of the 2.8in mp3 players in closter, nj & got 2 $10 cash cards. also got a portable dvd player for 19.99. thanks!!!!! =)

  • Katie

    None at the Derby, CT store.

  • heather

    My store in Newark had quite a few when I stopped by on my way to work this morning.

  • Colin

    anyone in NYC have any luck? Went to 4 CVS stores and all of them knew I was coming (all the cashiers asked “why is everyone asking about these?) but none had the proper mp3 on sale.

    • Anonymous

      I got 2 at 10:30 pm, I live in Queens. Paid 9.99 for each and got 20 ECB to redeem for cash card.

    • Kaska

      I got 2 at 10:30 pm in Queens, paid 9.99 each and got 20 cash card.

      • Jenn

        Just out of curiosity, which part of queens? The ones by me close at 9, so I had to be out early to get mine! lol

        • Kaska

          I got it in Ridgewood but my friend went today and she said she got last two. I also checked the one on Myrtle ave in Glendale, they said they don’t have it. The one in Ridgewood ( Fresh Pond Rd )has shippment tonight they may get it and its open 24/7

      • Colin

        I would love to know where in Queens as well.

  • Tanya S.

    This was such a marvelous deal!! Cindy I can’t thank you enough. I’ve downloaded some songs and lovin my player very much, especially for the price I paid.

  • Bernell

    Deal worked for me at 9:00pm tonight in Newtown, PA.
    They even had a e-reader for 19.99…
    I may have to go back! But I did buy the last one!

  • Maureen

    My store said corporate is going to fix it tomorrow so the deal is no longer going to work. Hope you got yours already.

  • Danielle

    I went to cvs to get this all sold out..does anyone know if they will restock this?


    is anyone having any problems with downloading. its says not compatable with our windows. doesnt support itunes music

    • Carol

      Try media monkey. My boys have off brand mp3 players and that works for them. They have a free version.

  • Mimi

    I purchased this at the CVS on River Road in New Milford, NJ on Monday around 12 noon, but it rang up at $49.99. I was going to keep it but realized it isn’t compatible with MAC. Plus, I am bummed about not being able to get it for free as I had over $10 in ECBs. I also checked two other CVS stores in North Bergen and they were all out.

    • Lesley

      Which one on River Road? I am from New Milford, too!

    • Works fine on my Mac!

    • Mimi

      Lesley – I think I took the last one. Actually, it rang up at $79.99 and the cashier price adjusted to the price listed in the circular $49.99.

      Jenny – thanks for letting me know that it works on your Mac.

      • It took a few minutes for it to be recognized as an external disk- then just drag & drop your MP3 files onto it! 🙂 I was worried that it wouldn’t work but it just took a little patience. Hope you enjoy your player 🙂

  • Dawn

    the store in Haddon Heights off of Kings Highway and White Horse Pike has a bunch of them stashed behind the counter but the clerk refused to sell them to me. She said they got a phone call stating to pull what they had off the floor and display them somewhere secure and only sell for $49.99. I called corporate customer service and they said if a customer asks for them and there is no disclaimer posted about the price error then the store has to sell them. Supposedly the district manager is going to call me but I’m sure they’ll be sold out by the time I get back over there.

    • Krystle

      What a crazy story!! Good luck, I really hope you get something out of that. That’s just not right.

    • Anonymous

      That’s nuts…with the ridiculously small amount of business that CVS does (they never have any customers in there)…you would think that they’d be grateful for some business — any business!

  • J.

    Linden NJ had 3 left.

  • Bertie

    I went to CVS yesterday and got 2 Graig mp3 . Went back today to see if they got more in there delivery. The sales “lady” said they were still unloading told her I will check back at 5pm she said I dout we will know by then. I asked for rain check she said I’m only aloud 2 per sale I said that is per transaction she said per sale and walked away. Is she right ???

  • Susie

    My CVS had a sign right above the coupon machine stating that the $9.99 price was correct, but in order to receive the $10 cash card you must spend $30

    • Mimi

      The CVS I went to today had the same sign but the reward printed out even though my total was less than $30.

  • Mimi

    I found the $9.99 MP3 at the CVS on Kinderkamack Rd in Bergen County (not sure what town). When I first went in the store, they had about ten. I bought two at 11am and returned to purchase the last two around 1pm on my husband’s CVS card. These rang up at 9.99 each and generated the $10 reward each with no problems.

    Now I realize the one I purchased yesterday for $49.99 was different than these.

  • Danielle

    I went to my CVS today and was told that all the CVS’ are out of them… and that the ones for $9.99 were a clearance item and they were out of those as well… oh well, was worth a shot!

  • Julie

    CVS in Madison, CT still had 2 left when I left there this morning around 11am.

  • Krystle

    They’re out just about everywhere in New London County, Connecticut.

  • Meli

    Hi whoever got the ereader for 19.99 how is it?

    • Christina Mathers

      I just hooked it up to my wifi…that wasn’t working for a couple of days…I will let you know so far so good though…battery might not last too long…will provide and update soon!

  • Kimberly

    I still cant find any in CT. Anyone know of any stores that have them? Thanks!