CVS: Mars Easter Candy Money Maker

CVS: Mars Candy Money Maker

I know you are guys are all excited about the Free Mars Candy at Walgreens this week however, be sure to save a couple of coupons for a deal at CVS starting on Sunday, 3/25.  You can score a nice little money maker on the Snickers Egg or Milly Way Bunny Candy.

They will be priced at $0.50, plus there is an Extra Care Bucks deal for $1 when you buy 2 with a limit of 2 offers.  That makes them free already.  Throw in that $1/2 Mars Candy Coupon from the 3/18 Red Plum for a sweet little money maker.

Here is the deal at CVS starting on Sunday, 3/25:

Buy 4 Milky Way Bunny or Snickers Eggs, 1.1 oz $0.50 each
-(2)$1/2 Mars Easter Candy Coupon from the 3/18 Red Plum
Pay: $0
Get a $2 ECB (2 x $1)
Free + $2 Money Maker after coupons & ECB

Also, keep your eye out for a coupon from the coupon scanner for $0.25/2 Snickers Eggs or Milky Way Bunnies.  If you get that, hang onto it to make this deal even sweeter!

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  • Eimi M.

    Woohoo! I got the $.25/2 Snickers Eggs or Milky Way Bunnies from the coupon machine. Finally a coupon I can use.

    • Dijah4

      I keep getting those too! Glad to finally be able to use them. I will visit CVS again this week while I’m out to get more.

  • Christi

    Yay! Walgreens won’t let me use mine there (they say that there is a size restriction– I have to buy a bag– even though the coupon doesn’t say so) so I’ll save my 3 coupons for CVS and get my sister-in-law in on it with me!!

    • Diana

      I do that with my Grandma when there is a deal I just can’t pass up!

    • Shari

      Omg _ I got 16 ……had 8 coupons
      then I went to my fav cashier in Shop Rite and gave her ONE
      Just handing them out likre the bunny

  • Lesley

    Since we can do this twice per card, could I buy 5 of the eggs for $2.50….use (2) $0.25/2 coupons, plus the $1/2 Mars coupon…making 5 of them for free since we would get back $2 in ECB (plus tax here in NJ)?

    • Jay

      I’m not sure what your math is there..

      Why wouldn’t you just buy 4? The $0.25 coupons are CVS coupons which will stack with your regular one. Buy 4, use your 3 coupons, and you’ll pay $0.50 and make $1.50 net. (you’d make $2.50 if you had a second $1/2 q)

  • Mark

    Ha! Just finished cutting these from yesterdays inserts. Thanks!

  • V

    This will make great FREE Easter basket fillers!

  • Roslyn G.

    I’m so upset….coupons weren’t even when they were cut! Half of mine are no good…grrrr…oh well, some is better than none.

    • Betsy

      I had that happen once with razor coupons. I showed the cashier a good coupon that I had along with the cut off one to show her that they were the same coupons. She let me use the cut off one.

    • Lady J

      when that happens, I just line up the two pieces and put some tape on the back of the coupon. Never had a problem with that yet.

  • Malia

    Oh, how I love to make money while shopping. Thanks for this heads up, Cindy!

  • Anonymous

    I live in Columbus Ohio and I don’t see this listed in the ad.

  • Ellena

    Begins on the 25 Th the next week ad!

  • I am so excited because I haven’t gotten any candy for my son’s basket and he would really like these one!!! So would Mommy 🙂 Thanks for the heads up. I guess I will have to go and get them and the Crystal Light packages!!!

  • Val Gal

    Love you Cindy!!!!!

  • Susie

    How do you know this? I can’t find next week’s ad?

  • jenny

    making money on candy…what a life we live!

  • Janice

    Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to beat FREE chocolate, we now have MONEY MAKING chocolate!!!! Life just doesn’t get any better 🙂

  • S. Jackson

    Doesnt cvs have a stipulation about having only two times per card or something like that. What I’m trying to say is will they let you come in with 20 oupons and get twenty cvs bucks.

    • Anonymous

      You can only get it twice per card. Your ecb’s are tied to you cards.

    • Merry

      Limit of 2 offers so only $2 in ECBs…she noted that above the break down of the deal…HTH 🙂

  • Flora

    Not a MM but stop and shop has the eggs for .50 each in the Easter candy Aisle. No questions no hassle. They are just glad to sell them!

  • alyssa darby

    just wanted to let you know i was googling images for these and saw your pic on another page (of the ad for the mars candies) with your LRWC on it. might want to look that up. it was some weird site…not sure what it is and didn’t see any credits to you besides that. thanks for the deal!

  • Anonymous

    Just got my 4 eggs in CT! Used two $1/2 coupons which scanned no problem and received $2 in ECB..whohoo! TY Cindy!

  • Kelly

    my local cvs wouldn’t accept these coupons for this product. said it was only for the products listed even though it clearly states ANY 2 mars easter candy. 🙁 not sure if I can do anything about it.

    • Roslyn

      I had the same problem. There were 2 $1/2 coupons that I had. One was white and one was green. The white ones went through fine. The following week, we got green ones and when I tried to use them..I was told they were only for the bags…even though it stated ANY…and I didn’t have any from the week prior to compare it to. I didn’t debate it….just left it alone. Sometimes the wording is tricky…I just waited and used them at Walmart for the bigger eggs to go in my kids baskets.