CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 3/11 – 3/17

CVS Preview Ad for the Week of 3/11

Here is the preview ad for the week of 3/11.  Be sure to check back on Saturday for the full list of deals.

Here is a preview of the sales starting on Sunday, 3/11:


Here are all of the items in the CVS Cash Card Deal for this week:



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  • Mark

    Oh boy. Wish I’d seen this preview earlier. I was going through my folder and found an old rain check for Centrum Pro Nutrients yesterday. I had 4 CVS coupons from Dec. They were still good because of their rain check policy. I combined them with the $5/1 coupon and got all 4 for free. Had I waited a week, the 4 free Pro Nutrients would’ve generated a $10 gift card. Bad timing.

    • Lady J

      did the same thing with my Nescafe q’s. I used them one week to add “free” item to m cart to help get my cart total higher so I could use a $10/$50 q. But had I held onto them for a week, they would’ve made me money. Oh well.

    • Gaby

      There are a few forums that post the ads ahead of time. Right now the 3/18 ad is already available.

      • lindsey c

        Gaby can you tell me which forums those are? I can’t seem to find them anywhere and I would love to know the ads a bit farther ahead of time

        • Nancy N

          Good forums for weekly ads ahead of time are:

          • lindsey c

            thanks Nancy!!

  • Dawn

    I want more Nescafe coupons! They’ve been super strict with their limit policy. But still a pretty good deal even without (gasp)

    • Jill D

      LOL! Dawn, I’m laughing… (gasp)!
      I sometimes find myself saying the same thing…and then my mind argues back saying “how could you!! Wait for a coupon!”

  • @ Mark…my CVS wont do that. When ever I try to use a rain check on something they say i have to choose one or the other. When they manually enter a raincheck i wouldnt be able to get the cvs bucks. I have the raincheck too for the Centrum from December with all the coupons

    • rc

      my raincheck notes the gift card on there which they wouldn’t have honoured but this way it’ll print on its own. what would they do jennifer, rip off the printout that says you get a gc? cause i would just wait and claim my GC on a separate visit just incase. its not up to them what prints.

      • Mark

        Yes, rc. The gift card would’ve been generated automatically.

      • Lady J

        actually, i know a cvs that would do that. It’s not even the cashiers. The managers went in to the computers and changed/over-rode some things so that you can’t make money at their store without spending more than that amount (after using ECB’s to pay).

        • Mark

          Wanted to update my original post. Today, the red machine spit out a$4.00 Pro Nutrient coupon. Hopefully, during the week it will spit out a few more. So, might be able to get a good deal anyway because I still have some of the $5/1 coupons.

  • Anonymous

    oh yes i cant wait for the coffee its so expensive

  • frankie

    I sent an earlier email that the new Reinventing Beauty, spring edition was in my store now. In it they have a CVS coupon for $1.00 any Irish Spring body wash or bar soap. Combine this with the manufacturers coupons coming out on 3/11, you really have yourself a deal.

    • lindsey c

      can you combine both coupons even though the reinventing beauty one says manufacturer coupon? i know it says redeemable at CVS so is it considered a store coupon?

      • frankie

        I contacted CVS and asked them about this. This is the email they sent back to me: “Thank you for your e-mail. I am happy to respond. The coupons in the “Reinventing Beauty” magazine are CVS coupons and can be used in combination with a manufacturer’s coupon. If you would like to discuss this matter further, you can reply or call us at 1-800-746-7287. We are available Monday through Friday, 8:30am-7pm ET.” REALITY CHECK one of my CVS stores allow this, another one does not. Probably up to the manager. Hope this helps. I tried to call the number but didn’t get to talk to a real person.

        • lindsey c

          awesome thanks!!!

  • christina

    Please forward me the email address to Reinventing Beauty – because the CVS stores in my area Atlanta and Riverdale they dont know what Im talking about and they tell they dont sell it ….

    • Carol S

      I bought the new reinventing mag. and someone had torn all of the coupons out. I was so bummed.

      • kelli

        so rude

      • Sebsa

        I would suggest you return it to CVS and exchange it for one that does have the coupons. It says right on the cover that there are supposed to be coupons in there so I think they would honor an exchange.

        • frankie

          I emailed through the CVS website. I went to contacts and then there is a choice for emailing them. One of my CVS stores has the magazine and one does not. One time I emailed them that I could not find the magazine (before I found the other store) and they sent me a free copy.

  • Kirstie

    Just so you know, if you register on Zyrtec website there is a printable for $2 off any Zyrtec.

  • Toneka

    Hey fellow qponers!! Wags also has qpons in the aisles or around Zyrtec for $3/1 (no size restricions) and they are MQ’s… so it makes next wks deal an easy $3 MM!!! HTH!!

  • Christine

    Anyone know where I can find the pediacare coupon? The link says that the offer has ended.

  • adriene

    I emailed CVS on Sunday, Asking them why they were not have any ECB deal of CVS gift card deals and if this was going to be an ongoing thing, This is the email that I received today.
    Thank you for your email. I am happy to help you. A decision was made to try out a new weekly flyer with some of our customers. Through feedback, such as yours, a decision was made to resume our regular flyer starting Sunday. If there is anything else I can help you with please email me or call my office at 1 800 746-7287. Thank you.

    CVS Customer Relations

  • Amanda

    I had a battery rain check that was pay $6.99 get $6.99 Ecb would I be able to use the rain check for one and get another free. Meaning two of them for free with Ecb?

  • Dawn

    It’s too bad CVS doesn’t produce Catalina’s – both Nestcafe and Chex Mix both have right now and could have given back more than the $10 ECB

    My Deal:
    -(4) Nescafe – $6.99/ea
    -(2) Chex mix – $1.50/ea
    = $30.96
    -(2) Nescafe $1.50/2
    -(2) Chex Mix $0.50/1
    =$26.96 and get $10 ECB

  • Diane

    Does anyone know if the Pampers deal will generate the $10 even when you use coupons? Just wondering since it is $31 before coupons and $25 after. Thanks for your help.

    • rc

      yes Diane, the coupons don’t affect your total, nor do % off your purchase coupons or for example $4/20 coupons, as long as your original total before coupons is $30 or a few cents (i dont know exactly how many but less than 9 cents always works for me) under it will work.