Food Storage Guide: How Long Does Food Last

Here is a handy Food Storage guide brought to you buy Daily Savings from All You.  It’s a great tool to know who long your foods will last in the freezer or pantry and will help when deciding how much to stock up on during a great sale.

How long does food last? Here's what to keep... and what to toss.
[Source: Daily Savings from All You]

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  • Laura

    Awesome! This is going on my fridge for sure!

  • Jill

    Thanks, Cindy! I never thought of freezing fresh fruit and veggies.
    I usually buy the frozen peas and green beans in the bag, all others I store in my fridge and it kind of uses up fast.

  • Mark

    Are these numbers based on AFTER sell by date? Also, does anyone store open jam/jelly/syrup in the pantry?

    • Jenn

      I do not think I would ever store opened jam/jelly/syrup in the pantry. Do you? If so how long does it last?

    • Arielle

      I keep my open honey in the pantry, because it hardens up in the fridge, but I never keep jam/jelly/syrup in the pantry because it attracts too many insects.

      • Laura D.

        I always go by the label, all of the jam/jelly I have purchased say store in fridge after opening. However, the pancake syrup, agave nectar and honey do not have those instructions and have been fine in the pantry after opening.

        I believe the numbers are based on getting the products home and freezing them asap, then the time period begins. I don’t think freezing things AFTER the sell by date has passed would be a good freeze/thaw/cook experience. You REALLY want to freeze any item at its freshest point so you can have the best quality when thawed. This is especially true with red meats!

    • Lady J

      i think jelly has to go in the fridge once opened. However, I always store pancake syrup in the cabinet after opening. I just don’t like the texture or taste. For me, once pancake syrup gets cold – it’s ruined. Even when warmed up, it never gets the same consistency it had when it was originally at room temp. That’s just my preference though.

  • Jenn

    i think some of the meat/freezer section could be extended by using a food saver.

    • Laura D.


  • rc

    Are the pantry guidelines for opened or unopened products? opened cereal doesn’t keep nice for a year for example and unopened peanut butter keeps alot longer than 6 months, depending on your expiration date.

    • Lady J

      Yes. I find the list rather questionable. They sam you can store jam in the pantry for a year. Salad dressing too. But, every salad dressing or jam I’ve ever seen says to refrigerate after opening. Canned goods can go longer than a year, and cereal I get usually exp’s in 6 months or so. All You should have done some more research. I find the list too questionable to trust.

      • Lady J

        P.S. I hear chop meat lasts longer than 3 months in the freezer too.

    • Cindy

      I would think this is for unopened. Once you open cereal it gets stale after a couple of weeks.

  • Diana

    Does anyone freeze lunch meat? If yes what kind deli or the pre packaged?

    • Lee

      Diana, You can freeze both of those items.

    • c

      i make my own lunch meat (so that i can avoid all of the unwanted salt and other ingredients) and freeze it w/ no problems.
      i’d imagine store-bought would be similar.
      you just want to give it a day or two in the fridge to completely thaw out. also, you have to have some sort of separation between pieces – i usually use wax paper.