Friends & Family Day Coupons: A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums & more!

Friends & Family Day Coupons: A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums & more!

A&P, Pathmark, Waldbaums, Superfresh, The Food Emporium and Food Basics are having a Friends and Family day at their stores on 3/9! There are a bunch of coupons to take advantage of on 3/9 only! They are:

  • $5 off $50 or more
  • $2/1 Sierra Ranch Beef Patties
  • $2/1 America’s Choice Navel Oranges
  • $2/1 America’s Choice Rising Crust Pizza
  • $1/1 America’s Choice Cheese Singles
  • $1/1 America’s Choice Fruit Snacks
  • $3/1 Era laundry Detergent

Friends and Family Day Coupons

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  • Anonymous

    I know that our shop rite store in Brooklawn, NJ will accept the $5/50 coupon.

    • mary

      how do I check if my shop rite store take this coupon?

      • msrossdaboss

        I know for sure that the Shop Rite in Cheltenham and on Island Ave takes all competitors coupons even the Catalina. They even have a sign outside the entrance. Just ask to speak to a manger at customer service the manger is more than likely to approve it.

        • mary

          thank you!

  • jim

    That makes ERA 99 cents tomorrow – plus I think it is part of the spend $25 get $5 back.

  • Hi Cindy,

    Hopefully you can help me out with this question! I looked at Waldbaum’s coupon policy online, and it states, “Only 2 like internet (online) coupons are allowed per transaction.” Does this mean if I have a total of four internet coupons – 2 for one product and 2 for another that I cannot use them? Thanks in advance.


    • Cindy

      2 “like” means that you can use 2 for one product, 2 for another, 2 for another, etc. Not just 2 for the entire transaction. Hope that helps.

  • Duckie

    Shop Rite in Mt. Laurel (Union Mill Rd.) will NOT accept competitors coupons. 🙁

  • WJ

    AWESOME Deals:

    the ERA is on sale for $3.99, so this coupon makes them $.99
    the AC Fruit Snacks are on sale for $1.69, so it makes them $.69
    the Pizza is on sale for $5.00, so they are $3.00

    Went thru the self checkout registers 6 times, and got 6 bottles of ERA, 6 packs of fruit snacks and 2 pizzas.