Kraft Dairy Catalina Details

Kraft Dairy Catalina Details

We finally now have complete details on the Kraft Dairy Catalina deal that I have posted.   Here are the details of the catalina:

Kraft Cheese Items, 5 oz or larger (unless otherwise specified)
3/2 – 3/18
Buy 3 get $2
Buy 4 get $3
Buy 5+ get $4

Products included:

  • KRAFT Singles
  • KRAFT Parmesan Cheese
  • KRAFT Natural Cheese (Blocks, Shredded, Sticks, Cubes, Slices)
  • KRAFT/POLLY-O STRING-UMS or String Cheese
  • KRAFT Cracker Cuts (4.5oz or larger)
  • PHILADELPHIA Cream Cheese
  • PHILADELPHIA Cooking Creme
  • PHILADELPHIA Indulgence
  • VELVEETA® Cheese Product
  • CRACKER BARREL Natural Cheese
  • CHEEZ WHIZ Process Cheese
  • BREAKSTONE’S Cottage Cheese (16oz)
  • KNUDSEN Sour Cream (16oz)
  • KNUDSEN Cottage Cheese (16oz)
  • KRAFT Fresh Take Cheese and Breadcrumb Mix
  • KRAFT MilkBite

Participating Retailers: A&P, Acme, Big Kmart, Genuardi’s, Kings Super Market, Pathmark Supermarket, ShopRite, Super Stop & Shop (see more stores)

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  • kat

    note the crackel barrel block cheese only generates the catalina with the 10 oz, not the 8oz.

    • jim

      I purchased the 8oz individual sliced packages and got the catalina – so it may only be on the 8oz bars that it is not working.

      • hanna

        What kind of 8oz individual sliced package?
        Was it Touch of Philadelphia Natural Slice ( $0.75 coupon available from

        • jim

          No the cracker barrel red bag. I used the $1 off 2 at Stop and Shop on Thursday.

  • cheri

    so if I buy any of these 4 items until 3/18 I ‘ll get a $4 cat. ?

    • Rocky

      No, you have to buy 5 (or more) to get the $4 cat.

  • Andrea

    It’s working at Tops this week too. I

    • Andrea

      Sorry, It’s working at Tops too! I bought 2 Kraft Fresh Take and 1 Kraft Indulgence and got back 2.00 Catalina

  • melissa

    i went to shoprite yesterday and purchased more then 4 kraft items i did get the 4 dollars off my next order catalina

  • Lin

    I too wondered about this because on one of my print out for the deal it gave all of the above that you listed but didnt see these things prior to today on here. Last week printed out a bunch of 75c ($1.50 double) natural cheese slices and have been waiting to use them for something, hopefully they will go on sale soon to top this off to make a great deal.

    • Rocky

      Details on both of the 2 deals (Kraft Dairy, and, Philly Cream Cheese) have been posted on this site a number of times, prior to today. For example, one of the posts they were mentioned on was the “ShopRite Preview Ad for the Week of 3/4/12”, which was posted way back on Feb. 28. Another, entitled “ShopRite: Kraft Dairy Products Catalina + Possible Double Dip Deals” was posted on Feb. 29. That one gave more information of what was included in the deal.

  • Jordan

    On the Indulgence it does not need to be dark chocolate only anymore?

    • Anonymous

      i bought white chocolate n it worked but that was at acme

    • Rocky

      The dark chocolate stipulation (and, white, perhaps, from what some folks have said) was for the Philly Cream Cheese cat. That cat is different from this one.

      Here are the details from the cream cheese cat, which are slightly different from the Kraft Dairy one that was posted, above:
      2/24 – 3/18
      Buy 3 Get $1
      Buy 4 Get $2
      Buy 5 or more Get $3

  • Amanda

    Cindy, I bought 5 of the Kraft Phildelphia whipped Cream Cheese at Stop & Shop and none of the catalina’s printed out. I live in New York City if that helps.

  • Misally

    I got my $4 cat on the 4 kraft fresh takes…..the $20 munch mania and the $3 p&g……..woohoo

  • Miranda

    I thought it was
    Buy 3, get a $2
    Buy 4, get a $3
    Buy 5+, get $4

    is this still right?

    • Anonymous

      my catalina printout says same miranda but these reports are saying buy 4 get 4

  • Anita

    arrgh!! this is so confusing 🙁
    how many products does one need to buy to get how much (in catalinas)? Thanks.

  • Sarah

    So we could essentially use our MMs and earn more cats?

    • 0246


  • Nicole

    Does anyone know if the Philadelphia Cooking Cremes are working for the Cream Cheese Cat? I would do the Indulgence but they aren’t gluten free 🙁

    • Anonymous

      I bought 4 cooking cremes at shoprite today and didn’t receive a cat

      • Anonymous

        I bought 5 cooking cremes at shoprite friday and got the $4 cat. customer service told me that if you can find the details on the shoprite website about any cat that doesnt print out during check out, print it out and bring it in with your receipt and they will either give you a $$cat or the amount on a gift card. im sure if you pull it up on a smartphone while still at the store they would reimburse you right away. I love my shoprite, I shop the one in bristol, ct. best people there!