Kraft First Taste: Free Kraft Fresh Take Coupon

Kraft First Taste: Free Kraft Fresh Take Coupon

You might want to check your Kraft First Taste accounts.  I had a  Free Kraft Fresh Take Coupon (up to $3.99).

FREE Kraft Fresh Take Coupon

Let us know if you got one as well.  If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up for a Free Kraft First Taste account.

Thanks mojosavings!


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  • Linda- PA

    I have one! and I had a 1.50 off of Philly Creme

    • I had the same!

    • cheri

      me too !

  • Amanda-CT

    I got one! 🙂

  • Cortney

    I had $1 off Fresh Take and $1 off Philly Cooking Creme…haven’t checked my account in a while, so I’m not sure when the creme one was from.

  • K.W.

    Ohhhh! Thank you for posting! I forgot I even had an account and had 3 offers! 1 Free Kraft Fresh Takes coupon, $1.50/1 Philadelphia Indulgence printable and $1.50/1 Philadelphia Cooking Creme!

    • Kierstin

      Hahahaha!! Same here!! Totally forgot about this account & I had the same 3 offers sitting there, waiting. 🙂 Yay!

    • Linda

      I also had the same coupons waiting for me! Thanks for the posting Cindy!

    • WJ

      same thing here!!!! WOOHOO

  • Arianna

    i didnt have an account, so i signed up, and i still got a free fresh takes coupon! and philly cooking creme, and philly indulgence!

    • Laura D.

      Same here! Thanks Cindy!

    • ~Kristine G.~

      I didn’t have an account and just signed up. But I only had $1 off each one =(

  • Becky

    I had one and the cooking creme (1.50 off) too. Great to use with my MM cat this week!

  • Jennifer

    I got one!!! And had I had a 1.50 off of Philly Creme, thanks!

  • DANA B.

    i only got a $1/1 one Fresh Take =(

    • Mary

      Same here. That’s basically all I ever get from this program. It’s something, but I get better coupons for Kraft products (the ones I buy) elsewhere. Wish it indicated what the coupon was for before printing. I’ll recycle the paper anyway.

      • Linda

        Same here. Only $1 off.

    • me too Dana:(

      • CJ

        I never get the free coupons so I usually click on Help on the Bricks screen and fill out the info to have the coupon mailed to me so I dont waste my ink on a low value coupon I wont use.
        I still would like to know how they determine who gets the free coupons. I’ve emailed them and gotten several differing responses – It’s totally random, it depends on how much you interact with the site, it depends on your profile, etc. It’s just frustrating to see so many people getting the free coupon, even people that just signed up.

        • Katie

          I bet it depends on your profile. I just filled out the profile and the questions were like, how often do you talk about food/new products or convince others to try new product. I filled it out that I don’t do this so much then got the $1/1 coupon and immediately thought, DUH, I should have filled out the profile in a way to make it look like I’m going to spread the word about their product! How ridiculous, ohwell. Thanks for the tip about the bricks page, I didn’t know that 🙂

          • Jen

            I just signed up and for my profile I checked everything to make it look like I would spread the word about their product…they still gave me only a $1/1 coupon.

  • I had the Fresh Takes and the Cooking Creme as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  • julie

    I had a free one… Woohoo! Thanks, Cindy!!

  • Carmalina Hayden

    All mine are for a $1 off, but last week Price Chopper had a bonus coupon on their flyer that doubled any $1 coupon and I had 4 coupons that were a $1 off for the Fresh Take and I was able to get all 4 for .99 cents each. We tried the Southwest Ranch one and it was very good and the house smelled so yummy while it was cooking

  • Janelle S

    I got it… a $1.50/1 Philly Cooking Creme and $1.50/1 Indulgence….YAY

  • Kristy

    I just signed up today and it was there to get it by mail along with printables for Indulgence and Cooking Cream.

  • Shelly

    Thanks Cindy ….got mine!

  • Shana

    Got mine! And fixed one last night for dinner with somr chicken that I brought last week for Munch mania. Not bad! Anyone else tried it yet??

  • Barb

    Got it!
    Thanks for the heads up. I also had $1.50 off Philly Cooking Creme.

  • Sandy Barker

    I got $1.50 off Philadelphia Cooking Cream and the Kraft Fresh Take coupon will be mailed to me. Woot Woot!

  • lisa

    $1.00 off of indulgence, breadcrums and cooking creme

  • Andrea

    sucks for me I used an old account and made a new one and only got 2 $1/1 coupons 🙁

  • roseann littleton

    i signed up and I got….. a $1.50/1 Philly Cooking Creme and indulgence $1.50/1 free fresh taste

  • Janelle S

    I just signed my mother up and she also got the FREE coupon for the Fresh Take Cheese/Breadcrumbs

  • Rebecca S.

    I got $1 off fresh take and the cooking cream

  • Anonymous

    My mother (age 84), my daughter (age 29) and I (age 56) have accounts. My mom and I got the free offer, my daughter the $1 off. I am the one who checks the accounts, so the amount of activity on each is the same. My daughter never gets the free coupons, no idea why. My mom and I both live in NYC, my daughter lives in suburban upstate NY. So I’m assuming it’s either the age or geographic location.

    • Andrea

      that’s weird. I’m 24 and live in upstate ny and only got $1/1. maybe i should sign up and change my age or something.

      • Andrea

        ok well i made a new account and said it was born in 1972 and put that i lived in st.petersburg fl 33702 and it worked. It later asked me where I wanted to send the coupon and I put my address in ny. So for anyone that didn’t get one just try that.

  • Noahsmomma

    I had both the FREE coupon coming in the the mail for the Fresh Take Cheese and I got a 1~$1.50/1 cooking cream

  • Rebecca

    Got the free Fresh Take and the 1.50/1 Cooking creme. Plus a couple days ago I got a 1.50/1 Indulgence!

  • Bayonne Coupon Queen

    Woo hoo got mine, I always forget to check my Kraft account. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Dawn

    YAY! Got one. TY!

  • nicole d

    I got $1/1 off Fresh Take, $1/1 off Philly Indulgence and $1/1 off Philly cooking creme..thanks for the reminder to check the account 🙂

  • cindys

    I got one also! Thank you for clueing me into my account I had forgotten also

  • Robert

    I got all three too. Thanks for the info.

    Can anyone tell me what the avg. price is for the cooking creme and indulgence. I wouldn’t normally buy them, but if the deal’s good enough… 🙂

    I can probably just check next time I’m at the store too.

    Thanks again.

  • Angela O’Rourke

    Went to the site and got my free coupons, was also able to send some to my friends!!! Thanks for letting us know about this one.

  • Frances

    Thanks! I had all 3 coupons.

  • Kristine


  • Lori

    I got a $1 coupon but I just signed up

  • jessica

    I got a free fresh take, a $1.50 off philly indulgance, and $1.50 off philly cooking creme

  • lou


  • Sandra K321

    I had a coupon for $1/1

  • Mary

    Thanks so much for posting the picture of what your offer looked like! I’ve never gotten a Kraft First Taste offer for a free product and I wasn’t sure if the offer would tell you if it was free or you had to print a coupon or what. So a picture definitely helped!

  • Sandi

    Could not get the coupon for Fresh Takes. My family LOVES it.